Feedback on Wayne Bush's Interview with a Man Who Met a Demiurge During His NDE & Guinevere's NDE

Some of you may be familiar with the interview I conducted with a man I met who experienced a Demiurge during his near death experience.

Here is some very interesting feedback I received from a woman who also had a near death experience. She claims to be able to access the akashic records and verifies what he is saying. This is from the email I received on December 16, 2017:

"Dear Mr. Bush, 

Good day!

Just this morning, whilst seeking an IANDS group which might meet closer to me than Culver City, CA.I happened upon your Interview.

I see you have a website: Tricked By The Light.  I have not read it as yet.

Although I concur!  I have been putting up installments of my most unusual phalanx of paranormal and hideous experiences on Wattpad - just to leave some sort of record, in case I wound up "disappeared."

Indeed, my hard drive was stolen - and once my friend's son gave me a laptop and downloaded the contents of an external hard drive I had hidden behind my bookcase - (unnoticed by the thieves), said laptop went Kerplooey.    So my friend's son worked for weeks to salvage the contents of my original desktop and did so, most admirably.

The only other stories I have read which in many ways reflect my own experiences in my home at 1926 Parksley Ave, Baltimore, MD are the books of Reverend Bill Bean ("Dark Force") and Bill Scott ("When Satan Came Calling").

While it is easy to attribute the terrifying events of the last 14 years to "ghosts" and "haunting" and "demons" - alas, there were also some ex-Military persons involved - one of whom I met.  You may, or may not know MANY Satanists and Occultists routinely interface with Lower Astral Entities (demons) and enslave them, as well. This is ancient knowledge.

All that to say - your Guest who saw a Demiurge was telling the truth. I know him by another name.

Due to my unexpected and certainly astonishing experiences, I began to research anything and anyone and read all articles, web pages, books et al, which might have helped me. I was disabled, nearly bedridden and out of my mind with fear. My children all lived in other states, trying to work and raise children. No one believed me. So I stopped at nothing to arrive at the truth.

I was a plain, old-fashioned Lutheran Grandmother - nada special about me.

I knew absolutely nothing about Souls, God Source, Karmic Contracts, "heaven/hell" - Karma, Life Reviews, Earth School, Reincarnation, Life Movies, etc.


Suddenly, in the middle of the horror, my memories of Near Death Experience(s) returned.

I prayed for death daily, anyway, so ghastly were my experiences, I certainly did NOT need those memories - and all the "gifts with a razor blade attachment" Aftereffects an NDE can provide.

So now - I see Past, Present and Future Lives, Life Before and Between Lives, Souls creating the films for their "Lives,"  Discussing and rehearsing "roles" (which Soul is going to play which "part") "taste-testing" Karmic Intersections (they can actually jump in and out of their character at important Karmic Intersections (US being the "characters") so they'll remember them, going to the Programming Center for their "Programmed Prompts" (sometimes called Guideposts) and I see these as movies - snapshots, trailers - and indeed, when people asked me where I got the ideas for my stories and paintings, I told them all I had to do was watch the "little movie" and copy it.

My art class friend patted me on the shoulder and said, "Guin, no one else sees the little movies."

I was aghast! I've seen all that Programmed CRAP all my so-called Human Life!

I've read Dr. Newton's books, Dr. Weiss's books and everything else you can imagine. At least I got SOME relief and assistance from PMH Atwater, herself a triple NDEr.

They are all partly programmed to spread propaganda.

I live EVERY DAY with a transparent-appearing overlay - as I had it explained to me - a side effect of an open Third Eye.  This overlay is more of the "Game Plan" and "Life Lessons" and even film clips of WHO'S COMING NEXT in my "life movie.” This is on top of what my normal human eyes see. 

I became clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient - a MOST reluctant medium. However, unless the person is involved in my life, I won't know anything about them.  I try to ignore ANY medium crap. I hate it.

My children asked me NOT to tell them what I see about their lives.

My life is HELL.  Hell. It is hard to function when you can SEE your future! And it plays out as you can see it!

You are right on the money, m'friend. We have ALL been deceived.  Souls care nothing for us - some Light Beings, eh? They call us "Host Bodies and Host Vehicles” and program and manipulate the woo hoo out of us!

Stewart Swerdlow was a Lot of help to me. I am one of MANY school children chosen for Mind Control Experiments back in the 60s. We are usually killed off when the Mind Control begins to fragment or wear off - around age 50.

So that is what happened to me- almost.

I am still alive and telling my tale. SO glad to find your website.

I remember "Class" and "Teacher-Guides" and "Soulmates" and the entire shebang. Don't buy that Lesson crap. We are HUMAN and don’t need but one lesson - we have the Body and Human Brain and we can cancel those "Life Contracts" . . . "Life Plans" whatever.

Trust me, what happened at my former home should NEVER happen to ANY being, human or nonhuman.

Because I did not die - my phone, cell, computer, snail mail were all hacked. No one ever got my phone calls. Or emails. They were all answered by hired folk who probably had no idea why they were being paid to do so. I've had people I did NOT know walk up to me in a grocery store and talk about the very subjects I'd just discussed with one of my few friends the day before - on the PHONE.

Excuses about Karma don't move me. I am a nice person and most people are. Souls don't like us and many don't even know how to operate us. I am disgusted that not one Guide will come down here and console me for what occurred . . . and explain it, or show me love or consideration.

Here is how it works: They are told it is a School or Game. The Game on The Limitation Plane.  Earth School. One-third of our lives WE are asleep. They are not veiled and that is play time, the creeps.

We are NOT Souls. Only part of our consciousness is their consciousness. I found my Soul to be unlike me and set up a rather vengeful retaliation program. Gotta love the Programming part, eh? What a crock!  Well, we can also undo a lot of that programming, Stewart Swerdlow tries to help people do that all the time.

The Demiurge in fact DOES have to do what he does - I know him all too well. There is a balance which MUST be kept, It IS his Game. It was never meant to be.  He has copies of Akashic Records, which can be taken out JUST LIKE NETFLIX and he sticks poor Souls in various characters and THEY are forced to lead lives of HELL, not to mention he puts some of his "demons" (negative polarity beings) in the roles of people who were supposed to be Helpful, or a Soulmate or a Friend or a Karmic Intersection meant to allow us to teach a lesson, etc.  Just the opposite will occur.  Those intersections will be terrible. Mine were obvious! I just deconstructed my entire Life Plan in Baltmore.

The Game has been hacked, in other words.  Akashic Records are NOT safe and inviolate.  

The Demiurge's name is "Maratona."  Call him that. He HATES it.  Maratona's Armada!  (Satan's Army)

You know what they call us? "Marionette Amore!"  "Love Puppets."

He can mess with us any which way he pleases. Yes, we can cancel the contracts ALL SOULS MUST MAKE WITH HIM or they cannot Game here. Think Holo-video Game. We already have this coming in the Human World. Why doubt it exists? The entire world is a Holographic Universe (Universal Games) and "Source" is NOT "All That Is.”  Those Hollywood movies are SO obvious, too!

Souls trapped in one of those "Games" are in a Life Movie already lived by other Souls. They claim they are using those Lives as Video Instructions. B.S.  They get ENERGY out of OUR SUFFERING.  Period! The poor human "characters" have NO CLUE why "life sucks and then you die," "most men live lives of quiet desperation."  Guess why!

I pray for DEATH, I tell you. Rod Sterling cannot beat THIS story. Your Soul is your WORST enemy!  The Light is only a frequency of vibration which FEELS GOOD to Souls, so they are taught that is “love” and Souls are often Firefly Entities. Why would they care about us?

was one.  They are impossible to understand.  And I am pretty darn good at communicating with them!

We cannot think the way they do.  It is not possible. We have short lives!

Man has been messed with for ages. Now they have the Internet. Our lives are ALL scripted, filmed, rehearsed, reviewed, previewed, you-name-it.

We can break the Game. I keep trying. Everything is MIND. All of it. 

I HATE "The Light" - because they OWE me an explanation of what happened to me at my legally owned home - so awful and malevolent and sadistic I had to move and auction off all my stuff! If it were not for my daughter I'd be dead now.

I was dead. Dead. Dead for good.  Not a true NDE. Dead.

I went back to a Space Station and watched The Life Review. All Aliens. Stewart thought they might be Andromedans. "I" was infuriated because I did not finish a painting of my daughters.  (American Beauties)

There was a meeting at an oval table. A bunch of beings were present. Each had a copy of the new Script. Many Beings did NOT want my Soul to return. She argued with them, LOUDLY.  

She must have won - I see she is sitting with a Military HUMAN man and working on her Lesson Plan. He spent a lot of time with her.

She got back into my body - problem!  Time had passed. Since I keep detailed diaries, I knew something was not right!  I don’t know how much time had passed. There is NO TIME, as we perceive it.

Our lives and all Timeline Options and Possible/Probables are filmed. That is the Labyrinth your Guest called by another name.  If you marry June instead of Andrea, THIS AND THIS will manifest. And so on.

Guess what? I SEE THOSE MOVIES, TOO! All the time, every day.  The good side is my ability to do so has saved my life a couple of times!

I feel like I have lived this entire life before. I can tell you, the chances are very good that I have, or some other Soul has “played” me. No way to tell.

I recognize entire neighborhoods, tell you what I was, used to do, who lived where. When I look up those houses on Zillow, they are in pre-foreclosures or Foreclosure! There is literally NO ONE to ask if I am correct or the time period in question. Definitely another life.

Before 2006 I did NOT believe in Reincarnation.

I HATE The Light. I HATE their Game. I HATE their “God.” Love and Light? NOT EVEN. NOT FOR MANKIND!

I can see Astral Activity, including how Guides let Souls know the next series of “Prompts” for their Game!  I have learned to discern just about any Being, and it all is soooooo not who I am!!

I always knew what I wanted to do with my life. And winding up a Lab Rat for the Dark Military was NOT on MY human agenda.

A human man not only programmed me, I can see he teaches the Dark Energy entities in some sort of Grade School out in the Astral. Light Beings are simply taught on a different frequency domain.

How ungodly AWFUL can this get???

Maratona is actually a monster - (Satanists describe him very well. He manifests as a 30-ish Blond, Curly-headed Angelic Man, VERY tall, not old and white-haired) - I harass him all the time. I don’t care one whit if they kill me. I am afraid ONLY that the military men involved, who know I am well aware they are hooked into the Astral via an antenna (the military has worked on that for YEARS) and one of them is the Interface for human/alien relations, not to mention a rapist, torturer, Satanist and murderer, will get their mitts on my human bod!  Torture is their specialty.

Aliens? Craft? I can tell you boodles about them. EVERYWHERE.  

Mankind can only perceive on a VERY limited “channel” if you will.

Yes, DRAMA!  Maratona means “Marathon.”  Stewart once suggested it was like SURVIVOR. That is right! And a Reality TV show!

A Production Company! That is what those Akashic Records are! Like Netflix!

I kid thee not!  Souls do not sleep. They live in a place of No Time, No Space. They LOVE computer Games! I mean LOVE them!  Some part of Ourselves is up there, jacking us around like Avatars.

I have been doing drawings for years. I even drew a chessboard which has some meaning for Souls- and which I never understood.  It is disgusting.

Souls don’t have to go back to The Light, but they’d better be nimble, better be quick. If you die that Guide is RIGHT THERE.

If Maratona wasn’t such a booger I’d stay with him. He does not make you incarnate!  Master Guides LOVE to torture Souls in a human body!  The human body HURTS.  It is how they punish and punish and punish for every little infraction!

Man, you name it - it has been done to me. A regular old Grammy with 7 Grandchildren. That’s all there is to me.

There are Angels!  Incredible Beings! Thank Someone!

My understanding is Yahweh is the Principal of the School and Developer of the Game.  There are many, many Souls who can design planets, even worlds.

Any American School kid can halfway design an Avatar and World, for Goodness’ sake!

This is a piece of my ghastly story. My heart went out to your Guest.

This is Satan’s Game. Absolutely.  I go bother him (in Spirit) all the time.  We called him Satan because he was such a BRAT when he was young.

Enki nothing!  That is Marduk! And the Anunnaki were nothing more than PEOPLE from another Dimension trying to help Mankind. Just people! They had longer lives but they died like everyone else.

I can teach you how to view one of Enki’s programs, if you like.

I tell everyone my name. I am not hiding behind any Mask! 

I’ll tell you who the Military men are and the Spiritual Guru (*rolls Eyes*) who actually programs Human Beings to do the will of Souls - they try to over-ride our brains all the time!  I’ll just put their names in another email.

[NOTE FROM WAYNE: I told her NOT to send me the names. I don't wish to be targeted.]


I detest those men. They should be ashamed of themselves!

I can deal with ANY demon. Shoot, they don't like to go to school, either!

You are on it! Tricked by The Light!  I’ve gone for 0-60 since 2006. I paid dearly to know what I know.

Humans are not going to any Lovely Light Place. Huh.  They use us as Avatars!

Free. Your.  Mind.

Sincerely Yours, 
  1. Guinevere Kern
Feel free to publish this if you want. I have nothing to hide and not much to fear! "

A Follow up email answering some questions I had:

"Dec 17 at 5:37 PM

Dear Wayne, 

Your email received with gratitude and appreciation!

After I sent your email, my entire Internet shut down!  This morning I tried my SIL’s idea of using HotSpot on my cell phone to connect. It worked!  

<<< Hi, Guinevere.  Thank you so much for your email!!!   My replies are in blue.

"I see you have a website: Tricked By The Light.  I have not read it as yet.I recommend the two interviews I did with Project Camelot TV...I have transcripts for those that can be read as well.  The first one was an overview and covered many topics.  The second one was solely on NDEs and mentioned many anomalies such as those who saw aliens, shape shifting beings, manipulation etc. >>>

“Ah, yes! I recall reading a number of articles on Project Camelot’s site when all of the ghastly array of stuff started happening to me in Baltimore. I’d been reading all the books by Charles Hall at that time and wanted to locate more info on him. Yeah, he may have been a Lifer in the military but my read on him was that he was also telling the truth.  

Lots of Shape-shifters out there.  Your question about whether or not my “little movies” are the result of Mind Control is an excellent one I myself have considered.  Well, surely some of it must be.  

I have SO many memories that I have learned to at minimum to discern which are likely to be generated by the ex-military crew and which are “Pre-Life, LBL, Other Lives, Planning, Role-assigning, Rehearsals, Filming, NDEs, (legit - too much like other NDEs, Life Review, etc. with this oddity - IANDS won’t publish mine online, even when I mailed them a hand-written account), Spirit Contact, both Negative and Positive.

The Military Gents used me for testing their nonlethal weapons and their eerie ability to create what some Targeted Individuals call “altered dreamscape.”

Spirits CAN “dreamweave” communications via dream state - some are outstanding at this. There is NO mistaking those for Military stuff.  

Example:  I was AWAKE and weird little “snapped shots” of images suddenly appeared in my mind’s eye. VERY colorful, with edges which looked like sewing “pinking shears” had cut the edges. Entire “photo” vibrated - much slower than Spirits can communicate and was only one image. Later, others. Even hand-written communications!  Always that strange vibrating image.

One time I was asleep and one of them OBVIOUSLY was beaming in a tape recording because as I was waking up, the communication stopped abruptly, mid-sentence, and a deeper voice said, “Good bye!”

In other words, the Military stuff is in some early stage of development and is pathetic compared to what real Spirits can do.  Primitive, poorly created single images somehow “beamed” into the part of the brain which normally we would call “third eye.”  All technology - very obvious! Their tech sucks, to put it in the vernacular.  Plenty of human beings have bought that tech. CIA is the largest arms trader in the world. Funny how they all have American accents when they speak to me!  True telepathic communication from Spirit has NO ACCENT! Spirits all sound the same! I speak telepathically so often I forget most people cannot!

Note that ANY Spirit can appear in your mind’s eye (or visually, for those who can see them with human eyes - I cannot) in ANY Form or Body It wishes. Including “Grandma,” so I warn folks not to believe any dream contact or Apparition whatsoever.  I don’t care if it walks, talks and tastes like Grandma - once a Spirits connects to your mind and you respond, you are on it’s frequency, so to speak and they will NEVER leave you alone - your thoughts give It energy!

All good mediums know how to prevent this.  This Friday I am going to ask a great medium to help me with that. I am very good at discerning whether or not a Negative Polarity Entity (Lower Astral) is communicating with me. I used to have “love and light” dream contact all the time. Now, nothing.  Someone has altered my antenna, but we’ll fix that. ALL SOULS have antenna! Stewart teaches how to use various types of antenna.

Your Soul Being could be Negative or Positive Polarity, (or anywhere in between) playing a role for either ”side.”  This is also called a “Polarity Integration Game” and trust me, the Dark Side does NOT like Souls who switch Polarity. Mine did and I got a LOT of nasty dream contact criticizing “her.”

Are we our Spirits? Well, everything is ENERGY.  Spirit is another word for ENERGY.  So we are ALL “energy beings.”

We are a consciousness blend of Spirit Mind and Human Mind and sometimes you can be occupied by more than one Spirit. Stewart has been, I have been.  Dr. Newton says this is impossible and there are “no demons waiting to take your Soul.”  LOL! He’s SO wrong! They are TOLD to! Marduk usually just kicks the Souls back Upstairs after they are worn out from misuse.  

Unless he’s VERY hungry.  Trust me, I know him, had “lives” with him and his “family.”  Blood Oaths, galore.  Many men and women made contracts with them in Past Lives to give them periodic “blood transfusions” which is a Spirit way of meaning we give them energy, via various means.  (Leaving the Human Host damn tired!)  Marduk can be highly seductive.  They all can.

David Icke was almost on it.  And I did not believe him at first!  They are not all Reptilians! Just Lower Astral Spirits who are NEVER going to go to the Light or anywhere ELSE. So much Karma from all the murders they commit during rituals - which they MUST do or they lose their Form.  They cannot pay back that Karma, Wayne. MURDER.  Millenia of murders.  And it is a pity - if they do not do those rites and rituals, back they go into a vibrational frequency which is truly miserable, painful, endless hunger, dark, murky, all the negative emotional frequencies.  Satanists serve THEM, not the other way around.

I simply “know” and psi-see all these things. Forget proving anything - just many, many memories.  My Kundalini was raised, horribly, painfully, shockingly, without my understanding, or consent. Stewart says that’s Cosmically illegal - but it was done to me, anyway. To do so opens all the cellular memory and DNA sequencing. Blasts open all the Chakras. Hence, my ability to remember Past Lives and everything else. It should NEVER be done!  Can cause insanity or Death!  I am connected to every damn outlet in the Universe.  Well, just joking, but sometimes it feels like it!

Marduk really/is was the Lord of Magic. He is amazing at it.  He can be a lot of Light, but this does NOT compare to The Light of the Source you speak of. 

HE’s allowed to do his schtick - it’s a challenge to Souls - they need his Satan’s Thespian Crew to play the bad guy roles. Not jesting!  Souls are BORED.  Sad, since there are Games all over the Universes they can play.  The more challenging the Game, the more they think they accomplished something. Humans who learn to play the Game are even MORE fun for them. SIGH.  I recall I died in this very apartment, my Soul slipped through a Portal (which is my bedroom door and this is NOT unusual - doors and Portals have same meaning) and floated into my living room area, which by then appeared to be light-filled cloudy substance (I see this so often it must be the origin of “Heaven” being in the clouds!) and a Large Being streaked through my bedroom wall and was frustrated because the Portal had closed! Once it opened he came out and showed my Soul Being some weird device which displayed her Gaming scores.  The Guides were already there and the Light Tunnel was right where my Porch Sliding glass doors are!  He said, “Feel free to come back and play another Game next time you are on Earth.”

Ahhhhhh! What more proof would I need?  It is a Game to them! They view our suffering as tolerable because they get 1/3 of our life for a break, while we are asleep!

I see Portals and other vibrational planes above the ground all the time.  They all have Portal Guardians. Every one of them!

All we have came from THEM.  Schools, Judges, Graduation, Legal System - I think they are all sadistic. Human suffering means nothing to Spirits. 

On to your next answer. By the way, I drew even the area on the craft where I created my Life movie, which is different than the area where she viewed it. I can close my eyes and BE THERE. After I talk to the medium, she will do a Regression next time and we can get more information.

The “Vampiric” Beings don’t go anywhere, Wayne - not “home” - just Lower Astral when their Form craps out.  Otherwise they are HERE, running the Show.  Without blood or energy (stolen via rites/rituals) their Form, which is more like a hyper-realistic shell, degrades and they are forced to return. I remember learning all about them. They are the origin of the Vampire myth.  Marduk is REALLY old.  Died eventually, got another Form. They’ve been cloning for centuries, according to a number of Spiritual Entities I can almost (albeit with a shovel full of salt) believe are telling the truth.

My feeling has always been that the Anunna actually cared what happened to us and the Game is one way they can entertain the stupid Humans and keep energy here in the form of Spirits and us and whatever else. Loaded with Black Magicians, who can raise energy out of ANYTHING practically!  It is NOT magic, Harry Potter. It is the raising, programming and directing of energy.  Many Satanic rituals are nothing more than that. 

Icke and Stewart would call me a 50/50 split.  Reptilian/Human.  You and I may share a similar bloodline. I descend from four or five Presidents, including the Bush family.

[NOTE FROM WAYNE: I am NOT related to Ex-President Bush.]

Your Guest who saw a Demiurge was telling the truth. "

<<I have come to know my guest better and feel he is telling the truth as well.

<<<I am so sorry to read about all the hell you went through and are going through.  So many others on this planet are going through hell also although perhaps not as intense as yours.  This is why I have my web site and do my research -- to learn how we can put an end to all of the suffering.  I suspect and agree that the Earth is a school mantra and that we are here to learn and grow is an excuse used to allow them to keep feeding off our pain and suffering.   I have mentioned it in subsequent interviews and often ask readers if they agree or not.>>

You’re on it!  And thank you, thank you, thank you! Mankind CAN thwart Soul Intention. That is what I am trying to teach people. Thwart them enough and they will be forced to co-create with us. We have human MIND and THOUGHT, which is powerful energy. I am NOT on the bandwagon of all these New Agers, who want everyone to clean their Chakras and Auras and connect with their Soul Mission and Soul Intention and all that kaka. It only makes us a BETTER “gas station.”  It is very hard to protect that kind of energy output.  New Earth - bah.  New Age? Bah.  Ascension? Bah.  Earth Game can only be upgraded. 

"Stewart Swerdlow was a Lot of help to me. I am one of MANY school children chosen for Mind Control Experiments back in the 60s. We are usually killed off when the Mind Control begins to fragment or wear off - around age 50."

<< I like Stewart and value his information.  . >>>


Me: ”We are NOT Souls. Only part of our consciousness is their consciousness. I found my Soul to be unlike me and set up a rather vengeful retaliation program.

<<I have wondered a lot about this lately.  From what I have gathered from Gnosticism and Robert Monroe is that we our Spirits which have fallen in frequency / consciousness and have had hundreds of lifetimes as souls....maybe as many as 2000-3000.  Is this what feel is true as well - that we in our true essence are Spirits?   Are our souls an AI computer simulation program or database of some sort?>>

I do not now Robert Monroe, need to research his work. I was told to read the “My Big Toe” series by Campbell.  I started reading it and realized I’d read it before - and I assure you, I have not. Alas, NDEs can cause some Experiencer’s to remember or relive alternate Timelines! Campbell basically states the above is true - especially about The Source.

I think we Humans are digitized Androids.  I know an Unmentionable person has copies of Akashic Recordss. He cannot change the Programmed Prompts, but he can indwell those people with his Negative Polarity Souls and the poor Original Light Being Soul - who is sometimes veiled, has NO clue why nothing seems to go right.  The Karmic Hook-ups happen, but in a NEGATIVE way and guess who gets the Negative Energy?  Souls DO have some impressive Skills which suggest AI is at work. They are “born” and raised by Nursery Mothers, but have no real personality until they are taken to the “PLace of No Ego” and “programmed.”  They can BE at some location simply by intending to BE THERE. They call to one another by THINKING about the other Being and can communicate with them that way.

Notice, WE have cell phones that do the same. They have “Knowing” which is basically they want to KNOW something and INSTANTLY they have the answer.  All they have to do is WANT to know the answer!

Sort of like the early version of the INTERNET.   

What they can do, which we cannot - is manifest ANy Form they like, at any time. They can walk around as Napoleon is they feel like it.

Their natural Form in Source’s Big Bughouse is a Firefly.  Moot point for the ones who incarnate on Earth for hundreds of times. They are deeply affected by those lives and float about wearing a favorite manifested Human Body, if you will.  We have a symbiotic relationship with them - alas. I am sure the cell/Internet stuff is ALL THEIRS they want us to have so they aren’t so homesick for all their “skills sets.”  LOL


Souls are shown MOVIES of us, Life, Birth, Death Options, (4) Form and ALL, before they agree to take that life.  That is the “Life Movie” they bring Home, just altered depending on their choices and the consequences.  Indeed, the Light Beings are far more interested in whether or not they showed Love and did Love and all that jazz. But HEY!  We humans are just trying to make it day to day.  They are not much interested in their worldly achievements.  One NDEr lately said he was told “It is not important. It doesn’t matter. It’s just evolution.”  (referring to his Life Movie.)   HUH?  Not important? Evolution for WHOM?

Watch the future as I see it. Man will get there eventually. We are just not all that far behind from the Source-lings. THEY want us there.

Yes, say the Spirits: we are as you have described, Spirits which have fallen in frequency and our consciousness has been hacked and messed with for decades. Your average Soul on Earth is a Kindergartner or First Grader!  So, 70-100 Incarnations, approximately.

I am much older and a number of Spirits are having a hard time finding my “Source or Origin.” Heh!  My friends call me Borgo the Borg!  (Used to be Spock!)

Ray Kurzweil is right on it! My SIL interviewed him.  I tried to tell SIL all about that stuff - he thinks I am a wing nut who knows nothing about computers and therefore he ignores me - totally. LOL!

Here is what I was shown: I realize your Guest has a bright and happy and glorious future in store for Mankind. I was shown something different. We CAN change what I see.

Forget “states” and “countries.”  The Earth is divided into “sectors” or the Internet hacking would be worldwide and a large pain in the tuchas for everyone.  Each sector has some Guardian like Assange.  Hackers are KEY to protecting each sector!  

Kurzweil’s Soul knows *exactly* what’s coming.  Everything he said and then some. The Round Table discussion was about how “We” were ready for a Female President in the first part of the 21st century and how do “we” get Mankind to understand and accept the future Kurzweil describes for them.

The Game is getting old, and believe it or not, they are trying to move us along evolutionarily as well. 

Your Mind is partly your Soul Being - usually ideas and creativity and Higher Mind. That does NOT mean It doesn’t like to play Games!

Forget Holo-Video Games, and they are coming up fast - until we have chip in our heads to make it easier to play them.  It is in the front near the Third Eye. 

Play enough Holo-Video Games and I do not see how future generations will be able to distinguish “Real World Stuff” from “Video Reality.”

Heck, you and I are having a hard time of it.

If your Soul jumped out of your body, right NOW, It would feel Loooooove vibrations up the woo.  Peace, happiness. I call it a sense of camaraderie. All the Spirits around me called to me and said HEY, come over here and hang out. They were everywhere.  Beautiful, liquid crystal appearance to everything. Only the Human Body causes us to see 3D reality. It never was. Holo is two directional Light - period. Only Illusions can be created of it.

All that lesson stuff is Bull.  They do not need lessons. You got it right! They know everything Source knows. They say it is so we can work on our relationships! Huh? Why can’t they do that in their own classrooms?  

Marduk IS Satan. He does not like the name Lucifer, no idea why. My understanding is his people came from Venus.  Who knows?  Martona means “Marathon,” but Souls understand that is Marduk!  I call him Luciferi because he does not like it! He is still Enki’s son! I remember Enki very well, I was their “pocket Princess.” Enki is very nice! He comes here occasionally. He comes in a craft, then his Spirit descends in his Energetic Symbol, the Vitruvian Man in a Circle - white Light.  He is usually then there in the Astral Planes. I see him when he does this!  They love Marduk as a troubled member of their Family, many of whom are STILL here, albeit in other bodies as their “Shells” disintegrate. I loved his Family. I loved all the Annuna. But Human is what they looked like!  Stories, Life Stories, are started on an Image Maker. “Make Man in our Image.” I remember this up in “Heaven.” I was just a young Soul in a classroom.  It reels out like a film strip.  It is 2D but 3D-appearing once the Soul enters each frame to set up the stage setting.

<<"So now - I see Past, Present and Future Lives, Life Before and Between Lives, Souls creating the films for their "Lives,"  Discussing and rehearsing "roles" (which Soul is going to play which "part") "taste-testing" Karmic Intersections (they can actually jump in and out of their character at important Karmic Intersections (US being the "characters") so they'll remember them, going to the Programming Center for their "Programmed Prompts" (sometimes called Guideposts) and I see these as movies - snapshots, trailers - and indeed, when people asked me where I got the ideas for my stories and paintings, I told them all I had to do was watch the "little movie" and copy it>

>Have you seen these movies your whole entire life?  When was it that you were able to see the movies as to what happens between lives and behind the scenes?<

Yes and no.  After the NDEs they became obvious. I have spoken directly via letters to PMH Atwater. My story is very familiar to her except most people do not see All the Timelines available to them.  If you have some psychic ability, which to a certain extent we all do, it will be amplified by the Soul’s return from a higher frequency domain. If one grows up Christian and sees Prompts and Future images and so on, usually in my mind’s eye (Soul Programming) and even at the periphery of my vision (more like to be mind control), and no one is talking about them, one assumes that is just normal and everyone see them. So I thought!

When I died I saw a Being entered my Form.... and she offered up my Form’s energy (namely ME) to be used - they raised my Kundalini and the energy created to blast into the Astral to create a “Platform for a Battle Station.” I was awake, aware and out of my MIND with terror at what was being done to me. New Agers were talking about us “being worked on” by Light Beings to clean up our energy and repair our Forms so I allowed it - believing that was what was occurring.  Total deception!  Stewart was NOT surprised at this at all when I told him. Kundalini is a Powerful Energy! I create it like a FOUNTAIN.  It attracts all manner of Beings.  My Soul keeps kicking out the Hitch-hiker Negative Being.  I canceled all Marduk’s contracts and any and all contracts - I cleared the entire board. It can be done. Past, Present and Future are all the same. What you do in the “past” affects the present and future.  Yo can cancel ALL CONTRACTS ever made and undo what has been done with or to you - right across the board.

 <<< And if you have been part of a mind control experiment how can you know it is not a result of that and is in fact genuinely true?  I mean, it certainly is what I have come to believe as a result of my research. >>>

All the Mind Control stuff was brought to my attention immediately after death.  My Being was furious.  She wanted revenge and she got it!

<<"The Demiurge in fact DOES have to do what he does"

<<< Do you have any insight into why the Demiurge is doing what he is doing?   Where did he come from?  Is it an AI or does it have a Spirit? Why do we feel pain here?  Did something go wrong? >>>

No, but Yahweh is related to Marduk (his Uncle) and delegated him to run The Earth Game b/c Yahweh has been creating OTHER GAMES since the days of Jeremiah. If people would READ the Bible instead of pounding it they could see it for themselves. He is a Game Maker!  If people REALLY need help down here they might want to ask Yahweh since He has given me nearly everything I asked for - no lie.

Marduk has a body today. He often lives with a cadre of his own people, some of whom are quite different looking, by virtue of their height.  Others look like everyone else. Humans are the only Form on the menu!  I’ve seen him in other bodies and knew him in some of those lives. The bodies are somewhat alike - many Souls do prefer a certain look and seek out similar bodies.  He has HUGE energy so he is VERY tall. They live in altered energy realities in their own created “lands.”  Like Royalty.  There are many energy planes on Earth.  Most Annuna went Home - some are still here - they have to be. I really loved them, slave or not.  They gave as good as they got, trust me. They were always good to me. I was only a child Human.  When Marduk is pissed at me - like I am sure he is right NOW - he calls me a Monkey.  
They think I have Monkey Blood.  LOL!

<<<< So does PMH know your story and you have interacted with her?   Or did you get the help from her book on the aftereffects of NDEs?>>

Yes, and yes.  She was very kind and understanding and explained a lot in her letter.

"We are HUMAN and don’t need but one lesson - we have the Body and Human Brain and we can cancel those "Life Contracts" . . . "Life Plans" whatever.”

I say The Game is SO corrupted and hacked and unfair and out-dated the REAL LESSON for Souls is NOT to come here. Let the Negative Polarity Beings EAT one another’s energy because that is what Yahweh SAID would happen and it WILL HAPPEN.  They are like Vampires! They are NEVER going Home to the Main Power Source and get gassed up! Period!

<<<How can we cancel or revoke the contracts?  Do we have to know all the specific contracts we agreed to and revoke or cancel them one by one?  Are we more than just human... aren't we spirits having a human experience, albeit tricked into doing so?>>

Yes, and yes, sort of.  Nancy Danison wrote several books about her rather protracted NDE. She states, Two Beings compete for expression within the Human Form.” and “The Human Being and the Soul have NOTHING to do with each other.”

We have our own wants, needs, desires. They know how to over-ride our consciousness and bodies and take over. I call them Parasites, even if my Soul IS one, she does defend me.

Lynn Grabhorn wrote a book, “Dear God! What’s Happening With Us? Ending Eons of Manipulation.”  (Or similar title. I cannot get on the Internet yet for the time needed to research the title.)  She lists a series of statements to be made, out loud, I call the White Light Affirmations.  (I think it was some group website from The Ashtar Command, whoever they are) They are listed online if you search.  Everything which happened to Ms. Grabhorn happened to me.

For some of the astounding military tech, read Dr. Robert Duncan’s “Project Soul Catcher - Volume II” - we have identical experiences, as well.  I have emailed back and forth with him and Dr. John Hall. (“A New Breed - Satellite Terrorism in America”)

All the same intolerable, hellish, Hidden Holocaust nightmare.

I altered Lynn’s and added a lot of extra Affirmations to cancel those contracts across the board, here and everywhere else I am manifested, Past, Present and Future. Your Soul has Its next two lessons already recorded.

I plan NEVER to come here again. So I canceled them. My Soul will reinstate them if she wants to return. I don’t think “I” should do that. I don’t want to live in a Borg World/Gaming System.  Oh, yes, Robots will not be as popular as people are theorizing. More - human brains will not really evolve as be completely changed - interacting/interfacing via computer constantly, surrounded by The Internet of Things doing everything for Humanity, causes profound brain changes in Human Consciousness/awareness/social/physical manifestations and understanding of our World.  Marduk LOVES that stuff - messing with Humans.  It’s just The New Game.  Targeted Individuals is more of a “Game Theme” challenge.  Horrible! I remember some Being telling me “your head will be hacked.” It was! Can you imagine anything more intrusive, invasive and brutal? And the Military is not even GOOD AT IT!

Yahweh’s System is to teach a form of government. Next lesson up is The Prime Integral.  You can read about it on the ORIGINAL Wingmakers site.  A LOT of truth in the last interview with a Dr. Anderson. (A pseudonym if memory serves)

A book I love is Lawrence Spencer’s “Alien Interview,” whether or not it is fiction or nonfiction. He told me it is NOT fiction!

"The Demiurge in fact DOES have to do what he does - I know him all too well. There is a balance which MUST be kept, It IS his Game. It was never meant to be.  "

<< You say it was never meant to be his game?  What happened? >>

YHWH had an entirely different idea for Mankind - and he especially was concerned with the Hebrews, since King An gave them to Him.  That book “The Lost Book of Enki” is not too terribly off the hook.  Marduk just WANTED to be King! Yes, sometimes it is just that stupid! No one really wants to be King, in general.  He is an indulged Prince!  Period! They all LOVE him!  

The Demiurge's name is "Maratona."

<< How do you know what his name is?  Is he the same as any other being we would recognize such as Yahweh, Enki, Nergal, Metatron, Melchizedek, Lucifer, Satan etc? >>>

Marduk (Maratona) IS Satan, so to speak. Negative Polarity Entity by virtue of his own behavior and the actions he commits in order to remain on Earth in a Form. He has no great compassion for Humans, Wayne.  He kills them as easily as he flicks ash off a cigarette in those rituals. I’ve seen him!  I was duped into one of those rituals and you never saw such horror in your LIFE.  He is . . . so alien.  Looks human, acts like . . . (struggling here) ruthless, merciless, no emotional display, no affect.  I have had lives with him. He was always a pistol.  Now he is not so temperamental.  If you have to do Negative Roles, you will deal with him. Most Souls know who he is and they fear him. He yanked my Being into the Astral back in my Baltimore home. I painted it, so I will try to attach that in another email. I’m not a great painter, so forgive me.  For DAYS afterward, Spirits woke me up all night to yell at me, “Guinevere, that is SATAN! Don’t talk to him!”  I said, “Yeah, that’s what he said!”

I had no idea.  I asked Satanists and they said, Yes, that is what he looks like! 

No human has a voice like his - in or out of the body. Will never forget it!

I’m just a woman!  Why did this happen to me?  NDEs and Past Life Stuff, is all I can assume!

"Aliens? Craft? I can tell you boodles about them. EVERYWHERE.  "

Are than any positive aliens that are trying to help us? >>

Yes, MANY!  I call them the Round Table. Stewart also has talked to them. 

They have a core group of Whistleblowers on this planet. They are Watchers, the good kind.  They embody and work from within the Game, quite often.  Stewart says many of them contributed to the DNA creation of Man. I don’t know.

Other Aliens are “just passing through.”  They are invisible to human eyes.  Lots of Pod craft.  Souls are often walking around down here - checking out areas in which to incarnate, hanging out and talking to the Spirits of Incarnated Humans while the humans are asleep. I can SEE them.  I watch them come down through the vibrational planes. Pretty cool!  Some don’t. They don’t like to see entire cities or homes or villages they LOVED all fallen to ruins. I totally get that. Must be dreadful.  LOTS of Spirits down here, floating around.  If I see a Being walking on the ground, I tend to discern that is a Remote Viewer. THOSE GUYS are a pain in the tail.

"Souls don’t have to go back to The Light, but they’d better be nimble, better be quick. If you die that Guide is RIGHT THERE."<<<What is your exit strategy or escape plan?  What do you intend to do at death?>>>

Run! Guides come down, ask if you want to stay or go. Say you don’t WANT to go Home.  You don’t have to go back there! Some Souls never do, but be careful! It’s a WILD WILD WILD WILD Universe!  I have many Soulmates who bailed.  Two of them were booted out of class and I followed them to Earth to make sure they would be safe. All stuck here for now!  I’ll bug out with my friend Robin, probably.  There are so many Portals to other Games right here on Earth. Timing is important to catch one which is open. Portals open and close according to some timing system I do not understand.  I remember (and have drawn) my Soul and two of her friends waiting for one to open. To me they all look like Doors.  I’ve met Souls who are on their way to some New Game somewhere else in the Uni.  What else do they have to do?

"There are Angels!  Incredible Beings! Thank Someone!"
<<So are there positive angels that exist trying to help us, or is it too big of risk for them considering they could forget and become entrapped as well due to the drop in frequency and consciousness?  Are all the archangels negative and really just another term for the seven major archons?

Yahweh has many. God-Mind, whatever you wish to term that Entity.  They are Gold and Silver Frequency and never can drop in Frequency or Consciousness. Not human!  Archangels can be either.   It just means “Messenger.” They’re really more like we perceive Archangels. They fight in the Astral, as well.  The Souls to whom I speak do not recognize the term Archons. I have been told they are Mold Like Energies which can connect and manipulate human brains.  No idea!
"My heart went out to your Guest.
Did the anunnaki help create or alter mankind like the Sumerian texts say or are the Sumerian texts not reliable?   Are you saying Marduk is the bad guy and not Enki?   Enki also seemed to be the most benevolent one on mankind's side.

The Sumerian texts are not always reliable, that is an arm of a much larger text.  But yes, the Anunna basically created us. A lot of THEM were trashed as Host Vehicles! They did not alter us.  Marduk is just plain BAD.  He used to be our Defender! He did not want to leave, Earth is beautiful, all around goodness.  He wants to be King, so here he can be. His body died, so he and his advisors came up with a plan to clone Human Forms. Problem! They cannot “live” without Souls.  “Life is in the blood.”  “The Light of Life.”  So they need human blood, hormones, energy.  Sometimes the truth is boring. Enki is very kind, yes, benevolent, but he will rarely over-ride Marduk, who is his son. 

"I can teach you how to view one of Enki’s programs, if you like."

Yes, please do. 

Here’s how:  please do NOT do this until you understand how downloading information works in a human form. You must know how to raise your frequency of vibration via meditation and do it WELL.  This takes me a lot of time, even though I’ve been practicing for years.  Until you cannot tolerate any more Light in your Host Body, Chakras and Aura - your Soul can handle it.   Your Crown Chakra can be downloaded.  If you download Yahweh - YHVH - His program builds a cross out of you and then builds a diamond around your Form if you can raise your frequency that high.  Enki’s is fantastic. You can imagine his name (not Nammu, I have not tried that one) spinning around the top of your head in White/Gold Light, THREE times, then on the third spin, pull the name into the Crown Chakra - literally see it slip down in there, one letter at a time. I can email you a drawing of what you’ll see or you can just try it. NEVER do Marduk. It’s like Lightening entering your head and I nearly got electrocuted, no lie. He’s too lower astral! Enlil’s is a bit like Yahweh’s - it also cleans your Form and realigns and uplifts your energy. VERY cool!

Enki’s is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.  You can see it in your mind’s eye. Just lovely! Like watching a video!

But please be careful!! If you are not used to cleaning your Chakras, spinning, clearing, energizing and expanding them with pure  White Light (for other reasons you can use other colors), you must learn this FIRST.  The Faster your frequency, the more of the programs you will see!

When finished, you should ground your entire body with an oval of Brown. 15 minutes or so.  Or you will have Too much ENERGY!

I learned about Dr. Karla Turner from one of her proteges, James Bartley. I emailed back and forth with him quite often trying to understand. He is the one who explained the who and what and why to me. His mentor Barbara Batholic passed away sort of strangely, like all the rest of the Alien Researchers.

For me the Alien question is moot. Souls are Extra-Terrestrials using Mankind’s bodies as Host Vehicles in a Game, period. Learn to toss your Soul out of body and you will instantly SEE with Spirit Eyes it is all an Illusion. When I died, the roof of my house disappeared as I floated out backward at a 45 degree angle!

I’ve seen Greys and Reps.  I think Tall Whites are gorgeous — but would never interfere with whatever they are doing.  Not Even!’ll tell yo

Golly, I’m tired.  Please forgive me if I take a rest. My auld eyes can’t stare at the screen much longer.

God bless you, Wayne. I’ll search for your Project Camelot interviews later today.

Man, what a trip!  My Soul did not count on trying to ride Seabiscuit!  <—— what I call myself!  LOL!

Best wishes always, 
"If you wish to understand the Universe, think of Energy, Frequency and Vibration." - Nikola Tesla The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist. "This is SPARTA! Come back with your shield, or ON IT!" Do not dismiss the weak cub; he may grow up to become a brutal tiger." ~Mongol saying

Guinevere's Near Death Experience

Note from Guninevere: Readers, please skip over the long pre-able of the Submit Your NDE Form to read the "meat" of my story, if you'd like. I had to copy the entire form,warts and all, but you need not read the intro stuff. My thanks to all of you! A. Guinevere Kern

Form Confirmation

Thank you for submitting the following information:



PageValidation: fox

Language: english

Name: Alexander Guinevere Kern

Contact_researcher: NDERF approved researcher may contact me



Publish_total_permission: Total Permission



Publication_email: With my E-Mail address


Date_of_NDE: Approximately 6-2006

Age_at_NDE: 51

Age_Now: 59

Gender: Female

Race_White: White


























Circumstances_Other: Other circumstances around the time of experience

Condition_around_the_time_of_experience: Clinical death (cessation of breathing or heart function or brain function)

Experience_Include_OBE: Out of body experience


Experience_Include_Unearthly_beings: Presence of unearthly beings

Experience_Include_Light: Unearthly light

Experience_Include_Deceased_persons: Presence of deceased persons


Experience_Include_Landscape_or_city: A landscape or city

Experience_Include_Void: Void


Experience_Include_Strong_emotional_tone: Strong emotional tone

Experience_Include_Special_knowledge: Special knowledge or purpose

Experience_Include_Life_review: Life review

Experience_Include_Vision_future: Awareness of the future



Religion_at_Time_Experience: Christian- Protestant

Religion_Currently: Christian- Protestant

Ex_Feel: Both pleasant AND distressing

Highest_Education: 14

Associated_life_threatening_event: Uncertain

Highest_level_conscious_vs_normal: More consciousness and alertness than normal

Difficult_to_express_experience: No

Were_your_thoughts_speeded_up: Faster than usual

Were_your_senses_more_vivid_than_usual: Incredibly more vivid

Did_you_feel_separated_from_your_physical_body: I clearly left my body and existed outside it

Separation_consciousness_earthly_events: Yes

Did_you_have_a_feeling_of_peace_or_pleasantness: Relief or calmness

Did_you_have_a_feeling_of_joy: Incredible joy

Pass_into_or_through_tunnel: No

See_an_unearthly_light: Yes

Did_you_see_or_feel_surrounded_by_a_brilliant_light: A light clearly of mystical or other-worldly origin

Did_you_seem_to_encounter_a_mystical_being_or_presence: I encountered a definite being, or a voice clearly of mystical or unearthly origin

Did_you_see_deceased_spirits_or_religious_figures: I actually saw them

Religious_beings_NYU: No

See_deceased_beings: Yes

Review_past_life: Yes

Did_scenes_from_your_past_come_back_to_you: I remembered many past events

Did_you_seem_to_enter_some_other_unearthly_world: Some unfamiliar and strange place

Did_time_seem_to_speed_up: No

Did_you_feel_a_sense_of_harmony_or_unity_with_the_universe: I felt united or one with the world

Did_you_suddenly_seem_to_understand_everything: Everything about the universe

Did_you_seem_to_be_aware_of_things_going_on_elsewhere: Yes, but the facts have not been checked out

Boundary_or_limiting_structure: No

Did_you_come_to_a_border_or_point_of_no_return: I came to a definite conscious decision to "return" to life

Did_scenes_from_the_future_come_to_you: Scenes from my personal future

Life_after_death_NYU: Yes

God_does_exist: Yes

Premortal_existence: Yes

Mystical_oneness: Yes

Info_life_meaning: Yes

Info_life_difficulty: No

Info_about_love: No

Info_about_living_lives: Yes

Know_special_knowledge_or_purpose: Yes

Features_consistent_belief: Content that was entirely not consistent with the beliefs you had at the time of your experience

Accuracy_experience_remembrance: I remember the experience as accurately as other life events that occurred around the time of the experience

God_before: God definitely exists

God_after: God definitely exists

Afterlife_before: An afterlife definitely exists

Afterlife_after: An afterlife definitely exists

Fear_death_before: I moderately feared death

Fear_death_after: I do not fear death

Earth_life_meaning_before: Are possibly meaningful and significant

Earth_life_meaning_after: Are meaningful and significant

Compassion_before: Greatly compassionate toward others

Compassion_after: Greatly compassionate toward others

Fearful_living_before: Greatly fearful in living my earthly life

Fearful_living_after: Not fearful in living my earthly life

Religious_spiritual_before: Greatly important to me

Religious_spiritual_after: Greatly important to me

Experience_resulted_in_changes: Large changes in my life

Change_values_beliefs_result_of_experience: Yes

Psychic_or_non_ordinary_gifts: Yes

Shared_experience_with_others: Yes

Did_you_have_any_knowledge_of_NDE_prior: Yes

Reality_of_your_experience_shortly_after: Experience was definitely real

Reality_of_your_experience_currently: Experience was definitely real

Have_your_relationships_changed: Yes

Have_your_religious_practices_changed: Yes

Anything_reproduce_NDE_experience: Yes

Questions_and_info_provided_describe_NDE: Yes


Morrell Park, MD. 21230



United States


Retired on disability. Former Civil Engineering Draftsperson.


Possible stroke



Routine, ordinary Lutheran. NO psychic abilities that I was aware of. Zero interest in Souls/Spirits/Ghosts, Aliens, E.T. " Heaven" NDEs, Past Lives ( did not believe in reincarnation), UFOs, Life Plans/ Scripts ( was and IS offensive to me), Earth School (concept remains offensive to me, as well). Not into Meditation, knew zilch about Energy, except I never possessed any. Understood nothing about Physics, Soul characteristics, Soul Energy Bodies, Source, Forms, etc.


I believe there is a very serious and authentic war between numerous Alien/ ET Races, both on the Earth Plane, and in many dimensions. I know the "secret government" runs The Earth Game and in general have no interest or affection for ordinary Human Beings. There is NO "New Age." This is a Perception Deception, to quote David Icke. I do not believe "Souls" (who are fireflies) have Mankinds' best interests at heart. I found out I was used as a Lab Rat in Project Monarch Mind Control Experiments (among other experiments) by my own U.S. Government, and was approached by " The Illuminati's Top Mond Controller" who knew I'd died and been returned. He was surely out to see if I had found out anything and check out my psychic skill set, which is a common side effect of NDEs. I did not find out about my NDE until 2012. New Agers ( and others) practice cleaning their energy, chakras, aura, deep meditation, raising Kundalini, without realizing NUMEROUS invisible Entities are delighted to find cleaner energy to "eat." The men and women involved in mind-controlling, torturing ( used as a weapons testing subject in nonlethal weapons tech., synthetic telepathy, remote neural monitoring, remote viewing, remote sensing, have publically declared they are Satanists (the two men are former high-ranking Military) and against my will and consent I was used in Satanic rituals that were vile beyond belief. Black Magicians/Satanists are far more of a threat to Mankind that some random ET. I believe Yahweh is the Supreme Maker and the God of my understanding.


Years later, when I developed the highest Blood Pressure reading St. Agnes had ever seen, the Cardiac physicians found a stroke artifact of unknown age.


My tale is lengthy, nonstandard, deeply disturbing to me, and, considering the mal usage of my brain and mind by some unknown branch of Military R&D for most of my sad life, horribly depressing. I now have Pre-Life memories, awareness of Co-existing, Past Life Tecall, Time Looping, Time editing, Time Shifts, Astral Contacts, Classroom studies in some Otherworldly Schools, Preparation for this Incarnation, and how the Deep black military's Project Monarch corrupted my Life Plan and objectives, and do so routinely. My Soul Being (who is me, and yet, most assuredly NOT me) was angry at having her Human Body implanted during a long illness so an Astral Entity could " play a fun Game" with HER form, that my Higher Self contacted Stewart Swerdlow and his wife Janet for information on how to combat The Illuminati and their hideous mistreatment of their "chosen" lab Rats, especially young children. not aware of ANY of this, I lived alone, on Disability, in a three bedroom Duplex in Baltimore, MD., after my ex left me for a Russian Bride. I had been very ill, but then developed severe, chronic, entirely destructive dental,decay, which resulted in an abscess, more painful than I can limn with any accuracy, and quite often I did not have the money for an extraction. I nearly died from Superbug infection, taking stored antibiotics to buy me some pain-free time until I received my $945.00 SSDI check and then paid $175-$250.00 to have yet another tooth pulled. I had Not support system, two friends, was over-medicated, constantly I'll from all the abscesses. in the end, I lost 20 teeth to this catastrophic dental decay, for which my dentist could find no real explanation. I brushed twice per day, and had been an attractive woman. I lost one tooth, every other month, for over two and one half years. I could not work, date or socialize, the pain was so intense and my financial situation could not handle the costs of so much dental treatment. Strange dreams began to plague me. I've kept journals for 40 years, and a current re-readings demonstrates plainly I certainly had some "dream messages" I often painted some of the odd dream Imagery, all of which turned out to manifest in my life and actually meant something. I had numerous peculiar recollections, even of writing up a Life Plan with four or five other Alien Entities with a Grey who talked to us about the various available Forms, stating they'd had a lot of trouble with these Forms. we won't be doing another run of them, but they can still be used for experimental purposes! And that's exactly what they did to me years later! I've suffered a terrible, tragic life, and remember being shown clips of my life, and being told, " She's a middle-aged lonely, Ill divorcee Spinster, dying young in her forties." I recall mild disgust and pity, a lot of rehearsing. I, as a Person, used to see in my mind's eye, "clips" of my future without knowing what they were, and at a young age I had no way of recognizing my Self at age 49 - I wondered who that woman was! She was ME, a sick, heartbroken, desperately ill human being, who believed I was real! To discover this is all some Virtual Reality Role Playing Game is vulgar and Unspiritual, unholy, unkind, sadistic beyond belief!! After I "died" - as scripted, at my proper Time" - I was in the middle of painting a portrait of my two younger daughters, entitled " American Beauties." I flew out of my body backwards and immediately saw the playing out of my life, which life never came to pass. The world was exquisite, spirits were everywhere, sitting on rooftops, waving at me to come back and hang out with them. ( I later learned there was on Interdimensional Portal running down the middle of our party wall. Everyone glowed, as if I was seeing my rather ugly and deteriorating SW corner of Baltimore through a crystal glass. I felt friendly love and familiarity with all the Souls who floated over to speak to me. they called to me, "Amel! Amel! Over here!" (My Soul Name is Ameliaura - the Energy of Amellieus) - Edgar Cayce claimed Amellius played "Christ" and other roles. I was born at 5:55 a.m. In 1955. According to Stewart Swerdlow, whose Healing Handbook I was shown when a Young Soul BEFORE this Incarnation, declares 5 is the Christ Frequency. Finally I was pulled up, by what I do not know. I did not see, or go through, a Tunnel. I bounded up into a Spacecraft or Space Station, where all my Fellow Entities were happy to see me. In was angry, tossing my helmet into a locker and then loaded my Life Film into some archaic Projector, drew the dark curtain around me, and used a sort of magnifying glass to examine my film, frame by frame. You can see me looking through such a glass in a multiple Self Portrait I did in pastels in the middle 90s. BEFORE my NDE in 2006, when Knew nothing. I walked over to one of the Beings, who sat in front of a computer screen, in an open window, with other Beings standing around. we looked at the frame showing the painting of my daughters and I lamented, "I didn't even get to finish my painting." I do not recall what transpired then, except a meeting was called to discuss my re-entry into The Earth Plane. About15 Beings discussed this option. I cannot tell what sort of Beings we are. most Souls are Fireflies. I was a Being, very short, dark- haired. After a round table discussion, I went to the very same Military Igent who later walked right up to me in a parking lot near my Home and tried to imtimidate me, The Illumonati's Top Mind Controller. He sat down with me and drew up a new Life P An. He was patient and fair, but he wanted ENERGY for more Life. more Life, you must pay in Light Energy. My Being agreed to perform as a Vessel on a Satanic-like ritual in order to manifest a Platform for a Battlestation in the Astral. I remember,ber EVERYTHING. Years later, that Being, and one of her fellow Beings from that Space Station, lied, manipulated and deceived ME, a conscious, clueless Human Being, by claiming to be Angels, then raised my Kundalini energy in a brutal fashion - I had no idea what was going on. So many New Agersbwete talking about Twin Souls coming together and White Brotherhod !edical Teams preparing us for the Yransformation of consciousness and The New Earth. I thought that was what was going on!!! I talked to Stewart Swerdlow about all of this; the Indwelling of an Astral Entity, raising of Kundalini and firing off orgasmic thought forms creates that Thoughtform on the Astral Planes. Mr.,Swerdlow told me Satanists do this all the time with mond-controlled Human Subjects!!!! Some New Age! Some Transformation!! It is cosmically il Legal to raise Kumdalini Fire like that in an unwilling, uninformed Being!!! Plus they then used me as a Free Source "Gas Station" for years after that, more ghastly than anything one could create in the mind of Mankind. I was too poor, terrified, alone,, isolated, to resist or even understand. This happened after I'd been resurrected on a co-existing Timeline after my death.I did not reme,ber a THING until I started the painting of my two youngest daughters years later, and realized I'd painted it before! Then I remembered much of the NDE! I met the Being all Spirits call The Devil. After my NDE I developed precisely those psychic skills many NDEr's gain. I thought I was going Koo-Koo. A wonderful British Medium helped me manage my experiences, which terrified me and most certainly that Being, and her Fellows, are Evil, to have promised (and practiced) to raise MY Kundalini and pay for her continued Life with MY Light! The Devil tricked me into summoning him, because he was ticked off at that Being for not giving up all of my energy. What those demonic Astrals and Ex-Mi.itary creeps did to me was energy rip my Light, my Spirit. I painted that incident, when the Devil hoisted me up to the Astral in order to rape energy out of my "Element." (What Souls call it, because they are Insectoid). Do not believe that claptrap about how there is no Satan! I MET him. He is Marduk. He even Astrally projects himself into human bodies of a certain bloodline so he can play at being Human. Read Michael Lee Hill's testimony about meeting Marduk. Finally, after years of learning, with the help of great people, how to fight these demon Astrals, and what SAT weapons the Military is testing on Targeted Individuals and others, My daughter saw I was becoming too fatigued to take care of my three bedroom house and moved me in with her here in California.


Back on the space-craft (clunky, low-tech, unimpressive, nuts-and-bolts mechanical). I knew who I was, was not at all pleased and commented, while watching my Life Movie, " I didn't do well." No one judged me. My life had been depressing, mortifying, constantly ill . . . .I would never say "I didn't do well." The craft had films running in horizontal tracks all around the walls.


Very bright eyesight. I'm nearly blind. Greatly expanded consciousness. felt intense love for some of the crew members. Sensed I was very young. I suffer from Aspergers Syndrome and do not really feel love.



Brilliantly clear, like crystal - one Spirit told me, "The Maker put crystals in our retinas." Intense colors, Spirits were beautiful, everywhere, also a large flock of diamond bright Souls arcing upward toward Home. Every single Soul, Earthbound or not, was extraordinarily becoming. A striking liquid shine on all around me. I felt Humanity is cheated out of the true beauty which is around us, invisible to our mortal eyes. Felt known, felt loved. Many friends, when in human life, due to my disability, I only had two friends at the end.


Far more acute.


I have decoded my Soul Plan and am aware of all my Prompts, Karmic Intersections, knew who would be President.


Glorious! A bit stunned!


Floated up into waiting space scout.


As though one were looking through a crystal lens! Light radiating around all things, from my dresser and bed and window sill, to all the shining Beings around me. Made of Light, all things.


I stood outside my dead body, felt no real attachment to it, but felt "no one should die like that." Asked a tall, muscular William Blake style possible Guide Being, who obviously cared nothing for me, the dead Human, for more time and apparently he allowed this by time looping me back into my new Timeline. I remember him on many occasions rehearsing my role with me. Incredibly beautiful man, somewhat cavalier. Blonde curls, white garment, but not Angelic in vibrational impression.



Many! Everywhere around me, standing on rooftops, walking on porch roof next door. A strange group of nearly transparent light Beings grouped in a sort of crystalline boat floated by, waving and calling out to me to join them. I was well known. Interdimensional Portal opened at that end of my house. It only opened or closed at certain times or conditions. I remembered waiting for it to open, in the company of two male friends, while examining my home and deciding if I wanted to live there.


As I floated up and out of my body at a 45 degree angle, I saw the rest of my Life Film. I was to live with a man I never met in my new time stream. I saw my armoire sustained some kind of damage and that man and I drove it back to Taylor's Antique Mall to have it repaired. At that time, I did not own that armoire. I later bought it at Taylor's Antique Mall, not remembering my NDE at all until several years later! My roof was repaired multiple times, and fell through last year. The armoire was moved out of the way! I remembered researching and rehearsing this role as me, many rehearsals we enjoyed practicing. The reality of being me has been absolutely dreadful. I would NEVER send my Child to such a school! It is abuse! I'm in shock my Soul traded my Soul energy for more time/Life. I hope to leave and never return again! I realized my Program had been corrupted and my life ruined. I missed Ellicott City. As a human being, I was surprised that every part of my life was written, scripted and rehearsed. I am deeply appalled. I decoded my entire Soul Script and can prove it.


A spacecraft or Space Station. It had a large theater with many seats, a bowling alley, a small museum of sorts. Stairwells, some smaller rooms, not clean. I saw some of my Teachers. No matter how diligently I try, I cannot see their faces. I remember they helped me plan my Life. It looked like both a Grid and Labyrinth, with little "Devil" symbols where he might try to trap me. I printed it out and practiced some of the scenes with two of my best friends. I believe they incarnated as my current brothers. My Goals were discussed. The board contained Holographic elements which extended upwards. We young Souls or Beings were delighted!



Certainly I recall many classes, in various subjects. My feeling was the Teachers were giving me opportunities to try different Life movie characters and experiences, to see where my personal talents and skills inclined so I could develop them. We were taught about Earth in particular, the Solar System. I was a timid child in love and raptures over the world around me. To think some Teachers" allowed me, the Human Being, to suffer an atrocious, tragedy-ridden life just beggeds belief! On the spacecraft I was shown a tall poster of a woman, which depicted where the implants would be located! If they are allowed to control the Human Form remotely, how is THAT holy? When I read the 5th Interview with Dr. Neruda on the Wingmakers site, I knew it was true. Dr. Neruda worked for A. R. Bordon (NASA's "Fifteen" ( highest rank) on secret projects galore! There were babies being grown in vats. I saw and remember it ALL! We studied the works of Thoth, the Atlatean scribe and drew diagrams of some of his descriptions of the Universe. It was and is my understanding the Creator God Yahweh created The Earth Game (Holy Scripture/Holy Script). Souls speak to me in the language of Souls. References to Yahweh are everywhere.



It was my proper "Time" but I was very upset I did not get to finish the painting of my daughters. A meeting was held with the ex-Military gentleman to discuss this. I had to trade with The Devil to re-enter the same Form in a co-existing Timeline. All of my obvious Prompts were supposed to be positive and good! They didn't just turn out negative and depressing, the people involved behaved in a bizarre fashion! I saw how my life was supposed to turn out -the entire program was corrupted! As a Human, I am so astonished and hurt at what was done to me to rip out of me the promised energy, so horrified, I knew nothing about Satanism, Mind Control experiments, "Magic" -which is really the mastering of Energy), using "failed prototype Humans" in experiments (that's how they described me!) I personally would never come back here. They showed me The Earth Plane as a green plane, not really a planet. Souls tell me they have no sense of time, cannot tell day from night and can't even see the Solar System! Yet that military person and some Aliens/ET helped my Being write up a new plan and "I" returned. When I refused to perform certain Satanic Rituals for Energy (I was a shocked Christian) the Military people were exceedingly angry, ripped my Soul out of body and threatened my life! Nasty ET, just Nasty. There were different types of ET on board the spacecraft or Station, all kind to my Soul, except one Snake woman, who was cruel and argued against my Being's desire to return. Stewart Swedlow's books describe these same people and Beings as being part of The Secret Government. I did not know this.


I saw and rehearsed scenes which played out, in the house I just left. I knew who was supposed to intersect with me. I became very psychic and received numberless dreams, usually Souls telling me what would happen in the future of or to my children, who was pregnant, who would get married. I saw multiple co-existing Timelines which were options, both positive and negative. These did not manifest. I saw Beings on a platform, tall, with an extension with a computer on the end, with a beings standing around it (Platform for landing craft far above same structure), filming my house and the streets and houses around it. They write scripts and create the films on a computer. It is all holographic, all of it. Humans are designed to see the Virtual Reality as 3D. I saw my house in the future, collapsed, not much remained. We had many such condemned houses in Mt. Winan, not far from my home. I have NO idea where that Being comes from in the Unum. Some Souls call me a Wayfarer. I have admiration for, and connections to, the Beings erroneously called The Anunnaki. I was an Igigi ( those who look far and see) - we are common in all worlds. I loved Prince Marduk, I saw him get married on a holographic movie, could have been The Akashic Record. Nibiru existed. Very lovely. The Royals looked somewhat Asian to me, not Reptilian! I have met Reptilian Entities and had no issues with them. There are Hybrids everywhere. I never once heard the word " Source." Every Soul is a power source!! Not a Creator God (Game Designer)! "As above, so below." Souls LOVE making movies and playing Games. This is The Polarity Integration Game. I reversed my Polarity, refused to make good on my offer of Light for Life, so have spoken with The Devil (Satan) four or five times. He calls me " Dust" or "Ape" or " Starfire." Souls are TERRIFIED of him. I'm sick of reading books and NDEs which declare there is no Satan, no Christ. I am a very hurt and broken-hearted Grammy and I tell you he exists and runs the Game to a certain extent.


I knew I had incarnated with a Life plan/Sacred Contract with preset Terms and Conditions! I remember. How can there be death? I can go out of body anytime. It is a shift to a higher frequency domain. My Human body has been sick for most of my life. I'd much rather be there than here! Satan can repair a lot of damage, but you will pay him with Light Energy! He programs people to have illnesses! Genetic engineering! I asked him to fix a condition I have no doctor could cure without surgery. He did it! And I paid for it, too! I know that every 111/2 years, following the cycle of the Sun, you will "give The Devil his due" just to game here. That's where the concept of The Wheel of Fortune derived. Humans know nothing about this! To is why bad things happen to good people. There has to be a balance of energies!


Yes, there are many, many Game Designers.


Yes, I relived them. Awful.


Yes, we are particles of God's Consciousness. Souls don't always go back to the Light! They do NOT like to incarnate. And The Masters will force you to, even though they are well aware Satan traps Souls all the times and downloads them into cruel lives which will give him negative energy after erasing the Souls' memories. I was shown a Two-faced chessboard, with a Black Tragedy mask on one side, and a white Comedy mask on the other. It revolves with the Sun. It is Positive Polarity Beings versus Negative Poarity Souls!! Cut throat! And movie-making. Strangely, but perhaps not surprisingly, my daughter and SIL are Reality TV camera operators.


Yes, learning, experiencing, growing, educating, performing, helping, making a contribution to The Earth Plane. I was shown a long, seemingly endless bridge made of books. My Teacher said,m" You are part of the Neverending story!"


And I sure would love to hear some explanations!!


However, once freed of my Form I felt saturated in it! I'm mildly autistic, so I never experienced such warm, vibrant living love!

Info_about_living_lives_com R


I came to contribute my art and writing, to improve my skills,mot help blind and mentally ill people, to work on Karmic issues, to work on issues relevant to helping the mentally ill, to have as many children as possible because I had advanced, superior DNA.


Shocking. Absolutely shocking. I have an ET Soul. Not very comforting.


I remember all events in detail. I have a near photographic memory.


I am even more compassionate toward my Fellows on Earth. We are grossly deceived.


Souls and their "Host Vehicle" (what a distancing, virus type way to view your physical body!) and Human Beings have vastly different agendas, hopes, dreams, desires. They try to seize control of us and even use their many Soul Friends to help them control the very Human they've infested at birth. The Game rules must change. The Human's needs must always supercede what an Invading Intelligence wants. Without us, they have no power on the Earth Plane. They must never be permitted to harm us intentionally. We have nothing in common with them. I would like them to go elsewhere. The Source did NOT create Earth Or Humans: It's Explorer Souls found early Man and thought we'd be a good Incarnational Vehicle. Ugh! And they are BUGS, Insectoid! No wonder they call us "Host Bodies!" They are performing in a school play, enforcing drama into our lives, for the sake of a GAME! Why am I the only person offended by this!?


I am a clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient Medium. I am always aware of past life memories and future possibility/probability Timelines. I am keenly attuned to Time a Shifts, Reality Shifts, Co-Existing Timelines, Timeline Editing/Parallel Lives, the presence of Ghosts/Spirits/Demons/Angelics. I'm a Remote Viewer and suffer disturbing episodes of Deja Vu regularly. I can remember entire episodes of rehearsals for this life and others. I communicate with Aliens and ET infrequently. I have studied, and put into practice, the methods taught by Stewart Swedlow. I now adhere and resonate with Hermetic Philosophy.


The beauty of Spirits, their sense of love and fun, their immortal love and connections they have cultivated over centuries. I saw a world invisible to me, right outside my bedroom window when I died! My roof just disappeared and I could see clear to my back bathroom!! Spirits were everywhere! Crystal Light, everywhere, everything! And finding out all animals have programmed functions, like Squirrels are spies and communications experts!


Until I am sure they are tired of hearing about it!


I read Raymond Moody's book years ago and found it credible.


Can relive it if I want to. It seemed far more real to me than this Reality.


Slightly unusual NDE, with common side effects of enhanced psychic skill set. Met Military man who brought my Spirit back into my Form. They are always interested in Psychics. Asked to PsiSpy for Military. They do not like loudmouth Grandmothers blabbing away online about the real nature of Souls and the ET/Alien Presence on Earth. My hard drive was stolen when I started uploading some of my experiences online. My life was threatened many times.


More appreciative of Mankind and how superior we are to most Souls, who are typically young and playing their version of a computer Game with Live Humans as Avatars! People have to believe me - my predictions come true!


More prayer and Meditation daily. Love Yahweh deeply. Seek to " lend to the hand of Jehovah."


In the past I Saw many clips of my future, other lives, Prompts, rehearsals, Astral experiences and never knew what they were! I have painted some of my experiences! I've kept diaries for 40 years. All these things came to pass.


I wish it had never happened. My life has been unpleasant, depressing, heartbreaking. I would never have asked to return. I just wanted a normal life and never got it. This experience only made it worse. Some Spiritual Transformation!


You've covered well all the strange, significant and important facets of these unexpected Spiritual Experiences.


I use it to comfort people who've lost loved ones, or to teach people "How Heaven Works."


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