Dark Side of The Moon

"Look at him. He's heading for that small moon.... That's no moon! It's a space station!... We're caught in a tractor beam and it's pulling us in." -- STAR WARS


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The DreamWorks Pictures logo features a fishing lure cast from the moon down onto presumably the earth below. Similarly, the Miller High Life sign features a woman sitting on the moon (in other representations she wears a witch's hat) holding high a glass of a golden be-er with the slogan "Fishing -- Reel in the High Life". The cover of John Everson's novel Siren depicts a siren with a gigantic moon looming right behind her as she peers down into the water below. Sirens in greek mythology were mermaids orginally depicted as birds who lured sailors to their deaths upon the rock with their sweet song. Pink Floyd's Dark Side of The Moon album has set a record for longest time on the album charts -- about 10 years. The movie series Star Wars featured a spaceship in disguise as a moon and was called the Death Star. The movie poster for the horror movie The Ring features a solar eclipse and the caption "Before you die you see the ring".

Before You Die, You See... The Eclipse & The Dark of the Moon

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Total eclipse -- It's an uncanny coincidence that the moon's diameter is about 400 times smaller than the sun's yet it is 400 times closer to the earth so that it just about perfectly blocks out the sun during a solar eclipse.

Back side of the moon -- Another eerie coincidence is that the moon just happens to rotate slow enough that the same side always faces earth!



Then all of the sudden, I was rapidly sucked into what I thought was this full moon. That night the moon was a sliver, so this was 'the light' that NDErs talk about. -- Katie W
I believed this was God, our creator of the universe, highest power (whatever word you feel comfortable with.) As I took a look around I saw a bright light, it was the moon, the sun was reflecting light off the moon surface, we were in space, equal distance to the moon on the right side (looking from earth). I do not think this was heavens final destination, I think it was a greeting area to receive us when we cross over. -- Ron A
He said: I am going to show you some things. Then, in the distance, I saw a globe that looked like the moon during an eclipse. He said: That is the Earth, and I saw many points of light in the globe. Then He said: in every point of light there is someone praying, if all the people on Earth could pray, it would look like that, and the Earth became illuminated as the sun. But so is not and the globe darkened again. -- Nilda
I felt like I was being propelled by some force towards the heavens and still felt like it was perfectly normal. The next thing I remember was passing near the moon and wondering why it wasn't a flat disk. I could easily see that it was a globe, with many craters. This was really strange to me later in life because I had no way of knowing this at 5 years of age in 1957. Next I started to travel outwards in the solar system at an extreme rate of speed. The next thing I new I was sitting up in my bed soaking wet calling for my mother. -- Wayne J
I was like in a huge void, with spots of light like stars around. Somehow I felt like I was between the Earth and the Moon. I felt this overwhelming presence next to me on my right side, like the Moon, but it was an intelligence. ....I felt like I was in space, near the moon. -- Jim C

I couldn't describe what it looked like, because it was just a grey whirl to me which I raced through or more like been raced through. Then I felt like slowing down and being stopped in what seemed absolutely like space near the earth to me. At least that was what I would imagine from movies. Somewhere near earth, but at least a little farther out than the moon, because earth was not bigger than the moon usually is. -- Kevin P
The force drags me into a higher stream of energy where I left the earth and passed the moon and all the solar system. It felt fresh, a bit cold, and I felt a bit of panic. I saw the whole Universe floating around me, or I was floating inside this element. -- Serge D

Although I could not comprehend the reason, I was willing to do what the being of light wanted me to do. I was lifted up and put into a red light. I closed my eyes. I could not feel anything. I did not know for how long I had been in this state. After some time, however, I realized that I was being tossed about rather rigorously. It was like being in a washing machine. I cried:" I think that is enough!" Immediately, I was lowered down and the love and the warmth were switched off, but I still remained in this beam (or sphere). Suddenly the sun disappeared and I saw a moon. I was in a different world. Everything was black but the moon, which was right in front of me. It was much clearer and more refulgent than the moon in our world. There was not a trace of blackness in it. The moon was surrounded by a wreath of little, bright stars. I kept staring at this shiny moon when suddenly I felt a strange sensation entering through my left eye and spreading into the deepest recesses of my brain. I was wondering about the fact that I could distinctly see the moon with my left eye that had always been weaker than my right one and I suddenly realized that right in front of me were all the answers to any questions we might have on Earth. I got very excited about this and I tried to locate the place about which I wanted to tell our scientists on Earth that they should come and see this extraordinary place.
I tried to pinpoint this place by looking at the left side of the moon and counting the little bright stars. However, in doing so I realized that they were not stars but in turn little moons. Again, I was looking at the left side of the moon and the more I was looking the more little moons were coming up in a straight line, one little moon after the other. There was no hope of locating this place. Then I began to feel cold and I was shivering. I remembered the sun of our world, its warmth that sometimes may have been too hot but, overall, it was life-giving warmth.
I desperately wanted to return to the bright, living sun. Only then did I realize that I was looking at the moon with my left eye while my right eye was closed. I wanted to open my right eye to see the sun again but I was not able to.
I wanted to leave the moon, which I was no longer interested in. I wanted to go back to the bright, living sun. I tried very hard but in vain, I even felt an extremely unpleasant pain in my head. All of a sudden, however, the moon with its black surroundings disappeared and I saw this incredible bright sun again. Suddenly the sun started to move backwards changing its colors to a deep dark red. It kept moving back into the sky until it was a very tiny red light. (Like a point). Then it began to move very quickly. At one time I saw the bright sun on the left side and then the red sun on the right side, dancing, as it were, from left to right and from right to left.
I felt that the sun wanted to communicate with me. I thought to myself that up here the suns cannot speak but just move about and that this was their way of talking. Then it stood still and I saw the bright sun in front of the tiny red sun. Nevertheless, I could not make out what this was all about. I regarded the whole spectacle more as a funny and entertaining act than anything else. However, it was not funny at all. I suddenly felt that I should be transferred back into the world with the shiny moon and I remembered the unpleasant pain and the cold that I had encountered there
Suddenly I realized that the bright sun in front of me was the shiny moon and that the red sun had the moon safely under control making in fact one sun. This was the message that the sun had wanted to get across. Then the being of light wanted to talk to me on a man-to-man basis. He placed me on top of a high mountain where I had to sit on a large piece of rock. -- Guenter W
I thought my consciousness was in my chest because I saw a light in the distance, which I thought was my eyes. I sensed a rush as I went to the light. I found myself standing in front of a misty gray wall that was in front of me in all directions. Instinctively, I moved into the veil and I could feel it as it passed off the back of my ears and head. When I got there, an entity took me by the hand and stated over and over, ‘It's all over, don't worry, you're home!’ I looked over my shoulder and it was as though I was on the moon or somewhere else other than earth. I saw the blue-white sphere in the distance. I turned and looked back ahead of me and there was a soft yellow light in the distance. The floor looked like tile because of the light reflected from it. There was a man standing over to my right but he never said anything or moved during the experience. A feeling of love and peace came over me. In the background, I kept hearing the entity reassuring me that all was o.k. and that I was home. -- Michael M
I flew around it to pass it and my trip continues. Once closer to the city another block, but this time diagonaly, and like this the block that hinder my arrival to the city was repeated five times and every time the block was much bigger, and the city more beautiful and closer. Just when I was ready to go into the great city, a big voice, something like when a big thunder comes down and booms strongly and on a very authoritarian form and sounding very loud says my name XXXCX and then I started to feel as an increadible force, like a big turbine, was pulling me back and just when I was returning I could see the moon and a big transparent being, like the jelly fish, was holding over his head the moon and with the feet, in between both feet, holding the Planet Earth. -- Valerie B
The walls of the house were just not there. I was moving towards a beautiful bright light just like the moon but sending out long rays of light that I was going towards...... I kept going higher and higher towards the light saw myself and my family get smaller and then suddenly my grandma woke up, opened her prayer book and started praying. -- Reeva
As I turned to face the direction to which I was being pulled, the moment I turned around...there was a bright blinding light, as I expected to see the moon. But at that precise moment as I faced towards the direction I was floating or being pulled towards. It felt like an instantaneous 'vacuum', as if I was being sucked in incredible speed towards that light.
It felt like a tunnel with a light at the end of it...I felt as if I was in outer space being sucked like a vacuum racing towards the light at the end as I could make out the dots like stars around me while rushing towards that light. The only way to describe the feeling was almost like riding a motorcycle at breakneck speeds without your helmet on...or sky diving with the wind blowing hard against you...that feeling of tremendous speed where you're helpless to do anything about it as you have no control. -- Wan I
Mayumi T NDE. 11/2/12 From Japan. I saw a light that looked like a moon, and it was shining down on me. My body started floating slowly toward the light, high in the air. After I entered the light, I was greeted by a huge garden full of yellow flowers and the sky was colored pink like a sunset. Everything was just so warm and fragrant, I felt very safe. -- Mayumi T

Moonstruck: The Moon & Witchcraft Magick Books

Peruse your local bookstore and you'll notice a myriad of books devoted to the goddess with instructions for invoking her moon magick for spellcasting. Many contain incantations such as the one above. Here are just a few of the books readily available:

Moon Magick book cover Magick Rituals of the Moon book Moon Spells book Lady of the Night moon book          

Prayers to the moon goddess often include references to summoning light: "...Reveal to me that which is true for me to know, and steer me gently toward the Light". Others contain sacrificial rites: "...Delighting in the sacrifices, libations, and offerings, O hearer of prayers, black-robed Isis, the Merciful..."


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Magical. Mystical. Mysterious. The moon has been associated with these attributes for millennia. It appears spellbinding and captivating with an irresistible charm, often promulgating lunacy. It's magnetic effect can be seen in the pull of the ocean's tide and in the synchronization with women's menstrual cycles. It's magical property is apparent when pagans draw down the power of the moon and schedule their rituals around the moon's waning and waxing energy. Legends abound such as the werewolf, a man who turns into a monster by the light of the full moon. Only a silver bullet can kill him. Witches are often portrayed as a silhouette flying across a backlit full moon as a backdrop. The moon is also made of green cheese or green chi's. Chi is the life force or energy and souls are almost always depicted as green ectoplasm in seances and movies like Ghostbusters. The blood of monsters is usually depicted as green in Hollywood and video games presumably because they eat the souls of men. Thus we have the legend of the 'man in the moon' because the moon star or the monster eats him. Linguistically, when one is mooned they are being ridiculed or made the butt of a joke.

Moonlore book

Mythology - Moon Gods and Moon Goddesses

Apparently it has been like this for millennia. The dark side of the moon can easily be seen in mythology by observing the traits and names of the various moon gods and goddesses..

Thoth: Trickster God and God of Thieves; transporter of souls and conductor of spirits

Thoth egyptian moon god

The Egyptian moon god was Thoth/Thot/Tot. His name has various pronunciations, all very revealing: As his name implies, he was wise and full of "thought" as he "taught" man many things. However, the name is usually pronounced with a long "o". For instance, Tot is pronounced "tote" (Tot) as in to pull or haul something! This is interesting for he was known for the following titles: the "escort of souls" in the afterlife, the "transporter of souls" and the "conductor of spirits from this world to the next". It is even more disturbing to discover that the moon god also known as the Trickster God and the God of Thieves. He carried a sceptre or staff called a djed pillar or the djed column which was often spoken in terms of flow of electromagnetic energies. Could this be a pillar of the dead or a piller of the dead? Could this tower be a tow-er of souls, that is a pole that pulls or polls or tows souls?

Thoth was depicted as an ibis (iblis, abyss) or a gar-like bird with a long narrow beak. As a thief the first thing he saw was a tortoise. He promptly took the shell of this creature and created a lyre (liar?). He is thus credited with creating the first musical instrument. He then stole some cattle. As the creator God, he layed the World Egg. Thoth is quite possibly the origin for the stork, or ibis, that delivers a newborn baby. In fact, the body or soul in Egypt was referred to as 'ba'. Is that why when a newborn 'ba' wants to 'be', we call it a 'baby' or a 'babe'?

He is credited with writing The Emerald Tablets of Thoth. This writing is a blatant attempt at convincing the reader to go to the light as this excerpt demonstrates: "Mighty SPIRIT of LIGHT that shines through the Cosmos, draw my flame closer in harmony to thee. Light up my fire, from out of the darkness, magnet of fire that is One with the ALL. Lift up my soul, thou might and potent. Child of the Light, turn not away. Draw me in power to melt in thy furnace; One with all things and all things in one, fire of the life-strain and One with the Brain. Showed he to all men the path of attainment, way of the Light that flows among men. Mastering darkness, leading the MAN-SOUL, upward to heights that were One with the Light."

Aah deity moon

Diana: Goddess of the Hunt

Walt Disney collection illuminati diana moon goddess

In Greece, the moon was known as Diana who was the Goddess of the Hunt or the Huntress. In most Roman art, Diana is depicted beside a stag or a buck, her favorite game. Horned animals are reminiscent of the sickle moon. Diana too was often seen as an enchantress, the Queen of Magic. "Aradia: Gospel of the Witches" by Charles Leland contains many incantations for invoking the magick of Diana. In Greece, Diana was known as Artemis, the Queen of the Bow. According to Gwydion O'Hara's Moon Lore, Artemis, the Divine Archer, was a "dark goddess who demanded human sacrifice." Patroness of Childbirth, Huntress, and Mistress of Enchantment and Sorcery. Diana was also the goddess of the nymphs and virgins.

Aphrodite: Goddess of Love and Desire

Aphrodite, known to the Romans as Venus, was also associated with the moon and with nymphs. She was the goddess of beauty and desire, unfaithful and the seductress in many affairs with men. The Cream song "Tales of Brave Ulysses" was based upon the Greek mythological story of ???? by ?????. Eric Clapton sings, "...You rode upon a steamer to the violence of the sun. And the colours of the sea bind your eyes with trembling mermaids. And you touch the distant beaches with tales of brave Ulysses, how his naked ears were tortured by the sirens sweetly singing... Her name is Aphrodite and she rides a crimson shell. And you know you cannot leave her for you touched the distant sands. With tales of brave Ulysses, how his naked ears were tortured by the sirens sweetly singing."

Aphrodite presided over sirens who were known to lure men to their deaths on the rock with their sweet song. Originally, sirens were associated with the afterlife and depicted as half human, half bird. Later they became depicted as sea nymphs or mermaids. If sirens were originally depicted as winged creatures and associated with the afterlife, perhaps the rock that men were lured to was really the moon. This dovetails with the legend of Medussa. When men gaze upon Medussa with her snakes about her, they were turned to stone or petrified.

Isis: Mistress of Magic, Queen of Sorcery and Lady of the Spell

Isis moon goddess Star that rises from the sea

"I am the Star that rises from the Sea, the Twilight Sea,
I bring men dreams that rule their destiny,
I bring the Moon-tides to the souls of men,
The tides that flow and ebb and flow alternately,
These are my secrets, they belong to me.

I am the Eternal Woman, I am She -
The tides of all men's souls belong to me.
The tides that flow and ebb and flow again,
The secret, silent tides that govern men,
These are my secrets, these belong to me.

Out of my Hands he takes his destiny;
Touch of my Hands bestows serenity -
These are the Moon-tides, these belong to me.

Isis in Heaven, on Earth, Persephone,
Diana of the Moon and Hecate,
Veiled Isis, Aphrodite from the Sea,
All these am I and they are seen in me.

The high Full Moon in the mid-heaven shines clear,
I hear the invoking words, hear and appear.
Shaddai el Chai and Rhea, Binah, Ge,
I come unto the Priestess that calleth me."

-- Isis Invocation --

What is the above invocation that claims the "tides of all men's souls belong to me"? It is an invocation to the Egyptian moon goddess, Isis.

Isis, Mistress of Magic and Lady of the Spell, was revered for her magical powers. Her name is particularly interesting since there is the cult of Dionysus (pronounced 'Die in Isis'). Many of the names may cryptically refer to the possibility of the moon having soul energy also known as 'or', 'chi', 'ka', or simply 'E'. Einstein told us that E was energy and that E=mc2. We use the letter today as an abbreviation for electronic as in e-mail or e-commerce. Even the dictionary admits Eis an abbreviation for energy, electrons, and electronics. Other names for moon goddesses are Hecate (he caught E), the goddess of witchcraft; Hathor (hath or); and Raka. Ra was the Egyptian sun and ka was Egyptian name for the soul so the moon as called Ra ka perhaps implying that it is made up of souls for the sun. The Egyptians also referred to the moon as Khons (cons) or Khonsu (cons you). First called Nanna by the Sumerians, the Moon god later came to be known as Nanna-Suen. The Akkadians shortened his name to Sin.Cartoon of Nanna: "It's always who you least expect" -- "Nanna, is that you?" Inanna (in Nanna) is another goddess who was also known as Kali (ka lie or call E) or Mary (mar E). Hina was the Polynesian moon goddess (hi Na or he Na). Diana (die in 'Na) is a moon goddess as well as Shakti (shocked E), Hera (he Ra, her Ra), and Arianrhod (Celtic), Mama Quilla (Mama kill ya) of the Incan culture, Artemis, Juno, Demeter, Ixcel, Minerva, Selene, Pe, Cerridwen and the Arabian Allat. Could the word 'people' be a pun for 'Pe pull'?

Prominent dark moon goddesses were: the Norse Hel, the Indian Kali, Hecate (Greece), Lamia (Greece), Lilitu (Babylon), Assyrian Ischtar (is tar), Lamaschtu (Babylon), the Greek Nemesis, Scathach / Scath of Ireland, Scotland. These are interesting names. Hel gives rise to Hell. Tartarus was the greek Hell. Nemesis is seen as a mortal enemy. Scath is very similar to 'scathe' or 'scathing'.

Other cultures believed the moon was considered responsible for birth, death and regeneration.

Hecate, Goddess of Witchcraft

Hecate,originally the consort of Zeus, who came to be associated with magic, witchcraft, murder, crossroads, tombs, dogs, Hell, and Fate. It's interesting that a modern day corporation would choose the dark goddess of witchcraft, Hecate, to represent the name of one of their lines of beer.

Holda, Hel

In German she is Dame Holda (i.e., "Lady Elder"), & was an Aphrodite-like divinity who decayed into a fairy-genius or dryad of the elder tree. She recurs in marchen (fairy tales) as a patroness of spinsters. Hulda, Hulta, or Holda was an archaic Earthmother, Moon Goddess, Hearth Mother, & Wind-goddess with rule over the weather, & whose name was synonymous with Elder. She was also called Holle or Holla, which means Sacred. In the Norse version, this energy which spun out of Hulda left a cosmic trail, which we perceive as the Milky Way, called "Hulda's Road" or "Road of Souls," by which the souls of the dead find their way back to their origin.

As Queen of Souls she is easily identified with the Teutonic underworld goddess Hel, whose name means "The Covered One" or "Hidden". It should be recalled that in the oldest level of Norse myth, Hel's realm was not Hell as we today think of it, but a paradise of souls, akin to Valhalla but not restricted to the heroic war-dead. Only much later did Hel's High Hall become a place of judgement, of punishment or reward.

According to some sources Hel received all the dead and then sorted them out. Hel did this sorting by using her "eye of fire" which allowed her to see beyond all falsehood to the true burning light of the soul (in the truest sense allowing the soul to judge itself). Hel was frequently thought of as a Dark Mother Goddess, and she was known by other names and titles, as well, including the Goddess of Death and the Afterlife

Invocation to Hel --

"... Hel, Lady of Darkenss
You are the Bottomless Pit,
the never-ending struggle to release that which is now denied.
You are the keeper of all that is hidden, secluded and forbidden
the mistress of the locked door.

I come to you, now at the Dark Moon to see that which I would not see,
to face the terror that is mine alone.
I swim to you through the blackest ocean of my fear
knowing that you will keep me safe on my journey.
and grant me the Power to Forbear..."

Lilith: Patroness of Witches, Queen of Demons

Lilith moon goddess mythology

To the Sumerians, Lilith gave birth to the moon. Today she is best known from the Jewish tradition as a lusty, demoness who preys upon men at night and kills babies. In Hebrew folklore, she is a female demon in the form of a beautiful woman with long, streaming hair. Thereafter Lilith was regarded as a demon-woman---a temptress. Her name is said to mean "she of the night". She was said to work mischief in the night. "Lil" is the root for lily which is her symbol. Her sacred bird was the owl. In fact, she is referred to as a 'night owl' in Isaiah 34:14. 'Lil' means air. Lilith is in fact drawn from the lili, female demonic spirits in Mesopotamic demonology. To lilt is to sing or play a tune in a cheerful, rhythmic manner. It comes from the Middle English lilten which means to sound an alarm or siren. 'Lith' means stone. But Li-lith could be translated as "air stone". She is a symbol of the hidden, unpredictable, sinister side of the Moon. According to ancient Hebraic tradition, Eve was not the first woman that God created. Lilith was the first - but when pushed to accept a subservient role to Adam she refused and fled to live in the caves by the Red Sea, the haunts of demons, copulating with them to such an extent that she gave birth to hundreds of demonic offspring ('lilim') every day. She is therefore seen as the consort of demons and a fitting mate for Satan. Over the centuries the stories were changed - some calling her a demon, a stealer of men's soul. She proclaimed that she had been created to snatch the souls of infants
Lilith as prostitute: In her 'Ishtar' form, she "sits in the window whistling, enticing men to visit her - often for a fee.

Sin/Sinn: Judge of the Underworld

For instance, in "Moon Lore" Gwydion O'Hara claims the Babylonian moon God Sinn "is the judge of the underworld. He is the judge of the dead and carries those souls worthy of redemption to a land of salvation in the sun. Those souls are taken in his moon boat when he makes his return to the upper world." Hence, we are born in sin and need to be saved from sin.


Brizo was a lunar deity to whom ships were given in offering. The Greek word 'brizein' means to enchant. The moon evokes feelings of mystery and magic. From Celtic, Ireland, Brigitt, the Enchantress. The Celtic moon and fire god was Brigit/Brid/Brig/Brigid/Brighid/Bride. Fascinatingly, a brig is a prison. The Haitian Brigitte is the goddess of the dead and deity of cemeteries perhaps because she was seen as the bridge between life and death?

The Moon: Myth and Image by Jules Cashford

book The Moon Myth and Image by Jules Cashford

From The Moon: Myth and Image by Jules Cashford:

"The new moon festival of the pygmies in Africa suggests how the Moon governs and relates the different cosmic levels of rain, plants, animal and human fecundity, as well as the souls of the dead. Because the Moon is both the 'mother of living things' and 'the refuge of ghosts', the women smear themselves with white clay and vegetable juice, looking like ghosts in the moonlight."

He later relates tales of "THE MOON AS THE DEALER OF DEATH". "The Maoris called the Moon the 'man-eater', the source of death. In equatorial Africa some tribes said 'the moon looks down over our country and seeks whom she may devour, and we poor black men are very much afraid of her on that account, and we hide ourselves from her sight on that night (the night of invisibility). In Central Asia the Tartars thought a giant lived in the moon who ate people. The Tupi tribes of Brazil believed that 'all baneful influences , thunder and floods proceed from the Moon. In some shamanic lore, the Moon steals souls, and it is the shaman's task to journey to the Moon and bring them back. A South American Talipang myth tells how the Moon had carried off the soul of a child and hidden it under a pot. The shaman went to the Moon, found the pot, and freed the child's soul."

In Polynesian myth the Moon goddess, Hina, is portrayed as relentless in her unconcern for humankind (when she is not helping them to give birth). Maui, the ancient god, implored his mother, Hina, the Moon, to give people the gift of immortality. 'Let humans die and live again, as you, the Moon, die and live again ,' he said. But Hina replied, "'No, let them die and increase the soil and never rise to life again .' Maui kept trying: 'Let death be very short; let the people die and live again, and live forever.' But Hina said, 'Let death be very long, that the people may sigh and sorrow.'

Tals of the kidnapping Moon in Europe, the offended Moon in Samoa and North-west America, and the hunting Moon in Greece, Rome and the Near East, may be seen as the Moon bringing about death."

"In another image, the cup of the Moon filled and emptied with Soma, as the immortal liquid rhythmically sipped by the gods; or else, Soma, as the Moon, fills up with the souls of the dead, carrying them onwards to the Sun; as the souls leave the Moon-boat one by one, Soma becomes empty again."

"The kings of Burundi in Africa derived their ancestry from the Moon deity, believing that the king would return to the Moon when he died... In Sumeria, the Moon god Nanna-Sin decreed the fate of the dead, together with his son, Utu, the Sun god, at the time when, as the Dark Moon, he spent his 'day of rest, sleep, or lying down' in the Nether World."

Cashford devotes a whole section to "THE MOON AS THE ABODE OF SOULS" and yet another to "THE MOON AS A STAGE IN THE JOURNEY TO THE SUN". "Everyone who dies becomes an 'ancestor' to the living, and in the Kaushitaki Upanishad it is said:

All who depart from this world (or this body) go to the moon. In the former, (the bright) half, the moon delights in their spirits [prana]; in the other, (the dark) half, the moon sends them on to be born again.

The idea of the Moon as the abode of souls is found among many people: Bushmen, Polynesians, Hindus, Japanese, Babylonians, Egyptians, Assyrians, Phoenicians, Hittites, Anatolians, Manichaeans, Greeks (Orphics, Pythagoreans), Slavs, Gnostics, Romany gypsies, Romans and all over the Roman empire.

In the Egyptian Book of Respirations, Isis breathes the wish for Osiris 'that his soul may rise to heaven in the disc of the moon. The deceased in Egypt was said to 'become Osiris', and so 'to renew his life like the Moon', as it is written on a ritual papyrus on the embalming of the dead. The Moon was called the 'abode of Osiris'...

Pythagoras, according to Plutarch, located the Elysian Fields on the side of the Moon turned perpetually towards Heaven, never visible to the human eyes, and this is where the Caesars and the heroes went after death. Indeed, Pythagoras himself was thought by some to be a spirit descended from the Moon. Epiphnius writes that 'the disc of the Moon is filled with souls', while Roman senators, according to Kastor of Rhodes, would wear shoes dedicated with ivory crescents (lunules), to indicate that they would inhabit the Moon after they died."

Archaeologists Tony Sprawforth and Aubrey Burl suggested that aligning the stone with the Moon may have been a way to harness its powers of rebirth, as though the remains were were strategically positioned to enable the Moon, at the limit of its trajectory, to sweep up the souls of the dead and take them with it to their final resting place in the Moon.

This suggestion gains credibility from early practices in other parts of the world. For instance, when the Bushmen saw a hollow Moon which was lying down , they understood it to be carrying the dead away. In 1875, a Bushmen told Dr. Bleek what his parents had told him and what he had observed himself - that when people died the wind blew away their footsteps, their hair became clouds and their gall sat green in the sky:

... Mother was wont to do thus when the moonlying down came; (when) the moon stood hollow. Mother spoke, she said: 'The moon is carrying people who are dead... it lies hollow, because it is killing itself (by) carrying people who are dead. This is why it lies hollow... for it is a moon of badness... "

In the Upansihads, the deceased could take one of two paths, in accordance with how they had pased their time on Earth. Both paths led to the Moon and diverged afterwards, one eventually returning to Earth, and the other leading on to the Sun, and then to union with Brahman, after which the long cycle of incarnations would cease.

in the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, the first path, called the 'path of souls' or 'the path of the ancestors', ended at the Moon, and was called the 'road of smoke'. Those who 'conquer the worlds by means of sacrifice, charity and austerity' (but do not yet have knowledge of 'the True'):

go to smoke, from smoke to night, from night to the decreasing half of the moon to the six months when the sun goes to the south, from the months of the world of the fathers, from the world of the fathers to the moon. Having reached the moon, they become food, and then the devas feed on them there, as sacrificers feed on Soma, as it increases and decreases. But when this (the result of their good works on earth) ceases, they return again to that ether, from ether to the air, from the air to rain, from rain to the earth. And when they have reached the earth, they become food, they are offered again in the altar-fire, which is man, and thence are born in the fire of woman. Thus they rise up towards the worlds, and go the same round as before.

In the Khandogya Upanishad, being 'eaten' by the Devas is explained as being loved by them. The second path, the 'path of the gods', led first to the Moon and then to the Sun, and was called the 'road of flame'. Those who have knowledge and practise it:

go to light, from light to day, from day to the increasing half [of the Moon], from the increasing of the six months when the sun goes to the north, from those six months to the world of the Devas, from the world of the Devas to the Sun, from the sun to the place of lightning. When they have thus reached the place of lightning a spirit comes near them, and leads them to the worlds of the Brahman. in those worlds of Brahman they dwell exalted for ages. There is no returning for them.

Moon and Sun are here conceived as boats carrying souls, moving through the blue-back waters of Heaven. When the Moon waxed it was full of souls, bringing them to the 'aeons of light'. which placed them in the 'pillar of glory', their final place of rest. Then the Moon returned to the west for another boatful of souls, now much smaller than before. This lovely image of the Waxing and Waning Moon, swelling up with its load of souls and shrinking when it has delivered them to the Sun, is also found in China. Among the Gnostics, too, the Moon was conceived as a celestial ship bearing the souls of the departed. The Manichaeans, living in the kingdom of the sassanians in the third century AD, adapted the old Indo-Iranian beliefs about the Moon into their own system. Mani said that the Moon, the 'vessel of light' which wanders through the sky, fills up with souls that it transports each month to the greater ship of the Sun.

The image of a 'Ship of Death' structures one of D.H. Lawrence's last poems:

... row, little soul, now on
on the longest journey, towards the greatest goal...

Oh build your ship of death
oh build it.
Oh, nothing matters but the longest journey.

The upward flight of the souls to the heavens is an image of death common to many cultures. In ancient Iran, life after death was imagined as a perilous journey to the Moon, Sun and stars. Ceremonies were conducted for three days after death, dedicated to helping the dead in their journey which including the crossing of the Cinvat Bridge - razor-sharp to the wicked, broad and flat to the righteous - beginning at the top of a mountain and ending in Paradise. After the souls of the dead had crossed the bridge, they continued towards the stars: the good went first to the Moon, and then to the Sun, and the very good entered the eternal light of Ahura Mazda.

The Siberian Inuit tribe conceived death as a loss of the soul, which journeys up to the Moon and then onward to the Sun. Gypsies, many of whom came originally from India as slaves, also claimed their own Romany saviour who carried souls to the Moon. Even Jesus was said to have gone on a Moon journey; in the sixteenth century Digby Mystery Play Mary Magdalene, Jesus appears to identify the Moon, his blessed mother, the vessel, and the ship of Noah:

In the mone I restyd, that never chongyd goodnesse...
She was the paleys of Phebus brightness...
My blissyd mother, of demure feminite...

In all these myths, the Moon is both a place - the land of the dead - and an active guardian presence whose role is to receive, purify and regenerate souls.


The idea of the Moon as a door, gate or mirror, opening onto 'the next' or a further world, is widespread, and then the Moon becomes a dividing line between the temporal world of becoming and the eternal world of being, serving as a place of transition between the two. The passage from the Kaushitaki Upanishad quoted above continues:

Verily, the moon is the door of the Svarga world (the heavenly world). Now if a man objects to the moon (if one is mot satisfied with life there) the moon sets him free. But if a man does not object, then the moon sends him down as rain upon the earth.

The Roman Lydus describes Praetextus, the hierophant as saying that Janus 'sends the diviner souls to the lunar throng', Janus or Ianus, the God with two faces, was the guardian of the door, who gave his name to January, the month that faces both ways. His name comes from ianua, a door or entrance gate that has two sides, and is also the masculine form of the Roman moon goddess, Diana, she who was the gateway to life and death. Some Buddhist temples, as some English gardens, have 'Moon doors' or 'Moon gates' as thresholds of initiation from one reality to another.... This places the Moon as as a meditor between Earth and Sun, not just receiving but regenerating the souls of the dead so that they can continue their journey to the Sun. Plutarch, in his dialogue, 'Concerning the face Which Appears in the Orb of the Moon', concludes with a story after the model in the Timaeus, by a stranger from a place no one knows. This stranger gave the tale to Sulla, the last of the speakers,who passes on the idea that the Moon should be especially honored because it is the home of the souls of the just, who go there to be purified before going to the Sun. The Moon is also the home of souls that have not yet been born.



agnir jyotir ahah suklah
san-masa uttarayanam
tatra prayata gacchanti
brahma brahma-vido janah


Those who know the Supreme Brahman attain that Supreme by passing away from the world during the influence of the fiery god, in the light, at an auspicious moment of the day, during the fortnight of the waxing moon, or during the six months when the sun travels in the north.


When fire, light, day and the fortnight of the moon are mentioned, it is to be understood that over all of them there are various presiding deities who make arrangements for the passage of the soul. At the time of death, the mind carries one on the path to a new life. If one leaves the body at the time designated above, either accidentally or by arrangement, it is possible for him to attain the impersonal brahmajyoti. Mystics who are advanced in yoga practice can arrange the time and place to leave the body. Others have no control—if by accident they leave at an auspicious moment, then they will not return to the cycle of birth and death, but otherwise there is every possibility that they will have to return. However, for the pure devotee in Krishna consciousness, there is no fear of returning, whether he leaves the body at an auspicious or inauspicious moment, by accident or arrangement.


dhumo ratris tatha krishnah
san-masa daksinayanam
tatra candramasam jyotir
yogi prapya nivartate


The mystic who passes away from this world during the smoke, the night, the fortnight of the waning moon, or the six months when the sun passes to the south reaches the moon planet but again comes back.


In the Third Canto of Srimad-Bhagavatam Kapila Muni mentions that those who are expert in fruitive activities and sacrificial methods on earth attain to the moon at death. These elevated souls live on the moon for about 10,000 years (by demigod calculations) and enjoy life by drinking soma-rasa. They eventually return to earth. This means that on the moon there are higher classes of living beings, though they may not be perceived by the gross senses.


sukla-krsne gati hy ete
jagatah sasvate mate
ekaya yaty anavrttim
anyayavartate punah


According to Vedic opinion, there are two ways of passing from this world—one in light and one in darkness. When one passes in light, he does not come back; but when one passes in darkness, he returns.


The same description of departure and return is quoted by Acarya Baladeva Vidyabhushana from the Chandogya Upanishad (5.10.3–5). Those who are fruitive laborers and philosophical speculators from time immemorial are constantly going and coming. Actually they do not attain ultimate salvation, for they do not surrender to Krishna."

So as you can see, ancient peoples believed the soul went to the moon and/or sun at death.

Scientifically speaking, the moon is very suspicious. It is in perfect gravitational lock with the Earth so that its one side always faces us. This was probably the inspiration for the Pink Floyd album Dark Side of the Moon. The other most curious aspect of the moon is that it appears in the sky as the exactly the same size as the Sun. This can be seen during a total eclipse where the moon occults the sun. The reason scientists give us for this phenomenon is that the Sun is approximately four hundred times larger than the moon yet is four hundred times further away. Think about that fact for a minute. What are the odds of that? Isn't it more likely that the moon is the same size as the sun which is much closer to the moon than is reported?

book The Universe in a Nutshell Stephen Hawkings

In Egyptian mythology, the sky God was called Nut. That's the world in a nutshell. In fact, the world's most respected scientist, Stephen Hawking has a book named The Universe in a Nutshell where he actually makes the argument that the universe is, indeed, inside a shell. This would explain why space is dark and why everything is dark when the sun is not out or is eclipsed since the enclosure would block out any light. This would also explain terms such as stardom (star dome) and knighthood (night hood). Also the Latin term for Lord or Master is dominus (domin' us) and spawns the words domination and dominant. Given what we know from mythology about the moon god, it seems likely that the creator layed the world and gave rise to the "cosmic egg" which is often depicted as a snake entwined around the world. Using his long beak, he most likely pipped a hole in the egg resulting in what we see as the sun and the moon. The sun is now a hole in the egg and the moon is the half-shell that was pipped from the egg.


Pink floyd Dark Side of the Moon poster laser light prism

This deceptive aspect of the moon is known by celebrities or "stars" and has been incorporated into song lyrics and movie themes. In many songs, the moon has been romanticized and its alluring presence can be felt in such classic songs as Fly Me to the Moon, Moon River and Blue Moon.

Fly Me to the Moon reflects the urge souls will feel to fly up and explore the universe. "Fly me to the moon and let me play among the stars. Let me see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars."

The moon would most likely be the first stop. "Moon River, wider than a mile. Im crossing you in style someday, you dream maker, you heartbreaker. Wherever youre going, Im going your way. Two drifters off to see the world. Theres such a lot of world to see. Were after the same rainbows end waiting round the band. My huckleberry friend, moon river and me."

Another standard is Blue Moon: "I heard somebody whisper 'Darling, please adore me' and when I looked to the moon, it turned to gold... Blue Moon".

Blue Moon of Kentucky, "It was on a moonlight night. The stars were shining bright when they wispered from on high Your lover said good-bye. Blue moon of Kentucky keep on shining. Shine on the one that's gone and said good-bye."

In more modern times, the tradition continues. In Can't Fight the Moonlight, Leann Rimes reveals that the moon "weaves it's spell upon your heart" and steals it. "Underneath the starlight - starlight. There's a magical feeling - so right. It'll steal your heart tonight. You can try to resist, try to hide from my kiss, but you know that you can't fight the moonlight."

Radiohead's ethereal track Sail to the Moon is from the album appropriately titled Hail to the Thief. "I sucked the moon. I spoke too soon. And how much did it cost? I was dropped from moonbeams and sailed on shooting stars. Maybe you'll be president, but know right from wrong or in the flood you'll build an ark and sail us to the moon."


The Doors Moonlight drive video The Prisoner TV show moon rover soul retriever  
The Doors - Moonlight Drive
The Rover soul retriever from The Prisoner TV series  

In the Doors' Moonlight Drive, frontman Jim Morrison croons "Let's swim to the moon. Let's climb through the tide. Penetrate the evening that the city sleeps to hide. Let's swim out tonight, love. It's our time to try. Park besides the ocean on our moonlight drive." Notice the striking resemblance between lunar object in The Door's video and the rover which restrieved souls in the television series The Prisoner. It's interesting that the name NASA chose for one of the rovers on Mars was Spirit.

The old standard/staple Paper Moon hints at its deceptive illusory nature. "I never feel a thing is real when I'm away from you.
Out of your embrace, the world's a temporary parking place. Mmmmm, a bubble for a minute. You smile, the bubble has a rainbow in it. Say, it's only a paper moon sailing over a cardboard sea, but it wouldn't be make believe if you believed in me.
Yes, it's only a canvass sky hanging over a muslin tree, but it wouldn't be make believe if you believed in me. Without your love, it's a honky-tonk parade. Without your love, it's a melody played in a penny arcade. It's a Barnum and Bailey world, just as phony as it can be, but it wouldn't be make believe if you believed in me."

However, not all songs are romancing the stone. The dark aspect of the moon is revealed in the standard Old Devil Moon. "Something in your eyes I see soon begins bewitching me. It's that old devil moon that you stole from the sky. It's that old devil moon in your eyes...Stars in the night blazin' their light can't hold a candle to your razzle dazzle. You've got me flyin' high and wide on a magic carpet ride."

"Oh, I'm being followed by a moonshadow, moonshadow, moonshadow. Leapin and hoppin' on a moonshadow, moonshadow, moonshadow... Did it take long to find me? I asked the faithful light. Did it take long to find me? And are you gonna stay the night?"

Elton John's Bad Side of the Moon hints that this stolen moon may be a prison. "We live our life in manacles, the main cause of our stay. Exiled here from other worlds, my sentence comes too soon. Why should I be made to pay on the bad side of the moon?" In Shoot Down the Moon, Elton sings, "I never say more than I need. The mystery runs deep. The danger's buried below -- the secrets that you keep."

Ozzy Osbourne sings in Bark at the Moon, "Screams waking from the dead of night, vengeance is boiling. He's returned to kill the light... They cursed and buried him. Along with shame and thought, his timeless had gone in empty burning hell -- unholy one. But now he's returned to prove them wrong. Howling in shadows living in a lunar spell, he finds his heaven spewing from the mouth of hell. And when he finds who he's looking for, listen and you'll hear him bark at the moon."

Certainly one of the most successful rock albums of all-time is Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon. In the reprise to Breathe, they sing about home. "The tolling of the iron bell calls the faithful to their knees to hear the softly spoken magic spells." A veiled reference to the moon, the song The Great Gig in the Sky openly addresses coming to terms with death. "And I am not frightened of dying." In Lunatic, it is implied that the moon takes our mind. "The lunatic is in my head...And if the band you're in starts playing different tunes, I'll see you on the dark side of the moon." The album culminates with Eclipse, "...and everything under the sun is in tune, but the sun is eclipsed by the moon." The song concludes with the enigmatic quote, "There is no dark side of the moon really. Matter of fact, it's all dark."

Creedence Clearwater Revivals' Bad Moon Risin' admonishes us, "I see the bad moon arising. I see trouble on the way... Don't go around tonight. It's bound to take your life. There's a bad moon on the rise...All right! Hope you got your things together. Hope you are quite prepared to die."

In Big Bad Moon, Guitar wizard/virtuoso Joe Satriani sings about the pull the moon has on him in one of only a handful of his songs with lyrics. "I see it now. The moon is high above. It's got a hold on me. I just can't get enough. Big, round, black and white, I feel the pull, I see the light... Big bad moon's looking down on me tonight... but I like it. When the moon comes, got nowhere to hide. It can turn your head around like it turns the tide..." Satriani's latest album poses the query, "Is There Love in Space?" Satriani cleverly conceals the answer in the cover's image -- a negative!!!

Joe Satriani Is There Love in Space cd cover

Echo and the Bunnymen about The Killing Moon, "Under blue moon I saw you. So soon you'll take me up in your arms, too late to beg you or cancel it, though I know it must be the killing time, unwillingly mine. Fate, up against your will... a magic world, your sky all hung with jewels. The killing moon will come too soon."

Neil Young sings about the Harvest Moon. "But there's a full moon risin'. Let's go dancin' in the light. We know where the music's playin'. Let's go out and feel the night. Because I'm still in love with you, I want to see you dance again. Because I'm still in love with you on this harvest moon."

AC/DC asks the question What's Next to the Moon? "Everybody flying across the sky. Superman was outta town. Come on, honey, gotta change your tune. It's a long way down. Clark Kent lookin' for a free ride. Thinking about Lois Lane. Be it a bird, or a man, or a suicide. That'd be a shame. But what's next to the moon?"

The Grateful Dead, originally named Warlock, performed at least 28 songs with references to the moon. The band, including solo projects, recorded no less than ELEVEN songs with the moon in the title: Mountains of the Moon, Picasso Moon, Standing on the Moon, Silver Apples of the Moon, Midnight Moonlight, Mississippi Moon, Moonlight Mile, Lonesome Moonlight Waltz, Yellow Moon, Scrap of Moonlight, and When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again. Although singer Jerry Garcia claimed he conceived the name for the band from a dictionary, many believe it can be traced to a passage in The Egyptian Book of The Dead, "We now return our souls to the creator as we stand on the edge of eternal darkness. Let our chant fill the void in order that others may know. In the land of the night, the ship of the sun is drawn by the grateful dead." They performed countless others live such as Bad Moon Rising and Blue Moon as well as offering a Terrapin Moon t-shirt and several stickers the band promoted which include a siren on the moon, a sun lizard, a man chasing the sun, a jester moon, a lute player, Kokopelli (the trickster), and, of course, lots of skulls and skeletons, the band trademark.

Grateful Dead moon stickersGrateful Dead lizard sun stickersGrateful Dead sun catcher stickersGrateful Dead sun moon stickersGrateful Dead daydream batik stickersGrateful Dead moon stickersGrateful Dead dolphin jaspar stickersGrateful Dead moon jester stickersGrateful Dead skull roses stickersGrateful Dead lute player stickersGrateful Dead moon Jerry Garcia stickersGrateful Dead moon rainbow stickersGrateful Dead sun moon set stickersGrateful Dead moon skull flag stickers

The July 15, 2004 Wall Street Journal front page article on the Bohemian Grove lists Grateful Dead member Bob Weir as an annual attendee. "Bob Weir, the former Grateful Dead rhythm guitarist, has become a Bohemian member and has played at the grove events the past six years. Joining him onstage at times is Steve Miller, the rocker known for such 1970 hits as Jungle Love and The Joker." The article later went on to say, "This month's festivities begin with a giant bonfire called the Cremation of Care, now in its 125th year." What the article fails to mention about the bonfire is that it is a mock sacrifice to a 40 foot stone owl, an ancient Babylonian fire deity named Molech to whom children were sacrificed. Jerry Garcia included the song Teddy Bear's Picnic on his 1998 children's album, Not For Kids Only. The nursery rhyme of the same name is purportedly a Bohemian Grove favorite and even spawned Harry Shearer's movie spoof of Bohemian grove, Teddy Bear's Picnic.

The Grateful dead tune Yellow Moon declares, "Priestess of the sun and moon and goddess of the wind, you know too much to ever lose and not enough to win. Though you built your house upon the rock and not upon the sand, you're still looking out your window for another travelin' man." Picasso Moon, "Picasso moon, blinding ball, spinning fire, the lightning calls. Picasso moon, fall into the sky, rarin' out. I'm gonna testify and stare a shout into that burning eye. Bigger than a drive-in movie, oh my... Heart of darkness, Yea-e-yea-e-e-hoo, Why'm I laughing? This ain't funny. Dark Angel, now just don't start. You'll break my spirit, wreck my heart."

The name of the alternative rock band Monster Magnet cleverly puns the "moon star magnet". Their new release is Monolithic Baby. An earlier release contained the song Blow 'Em Off. "There's the bubble on the face of the moon. There's a chamber that should always be full. Who brings you back when you're gone gone gone..." Gravity Well may well be describing the white light tunnel. It contains references to a mountain, two suns, a feeding, heaven and hell, and Diablo (aka The Devil). "The mountain's coming. He's walking down your street. The mountain's coming. He's got wings on his feet. There's two suns in the sky today and one's at your door. When you feed the mountain, he's gonna feed you some more. And then you know no time for heaven or hell. Just try to understand each other, baby, down in the gravity well. Diablo's coming."

There was a one hit wonder in the seventies named Starbuck who released the campy Moonlight Feels Right. Incidentally, the coffee magnate with the same name, Starbucks, employs the siren with a star crown as its logo. Remember, a buck may also be a young man so the star may be made of bucks. Moonlight Feels Right quipped, "Ain't nothing like the sky to dose a potion. The moon'll send you on your way, ha, ha. Moonlight feels right, moonlight feels right. We'll lay back and observe the constellations and watch the moon smiling bright. I'll play the radio on southern stations 'cause southern belles are hell at night... We'll see the sun come up on sunday mornin' and watch it fade the moon away. I guess you know I'm givin' you a warnin' 'cause me and moon are itchin' to play."

Incubus Succubus Come to Me (Song of the Water Nymph), "She is here in the moonlit stream. Shes so lonely, her soul screams to be free. She calls to you, 'Boy give your heart to me'. 'Come to me!' Shes calling you. Come to me! Come to me!'
Like a siren to the sailor moribund, her song of love will drag you ever down... A sexual bonfire, come set this girl alight!"


  Moonstruck movie dvd cover Cher   Moonraker James Bond movie Daredevil movie dare devil

Hollywood has contributed to the deception as well. The James Bond film title Moonraker implies that the moon could be raking something. What exactly is the moon raking? Souls? Award-winning Moonstruck alludes to the spell that the moon has over our minds. Perhaps we really are struck by the moon at some point. Other movies include Bad Moon, Hunter's Moon, Temptress Moon, Liar's Moon, Blood Moon, Bitter Moon, Warlock Moon, The Moonlight Express, Destination Moon, Radar Men From the Moon, and Project Moonbase. In the movie The Truman Show (the true man show), the moon was used as a home base for perpetrating a fake world and false reality to its duped victim, Truman, played by Jim Carrey. The jacket of the movie proudly displays critics hailing the movie as "daring" and "original". Why? Because it was daring to tell us the truth and was a story based on true origins? Likewise, the Sixties television series The Prisoner featured a similar lunar control base. Both shows portrayed the moon as a half shell with an open grid on the back side.


  Truman Show the true man moon base The Prisoner TV show moon base similar to Truman Show    
The Truman Show - lunar control center

The Prisoner - lunar control center


The poster for the movie Daredevil as well as the DVD cover feature the daredevil silhouetted by a full moon. In the film Hellboy, hell is a lunar vortex. The trailer for the thirller The Ring displayed an eclipse of the sun while boasting the tagline, "Before you die, you see the ring." Below is a poster for the movie and an actual photo of an eclipse from NASA's website.

The Ring movie poster sun and moon eclipse NDEs Before you die you see the ring
The Ring movie NASA solar eclipse image

The movie title Moonlight Mile may touch upon a well hidden secret. This title is also reflected in songs by the Rolling Stones, the Pretenders and in the song Moon River (to rive means to split, rip or tear) R.I.P. (rest in peace) implies ours souls being ripped off (stolen) and ripped apart: "Moon River at least a mile wide...". The Green Mile starring Tom Hanks won several awards. The green mile was a green hallway down which a prisoner was taken from the prison cell to the electric chair. Could this be an allusion to the green mile of souls being taken from the moon's prison and transferred to the electric generator, the sun?

The Bible in Revelations says Satan was chained and sealed in Hell. He was cast into an abyss and a lake of fire has been reserved for him. It also mentions that he must be released for a short time. We believe Satan (Cracker Jack or Iblis) cracked or pipped his way out of the abyss, Hell, much like a safe cracker might pip a circle out of glass or an ibis would pip its way out of an egg. The resulting hole became the sun and the leftover half shell was rotated toward us and became the moon. This may have given rise to Botticelli's classic piece of art named The Birth of Venus or Venus on a Half Shell since Venus has long been associated with Lucifer by the church. The moon is a rock whose function now is to lure souls as a source of more fuel for the sun. Are there any mythological sources or current cultural stories which would link a bird who was worshipped as a deity and associated with a rock and fuel?

Ptah/Pteh/Peteh: The Opener

Ptah egyptian moon god

The Egyptian God Ptah/Pteh/Peteh (pronounced Patah) was considered the father or creator of the world. He, along with Thoth, who was depicted as an ibis, laid the world egg. Could there have been as ibis named Iblis pipping his way out of an abyss? Ptah is likely related to the Latin word for father, pater. This is also the root for the words petra which means 'rock' and petrol which means 'fuel'. Interestingly, the New Testament records Jesus as appointing Peter (Peteh) as the father of the church. "You are Peter and upon this rock I will build my church." It is Saint Peter who is said to hold the keys to the pearly gates and guard the entrance to heaven. But who is this father named Peter and does he reside at the gates of heaven or hell? Could he be the father of lies, Satan?

After all, Peter has been incorporated into quite a few nursery rhymes as well as Disney movies. Peter Pan, like Satan, had the body of a goat and as the piper, played music on his pan pipes. In another tale, the Pied Piper of Hamelin played his music and lured all the entranced listeners to their destruction in the mountain rock. Led Zeppelin's epic classic Stairway to Heaven begins with a flute and references a piper -- "the piper's calling you to join him" and concludes with "all are one and one is all". The word pan means 'all' so Peter Pan could be translated as 'Father All'. Furthermore, Satan in the Bible is called the dragon. Could that be why we have the movie, Pete's Dragon? A nursery rhyme informs us that Peter evidently was a pumpkin eater. What are we to make of that for Pete's sake? Well, the sun looks like a great pumpkin in the sky and the moon does appear to eat it during a solar eclipse. In the cartoon Peanuts, Linus waits for "the Great Pumpkin" (the grate pump kin?). A grate is a furnace and the sun certainly is pumping out energy.

The most interesting clue, however, comes from the tongue-twister Peter Piper. Not only is Peter Pan a piper, but so is Peter Piper! Peter also appears to be not only a piper, but also a pipper since he "picked a peck of pickled peppers". To pip is to pick a hole in something and a peck is a hole. So evidently he picked a hole of pickled peppers. A pepper is even a vegetable that comes from the genus 'piper'. They are used as a hot spicy cooking additive. Most of us are familiar with a soft drink named Dr. Pepper. The pun here is that our life energy, known as 'or', is being docked and thus can be called 'docked ore'. We are indeed Peppers since we add pep or energy to the sun and make it hotter. Thus the jingle, "I'm a pepper. You're a pepper. Wouldn't you like to be a pepper too?" written by Barry Manilow (bury man 'E' low).

The Beatles introduced us to Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, the band that wanted to take us "home"."You're such a lovely audience! We'd like to take you home with us. We'd love to take you home!" The story behind this has to do with the black magician Aleister Crowley, The Beast, who has been the source of inspiration for many rock and roll artists. One of Ozzy Osbourne's more popular songs is entitled Mr. Crowley. "Did you talk to the dead?" David Bowie refers to Crowley's army in ????. Crowley's bust has graced the cover of several albums too including The Doors, The Rolling Stones and The Beatles' aforementioned album Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Zeph Daniel claims to have been born into a satanic family, brainwashed from an earlier age and subjected to satanic ritual abuse. On 5-07-03, he was a guest on the nationally broadcast radio show, Coast to Coast AM. He believes souls are captured at death in a white light machine operating on the moon. He told host George Noory, "It's like a crystal type of structure that I have seen, but the important thing about it is this. Next to this, and remember this is also a fourth dimensional type of vision or reality that I was shown and taken to. Next to it I saw these, I don't know, these demons. Let's just say they looked like greys or reptiles -- reptilian humanoid types -- operating this giant kind of tunnel thing where people, again, after they die are going into it and it's like a manipulated movie. They're walking in there and seeing loved ones and having this warm experience. And they want to go there. Yes, they think it's wonderful. And I'm just telling you. They're just taking them out. They're taking them out. And I believe there is an intergalactic market for these, you know, disembodied spirits because really the flesh is only like a suit of clothes, but we're taught that the flesh is it and maybe there's a spirit. They capture them, they take them, and they sell them. Trade exists. there are principalities in the hierarchy all over the place and you know they are captured and dealt with."

John Lear, a captain for a major US Airline has flown over 160 different types of aircraft in over 50 different countries. He holds 17 world speed records in the Lear Jet and is the only pilot ever to hold every airline certificate issued by the Federal Aviation Administration. Mr. Lear has flown missions worldwide for the CIA and other government agencies. A former Nevada State Senator candidate, he is the son of William P. Lear, designer of the Lear Jet executive airplane, the 8-track stereo, and founder of Lear Siegler Corporation. John Lear, son of the Lear jet inventor, was a guest on Art Bell's late night Coast to Coast radio show which is carried by over 400 affiliates and is the third?? most listened to radio show in the country garnering an audience of close to 15 million listeners, (30:00) on being an experiment.

"From what Bob read was the experiment is with the soul. We are referred to as 'containers'. The aliens referred to us as 'containers'. That's all. Just 'containers'. They didn't want the 'containers' to hurt themselves while this experiment was going on. Now I've, you know, given a lot of thought and I can not imagine what the experiment is."

Lear on the moon, "Richard Hoagland led me to this because when I saw his tape about the Earth-Mars-Moon Connection and talked abou the Lunar orbiter 384-M photos showing the tower on the moon, directly in the center of the moon in the Sinus Medi stretching six miles high on a tripod and a cube on top a mile on each side, I wondered to myself, 'What could that be for? What could be an antenna that's...?' Well, first of all that's got to be an antenna and it's pointed directly at earth. Are they trying to record our TV programs? And I thought, 'No, that's unlikely.' These people are millions of years ahead of us. Probably what they're doing is sending.... transmitting and receiving souls. When a person dies, they retract the soul into this machine. When a person is born, they send the soul or transmit the soul. And this has been going on for however long this thing's been there."

"Well, I think it's all part of that cube that sits on top of the tripod, that receives and transmits the souls."


Richard Hoagland The Shard on the moon image

The Shard is an obvious structure which rises above the Moon's surface by more than a mile. Its overall irregular spindly shape (containing a regular geometric pattern) with constricted nodes and swollen internodes, if natural, has got to be a wonder of the Universe. No known natural process can explain such a structure. Computer enhancement with about 190 feet (60 meters) resolution shows an irregular outline with more reflective and less reflective surfaces. The amount of sunlight reflecting from parts of the Shard indicate a composition inconsistent with that of most natural substances. Only crystal facets and glass can reflect that much light (polished metallic surfaces are unnatural). Single crystals the size of city blocks are currently unknown. The Shard may be a highly eroded remnant of some sort of artificial structure made of glass-like material. Other larger structures and their reflectivity in the area support this theory.

Beyond and to the left of this 'shard' is another huge 6-7 MILE HIGH tower with a tripodal base and a cubical array atop which is over a mile in diameter. Appearing like a huge air traffic [or space traffic?] control tower, this crystalline structure appears to be suspending a huge "dome" with an enormous geometric web-like grid-system, although the dome and the 'twin towers' themselves appear to be partially smashed and twisted by either meteoric bombardment or possibly even an ancient nuclear attack. These structures are clearly visible in computer-enhanced photographs.


the tower or cube image on the moon

The Tower represents an enigma of the highest magnitude, because it rises more than five miles above the surface of the Moon, and has been photographed from five different angles and two different altitudes (from 30 miles altitude, and from 70 miles altitude at three different distances). In all four photographs the same structure is visible, and can be viewed from two different sides. The Tower exists in front of and to the left of the Shard in the Lunar Orbiter III-84M photograph. The distance from the Tower and the camera is estimated at about 200 miles, while the distance of the Shard beyond the Tower is estimated at about 230 miles. The top of the Tower has a very ordered cubic geometry, and appears to be composed of regular cubes (similar in size) joined together to form a very large cube with an estimated width of over one mile! There is apparent damage to the outline and surface of this megacube, because many cubic spaces or indentations occur over its surface (these spaces are 50-60 times larger than pixel size, and their shapes are not controlled by the rectangular shape of the pixel). A narrow columnar structure connects this cube with the surface of the Moon. The columnar support is at least three miles tall, and tapers towards its base. The taper may be in part due to perspective, if the Tower is oriented at an angle and is leaning towards the camera. The leaning Tower may be part of a larger more transparent structure, which is also inclined.

To the left of the shard, a faint anomaly was photographed. After printing the negative over and over again at different exposure levels, and analysing the results with various computer imaging processes, the anomaly was found to be a massive "tower/cube" hanging more than seven miles above the Moon! Note the highly reflective "debris" surrounding this structure seemingly embedded in a darker material. This looks very much like reflective crystalline material being held miles above the lunar surface by a framework or matrix of "rebar" (reinforcing bars).

Surrounding the Tower are faint indications of additional light-reflective material. The amount of light coming from this material is very small compared with the amount of light reflected off the lunar surface. In order to make it visible, the surface of the Moon has to be over-exposed on the photograph. The pattern that becomes visible above the Moon's surface is not caused by the scan lines that make up the Lunar Orbiter photography. The scan lines can be seen clearly, and are oriented at different angles from the orientation of patterns in the sky. The regular cubic and/or rectangular nature of this pattern, and indications of radiating structures that connect the Tower with the surface indicate that material of low light reflectivity exists above the Moon's surface over a large area measured in hundreds of miles. The irregular splotchy reflection from some of this
aerial material may be due to meteorite and projectile damage over millions of years. Its highly transparent nature (bright stars can be seen behind and through this material) indicates either an open grid with cubic spaces or glass-like material held together by some sort of structural grid or a combination of both. Other photographs described below confirm the size and extent of this grid-like construction.

From remote vieer Ingo Swann's book "Penetration":
"I found towers, machinery, lights of different colors, strange-looking "buildings."
I found bridges whose f unction I couldn't figure out. One of them just arched out - and never landed any where. There were a lot of domes of various sizes, round things, things like small saucers with windows. These were stored next to crater sides, sometimes in caves, sometimes in what looked like airfield hangars.
I had problems estimating sizes. But some of the "things" were very large.

I found long tube-like things, machinery-tractor-like things going up and down hills, straight roads extending some miles, obelisks which had no apparent f unction.
There were large platforms on domes, large cross-like structures.

Holes being dug into crater walls and floors obviously having to do with some kind of mining or earth-moving operations.

There were "nets" over craters, "houses" in which someone obviously lived, except that I couldn't see who - save in one case.

In THAT case, I saw some kind of people busy at work on something I could not figure out. The place was dark. The "air" was filled with a fine dust, and there was some kind of illumination - like a dark lime-green fog or mist.
The thing about them was that they either were human or looked exactly like us - but they were all males, as I could well see since they were all butt-ass naked. I had absolutely no idea why. They seemed to be digging into a hillside or a cliff."

Later on in the book they mentioned the shard and towers on the moon:

"The astronauts of Apollo 14 (1971) obviously were EXPECTING to see this Rig or one like it. When it apparently came into view, they referred to it as "Annabel" - which was "just like the one we saw yesterday. She's sitting right on the ledge, and must be over a mile high. Did you see THAT! The light flares coming from the dark part of the crater, just below Annabel. Oh, cameras, don't fail us now!" (This conversation is paraphrased from that given on page 54 of Leonard's book).

Indeed, there seem to be a number of "towers" on the Moon, and an equal amount of conf usion about them. As I discovered ( when I later began my Moon research in earnest), during the early 1960s NASA sent Orbiters to the Moon in preparation for the manned Apollo missions.
A released NASA photo numbered Lunar Orbiter III-84M quite clearly shows two structures rising up in the Sinus Medii region.

The first of these became referred to as "The Shard." This structure towers up from the Moon's surface for about a mile and a half .

Near The Shard is another structure referred to as "The Tow_er." This has been photographed four times from two different altitudes. It rises up about five miles and is capped with what appears to be cubes joined together to form a very large mushoomlike crown having an estimated width of over a mile.
Several independent geologists w ho have examined the photos indicate that no known natural process can explain the two structures, w hich is something of an understatement.

Please note that copies of the photos referred to above can still be obtained from NASA supplier. But I've been told that evidence of the towers has by now been airbrushed out."
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solar elipse photo from NASA Devil sun illuminati Pope with inverted Satanic cross on chair Bohemian Grove ritual cremation of care Science universe 2012 World Olympic Games Opening Ceremony in London Solutions word sol with magnifying glass