Wayne Bush 2nd Interview with Adam Crabb -- 4/22/2016

Hi, Adam. Thank you for inviting me back on your show. I have lots of exciting new information to share with you and your listeners. Some of it I haven't even put on my web site yet, but hope to do so this weekend.

So I have been attanding the local IANDS group here for about half a year or so now and listening quietly. I was chatting with one of the more involved guys in the group who is putting on an NDE Symposium at the end of the month. I had mentioned some of my material to him after one of the meetings and he thinks it is extremely important for it to be heard annd he wants me to present to the group, but I need to write up a lecture and have it critiqued by one of the co-founders first, since it is a bit adversarial. So I thought I would share the gist of that talk with you and your listeners and see what you think, if you don't mind. I knowed I shared a few quotes last time on the show and I have found many more interesting ones and have developed further conclusions.

Also, my research colleague, Chris Hall, has sent me a lot of material from the Sumerian tablets and Meospotamian literature which lead to some astonishing implications.

Intro/Synopsis of Web Site Let me first just give a quick synopsis of my site, trickedbythelight.com. I started the site about a dozen years ago when I proposed that the Earth is a prison planet and that human souls are being farmed and harvested as energy for multidimensional beings. I suspect souls are lured to the white Light at death into a portal or tunnel somewhere near the moon and are recycled again into the Sun. In case this all sounds too scary for you, keep in mind I also firmly believe it is all a game or entertainment for our eternal Spirits which are in the realms of the real heavens above the Counterfeit Light in the astral plane.


So here is the basic speech I would give to IANDS. I don't necessarily expect to change anyone's mind. Most people would prefer to believe a beatiful lie over an ugly truth. People who reject the material, a majority of them deep down inside question it all. They have all these questions that cannot be answered. Success is not getting people to agree, success is planting the seeds to cause them to question everything themselves. To be a Heretic, means to think for yourself and really is a badge of honor if you are doing it for the right reasons. The truth will set them free but until they decide to Seek the Truth, they will be imprisoned in the false reality.

Adam, feel free to interrupt me at any time to give a comment or ask a question, or if I just seem to be droning on and on, lol. I've ommitted the intro where I thank a couple people. So here it is: Greetings, everyone. I come to you in the spirit of Love and Truth and in an effort to better understand why we're all here on this blue-green marble we call Earth. I would like to thank all of you for everything you have shared with me over the last 6 months that I have attended the meetings and for listening and providing feedback. Just to give you a little background on how this came about... I was asked to share some of my findings after investigating probably what amounts to half of the over 4000 near death experiences posted on the NDERF.org web site which was started by researchers Jeff and Jody Long. I would like to clarify that I, myself, have not had a near death experience, but I think a lot can be gleaned from comparing the commonalities and the differences among the entire body of evidence. I do not pretend to know the Truth, but when you read dozens and dozens of accounts one after the other, patterns form and the overall bigger picture begins to emerge. It is not my intent to prove anything to you or to discount your personal experiences that hold deep meanings and sacred spiritual truths for you, but just to point out some honest questions that might help us all to perhaps better understand what is happening. I sincerely believe that what all near death experiencers exerienced really happened and that they believe it and know it to be real. In most areas of life it is by exploring and studying the outliers of a phenomenon that deeper truths can be uncovered. It is not my intent to convince you that I am right, but to perhaps shed some light, pun intended, on the phenomenon and perhaps caution us about what might be occurring so that we can make an informed decision. Ok, so let's get to the data. I have noted commonalities among the experiences and have categorized them. All quotes I give are from the nderf.org web site unless stated otherwise I have two or three dozen quotes for each section, but obviously in the interest of time I will only share a few here.


-- Some of what I am going to cover today might be a little disconcerting, but the first observation I would like to make should be kept in mind throughout and that is over two dozen people came back and said they got the distinct impression that life is like a game, a drama, a play...which actually makes a lot of sense if we are perfect eternal souls or spirits...There is the oft-used axiom 'as above, so below' which implies this is but a microcosm of the macrocosm...There is also the scriptural quote of god saying 'let US make man in OUR image and OUR likeness... and here on Earth we love our entertainment, whether it's the big ball game, a Hollywood movie or a rock concert so perhaps that can give us some insight as to why we are here.
Monty: In reality I do remember the feeling that life was sort of like a game, maybe even a game I had chosen a role to play in
David J: I asked him what the meaning of life is. He told me "for the entertainment of the spirit realm."
Duane S: I was also reminded that the reason we leave the celestial realm at all was for the excitement, variety, adventure, and entertainment that different incarnations offer... As one entity jokingly remarked, 'If the eternal, divine part of us grows tired of singing and playing harps, there are thousands of other universes created for our spiritual growth, amusement, and entertainment. Eternity is a long time to do nothing but play harps.'
Rusty S -- Life as a human is more like a dream, role in a play, virtual reality game, character in a drama, etc. though these words fall far short of actual explanation. Nanci D: At this time I had a overwhelming feeling of completion like I had accomplished some great feat or game. I was feeling/thinking "you did it. you won. you beat the game. end-quote


-- Another theme which ties into the first is that some experiencers report that the world is holographic or even a simulation (dream) much like the Holodek on Star Trek.
Brian T: I now believe this is an illusion—a simulation, a virtual reality. Sure it's as real as we think it is, right down to the constituents of atoms and laws of physics. It's amazing. But the picture on our TV seems real, we just understand how the pixels come to be there.
Jack C: It was like a computer program running in the background. .
Stanley S: We live in an illusion of this earthly life, inside our bodies - while our spirits, our souls, are trapped within us. end quote
soul body -- A logical place to start with is the soul and how it is described. The most common description is that it is made of light!(electromagnetic energy), is translucent, liquid light, a luminous egg, and after death the frequency of our soul rises. Going to light -- many nders report being drawn to the light like a magnet and use phrases like 'I found myself going through a tunnel toward a light'. Now what I think is happening is that most find the light attractive and go there by choice whether consciously or subconsciously but there is an element of being pulled once they desire to go to the light.
Douglas H: Then I became aware of something like a tunnel, and I remember feeling drawn toward it
Nan A: I saw a dark tunnel and began to travel out of the top of my head and through it.
Daniele V: At that same moment or maybe one second later I felt myself leaving my body. I found I was in a tube and I was being sucked towards the light. It was a very liberating feeling... I went further because I wanted to go to the light.
Bonnie C: seemed to turn away and very quickly was sucked into a small tight tunnel, it was dark and I could see a small pin prick of light at the end. I moved through the tunnel for what seemed to be a long time. end-quote

The Tunnel/vortex

-- There are predominantly two tunnels reported -- one arches upward toward the light and the other one downward toward a darker less pleasant experience... Some of the common traits associated with the tunnel are vibration, color, music, wind, magnetism and ekectricity There are several destinations on the other side of the light -- many talk about a garden/park - which is perhaps the Park that Robert Monroe mentions in his Hemi-Sync program. There is a river of life that souls ride on or sometimes acts as a barrier to the other side...there is quite often a crystal city mentioned with a dome and a tower...there is an area which reminds souls of a waiting room/ and a hall where they are sometimes greeted by dead relatives
Matt S: I saw a tube projecting up at about a 45 degree angle, much like a pipe in the ground..........above it, approx two mouth diameters away were TWO very bright white lights.......these lights pivoted towards a "target soul" ascending the tunnel, and paused for a few seconds while the soul entered the light.........the light would then pivot like a searchlight towards another soul and pause again while the soul entered the light......Both lights were identical and moved similar, but independently......I knew that those were souls entering the light
I opened my eyes and saw that I was enclosed in a tube of brilliant, golden, vibrating, living light. I was so astonished, especially when I began to levitate upwards into this light tube (tunnel?), and felt released from the physical discomfort of my sick body. There was a growing sound, a wind like sound, which swelled into music like I had never heard. It wasn't exactly organ music, but like something created by synthesizer, a blend of water and wind and flutes
Marie E:Also, I experienced fabulously rich colors and colors/hues that I have never seen in normal life. The colors were lit up and changing. There were far more colors than we see here.
Moises: I tried to come back down to my body but I couldn't because something was pulling me upwards. The cold continued and a very intense and dazzling yellow light appeared, along with a strong wind, with a loud noise of wind. I started to enter this light-tunnel, but before going into it, I looked down and said (to the people there) that I was up above.
Camilla F: It felt like I was being dragged through a dark, wide tunnel high up and far away by some strong force like a magnetic field.
Bill V: was NOT in human form, I was pure energy and I was drawn to a huge white and golden light that seemed to encompass the whole universe...it began to draw me towards it and as it did, it was like an experience of what people call the eye of the storm, a device that has a static electric field that when you touch the glass, the static electricity is drawn to your fingers.
Sheba M: The first thing I see is an endless field/meadow of the most beautiful flowers...I told myself 'oh this is the garden of Eden'
Jorge R: I instantly found myself on a pathway like in a gigantic garden, and there was light, much light, all around me. I felt a peace and tranquility that I've never felt, since. I was walking on the path; one could see much vegetation, plants, flowers, trees, etc., etc., etc.
Julian D: It was a place, a domain that I knew right away was a transfer station - a place where beings go when moving between realms. It was like a city of crystal structures and verdant green trees and vegetation. I went into a huge, huge beyond comprehension, perhaps dome-like structure where one would go to meet with enormous beings of light/energy/color to do the life review.
Bonnie M: was then showed many wondrous things of crystal light buildings, full of prisms of light as we went to another pyramid tower and there I was shown things that I am not to speak of
Denny B: was being dragged (my spirit) by my two personal angels, light beings, by both arms, between them. I did not go thru a tunnel of light, I was immediately there. They helped me across a long white bridge. To my left about halfway across the bridge was a large city made of light. The colors were silver blue, white, and silver. It looked like crystal light. I was getting better as we approached the end of the bridge, and entered into a large white dome at the end of the bridge.
An excerpt from a book on Spiritism: High above the radiant sanctuary rose a translucent tower made of a solid, transparent substance similar to crystal. Harmonious melodies pointed forth from within it. The majestic shrine was a colossal hive of work and prayer.” end-quote


-- On the nature of the light some describe it as luminescent or fluorescent... and often the light beings are said to be glowing. NDERs describe the light as being translucent, like a liquid light and as bright as a thousand suns yet did not hurt their "eyes".
Sean M: The light was 1000 times brighter than the Sun, but never burned. You felt you were the only one that mattered. It was ... the only description is pure love.
Udon T: The next I remember was seeming to become part of everything but moving with huge fluorescent light structures that formed waves and were perfect in size and movement and the light was perfect...There were no beings but energy like myself that was part of everything and there was no coolness or heat or wind or anything just perfect fluorescent lights that controlled all the structure and gently everything moved in waves.
Jo B: As my awareness increased it became apparent that this white light was a ‘knowing’ light. It seemed to be in love with me, amused at me, and intimately knowledgeable of every nuance of my
BEING of LIGHT / LIGHT BEINGS -- The Being in Light who many ascribe as God evokes a feeling of oneness and an indescribable intense, immense love


Nicole BD: most amazing part was a pure feeling of the most intense love I can barely describe. It was just wave after wave of pure love. It was within me, it was around me, it was EVERYTHING. It felt like heartbeats of love, one wave of love after another.
Mira S: This Light Presence of pure, unconditional Love seemed to be in me and around me, all-pervasive, extending into infinity.
Lisa: The being of light reminded me that my purpose was to learn more about love, compassion, and how to express them on earth, and that my work was to help ... Mary W: The lesson was so simple …it's all about love. How much God loves us, and how well we learn to love others and ourselves during this life on Earth end-quote
I would like to talk about love for a bit since it is reported to be the core of the experience and the meaning of life... to learn to love. Many say it is all about love. Now it is often claimed that in order for us to learn to love someone has to suffer so that we can show them love and compassion. So not only is someone suffering and enduring pain, the person who needs to learn the lesson now also is suffering through empathy. Is it not possible to learn love by doing positive things like a couple making love or by spending time together in good conversation having fun, basically saying I care enough about you that I want to spend my time with you? In his great speech Pat said that love is more of a verb than a noun and is based on action. So shouldn't we consider what the Light does and not how beautiful, powerful, all-knowing it is or how good it makes one feel? There are some horrific stories that occur here on Earth where people are abducted and tortured for years... is that really necessary to learn love or is there something else going on? The example of a great looking guy seducing a woman by whisperng sweet nothings and telling her how much he loves her etc so that she falls in love with him and makes her feel special and wonderful comes to mind. But then later she catches him cheating on her, lying to her, etc..... in the nde cases the soul frequently is forced to go back to Earth or gets sent back against its will in order to suffer or help others who are suffering...

We are told it is wrong for us to cause suffering for another human being, right? But I guess it's okay for god to make us suffer? SUFFERING is not the only way to teach LOVE


-- NDERs claim to know everything while in the light or have access to anything they want to know and also are given wisdom while there. Then why the need to return to earth to learn? Are we to believe our souls are created as blank, empty slates that need to spend thousands of years here on earth? Or have we somehow fallen from a state of grace and need to redeem ourselves? Just what is going on here?
Kelly K: Along with this, I had gained universal knowledge of all things.
Carol V: I experienced light beings who were "knowledge" and gave me answers to all the questions of the universe... universal truth and knowledge.
Daniel A: While I was there (and only there), access was given to knowledge; "everything that ever was, is, and will be."
Cougar: They filled my head with their
Jacob B: Yeah, it took a few months before I could start to allow my conscious mind to expand enough to house the wisdom that had be imparted to me.
Judith E: I feel like I was given much wisdom. end-quote


-- can also be obtained here on earth with drugs such as ecstasy, the love drug...some drugs also give one the feeling of oneness also... euphoria can be induced
Gene J: Perhaps it was a euphoric trance of some kind. It was as if a Spirit had consumed my whole being.
Joe D: I'm sure some sort of deal was forged that day, but instantaneously I was overcome with a euphoric feeling of what I can only describe as complete contentment.
David W: a feeling of liberation opposite the death, or even a feeling of invulnerability. At the time, one has the impression a little intoxicating to have won a fight against the grim reaper. Nothing else on earth can get to you. A feeling like a light euphoria. end-quote
Here on Earth we have drugs that can generate states of ecstasy. In fact most people know of the drug MDMA as ecstasy because of the blissful states of ecstasy and euphoria it generates. It has also earned the nickname the Love Drug. A 2009 study confirmed that MDMA causes the brain to release oxytocin, which is the human hormone linked to feelings of love and compassion. The short-term effects of MDMA include: Euphoria – a sense of general well-being and happiness ; Increased sociability and feelings of communication being easy or simple ; increased empathy or feelings of closeness with others ; a sense of inner peace ; False sense of affection; and Impaired judgment;


-- Now for what I consider to be a very important topic and that is not only do the overwhelming majority of experiencers in the Light exerience a sense of connectedness or oneness. I have found quite a few who speak of a "collective soul" in which millions of souls, perhaps all, are connected in a sort of hive mind or as part of some kind of super organism. This evokes comparison to the borg on Star Trek who assimilate souls into their Collective and also to certain species on earth that exhibit ???? such as ants, bees, schools of fish, flocks of birds. Some NDERs felt they would lose their individuality if they decided to go ahead and merge with the Light. Once you are part of the collective, what if the collective decides that you should return to earth to learn what it is like to suffer as a victim of torture? Do we lose our Sovereignty, our free will, our very soul?
Jean: I "knew" that what I had found was the sum total of all "knowing" or wisdom of all people for all time - past, present and future. All wisdom comes from this pool of collective knowing and all we learn goes into the pool for the use of everyone.
Ryan G: This Light Presence of pure, unconditional Love seemed to be in me and around me, all-pervasive, extending into infinity. I thought of the light more as a collective soul.
Annie P: We are a collective "Soul Group" experiencing the balancing of duality.
JMH: I started wondering where I was and looked outside my light pod, which had no inside or outside, but for sake of description I will say pod, and I saw others just exactly like me, and a great light pod in the center of all of us, millions of us, floating in the otherwise dark void with a pure golden light connecting each of us to the center pod. The golden
Chantal L: All the knowledge of the universe was inside my being. I no longer felt as a separate individual. I felt as if I was part of a collective consciousness. I sense billions and billons of beings and we were all One. The feeling of oneness on the other side is amazing!
Jill D: What happened was that I became part of (or returned to) the presence that was so amazing. The closest analogy I can come up with is Odo in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, when he would go to his home planet and return to the collective. Only everything in the universe is part of this collective. In essence the universe IS the collective. end-quote


Gwen J: What I remembered was that I had completely merged again with God. It was a void, darkness, but unconditional love. I was no longer a separate being. I was where I belonged, where I came from. It was perfect. When it was time to return I had to again differentiate from God and become a separate soul again. Yet I was still a part of God....The void was God, all is God...the void is unconditional love. -- Gwen J
Brice W: It was revealed to me then that our prime purpose for existing was to ever progress upwards through many dimensions towards the light of the ultimate absolute reality (which is God) while always retaining our blessed uniqueness. In the end we will all merge with all things, restore harmony to creative existence. We would then still be ourselves but also have access to the infinite knowledge power and presence of the creator God as we finally withdraw once again into ourselves. ....
Justin U: I was ready to start to merge with the love and light, but not fully and seemed to for a while the feeling of oneness and love and bliss and knowing is profound. I knew if I merged totally "I" would disappear would become one will it and all. end-quote


-- So many describe the Light as god and as a "collective soul" but when asked or talking about who or what god is they often talk about different descriptions. First, I would like to read a Gnostic passage describing god whom they call the Ineffable Father. The term "Father" was used to explain to humans that cannot understand something that has no gender.
"He-Who-Is is ineffable. No principle knew him, no authority, no subjection, nor any creature from the foundation of the world, except he alone. For he is immortal and eternal, having no birth; for everyone who has birth will perish. He is unbegotten, having no beginning; for everyone who has a beginning has an end. No one rules over him. He has no name; for whoever has a name is the creation of another. He is unnameable. He has no human form; for whoever has human form is the creation of another. He has his own semblance - not like the semblance we have received and seen, but a strange semblance that surpasses all things and is better than the totalities. It looks to every side and sees itself from itself. He is infinite; he is incomprehensible. He is ever imperishable (and) has no likeness (to anything). He is unchanging good. He is faultless. He is everlasting. He is blessed. He is unknowable, while he (nonetheless) knows himself. He is immeasurable. He is untraceable. He is perfect, having no defect. He is imperishably blessed. He is called 'Father of the Universe'." -- Eugnostos the Blessed.
If God is perfect, as many claim, then why right now in the world is an innocent kid being tortured to death, and a boy just becoming an orphan as his whole family is killed in front of him? How could this occur if there was a perfect God in control?
Pam Reynolds "was told by people on the other side that God is not the Light, the Light is what haooens when God breathes."
Leonard: This light loved me! This light talked to me! I asked it if it was god and it answered me, “Yes I am the light!
David: The Light itself spoke to me and I knew it was God, the Power that created the whole universe.
Amy: God was "the mind", or "the order" in all things. The Supreme Highest Vibration and Frequency, an essence --- around and in everything --- all that is beautiful and peaceful and One, and all that is good.
Mary Anne F: I asked her if I could speak to god. then god came down, like on an elevator, from a higher heaven and sat down in front of me. god looked like Jesus in an all white gown and big, about 6 foot 5 inches tall.
Jennifer W: I was high in the sky and Jesus was there next to me. Suddenly I heard this very deep, pulsating vibration, it was kind of spooky, but somehow I sensed that God was somewhere out there. I told Jesus I didn't want to stay and talk, I needed to find the source of the vibration. Jesus wouldn't let me go and explore.
Tonja B: I asked the energy ball if it was God. They said, "That is a human word but if it makes you feel comfortable, you may call us God."
Krikrikit: But now I was standing on the 'floor' of the 'hall' looking toward the 'far end' of it. Well, GOD was there. Or more accurately, a great Fire or Light that I was to understand 'represented' or 'stood for' God.
Kolleen: Thus I asked to meet God to decide with him what I could do to serve his cause and she told me that God was not someone we could meet, we wouldn’t bear the vision. But he is an energy that we can feel and see as a light of variable intensity depending of one’s heart’s purity.
Tom S: I was suddenly in front of a great Light. It had to have been God!
Robyn: But people will always be limited to explaining their NDE through they're human understanding of God, which is not universal, but subjective. Keep that in mind. Sometimes the less knowledge a brain has of religion is best to keep the translation clear. That's my perspective anyway... end quote


-- While on the topic of God I would like to mention Jesus as he is frequently seen. Some NDERs say He is god and others say He isn't. Some say he had blue eyes, others brown, others green. Some say he had brown hair and others say white. A couple identified Jesus and God as the same identity while others clearly thought of them as different personages.
Sarah W: His eyes wide with excitement and overflowing with LOVE and JOY. The Bluest Blue I have seen in my life. He was young and tall dark and the most handsomest man alive.
Julie H: I caught a glimpse of his eyes which he allowed me to do. They are the most beautiful color I had even seen. They are light brown with flecks of amber color that shines with love. I asked Jesus "What do you do here in Heaven?" He looked at me with this humorous smile that is beyond explanation in human words. He smiles with love that comes from every cell in his being. He said "I do what is required of me by the Father.".
Marilyn R: Suddenly I felt someone pick me up in their arms and I was surrounded by light and I looked in the smiling face of a man who said his name was Jesus he told me not to be frightened he was here to take me back. He had shoulder length brown hair and dark brown eyes.
Sybil S: I stood there and suddenly I saw Jesus. It was quite an awesome shock to be standing in His presence. I was in such awe, I could not speak. My eyes were fixed upon Him. His hair was white like wool and hung down to His shoulders. His skin was like brass without one wrinkle. His eyes were like flames of fire and when He spoke, it was with great authority." end-quote


On the topic of religion many come back believing in God but not so much a particular organized religion


vast majority 90%ish said they couldnt see God's face because the light was shining too brightly but a few of the 5 or so said god had the face of a lion which is extremely interesting because the Gnostics taught that a false god was created in error and that he became deluded and jealous when told he was not really god. This being who is called the 'Demiurge' had the face of lion and the body of a serpent or dragon.
Charles M: ...he came out backwards and notice his countenance having what appeared to be a long robe on which you could clearly looked through him and the gold belt he had on plus looking at his face which scared the living crap out of me,.............. he had a face of a ............lion.
Patricia AR: I glided over to a seat next to the throne and I was asked questions by a tall man at least 6ft with dark caramel skin and dark brown hair, he had light brown eyes and a kind face. He looked similar to the black Indians from India. I looked at the throne and I was light and the face of a bear, eagle, lion and ram all changing every second. When I looked to my right I saw a dark brown man with a black pin stripped suit and a red tie. His eyes were snake eyes and blinked side ways. He had roll teeth like piranha and he had two people with him a women and a man who looked similar. The tall kind man who I knew was Jesus told me with his eyes that everything was going to be okay.
Other reports with lion-faced beings: Jack (Ketamine): Back to the pearly gates. He came to me and I said, "Hey man, you got wings!" He smiled at me. I asked him what was pinning me and that it was really tough. He told me not to look at it but I did for a second. I had to turn away. He was fearsome, had a few faces some kind of lion, eagle, and such. My feeling was that it was the guard to the entrance of heaven.
John S: I sensed a presence to the rear right of me and I could see a winged creature with a dragon/lion-like face similar to those seen in Asian art and architecture. It was flying around, coming closer to me in the void I was floating in." end-quote


Many near death experiences repeatedly say that there is no judgment or that we judge ourselves. But there are probably at least a dozen accounts where they were judged before a council of beings. A large portion of the others were sent back against their will being told they are not ready yet, it is not their time or that they have a mission to fulfill. I would think that could be construed as being judged...especially the ones who were told they are not ready yet and sent back against their will.
Philip S: There was a royal figure who decided, without my consent, if I could stay with them or not. It was decided I must return back to Earth where I currently and happily reside at; but I wish I could have had the choice to stay there.
Patrice P: God exists. God judges us all. I have come to the conclusion after looking back at my experience that there is a heaven a hell and limbo. God chooses where we go. I had no choice in the matter I was sent back.
Attila P: Belonging. I moved so that I could quickly get to the light. But before I made to the door one of the sentinels grabbed me and held me fast. The doors closed. Next I found myself in some kind of courtroom. Before me sat an unbelievably stern all-powerful yet very kind judge.
Kate D: The courtroom was elegantly laid out; its design both impressive and elegant... The Judge’s luminous bench towered over everything else in the room, and reflected the authority of the One who presided over it.
Gail A: Then came a judgment of sorts, where I was judged on the things I had done and the things I would do in my future life. This upset me as I felt it was mean to punish or judge me for things I hadn't done yet.
David G: To my right were wooden stages, like those in a courtroom in the movies. When I looked up a bit I could see three people seated there. Of these three, the first had a grey face, the second looked normal, but the third was a luminous entity, I knew it was a person, but without the form of a person; it was a light, and changed shape continuously. I deduced that they were judging me.
Debra J: Next thing I knew, I was standing in front of a council of 13 beings with the One in the middle twice as big as the 6 on either side of him. They were all sitting in chairs, big chairs at a sizeable distance in front of me. I was naked and felt totally revealed and tried to use my hands to cover myself up... The questions they were asking me were about my life and how I had lived it. I got the feeling they were not pleased with me...Towards the end of the deal, he told me they were not going to let me remember most of what happened. And they had decided they were going to send me back because, "You have to get it right".
Marie W: Behind me was a very tall Angel who told me his name was Metatron. He was cloaked in a deep ruby violet. He had limbs that were more like light and color than arms and legs. Metatron was my spiritual teacher... The Masters who had me as their task had to get divine permission from the council of 7 to intervene and alter my experience, when they considered that perhaps there was more they could do with me than just keep me on the other side and not allow me to return." end-quote


While I am on the topic of judgment only about 40 or 1% of the 4000 stories mentioned the word Hell. Now it is logical to conclude that some might be more reluctant to admit or talk about going to hell due to fear of being judged. Some were depictions of the classic Hell, but it seems like souls can leave if they only call on Jesus or go to the light.
Nicholas P: the LIGHT told me many things which I choose not to talk of. but I was told there is no hell . hell is a lack of harmony heaven is harmony.
Private Dowding: "At last, light is seen ahead. It is not the light of heaven, it is the lure of hell."
Sarah: Looking back into the tunnel, I noticed there were doorways in both sides of the structure... The first doorway I peered into resembled a classic Hell. There was the sound of shrieking and agonizing screams. Naked human beings were strewn about a blasted landscape with pools of bubbling excrement and jagged boulders.Devils and other animals were torturing people in all imaginable ways; and people were also torturing each other." end-quote


A peripheral topic to Hell is the subject of shadow beings or what christians might call demons, muslims would call jinn and Gnostics would call Archons. There are literally thousands of stories on yourghoststories.com and shadowpeople.com, of shadow beings or shadow people that people see here on earth. These entities seem to feed off human energy... NDEr George Ritchie mentions in his book "Return from Tomorrow" how during his experience he saw ghosts feeding off the auras of the living. They would hang around in bars and attach themselves to the auras of the living in order to live vicariously through them, just to catch the taste of a drag from a cigarette or the sip of a drink of alcohol. A psychologist and hypnotherapist Dr. Edith Fiore has a book "The Unquiet Dead" where she relays the accounts of clients who have spirit attachments feeding off the life force of their energy bodies...
Shelly: The only thing I remembered for my NDE was there were 2 or 3 hooded shadows facing me, one was trying to touch me and I kept slapping at whatever he was trying to grab me with. It didn't look like a hand but more like a hooded sleeve.
Ruthie: There was a being-beside me--took me a long time to figure out---he was hooded and had his arm around my shoulder. At first I thought he was the Grimm reaper, complete with Skelton bones and hood, but I did not know who he was, at the time-and I never spoke of him for years--as I considered him to be evil--but I didn't pay him any mind. I have since read of others who have seen this hooded being, and I am still not sure who he really was.
Mary H: I said to him ‘I knew you were coming, so I was trying to out run from you, and now look!!!’ He, (The Reaper, with a gray slate for a face)said ‘I know Mary it's frightening at first, but seriously, trust me, it's all good. He said we all have to die. ‘Now I have to take you somewhere’, he stated. I said OK, but only if he swore he was telling the truth. He said he was. I didn't really trust him, and I was ever so frightened. I didn't want to die." end-quote
The television show "Paranormal Witness" features true stores of the paranormal as told by the actual participants. They did one episode on hospital hauntings and the angel of death also known as the Grim Reaper.
One hospice worker on the show said: "Every nurse has a story, that is unexplainable. Something that they've witnessed, something that they've seen, something that they've felt. I know that I saw the Angel of Death. In front of me. I'll swear on a stack of Bibles, I'll take a lie detector, I know it, I know it exists. It's out there. We keep this stuff to ourselves. Because we're risking a lot. People aren't going to pick a hospital where, people are talking about seeing all kinds of weird things happening." end-quote


-- At least half of the experiencers say they were forced to come back against their will. And probably half of those who chose to come back were persuaded into choosing to do so after seeing images of their loved ones needing them. The Light also tells them they have a mission to perform first or even ask them to do it as a favor.

Rena P: Up to this day I can't recall if after looking downwards the decision to return was completely mine or forced to me by an inside voice that didn't belong ...
Barbara G: It was like being paroled from hell and then being forced to return.
Geraldine: It was not my choice/I was forced to go back/I did not want to/It was made by that main light source.
Steven R: It wasn't until years later, after I realized what happened to me had a name, "Near-Death-Experience", and that what happened to me was REAL, not a dream, that I remembered then that they "sent" me back, against my will. Then I was really MAD! Why did they make me come back, when I wanted to stay?? I felt controlled. Why did they ask me, if the decision wasn't really mine?? OOOOO I was so MAD!!! Of course now I know why. My life on EARTH wasn't finished yet. I had a lot to do. I had a lot of learning to get, and I was to help others with this experience.
Andrew P: The Light has played a devious trick on me. The Light allowed me to expand and become one with the universe, and then rammed me back into my frail, earthly body. At the time, it seemed like a very cruel experience to put me through. I was very angry at the Light.
Franziska R: Once again on the flower meadow I said, that I would love so-o-o much to stay in heaven, and asked, if there wouldn't possibly exist a 'speedier process' for me? Andreas promised to let me eventually decide myself. Of course, I knew that it was a trick. He would only let me decide when it would be clear that I wanted to remain on earth. But, nevertheless, it comforted me.


The topic of soul contracts is a very important one as it seems they need our consent and we have to willingly agree to a contract before coming to Earth. At death, that is once our silver cord has been severed, our contract should no longer apply and they will need to convince us to take on a new contract. They will try to convince us that we need to learn more and that it is necessary. We should also terminate any contracts we currently have as they were formed under lies and deception, and thus null and void.
Marie W: We had to go to the council meeting... They turned to me and told me that if I would agree to take on this new contract, I had to understand that I had been dead a long time by earth time and had already ascended... They told me, 'I will suffer as any human woman who had my degree of traumatic death would suffer, but my healing would be greatly aided and accelerated through them if I would agree to the terms.' Many discussions went around the council, the Masters. Then they turned to me. Ultimately, I agreed.
Rachel E: Yes, life can only exist if there is death. Without death, there can be no life. So, we enter a contract with G*d. And the terms and conditions include difficulties, challenges and definite hardships. That is the experience we all signed up for.
Matt S: We ask to be born and we enter into a contract. We come to earth with a purpose. On the other side, it is all that matters: did we accomplish that mission or not? We are not judged by anyone but we feel like a failure if we realize we did not accomplish the mission we incarnated for. " end-quote


Near death experiencers often say they were told they had to go back to Earth because they had a mission that they haven't fulfilled yet the vast majority -- maybe as much as 90 percent in my opinion -- are never told what that mission is before they are sent back. Sometimes they are told they will know when the time is right, or that they will receive help. A few believe they have found out what it is while on earth, but many don't. It seems a little dubious to me that we are sent back, often against our will, to do an undisclosed mission.
Guillem BC: The light told me without words that I still on a mission on earth, but without saying what it was.
Miguel RP: This is when I was called, and returned to the blue place in which I started, where the Angel Gabriel said to me: "Miguel, you have to go back, there is a mission for you to accomplish". I said to him: "No, brother, I'm not going back, I'm here now and I'm not about to move from here, I'm not leaving". He said, "You have a wife and children". I replied that I did not remember them, and he made a gesture with his hand, and a seated woman appeared, on a kind of white chair, praying and weeping, holding my diary in her hands. I drew near, saw her and said to the Angel: "Now I remember her, she is my wife". He asked me if I wanted to see my children, and I said yes. With another gesture of the hands he took me to a really poor district, with unpaved streets and mud. I was taken near a bus-stop, where there were grey concret storm-drains. We came to a house under construction, or unfinished. The floor was of earth, the walls had no covering (without any finish), the bath also half finished and on the patio there were two children playing, covered in mud. Following another gesture, I approached them and could see that yes, I recognized them, they were my children. The angel said, "You have to go back", to which I replied, "No way, now that I'm here, I'm not going back there". I said, "What if the next time I don't end up in this place, better to stay for good, no point getting here if I'm going to leave". At this moment I heard a strong, loud voice, speaking in a very special way, with love, affection but also with authority, which said to me: "Miguel, you must go back". I looked all around me, up, down, left and right, but no one had spoken to me. Then I asked "Who is speaking to me?" And I again heard this voice saying to me, "I am the true and faithful witness, you have to go back". I said, "Jesus?" and he answered, "Yes, you must go back". I said, "I'm ready, Lord. Thy will be done".
Pascal C: You can’t decide yourself the time when you leave, you have a mission to fulfill, no way they will let you leave that world this way. You have to go back and do what you have to do.” “Never,” did I answer, “never shall I go back. And you won’t change my mind, who are you to tell me what I have to do? What is this mission or purpose you are talking about?” “Just follow me.” did she say insistently but with a softness to which the most precious silk in this world does not compare..."But what mission are you talking about? I don’t understand anything to what you are saying, I don’t want to go back there. This loneliness is too deep and agonizing! You are going to answer, tell me what this mission is, who you are, who am I?” A voice outmatching the meeting group instantly settled the matter, no one would have even wanted or thought of whispering or sighing, “You’ll understand in due time, no answer would content you. Let time act, be strong, don’t doubt and you will know. Answers will be given in due time, it is up to you to capture them. Nothing is given for free to the knowledge keys keeper.”
Marta Y: The little that at this time I remember having understood included the following: "Like all other beings, you are living in order to accomplish a mission, and you are not doing this. You must change you way of living, you are supposed to help many other beings, and you are not doing so. You have to stop eating meat, as no one who eats meat can remain here."
Trish R: The gate itself was unremarkable, no pearls or anything like that. Two robed men were speaking to each other. They never addressed or looked directly at me, but they were discussing me. I knew the two men were St. Peter and St. Gabriel. I could not hear their entire conversation but I knew they were discussing whether it was my time to be admitted to heaven. St. Gabriel was telling St. Peter that I had not read The Gospel of Mark yet. St. Gabriel was holding a huge open book I assumed to be a Bible and they looked at it. It seemed as if Gabriel was convincing Peter I could not enter heaven yet but at the same time I knew St. Peter didn't want to let me in at that time. I was just an observer. They never looked at me and I did not interact with them. I woke up back in my body in the emergency room after I heard that I needed to read Mark. ....That one sentence St. Gabriel spoke, "But she hasn't read The Gospel of Mark" seemed not only to be very very clear words but a strong feeling accompanied his words. It is hard to explain.
Sylvia R: She told me that my mission here upon the earth was not completed, and I would have to go back she informed me. I protested and begged to stay where she was, but to no avail. She did say I would be allowed to stay the next time I came there. Not that I could or would stay but she used the word "allowed." Immediately after she had placed these things into my mind I was sent back.
Pamela B: The third time, I really didn't want to come back and then my Dad met me. He told me that he didn't raise a quitter, and that I needed to go back - that I had a mission that most people would never be given the opportunity to be blessed with. At the same time, on this side, I heard a man that I loved dearly tell me "please don't leave me". I heard him as plain as day. His voice was very clear. I chose to come back at that point. " end-quote


The light is very often compared to the Sun, but it is said the light is a thousands times brighter and did not hurt the eyes. I think there is a good chance the light is really the sun on the astral plane. Before you outrightly dismiss that, consider that our bodies don't look the same on the other side so it is probable that the sun wouldn't be recognizable as such either. Also, consider that we do not have physical eyes on the other side with millions of rods and cones, but see with the core of our being. Scientists also say our sun is indeed white. It is only because of the refraction of light as it enters our atmosphere that it changes color to oranges, reds and pinks the further it declines when setting.
Marta M: All of the sudden and I looked up. I saw light. Now, I don't know if it was the spiritual plane or the sun.
Maria TK: Then the light came. I was thrown straight into the middle of the Sun. Straight into the middle of the warmest, most beautiful, most welcoming light, where I instantly felt that 'here I feel good'. I was drawn to the ocean of light as a gigantic magnet, and drowned in light...Did you see an unearthly light? Yes The Light was exactly like the center of the Sun. Beinsa Douno [a Bulgarian Holy man, translators note], and old Slavic mythology, say that souls are drawn into the Sun. It might be that these light energy sources - the stars - are the baking ovens of the Universe. Not only for all the elements of the chemical system, but also for material embodiment. It might be that they are stations that send souls further into space. According to ME Heaven isn't in another dimension. I think we're drawn into the nearest star and then we move on to another, or the same planet, or another place.
CG: I began to see an intense light in front of me, perhaps it was the sun, except it was really intense.
Lynn M: ... before I actually got out further into the cosmos, I sensed going thru a massive light energy I think now it was our sun.


Katie W: Then all of the sudden, I was rapidly sucked into what I thought was this full moon. That night the moon was a sliver, so this was 'the light' that NDErs talk about.
Ron A: As I took a look around I saw a bright light, it was the moon, the sun was reflecting light off the moon surface, we were in space, equal distance to the moon on the right side (looking from earth). I do not think this was heavens final destination, I think it was a greeting area to receive us when we cross over.


There are about three dozen near death experiences I found that mention seeing aliens. About a dozen actually mention the grey aliens that most people have heard of. Prominent near death researcher, Kenneth Ring, has written about the similarity between near death experiences and alien abduction accounts. UFO researcher Raymond Fowler has as well. One of the leading alien abduction researchers, Linda Moulton-Howe, recently stated on the air that the preying mantis aliens have claimed to be in charge of our spiritual evolution. Another researcher Prof. David Jacobs said his recent clients have started talking about a hybrid race and have started talking about how they met their "new best friend" yet don't know their best friend's last name or what they do for a living. He said the alien hybrids can control human thoughts and emotions. It is difficult to retrieve the true story as under hypnosis he and others have found the aliens embed screen memory implants as a cover story. The aliens have been theorized as being able to shape shift and have been seen cloning our boides and transfering souls into them...,
Ruth: I was taken to special entities who looked like the usual grays, but they had lots of wrinkles on their faces. They called themselves the Counsel, and said they were part of a group called "soul recyclers" helping souls to re-incarnate.
Jon B: After a few seconds I noticed a giant grey being descending at a 45 degree angle down towards me. As it got closer it conveyed to me a feeling of love so strong that I could not only sense it but FEEL it to. It was the strongest feeling of emotion I have ever felt even to this day... The light eventually surrounded us. From the epicenter of this light came the smaller being. It floated down and got into position behind me and out of sight. That's when the larger being said to me telepathically, "There's nothing we can do, you have to go back.".
Lynne H: Yes I just knew how the universe worked, that God could have been an alien, that negativity belongs to the body only, as you are pure love out of your body.
James N: "I was taken to see a worm working controls of big cylinders that had every animal and peoples you could think of...and they were going down the cylinders from adults to babies....Fish also....I remember seeing all kinds of fish....As I was walking towards the worm I heard a voice say....you go back and be a better man..I was told by many the light was the creator/god....and the worm was a angel giving rebirth.. " end-quote
This NDE is not from NDERF.ORG, but was an NDE reported by a woman named Shelley: "One minute your here and the next minute you’re somewhere else. They took me to a room in the sky and I say “they” because there was six of them there. There was 3 beings on the left and three beings on the right. They were dressed in heavy robes. They probably were 8 feet high and I was very much aware that this was not angels and it wasn’t the Mother Mary and it wasn’t Jesus. These were extraterrestrial beings...So, the first thing that they told me was. “We are harmony makers and chaos creators and we’re both essential to your experience.” I asked why one person got one experience and another person got another experience and they said that, “You will get the experience that will most bring you comfort.” end-quote
And this an alien abduction account written about by Raymond Fowler where alien beings take Betty Andreason up into a bright light and imbue her with intense feelings of love. Betty: "Oh, we're running toward the light now. Oh-h-h! [breathless] I can see . . . the Elder is changing to a white light being and . . . the grey is changing into a light blue one [blows out air] as we're running closer to the light. Oh, I'm starting to change into a golden-colored light! Oh, this is beautiful! Oh-h-h. [long sigh, exhales, sighs again] Oh, this is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Oh, there is such love. [Betty is in pure unadulterated ecstasy.] Oh, there is such peace. [long sigh] I'm just engulfed in light and blending into that light. Oh! [. . .] It is just fantastically beautiful. It's just so much love, so much peace and so wonderful. It's so wonderful. Oh, it's just wonderful. Oh. It is. It is. It is. [. . .] Oh, this is everything, everything, everything." end-quote -- Betty Andreasson Luca from Raymond Fowler's book The Watchers II
In hpnotherapist Edith Fiore's book "Encounters" one of her case studies, Sherry, was taken up into a craft in a beam of light and under hypnosis recalled: "It seems like I see a flash of light. I feel this pulsating pulling kind of sensation... It seems like there's some kind of form that seems to be mostly light. I feel kind of frightened... much taller than I am, maybe eight feet or so... Now I'm seeing something different. Seems almost like a... leathery, almost ampibian-type skin. It's kind of greenish-yellowish and wrinkly large eyes, but they were ohhhh! [Grimaces] I really don't want to remember. It's pretty scary. The one thing that I do see is that the eyes are very caring and loving. And I really sense that they are... they really don't want to scare and they worry about that. The caring is really evident in the eyes. [Pause] The face I saw is gone. It was more amphibian like than anything else... I feel like they're... it's like light, some kind of light that's making me calm. It's calming. It seems to be emanating from whoever's around me. There seems to be a kind of merging of forms or something. It's like seeing an aura around somebody. It's not like seeing an actual form, and so the colors merge. But it's mostly like gold. It's not like I'm actually seeing anything, but I feel like I'm being operated on... I just get feelings of love... it seems like they only want me to remember them as light." end-quote
Raymond dedicated an entire chapter, aptly named UFOs & NDEs, in his book "Watchers II: Exploring UFOs and the Near Death Experience". The chapter compares Betty's UFO experience with those of Near Death Experiencers by including sections on the Presence of OBEs,Approaching the Light, Greetings by a Loving Being, Meeting Robed Entities, Encountering Beings of Light, Turning into Light, Communicating By telepathy, Referring to 'Home', Encountering Timelessness, Wishing to Remain in the Light, and Understanding Love and Raising Environmental Awareness.
Another book which explores the connection between UFOs and NDEs is " The Omega Project: Near-Death Experiences, UFO Encounters, and Mind At Large" by Kenneth Ring, PhD. He writes about one of his cases, "What on Earth -- or in Heaven -- do we have here? Is this an NDE or some kind of UFO encounter? Clearly, it has elements of both... it is no the only instance in my files. Among my respondents, I have found others who in describing what purports to be an NDE begin to talk about UFOs and aliens in the same context...Could it be that the world of the NDE and that of the UFO abductions, for all their differences, are not, after all, universes apart, but a part of the same universe? Could it be that NDErs and UFO experiencers have more in common with one another than we have heretofore suspected?" end-quote
SHAPE-SHIFTING ARCHONS -- A very interesting phenomenon is that at least a half dozen or more said that the Light being was able to shape shift into any form it desires. They claim to do this in order to comfort the soul, but still could be construed on one level as deceptive in nature.
Andrew C: .. an inquiry to me as to which religious symbolic form I wanted the presence to appear in, a few options, then my image of Jesus Christ in a blue robe appeared.
Robert B: I saw the Light approach, I was enveloped by the light and an entity that was to prepare me for what I call my Interview with a supreme being later in the Light. This first being appeared to be the Virgin Mary. Only after asking, "Are you truly the Virgin Mary it instantly manifested true identity. I was nearly paralyzed with fear until again asking "please, what is happening to me what is going on here?"
Kathi B: So the thoughts came into my head: what kind of form or shape would make you most comfortable. “What do you mean?” I thought back. Some require me to take the shape of a wise old man, others a woman and still others an animal, all of different races, ages, sizes or species. What about you? I thought without hesitation “Human.”. With that the light began to simultaneously separate into amazing rays of color and intensify into a more solid form. Once the light reached the stage where it looked like a human form, a rather generic looking cookie cutter shape, like a gingerbread man, I thought, “That is enough, I am comfortable with this form.”
Natalie S: The personalities were non-physical in essence, taking on form if they intended to do that for a particular purpose. I perceived the way they looked according to what I preferred for my purposes.
Stephen C: I didn't mention it before, but beings of the 'other' side, take a 'physical' form so that our conscious minds can understand
Lonny F: I was spoken to immediately and made aware of a presence. After we agreed that I would see him in physical form, he appeared. I think that having me make the decision to communicate with him, instead of him just appearing in front of me, was more for my comfort than anything else.
Hugo HSR: They seek you as if they were a good spirit, but they are not, because when they arrive near you they assume a shape that is frightening.... Tunnel without end, and in the distance it seems to be a blue light calling you for the good, but when you accept death it controls you through your eyes. When they are near you the tunnel becomes a sparkling red.
Kiko M: I examined the ditch carefully, then as I looked onto the other side of the ditch that's when shapes started to take form. I saw these black creatures that could shape shift from small to large and vice versa. I was aware that this was not a good place to be. It was like watching a stage play but with real demonic creatures.
Robert B: I was told that I was there for 7 years and that each person would see only what they could understand when they came to her. Some would see her as Jesus some their fathers or moms every imaginable deity as well.
CS: I believe that they appeared to me (or I perceived them) in a form that I would understand at the time." end-quote
This example is not from nderf.org, but is from Howard Storm's book, "My Descent into Death": We can appear to you in human form if you wish, or in any form you want so you will be comfortable with us.” “No, you’re more beautiful than anything I’ve ever seen.” end-quote
This last one is a non-NDE quote from the www.alienresistance.org web site: "Although I never saw them as aliens they did appear as monsters, clowns, friends (that i didnt recognize but thought they were) and even lovers. So when I heard about alien abductions it wasnt hard for me to connect the dots that if they can appear as clowns an alien isnt much different." end-quote
Dr. Karla Turner wrote of one of her clients friend's regressions: "For Al, the most important event was a vision he’d had of Jesus, whom at first he saw hanging on the cross. Al remembered feeling great pity and love for Jesus, and then being astonished when the figure looked up and began to move away from the cross and toward him. The last thing he remembered was Jesus kissing him, and when the vision was over, Al felt very moved and blessed by the event. When Barbara helped him mentally return to that scene, however, Al described more details, and as the event grew clearer in his mind, he suddenly began to shake. The spasms increased, until at one point Al was jerking violently as the intense emotions surfaced. Barbara worked to calm him, and when he was able to continue, the vision he had recalled faded away and he saw something quite different. Instead of Jesus, the image transformed into a grotesque reptilian creature, forcing itself sexually upon the terrified man,,,All along he had believed that his experience was spiritual and positive. He had no conscious memory of the rape or the deception that hid it.” end-quote
There are some noticeable contradictions in the overall body of NDE reports. Some say Jesus had blue eyes, others brown and one said he had green eyes. Some say he had blonde hair, others white. One person said Jesus showed her the wounds in his hands while another person said they learned Jesus did not die on the cross... and others said he did. Some say Jesus and God are the same personage while others said no. Some say there is no hell or evil while others were shown hell and evil and say they know it exists. The vast majority say we judge ourselves while others were clearly judged by God or a Council of Beings -- in courtrooms. One person said they knew or learned there is no reincarnation while many others learned of multiple lives they had lived. Most say we have free will yet many were literally forced to come back to Earth against their will, or persuaded to come back after being shown family members that needed their help. Some were asked to do it as a favor and told they were very special or that they were the only ones who could do it.
This soul was told they were the only one that could do whatever it was that needed to be done: "Why me?" I said... 'It' said to me with a sad reply, "Your the only one that I have found strong enough to deal with this pain, You share the same feelings that I have felt, the feeling of loneliness, the feeling of being not noticed, that's why I have chosen you, From here on out you will never forget this moment, and others will never realize the true meaning to life, only you will understand life and only you can hold my existence." Here is another person who was told that no else could do it what needed to be done: I asked and I said, 'I’d like to stay.' They said, 'Maybe another time, but not now. You have a mission to do on the Earth and you must do it. No one else can do it but you.' I thought about it and I said, 'Ok. I’ll do it.' My mission is basically to share my story down here on the Earth, to tell everybody that they are love too.
Mukurarinda: He told me:'' I want you to go back on earth; there is something I want you to do, after you will finish it you will come back here in heaven and live here forever.'' I said: No, I want to stay here.'' He said, No'', just go back, I said NO'' I want to stay here, till He spoke in a cool voice and convinced me to go back on earth. " end-quote
Sometimes flattery is used and they are told they have a very important mission: Michael D: I didn't seem to fully understand what she was telling me. But, I enjoyed the loving feeling she was giving me. I seem to be decoding and understanding what she told me more as time goes by. I will try to put into words what she told me. She told me that I was very special. She told me that I had a very important task to fulfill in this life." end-quote
2 Corinthians 11:14, The Bible, New International Version: "And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light."
Tibetan Book of the Dead, an instruction manual on how to navigate planes of the afterlife.: "Be not fond of the dull smoke-colored light from hell... Remember the clear light, the pure clear white light from which everything in the universe comes, to which everything in the universe returns; the original nature of your own mind. The natural state of the universe unmanifest. Let go into the clear light, trust it, merge with it. It is your own true nature, it is home." end-quote
Glenda G: In the far distance, he saw what looked like a small area of green fog. His spirit turned horizontal and started moving towards it until it formed into a meadow with wild flowers and small trees... He was thinking, "This must be Heaven and I'm here because I've tried to be good to people. But then he started moving faster until the meadow was left behind him in a blur. As he looked ahead, he saw what looked like the Grand Canyon... he began to hear a sound like the wind. This wind got louder until it sounded like high pitched screams. One voice stood out, and he heard from below someone pleading..."Please! When you come, bring me a drop of water!" Then he knew that he had been tricked by Satan into thinking he was going to be in Heaven. Instead, he was on his way to hell
Kyal L: Experience was probably real I do not know if it was real or it was just a construct of my brain to ease me into death and it could be an illusion or a trap.
R.A: I initially believed that during this experience, I had been in the presence of God. But over the years I had some real struggles, wondering about which being – God or Satan – had been its source. I cannot prove which one it was, but I do tend to believe that in this case, it was God... I know the difficulty that people have with correct discernment when influenced by spiritual beings.
Paul: Religions teach of a false god that is not the true God of the afterlife, but probably a demonic entity in itself, who they pose as the true God... THIS IS NOT GOD! This is the description of fear and darkness. God is not a demanding blood thirsty bi-polar control freak bent on balancing some 'sin balance sheet'... Talk about a tormenting trap. This is spiritual enslavement, that forces one to live in an altered state of consciousness, as well as a spiritual cesspool of confusion.
Ross D: I turned up at this really bright bush garden type of place and I hadn't felt that good in my life or since next thing my granddad turns up and told me I had to go back I said no way in the world am I going back there you've got to be joking then two other blokes turn up and they had a sort of talk about it (they weren't talking it was like mental telepathy you only had to think it) Anyway they kept hassling me to go back in the end they said there is something you have got to do but they wouldn't tell me what that was, I think they tricked me because as soon as I thought about going back I was back.
Edie F: But when I got to the round circle at the end of the tunnel where I would have entered into the light, I got a big surprise. Standing in the circle with legs apart and arms reaching out toward me was a very bright multi-colored figure, almost like a cartoon character and similar to the Joker on a deck of playing cards, but with a big smile that for some reason was more comforting and gentle than scary. He gently caught me in his arms and said to me, "Back to the womb," as he turned me around and gently tossed me back down the tunnel." end-quote
Another fascinating experience was reported by Gary who saw lots of technology in the place he went to and that when he saw the movie The Matrix he had to get up and leave because it was so eerily reminiscent of his NDE. He writes, "People should be studying NDE's and finding out why we're trapped in these inferior bodies." On his form he was asked the question "What could a national organization with an interest in near death experience (NDE) do that would be of interest to you?" He pleaded, "Find out what is happening."
Finally, this NDE is the anomoly of all anomolies. Fred B had a series of NDEs while using ketamine. Each time he was able to see further into the experience until he was able to see through the illusion and realized he was sitting in a moving chair and part of a cinema or theatre production being cheered on. And beings were calling him a 'cheater' for using his methods: http://www.nderf.org/NDERF/NDE_Experiences/fred_b_ketamine.htm " ...I would be in a dark (black) holding area, usually sitting in what seemed like a tunnel-shaped cinema. There would be light at the end of the tunnel-shaped room. I would start hearing humming and feeling a loud-deep vibration all around me. The chair would then move towards the light (almost like a convoy that you see in some amusement parks). The light would get closer. On my way down the corridor, there would be video images* projected on each side of the wall captured throughout my life and shown to me as the chair is moved down the corridor. * Every time I've experienced this experiences, the video would show the same images from one experience to the other. From what I understand while sitting on that moving chair, is that the significant events in my life in Earth are being showed to me, as a reminder of what just happened. In the first 3 experiences, I wouldn't distinguish the 'television/cinema' setting, nor the fact that I was in a room. I was too overwhelmed by these images of my life. The sound was actually really intense: as if it was injected through my brain, not produced by a speaker. After the 4th experiences, I started looking around and that's when I noticed the surroundings... After 5 experiences, I realized that the light was simply coming from an opening in the dark wall, leading to a long brightly lit spiral corridor. It was the contrast between being in the dark vs. walking in a bright surrounding that made me feel overwhelmed by the light.... The sixth and final phase would then happen. I would be welcomed as a hero in the middle of a giant open-air stadium with approx 90 000 spectators. Loud music would be playing while I was wheeled on stage. I remember then feeling totally immerse in the experience, as if my body on Earth didn't exist anymore. (I was able to analyze that kind of information after 5 experiences). People that I knew on Earth: parents, friends, coworkers, would be waiting for me on stage. They would all be happy to see me again. Giant screens would show images of my life on Earth - as if these people were also watching my progression on Earth while I was there. And then, the same thing would happen. As the ketamine in my system worn down (I wasn't able to administrate an extra dose while in experiences experience without stopping it), I would feel my body (on stage in the stadium) dissolve and 'melt'. In the 1-6 experiences, I could see people in the stadium becoming horrified or sad. I would hear voices saying 'we don't know what's happening'. In the 7+ experiences, I would come back to the same dark room but I would be wheeled down the spiral corridor. There would be no humming or cheering. I would be sent down in a backstage area where people (staff, employees?) would be ushering my body in an open space. I would hear the words 'cheater' being pronounced by some of them. In the 10th experiences, I was send to the same holding room. My parents were present - crying and saying that I shouldn't have artificially induced this 'transition' process, that I cheated and that this was the last time we could see each other. I would then see all the stage equipment being dismantled and was left alone. I remember seeing a newscast on a TV screen besides me where 2 anchors (that I know here in Quebec) announce that I was officially off 'my mission', that the program had been discontinued and that I would never come back to that area. There was an argument about how the rest of my Earth life would be 'not so bad' because when I first left for my mission, 'I had choose a good and comfortable planet'. My body then dissolved back....

Fred goes on to write: "We exist somewhere in a system where humans have a purpose to produce energy. We are connected to a 'Matrix' computer to artificially create universes within our brains and therefore produce energy to power a system. For what? I didn't get to see it. The more 'copies' of yourself you produce within the Matrix, the more energy you produce. An afterlife definitely exists Yes We are sent on Earth for some reason. People in this alternate universe are watching our lie on Earth, as we would watch a reality television show. This mission on Earth lasts shorter than our life in the alternate universe because time is different. After multiple Near Death Experience, I was able to 'explore' deeper and deeper into the ramification of it all. I could see that we exist in many many copies in many universes. But the origin of it all would be a great laboratory, somewhere in a mountain setting, where humans would be sleeping in little boxes, connected to a 'matrix' kind of system, to produce energy." end-quote

There is one account which was labeled as an STE, a spiritually transformative experience: What emotions did you feel during the experience?....Immense Love ...I saw a beam of white. It came out of the sky and touched me on the shoulder...One responding to my unasked question who are you? "God of Abraham." My research colleague who eats, drinks, and breathes ancient texts has strongly identfied the god of the Old Testament, Yahweh, with Nergal, a Mesopotamian REINCARNATION Ghandi said, "An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind"
Ruth: "I was taken to special entities who looked like the usual grays, but they had lots of wrinkles on their faces. They called themselves the Counsel, and said they were part of a group called "soul recyclers" helping souls to re-incarnate." This was by far my most profound NDE, as I could see the silver cord that attached me to my body."
Alok B: This experience just continued to help me follow my Hindu beliefs of reincarnation, all is recycled-water, oxygen, nitrogen, and souls.
Pamela M: I felt alive on so many levels, and like I was about to recycle sort of speak....
Sandra J: I don't believe in god at all. but I do believe in an after life a recycled life...This life I'm living is lived once, I may get recycled but I won't remember it so just enjoy what you have and love those that deserve it and not to worry about the small stuff... I was afraid to tell people. everyone I knew was religious I was afraid they would make fun of me. Tell me I was dreaming. I know I wasn't. But when I finally told people they listened and we discussed an alien connection and life after death. We discussed we are recycled souls that get put into earthly bodies. Maybe some female souls get put into men's bodies and vice versa and always having that feeling they were in the wrong body. " end-quote


A brilliant PBS documentary was a NOVA special by National Geographic called "Creatures of Light" where they studied bioluminescent and biofluorescent creatures such as "the infamous anglerfish with its luminous lure". Here are some quotes from the show:

"When threatened, certain species shoot bright flashes of light to stun and confuse their enemies. There's a lot of animals that actually can release their luminescence that way. So you can have something like a shrimp that will spew luminescence out of its mouth like a fire-breathing dragon and temporarily blind its predator while it pulses away into the darkness." "But mates aren't the only creatures light attracts. Many fish use light to lure food in, as does the most notorious bioluminescent creature of all. 'What is that?' 'It's so pretty'. Remember that ugly angler in Finding Nemo? 'Good feeling's gone.' (screeching) That lure is actually meant to attract another fish or another little shrimp that comes to gobble it up... (screaming)...and then finds itself engulfed in this living mousetrap of needle-sharp teeth." "Land critters have evolved their own special ways of using light. Take the glowworm, for example. Like anglerfish of the deep, thousands of these fly larvae light up the roofs of these caves in New Zealand like the night sky to lure in a meal. The starry ceiling fools prey like flies and moths, which are attracted to the light. As they fly upwards, they get trapped by the glowworms' sticky, threadlike snares." end-quote

There are science-based groups that have researched the spirit world. The best known one, of course, is Scientology which teaches the light is an implant station. Another scientifically based organization is Spiritual Sciences Research Foundation. Some of their methodologies for accessing spiritual Truths and knowledge is through EEG machines, similar to the machines used by Scientologists. This is based upon the realization that knowledge can be passed from the neurons in the brain through the nervous system which affects muscle memory and movements. SSRF findings on the Light at the end of the tunnel that near death eperiencers see: "The Divine Light in actuality is definitely seen by people who have a genuine desire for God–realisation. Those above a spiritual level of 50% ( samash?i) or 60% (vyash?i) are actually able to see Divine Light either due to immense merits or very little ego. As they are above the 50% (samashti) or 60% (vyashti) spiritual level they don’t just see the Light but also finally reach the Divine Heavenly Light.A person at a lower spiritual level, such as 40%, may see a Divine Light when they die if they had an intense desire for spiritual growth towards God-realisation. In this case, while they may see the Light, they don’t actually reach the region of Heaven (Swarga)... Those people without a genuine desire for God-realisation who see a light are in fact seeing the light generated by an illusion-creating subtle-sorcerer (mantrik). Subtle-sorcerers, due to their high spiritual strength, can create illusions of light as well as feelings of peace and happiness radiating from the light. These illusions are created by their spiritual powers and their black energy. They use this as a mechanism to lure subtle-bodies into the light and trap them into slavery.Earthbound ancestors are generally of a lower spiritual level and with a lot of attachments and unfulfilled desires. This means that they ordinarily cannot see a Divine Light when they die. By telling them to go into the light, what one is effectively doing is telling the departed ancestor to go towards the illusion creating subtle-sorcerer." end-quote The Foundation estimates that only less than 4 percent of the world's current population is at a spiritual level of 50% or greater and they claim a level of 60% is need to be liberated from the cycle of birth and death. This means that if the other 96 percent see a light it is from the sorcerer in order to trap and enslave them.


Just because a being has a brilliant or bright countenance doesn't mean they are spiritually advanced or have good intentions.

NDErs say we are all one and we are all god, etc and that we are collective soul which has access to all knowledge and wisdom that we have learned while we come to earth.... and we come to earth to learn supposedly so we all have access to the experience.

We have 7 billions souls on the planet

How many souls have there been in history? Billions and billions if not trillions of souls.... and we still haven't learned enough about love yet. or w/e it is we are supposed to learn?

Is it all just a ruse? a stick with a golden carrot on the end of it -- a promise to give us hope so we keep coming back to supply their never ending need for a food or energy source.

How many lives does it take a COLLECTIVE to learn, especially a COLLECTIVE is that is supposed to be God? And NDERs are very rarely ever told what their mission is.

Similarly, here on Earth Love is only experienced as an emotion and the result of chemicals. There is a difference between what we think of as romantic love and that which describes empathy, compassion, kindness and mercy. Unfortunately, we can only perceive with the bodies that were designed and given to us so it may be almost impossible to know the answers for sure. Is the sense of euphoria that is felt partly due to the exhilaration and freedom of shedding these heavy bodies burdened by pain? Also, NDErs claim they know everything or have access to all knowledge while in the Light yet say we are here on earth to learn. Why would we need to come to Earth to learn if knowledge is so readily available there? Besides almost all are pulled to the Light or seem to go there automatically. Many do not want to come back, but are sent back against their will. That doesn't sound so loving to me -- making somebody do something against their own free will. That is something to keep in mind while contemplating what move to make upon death. Actually, you might want to make your move and engage your exit strategy or escape plan immediately upon leaving the body at death and not wait around for the light to appear?

How much is your soul worth to you? It is priceless, right? If you had a priceless item would you give it to the first person that shows up in a fancy suit, without checking their background? The most priceless thing that exists is your own existence and would you give it over to the first light being you see, 'knowing' it is God?


Sumer is important because it is the first civilization that we know of with written records and they tell how and why we were created. In the beginning of history, we see one geographic area where it all started being Mesopotamia. Through time in the area of present day Iraq, Syria and Turkey, the most innovative peoples forged civilization. Through out time with in this area where many different "Kingdoms" and even languages but the culture and mythology was shared and very similar. The oldest civilizations are generally called Sumerians. The Sumerian speaking people were replaced by Semitic speaking Akkadians. Later kingdoms include Babylonia, Assyria just to name a few. Even though populations were conquered and even languages replaced, they kept the same mythology and Gods, merely changing their names but the stories stayed the same. Enki being an easier example as he only went primarily by two different names, one being Enki his Sumerian name, which later became Ea. Enki and Ea are identical in every aspect but they just changed his name. Virtually every original God in Sumerian times can be traced through history and appearing with different names, but the character of the God stays the same for the most part.

All of this information is taken directly from translated historic tablets and texts. Many of these translations can be found on sites like ETCSL The Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature http://etcsl.orinst.ox.ac.uk or CDLI Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative http://cdli.ucla.edu. Otherwise most of these translations are scholarly in origin and are generally accepted true translations.

The Original Players of this game:
Namma: Mother/Earth Goddess An: Sky Father, most high of the Earth Gods. Enlil: Favorite Son of An. God of Lightning and storm. Name means "Lord of Air". Decides to destroy mankind with a deluge. Enki: Oldest Son and half-brother of Enlil. Name means "God of Earth". Enki was first known as God of fresh waters, with Wisdom, Magic, Science and Creator as his main tasks. Told humans to save themselves from the coming flood although he was prohibited from doing so. Has the oldest continual temple in the world, in Eridu. Had temple for 4,500 years. Ninhursag: Daughter, similar to her Mother Namma. Midwife to the Gods. All Gods were said to be raised on the milk of Ninhursag. Her symbol is the Omega symbol. Nanna: God of the Moon, son of Enlil Utu: God of the Sun. Inana: Young Goddess, God of Venus, Beauty and War. Later became Ishtar, Isis, Venus and many other names.

NAMMA, Primeval Goddess:

In the Beginning, the Goddess Nammu (Namma) created the world and then was forgotten. Namma is the mother goddess. Namma/Sophia is WORLDWIDE. Before modern humans walked on the earth or were even thought of, the Mother of all, the Great Namma already existed. She created life on earth as we see it now and is known through time as the “Earth Mother” “Great Mother” “Mother of All the Gods”. She then decided to create children, they were created as Gods, to experience the Earth. The term Anunnaki matches them perfectly as it means “Gods of Earth”, as they were created here and did not come from somewhere else. These Gods or the children of Namma grew up and started modifying the Earth. Namma upset with their behavior resolves to destroy them before it got worse. Her children heard this and decided to fight her. The hero varies through time but she is then killed by her children. They take her power and use it to create the heavens This Mother Goddess is known by many names throughout the World but I try to go by the oldest name I can find. In Paleolithic times back to 35,000 BCE, statues are found archeologically of a very robust woman. They are often called “Venus” statues but are in fact the Mother Goddess or Namma . These figurines have been found in Turkey as recently as 7,000 years ago. At some time around this period she disappears except for occasional mentioning. This is about the time the path to civilization was started. In these new civilizations, the Anunnaki declared themselves the Gods of the humans or the “black-headed people”. In early human beliefs, they were told they were created by the God’s to be their slave and do their work. A human was expected to do whatever their God wanted them to and they were judged as to whether they made their God happy.

The Anunnaki did not CREATE anything. They modified what was here and made new species but they did not create the life on this planet. Life was seeded a long time ago on earth and the life evolved via the natural process that do exist but there were manipulations and creations throughout that time but not like the last 12,000 years. >p>Namma told Enki: Please apply the skill deriving from your wisdom and create a substitute (?) for the gods so that they can be freed from their toil!" And after Enki, the fashioner of designs by himself, had pondered the matter, he said to his mother Namma: "My mother, the creature you planned will really come into existence. Impose on him the work of carrying baskets. You should knead clay from the top of the abzu; the birth-goddesses (?) will nip off the clay and you shall bring the form into existence. "

So they hijacked the system for their desires. In Sumerian mythology, Nammu (also Namma) was a primeval mother goddess, corresponding to Tiamat in Babylonian mythology. Nammu was later connected to Isis and Venus because she was the only Goddess for 30,000 years. People have done this but Isis was a granddaughter of Namma. The onset of Anunnaki gods, caused the almost erasure of her except in certain places. They erased her as much as they could because they killed her and enslaved her creation for their own purposes. If they allowed her cults to continue enmasse then it was potential for us to remember what happened. As long as we forget, we worshiped them and gave them her power. They tried propaganda against Namma, Labeling her as an evil dragon. They killed her and made the heavens with her.


May he shepherd the black-headed ones, his creatures. To the end of days, without forgetting, let them acclaim his ways. May he establish for his fathers the great food-offerings; (110)

Their support they shall furnish, shall tend their sanctuaries. May he cause incense to be smelled, . . . their spells, Make a likeness on earth of what he has wrought in heaven. May he order the black-headed to revere him, May the subjects ever bear in mind to speak of their god, And may they at his word pay heed to the goddess. May food-offerings be borne for their gods and goddesses. Without fail let them support their gods! Their lands let them improve, build their shrines, Let the black-headed wait on their gods." end-quote


"The peace-making god Ea, "King of Wisdom," admonishes first Tessub's party (called just "the gods" in 6.1) and then Kumarbi, reminding them all that the destruction of human worshipers means disaster for all the gods, since mortals serve and support them. [Ea], King of Wisdom, spoke among the gods. [The god Ea] began to say: "Why are you [plural] destroying [mankind]? They will not give sacrifices to the gods. They will not burn cedar as incense to you. If you [plural] destroy mankind, they will no longer [worship] the gods. No one will offer [bread] or libations to you [plural] any longer. Even Tessub, Kummiya's heroic king, will himself grasp the plow. Even Sauska and Hebat will themselves grind at the millstones." end-quote

NERGAL: the Mesopotamian god of the Underworld

Nergal, a son of Enlil was the God of War and Plague. He was not very high in status early on. At some point An helped him by giving him 7 companions or weapons, otherwise known as the "Seven Evil Spirits". Nergal, then planned to takeover the Underworld who already had a Goddess in charge, her name was Ereshkigal. Nergal forced his way into the underworld and took the Goddess by her hair and dragged her off the throne to cut her head off. In her tears, she offered to be his wife and give him the underworld and he took the deal and let her live. Nergal, now controlled the Underworld and the Judgment of every human who dies.

This is Nergal's takeover of the Underworld from Ereshkigal:

"Within the house he seized Ereshkigal By the hair, bent her down from the throne To the ground, to cut off her head. She pleaded "Kill me not, my brother. I will speak a word with thee." Nergal hearkened; his hands relaxed. She wept and sobbed. "Thou shalt be my husband; I will be thy wife, I will give thee to seize Sovereignty over the wide earth. I will set the tablet Of wisdom in thy hand. Thou shalt be lord, I will be lady." When Nergal heard her word, He seized her, kissed her, and wiped away her tears" end-quote

Nergal (in Akkadian mythology) was the god ruling, with Ereshkigal, over the world of the dead. Nergal is the god the greeks named Hades.

The book "Gods, Demons and Symbols of Ancient Mesopotamia" on page 19 shows a seal of Nergal(King of the Underworld) but the scimitar looks a lot like a pitchfork or trident. He has the normal horned hat all Anuna have on but his make it seem like he has horns like the devil.
Here's Sumerian Literature: "Lord of the underworld, who acts swiftly in everything, whose terrifying anger smites the wicked, Nergal, single-handed crusher, who tortures the disobedient "
From the texts of the tablets found at Tell Amarna. Nergal was well known and referenced in a letter from the King of Crete to his brother the King of Egypt. The Nergal myth is the only myth found in the Tell Amarna tablets and they were found in Egypt, not Mesopotamia, and date about 1300 BC: "Nergal, the lion-headed god, seems here to be the same as Namtar, ' death,' or ' fate.' His name in Akkadian may indeed mean * King Death.' The infernal deity was usually represented with a lion or tiger head, and open jaws." end-quote
J.C. Greenfiield: "An epithet of the god Nergal in Hatra inscriptions is related to his role of punishing divinity, in the meaning of “executioner, butcher, torturer”. He was primarily keeper of the underworld and the god of pestilence. As the god of the underworld, he functioned as a judge. His lion-headed mace was able to punish and wreak vengeange. ". end-quote
the book "The Esoteric Codex: Deities of the Underworld" by William Klause" "Being a deity of the desert, god of fire.....Nergal was sometimes called a demon and even identified with Satan." end-quote
"Babylonian Magick " by MICHAEL W. FORD:

"Nergal, who is mighty and with a fiery surrounding in which you are encircled, who raises the Lion-Mace! Nergal, who takes the form of the Lion-Dragon raise thy blade!

To that terrifying splendor no other god stands before Hail to thee, Nergal Nergal, Dragon supreme, Great God! I call you by the fires of sharrapu Thou burning fires of conquest By the funeral rites to which you were called To the shades which drink blood in your name!

May the Seven tear their soul(s) to ribbons! In this flame I curse them, let the Serpents' tongue arise! Nergal's fiery serpents shall encircle it and consume their essence!"......" end-quote

He also writes, "Cutha has an association with the underworld due to the temple of Nergal." end-quote

The Seven that he refers to is the Evil Seven, the seven Demon Spirits created by Anu. They are the workers of Nergal, so are always used by him to kill.

The Erra Epic: (Erra ia another name for Nergal) A"fter Anu had ordained destinies for all of the Seven, He gave those very ones to Erra, warrior of the gods, saying: "Let them go beside you, when the clamor of human habitations becomes noisome to you, "And you resolve to wreak destruction, "To massacre the black-headed folk and fell the livestock, "Let these be your fierce weaponry, let them go beside you".
In the Bible the Lord said unto Moses, Make thee a fiery serpent, and set it upon a pole: and it shall come to pass, that every one that is bitten, when he looketh upon it, shall live."

In the Sumerian Literature: Ninurta's return to Nibru: a šir-gida to Ninurta: c.1.6.1 He hung the Seven-headed serpent on the shining cross-beam."

Yahweh sent plagues and torments to Egypt. The Seven were plague Gods.

Here is an overview of the Demiurge or Chief Ruler through time"....The dates of the Chief Rulers are a work in process and have many different sources, but An/Anu until approx 3,000 BC Enlil/Bel 3,000 BC until 1,800 BC (Continued after 1,800 BC as Ashur in Assyria) Marduk 1,800 BC until 1,200 BC (Southern Mesopotamia) Nergal 1,200 BC until Today (Rebellion started by An with the following co-conspirators, Adad, Ishtar, Shamash and the Evil Seven Gods. Nergal took over the underworld and took control of the destiny of humans. The God of Moses was Nergal. The God of Israel from that time period on was Nergal, Adad and the Seven. By the way, the whole birth story of Moses is taken from the Akkadian Tale of King Sargon 2300 B.C., athousand years before Moses: "Sargon, the mighty king, king of Agade, am I. My mother was a changeling, my father I knew not. The brother(s) of my father loved the hills. My city is Azupiranu, which is situated on the banks of the Euphrates. My changeling mother conceived me, in secret she bore me. She set me in a basket of rushes, with bitumen she sealed My lid. She cast me into the river which rose not (over) me, The river bore me up and carried me to Akki, the drawer of water. Akki, the drawer of water lifted me out as he dipped his e[w]er. Akki, the drawer of water, [took me] as his son(and) reared me. Akki, the drawer of water, appointed me as his gardener, While I was a gardener, Ishtar granted me (her) love, And for four and [ ... ] years I exercised kingship, The black-headed [people] I ruled, I gov[erned];" end-quote

The "Seven Great Monarchies Of The Ancient Eastern World" chronicles Nergal's move to Israel

"The city peculiarly dedicated to Nergal was Cutha or Tiggaba, which is constantly called his city in the inscriptions. He was worshipped also at Tarbisa, near Nineveh, but in Tiggaba he was said to " live," and his shrine there was one of great celebrity. Hence " the men of Cuth," when transported to Samaria by the Assyrians, naturally enough " made Nergal their god," carrying his worship with them into their new country."

So the Cuthans are originally from Babylonia at the Temple for Nergal and were moved to Samaria the Capitol of the Kingdom Israel.. The Kingdom of Israel was originally called Samaira. This is the Assyrian historical account of Samaira and what happened about 713 BC to the Kingdom of Israel: "The inhabitants of Samaria/Samerina, who agreed [and plotted] with a king [hostile to] me, not to do service and not to bring tribute [to Ashshur] and who did battle, I fought against them with the power of the great gods, my lords. I counted as spoil 27,280 people, together with their chariots, and gods, in which they trusted. I formed a unit with 200 of [their] chariots for my royal force. I settled the rest of them in the midst of Assyria. I repopulated Samaria/Samerina more than before. I brought into it people from countries conquered by my hands. I appointed my eunuch as governor over them. And I counted them as Assyrians." Ok lets rewind, that is the King of Assyria defeated the King of Israel, took 27,280 of the residents and dispersed them through Assyria. They then took Babylonians who the King had conquered and settled them in Israel. This means the original population of Samaira/Israel was evicted, and replaced with Babylonians. These Babylonians included a major city of Nergal which was Cutha. So even the high-priests of Nergal moved to Israel and began worshiping there. A majority of the dispersed original population never returned. These Samaritans have one founding Holy Book, the 5 Books of Moses or the Torah otherwise the first five books of the Old Testament. A schism occurred within Samaira and the Kingdom of Judea broke off and Rabbinical Judaism was born, headquartered in Jerusalem. The two versions of the Books have very few differences between the two leading one to think that when the schism occurred, it was not long after the creation of the original. The oldest historical accepted date for the Torah is around 700 BC, which leads one to wonder. Also, there was no written "Hebrew" language before 1,000 BCE so what language Moses was writing in 1300 BC? The current scholarly consensus is that Moses is a legendary figure and not a historical person.
song "Nergal, The Raging King" by Negator

"God of darkness, lord of war - Grand dragon, covered in entrails - Fill the channels with blood - Feast on the lifeblood" end-quote of man""

In the New Testament Jesus enters into the Temple teaching and talking to the Pharisees. After quite a heated discussion , Jesus states that his Father is not the same as their Father. “I speak that which I have seen with my Father: and ye do that which ye have seen with your father.” He also goes on to say to the Jews, that their father is the devil. He says they will be just as their father, a murderer from the beginning. He states that their father does not live in truth because there is no truth in him. He lies for his own sake and is the Father of lies.

It is in the New Testament. It says clearly the God of the Jews was not his Father and the God of the Jews was the Devil, Nergal. He is in their temple. Telling them this stuff.

In John 8:44 :

44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

Remember that Nergal was the Lord of Pestilence, War and the Underworld, IE Death. Now look how Yahweh operates. Yahweh is Nergal. Jesus was literally telling the truth in the New Testament passage. Old Testament quotes below from Jehovah-Yahweh.:

sacrifice unto the Lord our God; lest he fall upon us with pestilence, or with the sword. For now I will stretch out my hand, that I may smite thee and thy people with pestilence; And I will bring a sword upon you, that shall avenge the quarrel of my covenant: and when ye are gathered together within your cities, I will send the pestilence among you; and ye shall be delivered into the hand of the enemy. I will smite them with the pestilence, and disinherit them, and will make of thee a greater nation and mightier than they. The Lord shall make the pestilence cleave unto thee, until he have consumed thee from off the land, whither thou goest to possess it. So the Lord sent a pestilence upon Israel from the morning even to the time appointed: and there died of the people from Dan even to Beersheba seventy thousand men. three days the sword of the Lord, even the pestilence, in the land, and the angel of the Lord destroying throughout all the coasts of Israel. If I shut up heaven that there be no rain, or if I command the locusts to devour the land, or if I send pestilence among my people; He made a way to his anger; he spared not their soul from death, but gave their life over to the pestilence; When they fast, I will not hear their cry; and when they offer burnt offering and an oblation, I will not accept them: but I will consume them by the sword, and by the famine, and by the pestilence.


The Gnostic christians were declared heretics by the mainstream church for their differing views on Jesus and their belief that this world is a prison. They were killed and their writings were destroyed until a repository of writings were discovered in a cave in Egypt in 1945. These writings are called the Nag Hammadi Library. They describe this false Gaud and his Archons which is a greek word that means "rulers". These archons are shadow beings created from the bile of his hate and jealousy, and they can shape shift and appear as what we call aliens -- Greys, reptoids, insectoids, mantis types, and so on. They feed off our life force and emotions such as fear, ecstatic frenzied excitement and even praise and worship. They put false ideas in our heads and create illusions and hallucinations. They can even be heard by some people as voices. Christians call them demons. Muslims call them jinn. Everyone has a Counterfeit Spirit that has been assigned to them. Some call these guardian angels or spirit guides.

There are tremendous parallels between the "gods" and "stories" of the Sumerian tablets and Gnostic texts. For example, major charateristics in common between the Gnostic Sophia and the Sumerian Namma are both are regarded as: First Goddess; Mother of all Gods; Created the World; Created things in Chaos; Created the gods in the midst of heaven; All powers taken by her offspring; and Her power used to create the heavens and veil.

The Gnostics spoke of a false god, chief ruler named Yaldabaoth, whom they called Demiruge. As the leadership on earth changed, the first Chief Ruler or Demiurge is An, the first Sky father. In an exact match-up in flood stories between the Gnostics and the Sumerian are exact except the character's names. The Sumerian being Enki, the Benefactor and Creator of Humanity and Sabaoth, The Lord of the Forces. Saboth repented when he learned that there was a much greater God then his father and then he was taken for protection and put in the highest heaven above where the forces of chaos could get to him, all because he was wise and realized they were wrong.

The Gnostic texts say that Sophia, an aeon from source, accidentally created the Demiurge by mistake with out her consort. It was not created in full and was described as a Lion faced Dragon. He thought he was the only being and proclaimed himself God. Sophia realized her mistake and came down to inform the Demiurge. The Demiurge then surrounded Sophia and held her in Chaos and stole her "Light Power".

On the Origin of the World -- Nag Hammadi texts: "After the natural structure of the immortal beings had completely developed out of the infinite, a likeness then emanated from Pistis (Faith); it is called Sophia (Wisdom). It exercised volition and became a product resembling the primeval light. (A copy of the real light) And immediately her will manifested itself as a likeness of heaven, having an unimaginable magnitude; it was between the immortal beings and those things that came into being after them, like [...]: she (Sophia) functioned as a veil dividing mankind from the things above. " end-quote

The Demiurge's heavens are a copy of the real heavens. "And she established each of his offspring in conformity with its power - after the pattern of the realms that are above, for by starting from the invisible world the visible world was invented." end-quote The demiurge's realms are a copy of the real thing. He has stolen light from Sophia, so they have light to use. The real light is from Source and those light realms would be setup similarly.

The Demiurge is a false gaud. Dictionary.com explains that the word 'gaud' originated from the mid and late 14th century and meant a "jest, joke, prank, trick; also fraud, deception, trick, artifice". I am convinced this false gaud being, the Demiurge, is stealing The Light Power that is in human souls. In the Gnostic text "Pistis Sophia" it is written, "She [Sophia] had been deluded through the god-like Self-willed [Demiurge], and had not been deluded through anything else, save through a light-power, because of its resemblance to the Light in which she had had faith." Most likely the being of intense white Light that near death experiencers go to is related to the Demiurge. Here is a quote from The Secret Book of John, a Gnostic text from the Nag Hammadi Library: "Yaldabaoth [Demiurge] said to the authorities [archons] with him, Come, let us create a human being after the image of god and with a likeness to ourselves, so that this human image may give us light." end-quote

In The Secret Book of John, The Revelation of the Mysteries Hidden in Silence "Because she had unconquerable Power Her thought was not unproductive. Something imperfect came out of her Different in appearance from her. Because she had created it without her masculine counterpart She gave rise to a misshapen being unlike herself.

Sophia saw what her desire produced. It changed into the form of a dragon with a lion’s head And eyes flashing lightning bolts. She cast him far from her, Outside of the realm of the immortal beings So that they could not see him. [She had created him in ignorance.] Sophia surrounded him with a brilliant cloud, Put a throne in the center part of the cloud So that no one would see it. [Except for the Holy Spirit called the Mother of the Living] She named him Yaldabaoth. Yaldabaoth is the chief ruler. He took great Power (dynamis) from his mother, Left her, and moved away from his birthplace. He assumed command, Created realms for himself With a brilliant flame that continues to exist even now." end-quote

Sophia repents and is forgiven by Source. Source sends help to take back the "Light Power" form the Demiurge. In the meantime, the Demiurge created the human body but cannot get it to stand. The help from source convinces the Demiurge that he must breathe life into "Adam" to get him to move. When he does the "Light Power" goes into Adam. Thus Adam was divine because of the Light Power. This light power sort of has similar overtones to the Holy Spirit. It is in every human. The Archons supposedly were produced not in full and are unable to hold the "Light Power"

"And what she had created became a product in the matter, like an aborted fetus. And it assumed a plastic form molded out of shadow, and became an arrogant beast resembling a lion." " it changed into a form of a lion-faced serpent. And its eyes were like lightning fires which flash." "When she saw (the product of) her will, it was different, a model of a lion-faced serpent. His eyes were like flashing fires of lightning." "It changed into the form of a dragon with a lion's head. And eyes flashing lightning bolts." "Self-willed uniteth himself with the rulers of the twelve ćons and emanateth a lion-faced power to plague Sophia."

Here is a Babylonian description of shadow beings: "the evil Utukku-demon ... is tall in stature ... . He is shady, his shadow is very dark ... . Gall is always dripping from his finger nails, his tread is harmful poison."

The Gnostic texts described the shadow beings: "Now the eternal realm (aeon) of truth has no shadow outside it, for the limitless light is everywhere within it. But its exterior is shadow, which has been called by the name 'darkness'. From it, there appeared a force, presiding over the darkness. And the forces that came into being subsequent to them called the shadow 'the limitless chaos'. From it, every kind of divinity sprouted up [...] together with the entire place, so that also, shadow is posterior to the first product. It was the abyss that it (shadow) appeared, deriving from the aforementioned Pistis. Now matter is made of the bile of the shadow: Now as for that jealousy, it was found to be an abortion without any spirit in it. Like a shadow, it came into existence in a vast watery substance. Then the bile that had come into being out of the shadow was thrown into a part of chaos. Since that day, a watery substance has been apparent. And what sank within it flowed away, being visible in chaos: as with a woman giving birth to a child - all her superfluities flow out; just so, matter came into being out of shadow, and was projected apart. And it did not depart from chaos; rather, matter was in chaos, being in a part of it. " end-quote
Carlos Castaneda said about the parasites: "I did see some strange fleeting black shadow projected on the foliage of the trees. It was either a shadow going back and forth or various fleeting shadows moving side-to-side or straight up in the air. They looked lie fat black fish to me, enormous fish. It was as if gigantic swordfish were flying in the air. I was engrossed in the sight. Then, finally, it scared me. It became to dark to see the foliage, yet I could still see the fleeting black shadows." end-quote
Some of these Shadow Creatures take the form of Astral or Etheric Spiders. There is also the Hat Man.
The Shaman told Carlos the best way to rid yourself of it is with inner silence and thought discipline. The second you feel agitation, anxiety or anything like that do not allow it to manifest in reality. You may feel agitated, but you don't allow it to manifest into actions onto others or yourself.


"He answered and said, “Yes, but if you wish that he not be able to ruin our work, come, let’s create a human being from the earth according to the image of our body and according to the likeness of this being, to serve us, so that whenever this being sees his likeness, he may become enamored of it. Then he will no longer ruin our work, but we shall make those who are born from the light our servants through all the time of this age.” Now, all this came to pass according to the forethought of Pistis in order that humankind might appear after this likeness and condemn them on account of their fashioned bodies. And their fashioned bodies became fences for the light. " "After the day of rest, Sophia sent her daughter Zoe, being called Eve, as an instructor, in order that she might make Adam, who had no soul, arise, so that those whom he should engender might become containers of light. " end-quote

A few weeks ago scientists got together for the Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate: This year the topic was "Is the Universe a Simulation"? The Simulation debate gives you some big science names that support the Gnostic theories. Moderator Neil deGrasse Tyson, director of the museum’s Hayden Planetarium, put the odds at 50-50 that our entire existence is a program on someone else’s hard drive. “I think the likelihood may be very high,” he said. He noted the gap between human and chimpanzee intelligence, despite the fact that we share more than 98 percent of our DNA. Somewhere out there could be a being whose intelligence is that much greater than our own. “We would be drooling, blithering idiots in their presence,” he said. “If that’s the case, it is easy for me to imagine that everything in our lives is just a creation of some other entity for their entertainment.”

David Chalmers, Professor of Philosophy, New York University: "The way I think about it..I mean, who knows if there is actually a simulator who;s actually doing any of this, but If you do take this simulation hypothesis seriously it's got a couple of elements of a traditional God. This person could be all knowing about our universe and could be all-powerful. The one thing which is probably missing is wisdom and benevolence, [laughter] If there's a simulator, I refuse to worship you. You may be out there, but you have not established yourself as being worthy of worship."

Nick Bostrum in 2003 suggested that members of an advanced civilization with enormous computing power might decide to run simulations of their ancestors. They would probably have the ability to run many, many such simulations, to the point where the vast majority of minds would actually be artificial ones within such simulations, rather than the original ancestral minds. So simple statistics suggest it is much more likely that we are among the simulated minds. In a larger sense, the theory suggests that the entire universe can be seen as a 'two-dimensional structure projected onto a cosmological horizon' - or in simpler terms, a projection.

Escape Plan or Exit Strategy

Ultimately, I believe the Light of the NDE could very well be the being known as Lucifer. The dictionary defines Lucifer as Venus. As Inanna, she was the Queen of the Heavens... with a war-like aspect. As Aphrodite she was also the Greek goddess of (sexual) Desire. As Venus she is the goddess of beauty and LOVE As Lucifer/Lucifera she was the most beautiful angel or goddess as was also said by Zeus... and of course Lucifer means Light-bearer or Light-bringer. NDErs are drawn to the Light mostly by their desire to go to it because it is pretty and alluring. Then when in its presence they feel the LOVE.

There are many heavens that are not real, but just copies. They are very, very convincing since they are copies of the real thing. When the soul approaches this light it tricks the soul into thinking it is the real thing and they have seen the truth, and are part of this universal soul...... Ultimately, I really think we are lying in pods somewhere playing a VR computer game of Life and controlling these avatars and it is just computer data telling us what our avatars are perceiving. It's all just part of the plot of the game... wake up that your prisoners, and escape / overthrow the wardens. A couple of NDEs on NDERF even alluded to the pods and it all being a game of entertainment. It is like movie Wargames...."A strange game. The only winning move is not to play."

The Demiurge's heavens are a copy of the real heavens. "And she established each of his offspring in conformity with its power - after the pattern of the realms that are above, for by starting from the invisible world the visible world was invented." The demiurge's realms are a copy of the real thing. He has stolen light from Sophia, so they have light to use. The real light is from Source and those light realms would be setup similarly. So the Demiurge is a small bubble copy of a larger bubble and it is inside that bubble. To get out of the Demiurge's realm does not mean reabsorbing with Source, far from it. You will have eternity to explore and learn in the real Heavens once we get out of the false copy.

1. I believe the focused intent of your will power is very important -- avoid using words as language has been manipulated...use pure imagination or a mind picture, etc... for me it will focusing on the light of lights in the Eternal Light Realms of the Ineffable Father (I trust the Gnostic texts)

2. you have to have an escape plan in mind with contingencies.

3. Act quickly...do not hang around and see how fun it is to fly or visit your friend, etc... I think the light appears within seconds or certainly within a minute or two... you want to avoid being pulled there

4. live a spiritual life of altruistic love and think about Truth and God as much as possible -- this is to raise your frequency high enough to "ascend" to the highest light realms and be able to stay there

5. Let go of all grudges, regrets, jealousies, anger, resentment, fear -- this is to get rid of the black goo residue that is attached to the soul and can possibly allow for it to be pulled in... and also to let go of attachments to the physical plane

6. avoid distractions such as looking at the light or beings

There are many heavens that are not real, but just copies. They are very, very convincing since they are copies of the real thing. When the soul approaches this light it tricks the soul into thinking it is the real thing and they have seen the truth, and are part of this universal soul...... Ultimately, I really think we are lying in pods somewhere playing a VR computer game of Life and controlling these avatars and it is just computer data telling us what our avatars are perceiving. It's all just part of the plot of the game... wake up that your prisoners, and escape / overthrow the wardens. A couple of NDEs on NDERF even alluded to the pods and it all being a game of entertainment. It is like movie Wargames...."A strange game. The only winning move is not to play."

Thank you so much for having me on your show again, Adam. I truly appreciate all you have done. Good night, sleep tight, and don't let the Archons bite!