1/09/2018 -- I was a guest on Joe Rupe's radio show Lighting the Void. It was about an hour and half long conversation. I had prepared notes, but didn't need to use them. We talked about many subjects including the research of Robert Monroe and William Buhlman on out of body expriences, near death experiences, psychedelics and more.

Here is a link to the show: Lighting the Void

12/31/2017 -- I was a guest on The Crazz Files, a podcast from Australia hosted by Adam Crabb. The topic was Near Death Experiences. I gave many excerpts from near death experiences. Here is a link to the audio: Near Death Experiences with Wayne Bush

Here are the notes I used for the show: Transcript

12/19/2017 -- I received an email from a near death experiencer who corroborates the testimony of the man I interviewed who had a near death experience and met a Demiurge.
Here is the email and also her near death experience which NDERF did not publish.Email corroboration of interview with man who met a demiurge during his NDE

10/28/2017 -- I was a guest on Adam Crabb's podcast, The Crazz Files. This episode is entitled "Watch your Langauge". Here are links to the audio and Transcript Notes. The topic is Language & Symbolism. including corporate logos, anagrams, Cymatics, magic sigils, Sacred Geometry, Jungian archetypes, reverse speech, backmasking in music, symbolism in dreams, Gematria, games, tarot cards, playing cards, Steve Jackson Illuminati card deck, Las Vegas shooting symbolism etc.

I made a new page on speech reversals that pertain to my research, including ones I found in music, movies and interviews. Examples include amazing clips from The Wizard of Oz, JFK, Pope Ratzinger, Apollo astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edgar Mitchell, George Bush, Sr., Michael Jackson, Katy Perry, Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven, The Eagles' Hotel California, Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, AC/DC's Hells Bells, Def Leppard and many more.

You can visit the page here and hear all the examples both forwards and backwards : Speech Reversals in Music, Movies and Celebrities

10/19/2017 -- I was interviewed by Ryan Gable, host of "The Secret Teachings" radio show. I had prepared some notes for the show, but ended up not really using them aside from a few quotes that I read. We talked about this prison planet Earth, the illusory nature of our reality, dreams, the Sumerian tablets, the Gnostic texts, psychedelic experiences and near death experiences as well as a few Hollywood movies. The show airs/aired Sunday night, 10/22/2017.

Here is a link to the interview: Radio Show audio ...... Show notes

9/24/2017 -- I was interviewed on The Crazz Files with Adam Crabb from Australia. He entitled the show "Smoke & Mirrors" and the topic was Hollywood Movies and the Hidden Truth Revealed in Gnostic Themed Movies & Television shows. I review many revealing movies and shows such as The Wizard of Oz, The Matrix, The Prisoner, Dark City, Star Trek, Childhood's End, The Thirteenth Floor, The Island, The Game, Gamer, The Host, Westworld and others. Some of the recurring themes are the nature of reality, the meaning of life, alien intervention, Artificial Intelligence, the simulation theory, personal identity versus the Collective, free will vs determinism, and the afterlife.
Here is a link to the interview: Page with MP3 audio.
Here are the transcript notes I used: Transcript notes for the show.

9/11/2017 -- I recorded a video segment for an upcoming documentary by Marc Gray and Michel Rousseau. They asked me questions about the matrix and how to escape it. Here are a couple stills from the video footage:

7/02/2017 -- I was on The Crazz Files Podcast with Adam Crabb from Australia. The topic of the show was The Predator of Man and included my research on Archons and Entities. Subtopics included the Sumerian Anuna Gods (Anunnaki) and the Galla/Gallu demons, the Babylonian/Assyrian shades, the Gnostic Archons and servitors as well as Jewish /ChristianArchangels, hierarchy of demons, Carlos Castaneda's Flyers or mud shadows and The Council that Near Death Experiencers sometimes see.
Here is a link to the interview: Page with MP3 audio.
Here are the transcript notes I used: Interview on Archons notes for the show.

3 Shows in 4 days!!

6/24/2017 -- I was on The Crazz Files Podcast with Adam Crabb of Australia. I shared a lot of Psychedelic experiences that I compiled from various sources. These stories contain astral parasites... DMT entities, etc. Later in the show we discussed cannibus, dreams, and ghosts. Show time is nearly 3 hours.
Here is a link to the interview: Page with MP3 audio.
Here are the transcript notes I used: Interview on Psychedelics Transcript notes for the show.

6/23/2017 -- I was on Project Camelot TV again with Marc Gray for a 2nd interview exclusively on near death experiences and some of the traps, tricks and anaomalies... 50 categories of the NDE including the tunnel illusion, shape-shifting beings and controlling one's reality. Show time is 2.5 hours.
Link to the YouTube webcast: NDE Stories & The Cosmic Divine Illusion of Life ....
Here is the transcript: 2nd Interview on NDEs Transcript notes for the show.
Here is a transcript of the interview in Spanish: Spanish transcript.

6/21/2017 -- I was interviewed all the way from France by Marc Gray of Project Camelot TV and I presented my research on NDEs, out of body experiences, psychedelic experiences, alien abductions, Sumerian tablets, Gnostic texts, Hollywood movies, music, the Sun, the Moon and more.... runs around 2.5 hours.
Link to the YouTube webcast: The Game of Life & The Matrix Grid Simulation... Soul Energy Harvest in Our Incarnation Dream.... Trick of the Light & The Afterlife Trap.... How to Exit the Matrix .
Here are the transcript notes: 1st Interview Transcript notes used for the show.
Here is a transcript in Spanish: Spanish transcript.

6/10/2017 -- I was on The Crazz Files Podcast for the fourth time with Adam Crabb and his co-host, Jim West. We had an informal chat about various topics. The show is entitled "Crazz Files Podcast With Adam, Jim & Wayne Bush (The Game Of Life)" and runs 1.5 hours. Click here to listen. We are planning on doing another show in a couple weeks where I can go over some of my new research findings. I will also be doing a couple shows near the end of June with Marc Gray and Project Camelot TV.

4/2/2017 -- I was interviewed again fom Australia by Adam Crabb on The Crazz Files and I shared a lot of my latest research.
The show is entitled "Seeing Through the Illusion with Wayne Bush" and runs 2.5 hours. Click here to listen. Here are the Transcript notes for the show.

1/29/2017 -- Here is an new update talk with new supporting Near Death Experiences regarding Consciousness, Pre-Birth Experiences, DMT Psychedelic Experiences, Glitch in the Matrix experiences, shadow being experiences, more Gnostic references, Tibetan Book of the Dead, The Emerald Tablets of Thoth, Jungian Archetypes (The Shadow, The Trickster) and science on the brain, including different brainwave states. Also, I have more insight on what to do at Death. The talk is 2 hours and 46 minutes. I have provided a HI-FI version (128 kbps, 155 MB), a MID-FI version (64 kbps, 77 MB) and a LO-FI version (32 kbps mono, 19 MB) for downloading. Here are Transcript notes for the talk.

9/13/2016 -- Here is an update lecture which includes new confirmations of my conclusions from leading researchers on the subjects out of body experiences and psychedelic experiences. Also, I read part of an email I received from someone who as a child repeatedly saw the Demiurge in his dreams. Finally, I go through the notes I had prepared for the Vinny Eastwood Show which is the #1 Alternative Talk Radio Show in New Zealand. I became extremely ill and unfortunately wasn't able to do the show. I have provided a HI-FI version (160 kbps, 185 MB) and a LO-FI version (64 kbps, 73 MB) for downloading plus you can download the notes I used.

4/22/2016 -- I was interviewed again by Adam Crabb on The Crazz Files and shared a lot of my latest research. Click here to listen.
Here are the transcript notes I used for the show: Transcript Notes.
He entitled the show "The Game of Life and Death" and I presented many lesser known commonalities of the Near Death Experience as well as quite a few inconsistencies and anomolies.
I walked through how the first known civilization on Earth with written records, Sumer, described how mankind was created, by whom, and for what purpose.
I also showed how the god of the Old Testament, Yahweh, can be traced back to Nergal, King of the Underworld, who was the god of pestilence.
I also gave examples of how the Sumerian and Meosopotamian stories parallel the Gnostic texts.
And, finally, I talked about how to escape this prison planet and control system.

8/26/2015 -- On 8/26/15 I was interviewed by Adam and Garth on The Crazz Files all the way from Australia and shared some new research. Click here to listen.

7/08/2015 -- VERY IMPORTANT!! MUST LISTEN!! I highly encourage everyone to listen to my interview with a

His NDE experience is the most extensive, detailed near death experience I have ever heard. He met what most people would describe as God
and also agreed to an extensive contract with the Demiurge. The Demiurge is the Gnostic term for "a supernatural being imagined as creating
or fashioning the world in subordination to the Supreme Being, and sometimes regarded as the originator of evil.".

My guest was shown the future of Earth and mankind and also how this game of life ends. The interview lasted almost 3 hours.

[NOTE: Only one microphone level was working well so I let him use that one so I apologize in advance for the inferior quality of my voice.]
I give a brief 5 minute intro. His description of his NDE starts about 35 minutes into the interview.

You can Right-click on one of the two following links and save either a HI-FI MP3 (166 MB) of the interview or a LO-FI MP3 (83 MB) version.

There is also a transcript of the interview. Click here to see the transcript.

6/15/2015 -- I was interviewed for nearly three hours by Greg Carlwood, host of The Higherside Chats podcast show which has been an award nominee for Best General Podcast by The Peoples Choice Podcast Awards. Click here to go to his podcast archive.

The show was entitled "The Archontic Human Farm, Culture Control & The Sun/Moon Harvesting System.

8/27/2014 -- I was interviewed by Mark Devlin, an English radio/club DJ and writer. He hosts a series of podcasts under the name of Good Vibrations. Previous guests have included David Icke, Jay Weidner, Ian Crane, Freeman, Sonia Barrett and Fritz Springmeier. Here are the notes I prepared for myself for the show.... NOTES FOR GOOD VIBRATIONS.

f you have any thoughts or experiences you would like to share with me, please do. I can be reached at

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