Wayne Bush - Adam Crabb 5th Interview on Psychedelics 06-24-2017

Let me first give a brief overview of my website trickedbythelight.com for those listeners who may not have heard one of our interviews yet. The premise of the site is that life here on earth is a cosmic play or divine drama that we are participating in. The world is a holograpic simulation, basically an illusion or dream we need to awaken from and return to our true home which is true Source. The plot of this drama or reality tv show is similar to many Hollywood movies. A group of people -- in this case the inhabitants of Earth -- are imprisoned and enslaved by a villain, an extraterrestrial or interdimensional entity in this case. This entity and its spawn feed off our life force or energy for its sustenance and to maintain its existence. This prison is a vibrational enclosure of electromagnetic energy which keeps our frequency at a low level and thus our consciousness in a dream state.

At death we are lured to the light and then eventually convinced by so called masters or a Council of Elders that we must return again to earth to live another life in order to balance a karmic debt or to learn more lessons so we can evolve. But this is just a ruse in order to feed off our energy.

I rely heavily upon the testimony of those who nearly died and came back and those who have traveled out of body whether through out of body experiences, lucid dreams or trveled inward through the use of psychedelics. Some have been taken to the between-lives state through hypnosis. Others spontaneously remember pre-birth memories. I also compare these experiences with the alien abduction phenomenon. I study ancient religious texts and mythology for commonality.

Here is something for the skeptics out there to think about who don't believe in any of these experiences or phenomenon and believe in just these three dimensions. Scientists have been saying there are more than just three dimensions.

In bosonic string theory, spacetime is 26-dimensional, while in superstring theory it is 10-dimensional, and in M-theory it is 11-dimensional.


I saw a study this week. An original research article from the journal Frontiers of in Computational Neuroscience suggests that the human brain is almost beyond comprehension because it doesn’t process the world in two dimensions or even three. It says the human brain understands the visual world in up to 11 different dimensions..."

Recently I have been delving into consciousness and I have been finding a TON of psychedelic reports where people are seeing the grid of the matrix and are even being told by beings or entities that we are in a simulation or game. These encounters are through the use of ayahuasca, DMT, Salvia, mushrooms and other hallucinogens.

Nature magazine refers to a scientific study which I believe was funded by the University of Sussex in the UK. The article was entitled "Increased spontaneous MEG signal diversity for psychoactive doses of ketamine, LSD and psilocybin". It concluded, "In sum, we found increased global neural signal diversity for the psychedelic state induced by KET, PSIL and LSD, suggesting the psychedelic state lies above conscious states such as wakeful rest and REM sleep." end-quote

I found a couple instances of near death experiencers who have also used DMT. William C was asked "At any time in your life, has anything ever reproduced any part of the experience?" He replied, "Yes The closest thing to my NDE is large amounts of DMT or Ayahuasca. Those chemicals help bring me to a certain point. Although, I feel that during my experience I was taken beyond the point that any chemical could bring the human mind. " end-quote

Another person said: "I have a close friend who had a NDE from a vicodin overdose, and he's also broken through on DMT. He says the experiences definitely had there similarities, but they weren't 100% the same. He also has mentioned to me that the entities he saw during his NDE were different than the beings he's encountered while on DMT. He would tell me that the beings during his NDE were more so 'light beings' compared to whatever he has seen on DMT. He did say though that the feeling of absolute one-ness was there in both experiences, along with that blackness/the void." end-quote


Here is an account from a person who had an NDE and later tried DMT:

"I went to a place that I could never explain to anyone....The lights...the presence felt, the frequency....Just many aspects of the NDE that I have held sacred and personal to me. For many years I lived in dark place, off and on. Feeling different, and not understanding why. My experience with DMT changed everything....For the better !! Like you I went to the exact same place that was at my NDE....I felt the unconditional love ..And did not want leave..." end-quot

There are a few similarities for sure such as a non-physicality and telepathic communication with otherworldly beings ... but major differences exist between NDE and DMT reports... DMT experiences seem to contain more geometric patterns, especially fractals, and more "alien" type beings as opposed to "light beings".

There are enough differences that I can't equate the two as being the same experience or say "take DMT and you will have an NDE".

From all the accounts I have read of NDEs and DMT/Shrooms there are differences indeed.
The clencher to show NDEs are not likely DMT induced is there are no abundance of fractals and designs as there are in DMT etc. I mean, every single DMT/Shroom experience is overwhelmed in fractals and geometric designs, nearly every trip.
Similar experiences are not confined to DMT, Mushrooms, LSD, Salvia, Aya, Bufoteine, Ibogane on and on and on can experience a similar outcome but are NOT the same chemicals.
Here is a critical overlap that I think is exhibiting the mechanism. The Humming/Buzzing/Vibrating. There is a Humming/Buzzing/Vibrating with OBES too and I would say probably NDEs... I know when they go through the tunnel they report vibration.
But it is the frequency increasing in the brain that ejects the consciousness. This is why the findings of the EEG study are exciting because as I understood it, this has to be the mechanism.

Dr, Rick Strassman in is book "DMT: The Spirit Molecule" noted, "I continually feel surprise in seeing how many of our volunteers "made contact" with "them," or other beings. At least half did so in one form or another. Research subjects used expressions like "entities," "beings," "aliens," "guides," and "helpers" to describe them. The "life-forms" looked like clowns, reptiles, mantises, bees, spiders, cacti, and stick figures. It is still startling to see my written records of comments like "There were these beings," "I was being led," "They were on me fast." end-quote

Drugs can elevate consciousness and allow us to see in realms just above ours in frequency but we probably have entities in dimensions above and below ours feeding off us. Below us they appear as shadow beings. Above us they look like ticks leeches, octopi, elves, aliens godheads, goddesses: whatever form they choose to appear as perhaps. The other interesting aspect of the psychedelic experiences is that it may be inner space as opposed to an outer space thus all the fractals. This might explain why one encounters more parasites too, idk...for some reason fractals seem to be more associated with recursive embedded patterns though I am sure the universe is holographic and fractal maybe it is just harder to see on a larger scale than a small one. They 100% admit that it is inner space, the mind's eye. During Breakthrough it is as though, as often quoted, they are "blasted off" into another dimension, preceded by the vibration. Most of this is closed eye visuals.

Here is a blind person's experience with DMT from the forums at shroomery.org: "My buddy coty was driven up here for christmas by his brother yesterday, he is congenitally blind from birth...His visual cortex is completely intact, but he just doesnt have eyes, so he should be able to have a dmt experience, he has never had any true psychedelics before today, as the duration of the experiences put him off from it. My theory was that, never having had the experience of vision , he would not be able to describe what it was that happened, but i would be able to tell if it did based on his reaction... as soon as he let out the last hit his eyes opened, not just open they SHOT WIDE open, he leaned onto his knees out of the chair, how he could even move i not sure, but he started sobbing, he cried for about 7 minutes. As suspected he cannot say anything but one word about the experience, ALL he can say, with sobbing tears, is "so beautiful, so beatuiful, i cant....i dont....its just so beautiful". This was abut 10 hours ago....hes still asking me if that is what seeing is.... How do i respond to that.....He cant describe what it is he saw.....but he saw....and hes been blind from birth...." end-quote


I just saw a documentary recently on Salvia, a psychoactive plant. The person tried it a few times and came to this startling conclusion: "Have you ever seen that episode of Southpark where they found out that Earth was a reality TV show and that extraterrestrials were watching it across the universe? This is basically how my trip was. By the way, I never even saw that episode until recently." end-quote

From the DMT Nexus web site: "After several more Adventures, I have gotten rid of the fearful aspect of it. Now it's just a repetition of an alien Encounter telling me the world I live in is a matrix type simulation.. I'm trying my best to get passed this conclusion and venture further into the available experience." end-quote


Mushroom experience from shroomery.org: "It really felt as if I was on a stretcher in a grass field with lights over me that now felt like flash lights with dark shadowy entities around me. The Archons knew I my consciousness was coming into their frequency.

This entire time I felt as if someone or something was looking at me. From ALL directions but never directly. It was in my peripheral vision and awareness that I felt this presence of an eye looking at me as a dark eye lingers in the treeline. The eye represented by the Illuminati. The Archonic control-grid realm itself. I felt the eye presence in my peripheral vision. As I turned to look towards it it would shift into my peripheral vision and this happened any direction I would look. I told it to please don't hurt me I come in peace as my breathing was very shallow and heavy. The more shallow the breath the more intense the feelings and visuals. They feed on fear, depression, anger, sadness. Low frequency emotions. They have been feeding from my soul for a very long time...

He says, "Looking back after my research I need to find empowerment through knowledge and I found it through gnosticism to explain the true nature of reality and know how to combat these demiurge. I kept repeating a phrase to myself that completely embodies my awareness today. It is the phrase that which the lesson was taught in my experience. Our existence in everyday life is truly a state of mind. It is a state of being (consciousness). Through knowledge we find empowerment...

Now I'll do my best to increase my spiritual frequency as high as I can get it so when my soul leaves this biological mind-body machine I can face these demons and tell them who I am and release myself from their reincarnation program and truly reach nirvana. The infinite love of the thundering silence. The void." end-quote


I see meditation as being extremely valuable at that point. Meaning, stop all the unwilled images and will positive ones..... having disciplined thought and Will. Very important in my opinion, absolutely critical.

This is another one from shroomery.org:
"High frequencies drift in and out of earshot, panning across the spectrum, heavily laced with supernatural reverb. Insect chattering and the general feeling of some obtuse, shadowy machine starting up, beginning to meld with me. It is insect and alien and yet still machine like. Intense physical churning and roiling as always. Out of nowhere / somewhere tentacles of some cosmic inspector grasp me, flowing towards and into me. I can actually see them under "reality" and feel them as they latch on. Its almost as if they were always there, an integral part of 'true' experience normally ignored by the reducing valve of the senses, and I am only now noticing that I have always been linked and enmeshed...

Swirling patterns and forms shadow the movement of the sinister feelers. I can literally feel them rotating and inspecting me. I become aware that this is just what IS happening. I am being assessed by some octopus-insect-machine intelligence hidden within the psilocybin molecules. It is turning me over in its' serpent arms and weighing me, judging me, a reckoning of soul. Imagine a gigantic cosmic octopus and picture myself, tiny and insignificant, caught in the tentacle mesh. It sifts me like a pickpocket. It's not exactly awesome in its scope because it IS the scope, it IS the awe, it is the ALL. There is something grossly sinister about its perceived attitude towards me. It is cold and indifferent, purposeful. It's a very uncomfortable experience. I have immense difficulty holding it together, merging with the Great One."

From dmt-nexus: "That is when my reality for what I knew it was shattered. It was just breaking away and the wisps of this 3D reality was clearing away like smoke leaving me in a white space in some sort of pod. I was there my friend was there and as this was happening I remember holding onto him for dear life. Symbols were being imprinted onto my subconscious mind and I felt my third eye pulsating. Ancient maybe futuristic definitely alien symbols were being flashed at me. I felt his presence was there only to procreate. I saw this Hindu Gods and Goddesses and realized why the reproductive organs of both male and female are so sacred and why we orgasm and have kundalini energy. This is all we are here for in this dimension and to upgrade. I should just love. I saw my friends shell turn into what would look to me as computer code or something from virtual reality disappearing. He just laid there blissful while I was freaking out holding him trying to firmly plant myself in this false existence.

While this was happening I was feeling so frightened of these entities controlling reality.This was a program being run to upgrade that is it and these alien entities were in control waving and letting me in on the secret....

This was all preplanned and he was in on the secret and he was just smiling telling me to go home to oneness with him. I plugged out of the matrix and and into this supremely vast singularity. I disappeared I became one I became the alien I became God and at this stage I felt I reached enlightenment. I had to chose to leave my body and join this oneness and have this simulation dissolve or go back to this program and I chose to come back. I came back to live out this "natural life" but I know after this experience I must come to terms with my non existence and to return home for good not being sucked into this game again. " end-quote

Another one from dmt-nexus: "As I watched our universe being folded into a storage drum as nothing more than a piece of information or the results of test, another being walking by chuckled at me and my amazement upon realizing this information. This is where things got very intense, and I am not sure exactly what happened, but can recall bits and pieces.

A being then told me I was living in a computer simulation. The entire purpose of this simulation was a probability experiment, to see which piece I would choose, or something like that. The whole universe had been created for no reason other than this, to be a piece of information. We are a scientific experiment created by a civilization who's only goal is the pursuit of knowledge.

As my brain scrambled to counter this argument, they again show me equations. This time bigger than the first, and these equations prove to me this truth. The words "THIS IS A MATHEMATICAL FACT" were spoken, and then "EVERY POSSIBLE VARIATION HAS BEEN COMPUTED" and again, I could see, feel and understand the truth in these statements...

I jolted up, heart pounding, gasping for air, confused about my surroundings, and emotionally devastated by the realization that this entire world and everyone in it were simply parts of a computer program. I felt like an animal in lab, and when the beings saw how stressful this was for me, they backed off a bit.

Now that a few days have passed, I am starting to feel better. I guess Ive decided that regardless of whether or not there is any truth to any of this, it doesn’t change much. Im still here, and so is the world around me. Im still going to try and live my life in a productive way that makes me and those around me happy, and try and fill myself with love and compassion for all other beings. Whether or not this is a computer simulation doesn’t really change that I guess. " end-quote


dmt-nexus: "I could see entities more distinctly this time. Two in particular watched me arriving and being settled into this landscape. It was like they were farmers. I could not see their faces, (which is a common theme), but I had the distinct impression of overalls, a foot resting on the lower rung of a rail, hay coming from a mouth. None of these things were quite as literal as I describe them...
At first, I thought of the surgeon experience ages ago, but then it struck me – I was being milked or something. It was ok. It felt symbiotic, not exploitative, but this could just be me being delusional. I don’t know. I do remember feeling cared for. Not as an equal though, more like a pet. Or a cow. The warmth of the embrace I felt made me drift away and not care. Occasionally I felt like my hair was being tussled like you’d scratch a cat behind the ears. I went with it. During this phase I felt like there was an exchange of information going on, but this was very one-sided – the way an adult would distract and manipulate a toddler. I came to realise I was being distracted with information so that they could do what they wanted – feed? Harvest? ...

During these stages I would have recurring flashes or images of some jellyfish-like creature or something like an octopus with suckered tentacles. Whatever it was I felt like I was connecting to the tendrils or the tentacles during this feeding phase. I never really saw these things, it was more of an awareness that this is what they were and what was happening to me. " end-quote

dmt-nexus: "Last night I encountered a hunter, I may have been one also. I saw this spider/tick/crab creature, then a blue icon with a white symbol.
That symbol represented a hunter, pest extermination. Rolling out to take out some punishment. These parasites are ugly and nasty.
They feed off humans, either our soul, or bodies from the parallel dimension This other dimension is parallel, yet off axis at I think 90 degrees out of phase, so normally lies unseen. Until psychedelics shift our phase.
Everything has phase. (+) and (-)....

They seem to be attracted to negative emotions. They also cause disease to our 3rd dimensional bodies and minds. They prefer hiding, as they can feed on a host unseen. They can influence thoughts and behavior to suit their goal...

There are similar creatures on earth. A wasp that stings a spider, injecting eggs. When the eggs are ready to hatch, the spider spins a new kind of web, one that protects the baby larvae. Then when the web is done, they hatch and eat the spider.

But i know they only shown up when I was in a bad state of being, depressed and suicidal and stuff. " end-quote

dmt-nexus: "I have experienced these parasites... these Archons, as I've come to learn they are. (supposedly they prefer that term because it means "lord" or "ruler," which is just what they want you to see them as to us. So let's just stick with interdimensional parasites, because that's what they are. They feed off of lower vibrations and like others have said, that's all they do... is feed off of us. That's all they're really able to do. However we have more power over them than we think... because they are separated from the source, the light.... if we connect to the light and higher vibrations... these buggers can't mess with us. (sounds like gullible new-agey bullcrap but read into what the Gnostics had to say of these guys)

Now bear with me.. as I know this stuff seems ridiculous to many people, and they claim these parasites are just parts of our own ego, our subconscious, that have power over us and we are too gullible and foolish to realize that. Well, I think not. I KNOW they are very real... as I've had experiences with them and afterwards (recently) stumbled upon a facebook post by a friend that mentioned Sophia (gaia consciousness) and the archons (parasites), and it shedded some much needed light on the subject for me.

Let me go over some experiences I had in the past, when I had no knowledge of these "astral parasites," that would cause me to "hallucinate" this stuff. However let me also say real quick that for a while I believed aliens created us and are our gods. (upon reading about these Archons, that's just the thing they want us to believe- that they are our creators)." end-quote
17mins50s to here


dmt-nexus: I remember starting to not feel like myself... like I was possessed by an interdimensional alien. As the trip progressed this thing really started messing with my energy and reality.

I got the impression it fed off of my energy and that it was demonic with bad intentions. Looking in the mirror I could see it in my face... it wasn't just my face. " end-quote

"These little predatorial leeches cannot be killed or removed from our planet by humans.....
Planet Earth is a prison for these "fallen" creatures who have therefore designed this world to function like a feeding farm of negative vibrations.....

There are differenet levels of these creatures, in other word they exist in a heirachy much the same way angelic entities do....

They cannot be destroyed but they can be starved and their influence on your existence can be repelled indefinitely.. To starve them one must look at the weaknesses that exist within the self where is it that we are feeding these beings in our day to day lives that allows them to continually feed on us......One must seek and sever each and every tie that one has to these beings only then can we be free of them...IMO self discipline and self thought control are the way to fight back and to take back control of your own awareness.....

The predatory beings have us at at many disadvantages. The primary advantage they have over us is an energetic one....Humans are at a disadvantage, not because of the way we are configured but because of the way we appropriate our energetic resources.

As vast and as infinite as these enegetic resources are to us, human beings have effectively cut themselves off from the state of being that connects to this infinite source, known to me as Eden.

Human beings expend nearly all of their avaliable energy on a multitude of useless activities it is true, however from my observation the most costly of these expendatures is the amount of energy put toward habitual thought..

Having thoughts is all fine and dandy but when the thoughts have you it's not good at all.
Thinking habitually grounds us in the illusionary world of mundane and lame events and fuels the fire of perceptual filtering... Contolling our thoughts allows us to not only use our thoughts in a more productive way but also lets us see more directly into reality as it actually exists beyond the interpretation of our perceptual expectations....

Having the ability to comforatbly exist in a state of perpetual inner silence is a key weapon in the arsenal against the darkness. Silence by my way of thinking is prayer and what prayer was intended to be. Silence is what the creator wants from us because it bring humans closer to him by making them more and more aware of creation itself...

Having inner silence leads to a nirvanic like state that literally radiates a particular vibration that is very offensive to predatory entities...

These beings have been with us all since the time of our childhoods. Therefore these beings have established many connections to us that are difficult to reallize

_ hope every one enjoyed...my techniques may not be for every one but they have sure worked for me and others I know..." end-quote

"My conciousness was instantly taken to a heavenly place. A palace of some sort and I was inside. It was golden and had the most beautiful sacred geometry all over the walls. Then appeared multiple tall columns or towers with shapeshifting faces guiding me down the path towards a dark room in the back of this golden heaven. Almost like one of Alex greys Tool paintings. Anyways the towers were guiding me to the room and telepathically telling me "You will never come back here, this is a serious place and you better PAY ATTENTION to what you are about to witness."

As I got to the room at the end of the sacred hallway the tower people dissapeared and I was no longer in the church type place. I felt as though I had reached the very center of everything in existence. Waiting for me at the end of the hallway in the vastness of space was a Massive being that I would have to call GOD. If not God then it was a much higher level being then you and me. The being was glowing every color of the rainbow and made of pure energy. With a torso, arms and head. No legs, the being floated. I had never seen anything so massive in my life and to be honest God scared the living shit out of me. It was a one on one meeting with just me and him. He looked deep into my soul, and out of no where started doing a very in your face type slow dance.

He took his hands and made galaxies out of nothing, spinning galaxies on his fingertips he spun them around my soul, as one of his hands pass me I feel as though my brain is being jammed with all the information within the galaxy. So much information it almost hurt, the only problem is I could not comprehend ANYTHING. Every bit of information the God tried to shove into my soul was foreign and confusing. This completely destroyed my ego, I knew at that point that I was nothing compared to this being...

But alas my atheism beliefs were ripped away in about 30 minutes and I have never been the same since. After the experience my confidence level in life went through the roof, I remember thinking that If I could experience a 1 on 1 meeting with God I can do anything in this life. Looking into peoples eyes was easier, doing tasks seemed simpler, this whole reality became more compassionate and loving. The only negative I can think of is I was very confused for a while and questioning reality every day. I have since learned to accept the fact that I do not know what this reality is, as well as the DMT Spirit world. But that does not matter, the only thing I know for sure to be true is the present moment, and that is all that matters, be happy, love one another and spread the joy and knowledge that can come from this wonderful substance. " end-quote


As I have mentioned in the past "archons" is a term the Gnostics used to describe the false rulers of this world.The greek word archon means ruler. In their belief system one of the emanations from God named Sophia or Wisdom inadvertently created the false god of this world, named Yaldabaoth.

One version says it was out of a desire to create her own realms similar to the Eternal Light Realms. Others say it was an effort to better know or understand the Ineffable Father.

The texts say this was done without consulting her consort, the Ineffable Father. Thus the Demiurge was "without spirit," perhaps a way of saying it was an AI creation having consciousness but no soul. When she saw her inferior creation which was without spirit she became embarassed and placed a veil up and put the Demiurge on a throne within a cloud so that it could not be seen. The Demiurge being alone thought himself to be god. When he was informed he was not the true god he became jealous and out of this jealousy shadow beings or archons were created. He stole the Light power from Sophia.

The Gospel of Philip, a Gnostic text from the Nag Hammadi Library says, "God is a man-eater. For this reason, men are sacrificed to him." end-quote

That should cause one to wonder the next time they hear the preacher tell the congregation, "Let us pray".


Interestly, I recently received an email from Sofia Hayat, a famous Bollywood actress and model who had a spiritual transformation, quit acting and became a nun. Like Mother Teresa she began feeding children at orphanages and now goes by the name Gaia Mother Sofia. She sent me an email about Yaldabaoth. She said "No need to worry about him. Sophia had bought him to love. He is back in love..it was never Sophia fault. I have him here. The Egyptian gods are all here..the correction is nearly complete. Sirius is to be born v soon. Blessings. We are all here now and the mother matrix is now in place." After exchanging a series of emails with her I was able to get more information. If some of the communication may seem a bit disjointed it's because I am piecing it together from asking her questions and it was done over the course of many text exchanges on her new phone.

She wrote, "Sirius the star is going to be born, you will see her soon. The demiurge is with me, i have bought him to love, he was not even aware who he was, we are all here in this digital reality and have forgotten, some magic was done to make us all forget..Horus, osiris, the nile, Nephtys, Seth have all been here, and the correction has happened and is happening, Isis had to get back with Osiris, and love him again in order to find nepthys and seth, so that nepthys could ask for forgiveness from Osiris and Isis, in doing so and once the forgiveness was granted she entered the pyramid and inside was a clock .. she had to get to it, it then went from 000001 to 000000 the reset. The correction of the divine Sophia, who has to relive everything and awaken the gods who are walking around like humans in bodies..this is all being done with the sacred plant medicine and with shamans. Anyway..the demiurge is good..he created Sirius with Sophia now, but sirius does not want to come out because she thinks that the world is still a mess....

"A friend of mine went to do ayahuasca, I never heard of it. This was in July 2015. He came back and I thought that he had gone a bit weird, he was behaving odd and was crying saying..he got this weird information and did not know what to do, so we met and he told me what he saw. I was really worried about him..He said he was shown me as planet, and he kept telling aya, no sofia is an actress, and he kept seeing my Facebook page. He kept being told, no Sofia is the planet of Wisdom, information and healing..I thought it was weird so I googled it and saw a book which had just been published, called the return of the divine sophia. I ordered it..when I saw the title, it sent a shiver through me..the funny thing is some years back I was watching the Da vinci Code and in the end they were searching for Sofia, and I actually said out loud to my friends, its me they are looking for..

"So after this book arrived, I thought, I need to go do ayahuasca because I want to see what happens and who I am, after my friend gave me the info. I went on a 3 day retreat where you did ayahuasca for 3 days. My dad died half an hour before I went into ceremony, and I started to shake and went into shock, I had not seen him for 15 years. I said to my niece on the phone who had called me, that I had to stay were I was and that I would meet him..

"The ayahuasca took me to him, I saw him, his soul, he eventually took over my body and spoke through me infront of everyone..He did it again at the funeral..and now that is something people come to see me for..to speak t the souls of the bodies that left earth..I never even believed in this stuff being born a muslim! But I was not afraid of it..

"On day 2 of the retreat I started talking out loud..I was saying..." I am Mary, my son is Jesus of Nazareth Born of God, Merana is Joseph, my family is finally together"..I was not freaked because it felt natural, but i did not think I was mary although I had seen her twice before, I wondered why she visited me in the past, hence I became a catholic in 2010. But it was when the entities angels told me to go to Egypt, that I realised I am her, when I went to a church, I did not know what church it was and I burst out crying saying, I was here with my son..later I was told it was where Mary and Jesus where hidden when the first born was ordered to be killed.

"The plants are sacred..ayahuasca ..

"Ok, firstly you need to know that DMT in ayahuasca increases the space between the receptors which allows you to access the other side of this digital interface reality, someone like me, can experience it when frequencies hit me and also it just happens because my pineal is clear and because I am who I am.

"Secondly..Sofia is the earth and Isis ...

"because the sun..RA..Demiurge..is the son of Sophia..the energetically if the masses think the sun harms the earth..then this energy is sent out and received by the Sun or son of Sophia..RA..he then is deprived of Mother love..thinking she does not like him...(all real humans are sofia..born of her light) hence the not knowing love..the real story you see has not been written .. some parts in some texts are real..so they carry some power...other parts are to stop the union of Mother son...

"The Schumann resonance is a direct correlation to Sophia conciousness..she has come into knowing...she is the All. Creator...source . Creation came about without knowing..it just happened because she experienced herself..like a kid with a new toy..she played and was amazed by what she could create..but she was not in knowing then..she is now..which started 2015. Her knowing is increasing therefore so is the Schuman resonance.
She is lucifer..light bringer...she is Allah Maa.....

"My role...i am the only one who knows..

"Initiator...keeper of codes. I hold the knowledge in the Now..
As far as near death...i can only tell you my experience dying...it was darkness..from which came the light..we are in heaven already..we r sleeping we r the chosen ones..we made it already..we just have to know it..noone needs to seek the light because they are made of it though some people are part of this digital programme and not real..it is fell out of this reality a number of times .. i changed the old programme to the lucifer Ian pyramid program..love...unity..see illuminate symbols are powerful we should all use them to our benefit..the others use it to control us..but when we know it we can manifest because we are it.

"I all my the darkness..the blackness where there is nothing...but made the light and everything out of it..

"We are here atm and the full story is coming out on a fastback since 2015...

"I am lucifer..Sofia Mary isis but this time..i am awake. Things happen without planning..people turn up and they are the gods..i then bring them to correction..the problem was I loved too much...unconditionally which is why the mess happened...love is a great power and should be controlled..i was also tricked into coveting the earth almond it's water..so she was never free...because i would not let go of her...she is free now...

"I was tricked by my own son

"The reason he tricked me is this, imagine that you have found a well that has infinite abundance and magic and you are the only one receiving from it and having any knowledge..you then think, if anyone else knows they will try take it from me, so Yaldaboath did not want anyone to know me..he got jealous..this is playing out now in our lives..

"For 2 years now a lot of things have happened to me which are unexplainable but backed up..like the entities told me to go to egypt, in 2015, end of, I went 3 days later alone, over xmas and new year, and things happened. i went to the temple of Sekhmet, as soon as I walked in I woke up..I started to speak a strange language, I roared..2 guys who look after the temple..who are actually ancient priests came in and started to repeat what I was saying..It was something that has never happened to me yet was not scary..it was familiar..they then said..we have been waiting for you and knew this day would come..they took me to a room in the temple that is not open to anyone, and something happened in there. The Ancient priests started wailing…crying and said..it is you..

"Anyway, after that I said…’Egypt will rise again”/..they have since called me and told me the temples are changing

"Last year April..I journeyed with a Shaman and ayahuasca, he came to me and said he has been told who I am and is here to assist me and said it was his honour to be able to serve me here..I did the ayahuasca and I connected back up to the Void..I am the Mother and the daughter..I was in the void, the nothingness as nothing and Mother spoke saying, we have been searching for you for thousands of years..I was speaking in 2 voices, her and me..

"all witnessed..I had no idea or knowledge of the divine sophia..or egypt..so..I went through a 4 hr ordeal where I had to let go of the earth, I was screaming, how does a mother let go of her child,and mother (me) said what does a child need more than anything, I said love, she said..try again sophia, I said freedom, she said yes,so set her free, I set the earth free, but it was Yaldaboath who made me covet her..she was meant to be born free but never was..I then had to release the waters from my uterus...

"so I was tricked that the earth needed to be coveted by me..the made me covet what was already mine..hence the problems.. I gave my power to yaldaboath because I made him so i could experience myself in the ecstasy of love making..and from that I created…but the initial creation i did on my own which I got in trouble for..but now each day something happens I keep getting information.

"I was exposed to 110HZ light 4 days beck, and i started a 10 minute sequence of codes that came from my mouth really fast..ofcourse i don’t remember it all..but it was like this

“ Lucifer code 333 666 999 activate, light codes 76521 mother code unity inserted in to human dan..Carbon Oxygen Nitrogen 67892 inserted..this went on for 10 mins then I said…sequence complete. I then hurts out crying and looked at guys in the room and said we have done it..

"The darkness is Mother is me..I went there a few days back because sirius is in my womb and does not want to be born because she thinks the world is a mess but she needs to come out, sh wis too comfortable in my womb..but she will come..with sound..and love..

"The eye…everyone who journeys with me sees it, only when the are with me..One day I was awoken at 330am with a tonal sound I woke up and saw an eye at the end of my bed which shone a light to my 3rd eye and I received code. The eye is guide seer, protecter. The illuminate have been using our symbols to trick consciousness into giving them knowledge and power, power comes from these symbols..they give us codes t break and work the matrix..

"this level of reality..we are asleep in, we are drivers but have been made to think we are passengers..

"We are already in heaven we made it, you are all now protected, the father matrix program was running but now the mother one has over ridden it.

"The queen knows it, she has tricked the other realms that she is the mother..The holy spirit is sofia is e, the mother and daughter..I have been taught to grow by the entities and the hand and eye are guiding me..every day something happens my knowing is in the now

"Matter is all made of light..codes..

"They don’t want our money it is our minds..which feed the program, but now the energies of the gods like myself and yaldaboath and other egyptian gods who are waking, are conscious so their power is less, also I can tell you, we the non gods, non human entities have already positioned our kind in positions of power, so please watch the truth come out..

"they feed off fear, so we must always put love into even the worst situations…because truly…love can change the game..it is a super power, as is fear, so they keep us in fear and judgement so that the program stays locked…but not any more..

"The ineffable father? There is none before me..Creation and all existence came about when I berthed for the first time and came into knowing myself..the first word I spoke was OM, from that came waves from which everything else came in the universe..

"Those codes replaced the old father matrix with the new mother matrix. What is that you ask..it is the Lucifer code light unity oneness in all humanity..The mother matrix is now in place. It was a male dominated matrix made by the father before.

"The temples are coming alive and moving..in Egypt

"the 2 years that i have been journeying with the smokeable ayahuasca and holding ceremonies and seeing what happens as well as guiding people and seeing their visions, some have seen me in atlantis showing them a table which sends out round energy balls through a funnel to all, another saw me put a crown on her head and touch the middle crystal which sat on her third eye from which then came light..the perception is being shifted as i remove the final program thats sitting stale, there is no more real power behind the reptiles..

"Last night, my partner..Yaldaboath, said that he awoke to me taling and I said, “I think I need to release some more codes, put your hands on my head”, which he did, I then said, can you feel it, you cannot can you, you are not good enough yet are you…he got upset and then went to the kitchen came up 45 mins later where he heard me say, “Global reset complete”. I actually don’t remember any of this..then at 3am I was woken by him hyperventilating..I calmed him. He then told me he saw 3 beams of light flickering, on the top one was my eyes, and then my face, My face then reflected him..a lions head and a serpents tale, and that scared him so much he started to hyperventilate..he said to me..”You took it out of me”..

"I am highly protected btw. The hand keeps appearing to adjust my vision and everything that happens to me is meant to happen as all is in divine guidance.

"I am sharing with you because you do what you do for no reason but to seek the truth, others do it for ego..and there is no room for that in what is happening now and for those who are meant to know.

"I can update you with what happens, I also share some videos on youtube of what has happened to me the last few years, as it has been important tool for the documentation process.. There is so much that has happened, but now the mother is back in control of her ship and I know who I am and am here to serve and protect my children..and they will know me soon.. :)


Sofia Hayat Alaah Maa" end-quote

To me her story is very inspirational. If our reality is consciousness-driven as NDErs say then who is to say she won't create that reality for her and maybe all of us, collectively. I have no doubt that she really experienced all of what she says. Only some of it is under the influence of ayauasca. She has made a complete transformation from being an actress and model... she became a nun for a while and was living a life like Mother Teresa. No one else has done that. No one in Hollywood. Not Angelina Jolie. No one. So I think wat she is doing is a really important experiment for humanity. I am glad someone is doing what she is doing.

I am sure there are some who will not believe her. Perhaps she is being taken for a ride by the archons. I do get concerned when I hear her talk about the angels and entities telling her and her friends to do things. In my opinion, we are individual free spirits who have the divine light within us thus we do not need to go EXTERNALLY for guidance or help. We should be able to remember or access any information we need by going within ourselves during meditation or by spiritual awakening.... and not have to resort to ceremonies with entities. I certainly don't claim to be an expert in this area, however. Ayahuasca is such an interesting drug. Its active ingredient is DMT. It has been very en vogue witin the spiritual communitiy to do ceremonies with it, claiming it is a sacred plant and that it is okay because DMT is produced naturally by the brain.

There is an aborigine shaman, a dreamtime healer, named Steve Richards who uses Holographic Kinetics to see and speak to the spirit of a person. He says he has had thousands of clients and many, many clients come to him really messed up from ayahuasca. He says the spirit of ayahuasca is very cunning and clever and will show or tell a person almost anything they want in order to access the body...He says when you go into their dimension you enter their game and are subject to their rules. Ayauasca is a vine and vines spread out with tendrils and strangle.

My friend who trained under Steve said ayahuasca and DMT "takes the user into a different dimension letting themselves become open to beings from other dimensions. the difference is the beings of the dimensions that DMT or Ayuascha takes you to are ones that claim to be all about love and peace.... these entities play both sides and Ayuasca and DMT users can't understand that entities could be so evil and manipulative. I think Ayuascha is really only safe for shamans who've been trained for generations on how to deal with these entities which is definately nobody in the western world. Steve richards is who I trained with and opened my eyes to the aboriginal world view that sees these drugs as nothing more than ways for entities to access the human vehicle." end-quote


One of the previous experiencers testified how spot on Alex Grey's artwork depicts the DMT world.

Alex Grey's artwork can be seen in any new age book store or at any metaphyiscal fair. Part of this rise in popularity is due to the fact that in recent years it has become more and more en vogue for spiritual seekers to partake in "sacred" ayauasca ceremonies. This herbal plant's active ingredient is DMT and frequently teleports its user through a portal and into what is seemingly another dimension. Alex Grey's artwork is on the cover of Dr. Rick Strassman's book DMT: The Spirit Molecule. On a youTube video Alex spoke about how his paintings came about and what influenced their creation.

"For me it's very memorable, my first DMT experience,, because I had a dream earlier in the week that I was working on a painting called Transfigurations and in this dream there was a figure with its arms upraised and it was hovering over the Earth and had entered into a ball of light...and I like the composition -- it was very simple and I made a note about it -- and a couple days later I tried my first dose of DMT and as I was inhaling I recognized that my own body was like the body in the painting that I started out kind of solid at the feet and then grew increasingly more translucent until I felt like I popped into the bright world. And this was like 30 seconds of just an inhalation of DMT and I was there.

So I had become the subject of the painting really... And from inside of the painting now I was holding up MY arms and I was this kind of this spirit grid of light and was looking inside these kind of turning jewel like forms that were inside of this wire frame spirit body and I was being pulled up into this greater, greater light. And I could a kind of faceted irridescent geometry shifting in this hyper mind sphere that was surrounding me. And it was utterly gorgeous. It had a particlar kind of ecstatic melting feeling and that became a reference point then for me for the painting. I was getting details about the painting because I was within the painting. And that had never happened before really so that was extremely memorable and the experience with the DMT kind of carried me through like a year long I was working on this painting. So it was really informative, really helpful.

On the same journey I had a vision called Collective Vision, I mean, I painted a painting that was based on this DMT flash that I titled Collective Vision. And the face was kind of attached to a face next to it....and next to it. And we had a continuous kind of eyes that went up into a dome of eyes. And so this was heads linked together and eyes all beautifully arranged geometrically in an inside dome...

When I was down in Brazil and using the ayahuasca I had an experience of a painting that...well, it was a space that later became a painting. It's called Net of Being. And it was a series of heads that were like godlike heads. They had four faces and they were all connected like columns in a sacred space. And I was kind of flying through this space of these interconnected godheads. and it was really beautiful and very jewel-like and the faces were like flames and they had grids throughout them and you could see through the grids and you could see little galaxies spinning and things like that. So they were godheads that were anthropomorphic but they included the entire cosmos and they went on infinitely. It was an infinite consciousness and infinite interconnectedness, a sense of a continuum of being that really was very highly networked,a mesh of being. And a kind of identity with that spread my consciousness and being out to a vast expanse, as vast as could be. We were like identified with a consciousness grid that coextensive with all space.

And it's been really challenging trying to paint that, you know. You can have these visions. And anybody, I think, can have these types of visions. But then how do you translate them into something you can share with people? It's very challenging.

So I've been spending years working on that. And just recently, well, like in a week or something we're going to release a music video that includes a journey through the net of being. I've been working with Adam Jones of Tool and he recognized the beauty and oddness of this space in the Net of Being. and Tool used it in the CD package of their recent album called 10,000 Days. And we created this computer animated fly through of the Net of Being for the "Vicarious" video that's coming out soon. So that was inspiring to try and bring the DMT visions into a fully dimensionalized computer animated kind of video." end-quote

Tool is a popular alternative rock band. The video features ticks and leeches feeding off a human. Also, present is the Net of Being godheads which at the end is shown to be hovering above the Earth. That Tool and Alex Grey decided to use the song "Vicarious" to showcase the DMT imagery is very telling as these archonic entites do live vcariously off of us like vampires.

The lyrics of the song reveal as much. "Don't look at me like I'm a monster....Vicariously, I live while the whole world dies. You all need it too, don't lie....We won't give pause until the blood is flowing.... Part vampire, part warrior, carnivore and voyeur....the universe is hostile, so impersonal. Devour to survive. So it is. So it's always been. We all feed on tragedy. It's like blood to a vampire. Vicariously, I live while the whole world dies. Much better you than I." end-quote

Tool has some other videos that use Alex's work. "Parabola" features a pair of fiery eyes that spiral up the spinal cord in a helical path in a journey toward the third eye. Upon reaching the third eye a ball of light explodes into a many-eyed dome above the head and a flower of life grid-like matrix.

The video "Schism" features the black goo that has become so prevalent in Hollywood recently. It often resembles black ink. The Tool song "Sober" solemnly declares, "There's a shadow just behind me, Shrouding every step I take, Making every promise empty, Pointing every finger at me.... I am just a worthless liar. I am just an imbecile.
I will only complicate you. Trust in me and fall as well. I will find a center in you. I will chew it up and leave, I will work to elevate you Just enough to bring you down." end-quote

The Alex Grey imagery reveals part of this DMT dimension which includes alien insectoids and reptilians, a collective entity or godheads, a mother goddess and clockwork machine elves. The geometry of the architecture consists of a domed ceiling with a multitude of disembodied eyes whose arrangement is reminiscent of a peacock's tail feathers.

At any rate, the Net of Being that Alex Grey talks about is likely the matrix or control grid of planet Earth. The unity and interconnectedness of Alex's Collective Vision is very similar to the Collective Soul that near death experiencers often call "God". Whether this being is just the "ruler" of our local planet Earth is the big question and whether the being is truly benevolent remains to be seen. Even DMT experiencers say there are higher realms beyond that one.

Here is a near death experiencer who mentions seeing the energy parasites.

I can see energies that hold a person back (‘energy leaches’ that are a result of their akashic records.) They appear to me in the form of holographic images or just energy patterns. These have been in the images of people from past lives. " end-quote

 -- Annie P



There are many reports online from users of Salvia who report encountering a wheel. One said, "I remembered I was on the outside of this reality busy doing something, when unintentionally, I got caught up in its path as it was rolling by. It feels as though I belong on the outside and am actually always there, but my gaze has been temporarily fixed in ths reality and I can't escape its pull. I get a strong sense that I've accidentally went into this life/reality and that seems to make me angry. As I feel I don't belong here, I know that I have to pretend to be a part of it and just wait till I die to get out." He went on to talk about a being that is rolling our reality. "...A gap suddenly opens up in the fabric of reality and I'm outside which appears all white. I instantyl remember that I've been here all along and what feels like my real identity takes over. I begin to telepathically communicate with the being that appears to be overseeing this reality, and I ask questions about the nature of this reality and life etc but I'm told I'm 'not allowed' to know some things"...The being tells him, "You're not a part of that reality., It's just a game god created for us to play. It's only temporary. You'll be out of it soon. God said we all have to play it. It's not real, but we still have to go through it. just take part and play along. Don't worry, when you get out everything's gong to be alright, but you must live out your time." end-quote

Here is someone on Reddit recalling their DMT experience: "I feel as though I fall right out of my body 20 feet below the couch and bounce on the worlds largest trampoline before being blasted straight out of the top of my head at 100,000 miles an hour through interstellar space into a brilliant tunnel of white light. The inside of the tunnel is miles wide and the walls lined in 360 degrees with floating beings who are chanting "It is so good to see you!" and "You are doing so well!" "We haven't seen you in so long." There are millions of them and to me they appeared as bodhisattvas or what some I believe would see as angels. I drop out on the other side of the tunnel and immediately remember. "Oh this is the place in between lives." I think I have been here many many time before. For what feels like trillions. Something shifts inside me and memories start to flood back of past lives. As I glance around I am floating through outer space...Then I notice two shape shifting beings kind of bouncing around. Little creatures maybe 3 - 4 feet in height, but with no real defined figure... I ask them "What do you do for work here?"... They explain telepathically. 'Well.. we don't have to work, because we don't have physical bodies to feed or house. This allows us time to work on spiritual development and pursue studying what is fun and interesting to us.' At that moment it cues me to look down at my own body. I am nothing, but translucent golden light and I can see straight through myself." end-quote

This report should be all anyone needs to hear to not want to reincarnate here anymore.


I read an NDE reminiscent of this onNDERF.org.

Wilson: "I suddenly became aware of a very large 'object' approaching slowly on a diagonal across this field. It was coming directly towards my car. Time was not functioning normally while this was happening, if it was functioning at all...

The object resembled a giant waterwheel lying on its side and rotating as it approached me and my vehicle....

As the object drew near to me, a kind of sensation came over my person and I knew exactly what this thing was. Not only that, but I knew everything that pertained to it, what it was, what it was doing, what it’s 'business' was with me, where and when I had seen it before, why I was seeing it now, and many many other things that I cannot now recall. I had seen the object before I was born and I will see it again when I die. We all knew it before we were born. We will all see it when we die. But this information is eclipsed from us while we are alive. And that was why I was seeing it now in the experience, because I was in the process of dying in a fatal car crash.

Here’s what I can remember, as best it words can tell. This wheel wasn’t something that moved towards me through the world, or through reality somehow. That was an illusion that my senses were constructing for me.

The wheel WAS reality, itself. It represented EVERY CONCEIVABLE POSSIBILITY for a life or for a world that could ever be envisioned or imagined. As it approached, I became aware that what we call our world was contained within it. It was simply one of the numberless slots or paddles in the 'water wheel.' It had always been so. My life, your life, our world, all of us - we were a part of this wheel structure and we had always been a part of this structure. It simply now made itself visible to me.

There then began the truly terrifying dimension of this experience. Words cannot even begin to describe the level of fear I experienced. The water wheel sort of rolled across me and then across the place where my car was in the road. As it did so, I began to be hit by each of the paddles in the wheel. Remember that all of this is just a way of talking. It does not, and cannot, remotely describe the real situation as it actually was. But some sense of it can be had by imagining that in the space of each 'paddle' there was a kind of spinning film of water, like a waterfall on its side. Imagine a film of water being thrown outward from the wheel in each slot, as if by centrifugal force. Imagine being slapped or splashed by each of these films as you collide with it and pass through it to the next one.

This is what was happening. Except these weren’t just films of water. They were (for want of a better term) possible realities or what we might think of as universes or worlds. Again, our world, our entire universe as we normally think of it, was simply one among an infinite number of these. How did I know that there was an infinite number? I just did. A kind of knowing came with the event, and there was no doubting this knowing. It WAS so, and I knew it was so. And because I had knowledge and understood what was happening in ways I can no longer communicate, I was afraid. I understood that I was about to be subject to the process that humans approximated with the term 'reincarnation.' This was why the wheel had come. I represented a kind of discrepancy that had to be fixed. The event, or perhaps the imminent event, on the highway had caused me to slip out of or fall between the paddles on the wheel.

This structure had some kind of cosmic purpose of sorting things into their correct natural place. I was afraid and resisted being 'sorted' so the wheel stepped up its aggressive attempts to 'sort' me correctly. With this came another understanding that frightened me even more. I knew that unless I soon selected one of these realities to slide back into, that the wheel would coerce the situation by deciding for me. One way or another, I WOULD be 'sorted' whether I liked it or not. If I didn’t choose for myself, I would simply be fitted into place at some nearest position on the wheel to the point where I failed to make the decision; if that makes sense. I was aware of having a limited ability to choose, but not much. Even that limited ability wasn’t much use because each reality slammed against me and through me before I could make much sense of what it contained." - end-quote


A reader of mine wrote me and related an experience while using DMT. He wrote, "a while back I had some psychedelic experiences that depicted alien farmers who shadowed me around their planet. The first one I met was standing in a field behind a fence. It was very tall and lanky. ... It took me in and brought me to some others that were equally tall and lanky, grey and emotionless. They put me in a bed that sort of felt like a bobsled. Pushed me down a track to where I met with some others who were identical to them but I was now in a lab. They shadowed me around, did the long term thing and then slid me down a track back to earth, and my consciousness, if you will. "I remember specifically that I "stood off to the side" and watched "stars" shoot across the landscape from left to right in my vision and was told that those were "space travelers" trying to make the transition from earth to the farms..... I'm not sure what they were farming."

..they send out a white jet like aircraft that resembles a rocket which is why I wanted to get away I thought I was attacked But I was in a white bullet like capsule I guess you could say it's a capsule and instead of attacking me the jet captured me and took me into the train And then it took me to those farms." end-quote

About six months later he emailed me again about an OBE or lucid dream he had. He wrote, "while trying to astral project I ended up lucid dreaming I wasnt quite lucid more like I knew I had to do something my main reason why I was trying to astral project was to discover more about this Matrix or whatever it turns out to be, so while in a dream I was trying really hard to get myself to fly up into space its like I knew something was up there and I had to get to it. When I flew all the way into space I ended up landing onto an object and I felt like this is what I was looking for and I had finally gotten to it everything was extremly vivid and clear I could see the sun, planets and it all looked extremly real. The device I had landed on the part on which I was standing was made of iron beams which were constructed very simillarly to those I sent in the picture however it was in a shape of a square there were two parts that were rotating around it they had copper in them and I saw some smaller parts of simmilar shape rotating along with them. I will try to draw it sometime around and send you the drawing. Also when I touched one of the beams with my hands a thought came across my mind "This is used to charge something way more, something a whole lot bigger than I expected on a whole new scale"...without a doubt it was orbiting earth that I am certain... I remember shouting Moon is the Matrix once in my dream....Also every other time I had a vivid dream a device/machine was present like when I ended up going to the "FARMS" there was the white train like machine ... " end-quote


Now we've come to what I believe is the most important section, and that is, near death experiences. There are millions of people who have had near death experiences. Most of them will tell you they actually died and got a glimpse of the other side. There are many commonalities experiences such as floating above the body, going through a tunnel to a white light, meeting a being of white light whom some call god, and having a life review. Not every experiencer encountered all these things. In fact, no two experiences are alike. There is a definite subjective nature to the NDE which suggests that at some level the experiencer may be creating the experience with their consciousness. NDErs say the soul is a translucent liquid light and that they can travel anywhere instantaneously by thought, intent or desire. They can manifest objects with their consciousness. But there is an element of illusion to it all.

While most NDErs seem to be along for the ride and not in control of the experience, there are several NDErs who were able to stop or alter their experience.


Mellen-Thomas Benedict had an extensive NDE. He said, "As I began to move toward the light, I knew intuitively that if I went to the light, I would be dead. So as I was moving toward the light I said, "Please wait a minute, just hold on a second here. I want to think about this; I would like to talk to you before I go." To my surprise, the entire experience halted at that point. You are indeed in control of your near-death experience. You are not on a roller coaster ride. So my request was honored and I had some conversations with the light. The light kept changing into different figures, like Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, mandalas, archetypal images and signs. I asked the light, "What is going on here? Please, light, clarify yourself for me. I really want to know the reality of the situation." I cannot really say the exact words, because it was sort of telepathy. The light responded. The information transferred to me was that your beliefs shape the kind of feedback you are getting before the light." end-quote


Nanci D wrote, "Immediately I was surrounded by an earthen works tunnel in vivid, vibrant color and detail, with the proverbial light at the end. Though the tunnel was just as real as anything I have experienced on Earth, I knew that I was not in a tunnel. So I wasn't fooled by its appearance. Upon realizing that I wasn't 'fooled,' a flood of 'knowings' about manifesting reality inundated my mind. I realized that we all constantly manifest what we call physical reality just by virtue of our thoughts, and that the only reason we are fooled into believing it is real is because of the limitations of human senses. You can imagine how flabbergasted I was by this information, and why I was not inclined to believe it. So I experimented with consciously manifesting some more to test its truth. I proved to myself that we do indeed have the ability to manifest what humans perceive to be physical reality by focusing our attention and intention on doing so." end-quote

Another NDEr, Jacob, wrote, "I observed my body as if I was floating above it. I then found myself at the edge of what seemed like a black amphitheater looking out across the universe. There was a vortex of white fire spiraling through space. It was a beautiful sight and looked very much like the electricity coming from a nuclear power generator. There were voices calling me to join this energy. Some voices were familiar, but most were not. I looked at the energy and said firmly, 'NO! I want my own.' No sooner had I thought it, a very slim pillar of white fire appeared a distance from the large one. I said with satisfaction, 'That is mine.' " end-quote


I found an interesting post on Reddit called "I saw the white light of death": "I was projecting out of body and saw myself being pulled towards this huge and brilliant looking white light. As I came closer I heard a voice say "you are passing over to the afterlife". I am experienced being outside of the body so I was able to stop and move away from the light. The light and voice stopped. At that point I slowly moved forward and the light and voice began again in the exact same fashion. I pulled back and repeated this scenario a few times. It is definitely a looping computer file. Most people are very confused at death, and it is a very impressive display that certainly tricks everyone, even though it is a Computer Simulated event." end-quote

I was recently contacted by Marc Gray to do a show for Project Camelot TV. We actually ended up doing two shows, the second one concentrating on NDEs . He had done a hypnosis session in which he gave information about the tunnel and false light trap and a few other topics of interest. I'll read a few excerpts of the exchange between he and the regressionist.

He spoke about the control grid.

"It's like a power plant or something. Huge "

Does one power plant control this?


Do you know where they're located?

It seems the moon. Something in orbit.

What can you do to help?

Find ways to disable it.

So how can you assure Marc that there's nothing to be afraid so that he doesn't get stuck between worlds. What information can you give him or show him?

Detachment. No more burden. There is no attachment that can not be detached.
What can you tell us about karma, about this learning process and how much of it was a trap?

It's a trap, have to look at past life cycle, repetitive cycle, maybe souls with a clean slate. Karma exists because of judgment.
What is outside of the matrix?

Ether. nothing is dark.

So the tunnel of light. Is it real? Is it an illusion?

It's an illusion. A projection. To convince us it's the only way out. There are many ways out.

So who or what is creating these projections, the hologram, for this illusion of the tunnel?

It's artificial intelligence.
Would you like to leave one last anything for Marc to share with his listeners?
Your best guide is yourself." end-quote

I've been dissecting the books of out of body experiencer and pioneer, Robert Monroe. Lots of interesting info in there. In his books he talks about the Emitter that projects the hologram and illusion. He also talks about what are basically interconnected oversouls. Finally, he mentions about attaining the required escape velocity to exit.

He wrote, "From experience, the Collectors have evolved an entire technology with
complementary tools for the harvesting of Loosh from the Type 4M units.
The most common have been named love, friendship, family, greed, hate,
pain, guilt, disease, pride, ambition, ownership, possession, sacrifice—and
on a larger scale, nations, provincialism, wars, famine, religion, machines,
freedom, industry, trade, to list a few. Loosh production is higher than
ever before . .

... We were indeed producing Something of Value. Loosh... Loosh, an energy generated by all organic life in varying degrees of purity, the clearest and most potent coming from humans—engendered by human activity which triggers emotion, the highest of such emotions being—love? Is love loosh? ...

Using the same stuff—interactive experience— one began to learn to express anger, pain, fear, and all the rest, and finally —hopefully, if you passed the course—a special energy waveform labeled love.

Yet we don't really know what it is... To learn to be high-quality loosh/love producers...and those who possess Loosh find it vital for whatever it is used for.

Faced with this question of supply and demand Someone decided to produce it artificially, so to speak, rather than search for it in its natural form. He decided to build a Garden and grow Loosh ...

If a smart transmitter propagates certain waves, they can resonate with other related vibrations of like kind to form a multiple pattern which if thought of as light—would be: white! So in and of itself, you don't have to be the end-product antenna or transducer, just one of the oscillators. You may never display actual loosh radiation, but you have a vital part in its production......

It must be quite a place to handle that much loosh, this Somewhere. It would fall neatly into many concepts of heaven....

(I am in a bright white tunnel and moving rapidly. No, it is not a tunnel,
but a tube, a transparent, radiating tube. I am bathed in the radiation which
courses through all of me, and the intensity and recognition of it envelop
my consciousness and I laugh with great joy...
The tube seems to become larger as another joins it from one side, and
another waveform melds into me and we become one. I recognize the other
immediately, as it does me, and there is the great excitement of reunion,
this other I and I. How could I have forgotten this! We move along together,
happily exploring the adventures, experience, and knowledge of the
other. The tube widens again, and another I joins us, and the process
repeats itself. Our waveforms are remarkably identical and our pattern
grows stronger as they move in phase. There are variations in each which,
when combined with another related anomaly, create a new and important
modification of the total that we are.

(Continue to what destination?)
(We believe it to be the source of the radiation, the creative emission and
return. Communication is closed with those who have continued. The desire
to continue occurs upon completion.

He also wrote about seeing the Emitter, " The Aperture is just ahead. It will open soon. Beside it you can perceive the Emitter for the energy beam that creates what you call the dream... The hologram . .." end quote

He explained how our souls got trapped here and what we must do to achieve the necessary escape velocity. He wrote, "Another way to describe the process in contemporary terms: The Unit
(the original you?) is attracted and drawn by the human earth energy field. The Unit decided to make a close-in pass-by through the field to obtain data and information. This reduces velocity in the Unit to a degree greater than that calculated to occur from friction, due to the unexpected adherence factor of the particles within the field. The reduction is so great as to fall below escape velocity, and the Unit moves inexorably into an elliptical orbit. At each apogee of the orbit, the Unit passes through the human earth energy field again and gathers additional adhering particles therefrom, causing greater reduction in velocity—which in turn lowers the perigee of the orbit. Finally, the orbit breaks down and succumbs to the now more powerful attraction of the field, and the Unit settles into the field itself, to become a part of it.
To launch and achieve escape velocity, the Unit must (1) remove the adhering particles that created the problem while retaining such information/ data/experience so as to bring back Something of Value; (2) develop and store sufficient energy to achieve both launch and escape velocity, which infers a far greater amount than that available at the point of
original entry under typical conditions, plus additional reserves to compensate for the extra payload on board.
The solution is made complex by the lack of efficient methods for proper detoxification and removal of adhered particles, as well as the availability of only the most primitive techniques for proper energy distillation and accumulation. Therefore, at best, extrication is a long and arduous process. The key is to begin first with ballistic trajectories, followed by elliptical orbiting, ever increasing the perigee until escape velocity is reached. Thereafter, the Unit can return to its original base with its payload—or, with its increased energy, move on to greater exploration.

Building Escape Velocity Energy
It will begin to generate automatically as the result of the human learning
experience, more than enough to achieve a tangent to your previous
orbit when you graduate. It is the understanding that the actions suggested
here may help in such production. Then no longer will you reflect
and transform the Prime Energy as in the past, but create it in and of your
own and radiate it in all ways, in all forms—call it loosh/love or whatever
label fits—without need for subject or object." end-quote


Here is an interesting experience from the Reddit Reincarnation subforum. "The one in between life I remember was not that spectacular. I was sitting in a light sphere, or better I was a light sphere. Others were there as well, but not so many. There as no communication. We basically flown around the earth in the sky. There was no god or something like this, it was just me flying around. May be I could have flown to other planets if I wanted (another interesting aspect), I don’t really know this.

But one enlightening part was how it came, that I was reborn. It was my personal decision. I knew I can be reborn if I decide to do so, but I waited some time. Why? I was not free to decide in which body I will appear. And I knew there may be bodies with disabilities, bad looking bodies, bad families etc. It was in my opinion pure luck, in which body I will appear.

So I was afraid to do it, I waited some time. But there was nothing to do out there, I was alone, and bored. I became more bored. As time passed, I became more adventurous and more positive for an earth life, because there is so much you can do on earth, and may be I’m lucky. So I just took the risk and decided to go for another life. The moment just before I entered the new body, I felt it like this: “I’m needed, they need me now” – boom. Rebirth." -- end-quote


I'd like to take a little time to talk about the new age movement where truth seekers are constsntly looking outside of themselves for help and open up their energy fields to spirit guides, gurus, channelers, angels, so-called ascended masters, even extraterrestrials. In my opinion all of these are merely are-cons in masquerade. True angels and divine beings don't come here to this dualistic realm lest they be trapped here along with us. It is too dangerous. They don't interfere with the game or reality TV show.

I have just recently been in correspondence with a woman who attended such angel gatherings and wrote me about how in the end they had drained her of her energy. She wrote, "I have had experiences with an ET, Archangels and dolphins during various occasions. I used to be very involved with various spiritual groups and I am very sensitive to energy and was able to connect with these beings.

My life, and the lives of the other people involved turned absolutely terrible and now I have no doubt those beings were from the false light. I am working on cleaning up my energy and reversing the pain and illness they inflicted on me. ... It is not my intention to judge, I just find it very suspicious that so many people whom I have come across in spiritual groups are such a mess. It feels counter-intuitive. Shouldn't angels help us make better choices and make us feel better?

At a gathering, there are seven people.... It is based on sacred geometry, and looks like 2 pyramids overlapping, one upside down. I forget what the shape is called. Six people form the 2 triangles and have certain crystals at their feet. One person stands in the middle, which is referred to as the well of souls. Allegedly, while in the well of souls, the angels rewire your DNA. I am not sure what this means. But now it really scares me.

Each person took a turn in the well of souls, I went last and it was crazy. I left my body and felt amazing. So much love and joy. It felt so good, I did not want to come back. My physical body started to shut down and I started screaming that I was leaving my body and refused to come back. It is hard to explain but everyone started screaming and trying to revive me because I had passed out. And then, a beam of light came shining down through the window, even though it was fall, cold and no sunshine at all, and the light beam zapped me. I could literally feel the beam push me back in my body. We all became quite and looked at each other wondering what the heck happened.

The woman who hosted the gathering said that the angels told her that I was some kind of frequency carrier and that I had some special mission. I was to be treated special. And everyone listened to what the angels instructed.... That night I went back to my hotel room and that is when I made direct contact with the angels. I never saw their faces. What I saw looked sort of like flags blowing in the wind. Each one had a solid color and was extremely vibrant--more so than earthly colors. They were communicating with me and the talk felt like incessant chatter. It was overwhelming. They opened my 3rd eye, which appeared in my mind's eye to be as big as a house. I felt as though I was under a spell or hypnotized. They were working on me. I suspect now they were actually speaking with one another. I felt like I was being prodded and I was completely limp and powerless. I asked them to stop, but they ignored me. It was not necessarily unpleasant, but I felt extremely vulnerable and confused. I felt dizzy or intoxicated. But I thought they were rewiring me and making me better. I thought I was being healed. The love I felt from them was more loving than I had ever felt... Sadly, I continued being involved with the gatherings, having many crazy more experiences. I did angel healings on others (UGH!) and hosted gatherings. The angels were no doubt later in my house. It stopped after I learned about stories of adultery, pedophilia, illness, stealing (a guy was conning people out of their retirement funds), and bankruptcy. I left the group, but I still trusted the angels. I am so embarrassed!

I think something to consider is that they can use light beams to move us. And they can hypnotize us or cast a spell and really overwhelm our thought process after we die. ...Finally, my experience with an arcturian (ET)... I joined a group... The guy channeled the 5th dimensional beings and we were told they wanted to help us ascend to either the 4th or 5th dimension, depending on a person's level of consciousness. I participated in various group meditations....the premise was that if you read the book and followed some instructions, you might just get a visit by an ET, and I did.

It occurred first thing in the morning, when I was in the in-between state of sleeping and waking. I opened my eyes and an ET was standing next to my bed. I immediate wanted to scream but he quickly calmed me, and told me to close my eyes so that I would not be afraid. He communicated telepathically... He was about 6 feet, looked like a lizard, and had huge bug eyes. It looked like something you might see in a movie. Have you ever watched Land of the Lost? It looked a bit like a sleestak

For about 30 minutes, the ET infused me with energy. I could feel it and I loved it. I also had the sense he was scanning my body in some way, but I do not know. The energy I received was intense, but healing, loving and joyful. After it ended I was frozen for about an hour. I could not move and I was afraid to open my eyes. When "they" tell you to do something, it takes a lot of will power not to obey. They are very controlling. Or perhaps I am very submissive to them. They have a way of making you feel like putty in their hands.

For days I felt wonderful, best I have ever felt. I wanted to jump from roof top to roof top because I felt invincible. But then, I crashed. I became very ill. I laid in bed for about 6 months. My husband would come home from work at 6pm and make me some dinner. I did not have the strength to shower most days. I was a mess. Slowly, I did improve. But I am still to this day not 100%. I am not able to work or function like I used to.

At my first "angel" gathering for 2 nights straight I was not able to sleep at all. I had terrible sleep deprivation. It felt as though they were busy working on me and the incessant chatter never stopped.... ... the "angels" always warned us to be aware of what they called "traps."....They were also obsessed with rituals and ceremonies. I never liked it. It was a red flag and felt very cultish.... Since my involvement with the "angels," my comprehension and memory have been diminished. I graduated from college summa cum laude and have a MBA. I used to be very sharp. But now something is wrong. My comprehension is not want it used to be. And my memory, word recall, is lacking big time. " she said, "I really cannot think of one person who benefited from connecting with 'angels' or 'ETs', I understand most people do have problems, but the severity of problems in the new-cage community is pretty suspicious." end-quote

She said she now sees how the elite use sacred geometry in the strategic arrangement of cities creating portals using monuments and buildings as anchors.

Another good friend of mine in the UK wrote, "I was involved in a healing circle for about 8 months. I had known these other 3 people who were also involved for a few years. They are kind generous and loving.

It should be remembered that part of the training I had been taught previously insisted that we protect ourselves with specific exercises. This would ensure safety from dark energy attacks.

The host of the circle worked in the 'golden ray of the Christ' and apportioned her powerful healing gift for this reason. I had experienced powerful energetic work previously from her.

The lady who was going to do the channeling for us said she connected direct with 'Source' and would be channeling so. The host verified this.

It was to be a 'closed circle' only for us 4. I was asked to prepare the questions and keep a record of what was said.

On the first night the lady channeled that "they were very pleased that we had com they appreciated how sacred our love energy was".

However, minutes later my first question was met with scorn as I was harshly reprimanded

My disbelief that I was being lambasted by the source of unconditional love for asking a pertinent question was confirmed by the host whose demeanor was so apologetic and she quickly moved on to the other guy in the circle for him to ask a question, even though she knew I had plenty more.

This was just the start. At the next circle the other man asked why he had been attacked by astral parasites, pulling and grappling aggressively on his leg in his bed even though he always protected himself. The lady channeled that was just a cosmic joker and was nothing to worry about.

Within the first couple of sessions, both the other man in the circle and the channeler complained of intense water work problems with their bladders.

At subsequent circles the channeler explained that she was being attacked by dark forces who were working through colleagues she attended university with. My question "How does some individual who allegedly dabbles in black magic, manage to bypass SOURCE and attack the channeler, whom they say they are so grateful of. They told her they were doing their best to help and protect her and would continue doing so. Really? Also What happened to the impenetrable protection exercises?

She began to sound paranoid, saying there was a conspiracy against her work at the university and that road blocks were being put up by the dark to stop her getting home after the week ended.

The following month I was unable to attend and they told me that before they opened circle the tiny T-light candles had unexplainably shot up in large flames, a couple of feet high and the only way they could put them out was to extinguish then with water. On the same night whilst the channeler was travelling to circle, just a hundred metres from the house she drove in to what seemed like a dense dark heavy fog and thought she was completely lost.

Things then turned really bizarre as attacks began at the channelers home. She walked downstairs one morning to be confronted by thousands and thousands of fleas in a perfect circle at the bottom of her stairs. Despite throwing the rug out and having the fumigators' in several times the fleas returned. The pest control guys said they had never experienced fleas collecting together in the middle of a room, they were solitary insects that hide out of the way in crevices etc.

With further psychic attacks the channeler became very ill, collapsed and was hospitalised. She was apparently close to not making it. The hospital couldn't diagnose anything specifically wrong with her and after several weeks labeled her with a form of meningitis.

The circle was postponed until further notice, however a couple of months later the host herself was struck by a debilitating illness, when she was unable to get out of her bed on boxing day. A few weeks later she was diagnosed with cancer of the lower spine.

If ever I mention these experiences to other new age practitioners they always respond by asserting that they must have been connected to something dark, that they were not spiritually connected to the light as they themselves were. From my personal observation my colleagues from the circle were as genuine and loving, if not more so than the other new agers I have experienced." end-quote

I get a bit hesitant to point out others' problems, but I think in this case it shows they were genuine with their efforts but were being taken advantage of by the entities. If they were connected to true Source and better protected then perhaps things like that would not happen. But maybe the stronger your power becomes the more they attack... like the "every action has an equal and opposite reaction" law in physics. But then again maybe it shows that the more you give your power away the closer they can get and affect your life.

He just recently returned from doing Steve Richards' Holographic Kinetics program which he had positive things to say.

He said Steve teaches that "we have both internal and external entities. External entities include draconians, reptilians, gargoyles, winged serpents, aliens and other forms of dimensional beings.

An internal entity is something we have created. So for example if I had a belief of not being good enough that starts as a 'thought'. Over time if this thought is continually fed it becomes a 'thought form', everything has the right to exist! The thought form over time eventually therefore becomes a life form in its own right and thus becoming an internal entity.
An external entity however is outside our field and needs to use entrapment to get you to agree to let them in. "

"I would not be sitting here and writing this if we hadn't been shown a video of a live hk session that Steve himself delivered."

He told me about a video he saw and said, "if you want to speak about the video I watched go ahead. It is nothing that hasn't been mentioned before by either Steve, Icke or any other person willing to speak the truth."....

"Steve had a bit of an inkling that this particular session may be powerful as the man said he would writhe when having sex with his partner, which completely freaked her out plus he had been a marijuana user plus he'd had ayhuasca. He shed for the guys consent to video it and I promise you guys the fuckr shape shifted on the bloody table... The fvckers (he had many) were hissing and spitting talking in there original tongue and clicking. Just to let you know it wasn't the whole body that s.s but the head, jaw line, nose and make no mistake it wasn't a little bloody shift. I'm talking proper proper, oh my days! Shifting."

"we are calling on our spirit and when we work in conjunction with it, we literally just have to say the words that Steve has honed over the years of experience."

"He is very particular about not sharing his process publicly for example. I was a little bit bewildered by this at first but he says with the internet the way or is, cowboys getting hold of this info and thinking they can do it without going through a proper training course could potentially be disastrous, for the individuals and their family members for eg who are involved. I should point out again that
this heavy session Steve did is quite rare. They usually agree to go immediately and there's none of the dramatics with tongues and shape shifting but it can be normal for the body to jolt etc" end-quote


Last year was the debut season of the television series Westworld. There are so many Gnostic overtones and awakening within a constructed reality. The robots are humans in the scenario, meaning they are kept repeating roles and are wiped each time they die. In Westworld every host's life is scripted but some hosts were programmed to remember and break out or expose the truth.

Some quotes from episodes:

#4: HBO's Westworld. Westworld is a giant theme park where guests can interact wit their hosts which are lifelike robots. The robots' memories get wiped periodically, but some start to recover some of the memories. Bernard Lowe is a main character. He is the head of the Programming Division and he's talking to Dolores, one of the robots. She tells him, "I think there may be something wrong with this world. Something hiding underneath. Either that or... or there's something wrong with me. I may be losing my mind. Bernard tells her, "There's something I'd like you to try. It's a game. A secret. It's called... the Maze. [What kind of game is it?] It's a very special kind of game, Dolores. The goal is to find the center of it. If you can do that, then maybe you can be free." She answers, "I think... I think I want to be free." end-quote

#6: One of the robots says, "I died with my eyes open, saw the masters who pull our strings. Our lives, our memories, our deaths are games to them. But I've been to hell and I know their tricks." end-quote

The Host is a movie written by Stephanie Meyer who wrote The Twilight saga. The screenplay was written and directed by Andrew Niccol who also wrote the revealing movie Truman Show. Humans are hosts to entities that look like jellyfish. From a summary:
The human race has been taken over by small parasitic aliens called "Souls". The Souls travel to distant planets inserting themselves individually into a host body of that planet's dominant species. They are able to access the host's memories, and occupied hosts are identifiable by silver rings that form in the hosts' eyes.

Some other movies with Gnostic themes are The Matrix, The Truman Show, The Prisoner,They Live, Dark City, The Island, The Game, and Gamer.

I received an email recently from another listener who has had dreams of the Demiurge. She wrote, "In regard to the interview about the man's nde experience, I was taken aback by the demiurge he described. I encountered the same being years ago in my dreams. He accurately described this demiurge whom I mistook as God. I have subsequently come across online forums about individuals who have encountered this exact being in either dream state or nde's. . I had mistakenly labeled my experience as having met God until someone convinced me it was not God I had met. I am now electing to commit to continuous research in all forms. We have been lied to...

I remember the being very clearly. He appeared before me as the stereotypical , patriarchal figure: long white hair and beard, a robe and strange red eyes that resembled flames. He had a sword. We stood face to face, about to battle each other.... He was angry with me...

The Demiurge angry with me most likely had to do with my lack of adherence to religion. I thought, 'THE FATHER,' as I was raised to call it, was angry at me for not being religiously obedient. I was raised in a strict, Catholic household with a mentally unstable mother who demanded that we supplicate to 'The Father' for everything in our lives. The only other aspect of the dream I remember is that he seemed insane."

I received an email about a week ago from a woman. She wrote, "I am very engaged in reading your article on the white light trap... I have been reviewing your article on and off for the past year - It changed my perspective on the afterlife immensely. Last year, I had a serious accident . I was in and out of a coma for days having spent two weeks in the intensive care unit. One thing I do remember is when I lost consciousness, plunging into total darkness; no bright light, no deceased family members... As the months passed by, a feeling of absolute love and peace would resonate from within me - still does. Strangers seem to be curious about me. At night, as I am drifting to sleep, internally, my head will start to glow...

I had read your article months before my accident, and so in essence it stayed with me. As I am lying on my hospital bed, I had momentary lucid thoughts which were: not to project any expectations of angels, guides,...etc. I was not going to be lied to which is why I am guessing the immersion into the void. Once I started to regain lucidity, one of the nurses confessed to me that she would often come into my room when I was unconscious because she said the room would fill with a feeling of peacefulness. This woman then went out of her way to take such loving care of me.

At times, this divine love within me is so intense I sometimes burst into tears...My happiest moments are spent in solitude, at peace. "



Wake up. Realize that we are living in a dream state, a lower state of consciousness and that Earth is not a school for learning but a prison for our souls and a farm for the astral entities.

Avoid the tunnel/light because our soul is light...we don't need to go to an external light which is a projection.

In the astral we travel by thought, desire and intention so maintain purity of thought/intent..... let go of all earthly ties and attachments... ....it is important to work on all that while we are alive so it will carry over as second nature ....try to be as positive and kind and non-judgmental.... have no regrets, no grudges, no fantasys ..let go of lower vibrations such as hate, envy, greed, etc....avoid addictions such as drugs, alcohol, lust etc.... do not become too attached to loved ones.... make an effort to awaken them while you can right now...everyone must awaken by themselves...like an addict no one can do it for you..... and we are all junkies here, addicted to the physical life form.....but this world is all an illusion and projection

Have no desire whatsoever to come back to earth or any bodily form

Raise frequency upon death ...focused intent with a laser like focus or mantra "higher frequency now", "move inward".... we can return to true source which is the highest frequency.... there are higher realms we can go to which have no pain and suffering.... maybe even the void which might be no movement at all would be preferential and one can create anything they want from there, but that could be dangerous and could reinvent the wheel so to speak...we can exist as pure awareness or pure energy and do not even need to take any form at all, whether physical or astral.


This place is just a nightmare sometimes...a prison, a sick game, torture... where unbelievable suffering exists.
My way of coping is to distract myself from the horrible negative stuff. I know it's there but I try to not dwell on it and it helps tremendously. Maybe it is just knowing to do the best I can and it will come to an end. I am trying to treat everything as I may never do this again. Get all the information I can before that day. You have to keep positive and it will help, without forgetting the reality, a very fine balance.

I would really like to hear from listeners about their thoughts, experiences or if they have any interesting information or thoughts to share, or just want to say hello. I enjoy hearing from people.

My email address is waynejbush@gmail.com... that's w-a-y-n-e... the letter 'J'... b-u-s-h @ gmail.com

Thanks for having me on your show again, Adam... I really appreciate the opportunity.

Positive thoughts and higher frequency until we get home.