Wayne Bush on Adam Crabb's The Crazz Files (07-01-2017) --Archons and Entities


Adam, you said you wanted to do another podcast with me to go over these archons or to look at what entities have us brainwashed & trapped. So the subject of today's show is the archons and parasitic entities.

Of course, it is very difficult to know for certain the whole history of them as they remain hidden for the most part and historic records have been destroyed, but there are Sumerian texts that mention the galla or gallu, Babylonian and Assyrian texts that talk about the "shades" and then the Gnostics mention the archons and shadows.   Of course, christians talk about demons and the muslim call them jinn.  Psychologists will say the voices patients hear are a sign of schizophrenia, dementia and delusion.    

The Gnostics refer to Archons, or Are-cons as I like to call them, as
1. the parasite, an abortion, an unformed mass, lion-headed beast, serpent, dragon. Says clearly they can shape shift.
2. Beings controlled by the parasite. Anunnaki, Gods of the past, Rulers etc.

I personally believe archons are shape shifters and can take any form they desire. The archons were mentioned by the Gnostics as rulers so they were the anunnaki deities and other religious figures. Perhaps they can take form as aliens. There may be a distinction between archons and the more parsitic forms such as shadow beings or shadow people which may be thought forms which have over time become entities in their own right and keep feeding. I guess it is a matter of terminology.

It is interesting to note there were seven main anuna gods or anunnaki gods. There were seven chief Archons. There are seven archangels. And there are also sometimes seven members of a Council seen in near death experiences.

Sumerian Tablets -- the Anuna gods, the Galla/Gallu demons

So let's look at the Sumerian tablets which are the records of the first "civilization" that we know of for certain. Sumer is important because it is the first civilization that we know of with written records and they tell how and why we were created. In the beginning of history, we see one geographic area where it all started being Mesopotamia. Through time in the area of present day Iraq, Syria and Turkey, the most innovative peoples forged civilization. Throughout time within this area were many different "Kingdoms" and even languages but the culture and mythology was shared and very similar. The oldest civilizations are generally called Sumerians. The Sumerian speaking people were replaced by Semitic speaking Akkadians. Later kingdoms include Babylonia, Assyria just to name a few. Even though populations were conquered and even languages replaced, they kept the same mythology and Gods, merely changing their names but the stories stayed the same. Enki being an easier example as he only went primarily by two different names, one being Enki his Sumerian name, which later became Ea. Enki and Ea are identical in every aspect but they just changed his name. Virtually every original God in Sumerian times can be traced through history, appearing with different names, but the character of the God stays the same for the most part.

Sumerian is the first language for which we have written evidence and its literature the earliest known.

All of this information is taken directly from translated historic tablets and texts. Many of these translations can be found on sites like ETCSL The Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature http://etcsl.orinst.ox.ac.uk or CDLI Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative http://cdli.ucla.edu. Otherwise most of these translations are scholarly in origin and are generally accepted true translations.

ETCSL is the main source.
The Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature (ETCSL), a project of the University of Oxford, comprises a selection of nearly 400 literary compositions recorded on sources which come from ancient Mesopotamia (modern Iraq) and date to the late third and early second millennia BCE.

There are tremendous parallels between the Sumerian tablets and Gnostic texts. The mother goddess, Namma, was known as Sophia. The Gnostics spoke of a false god, named Yaldabaoth, whom they called Demiruge. The Demiurge was originally An and Sabaoth was Enki who repented. The 7 Chief Anuannaki would be the 7 chief Archons. Even today there is sometimes around 7 members of a Council seen by near death experiencers.

Most Pre-historic World Myths include the concept of Earth Mother/ Mother of All and Sky Father. These are the two that produce things, such as the Gods who made humans.

The Archons did not create the life that was already here. They only modified life for their needs, domestication of plants and animals to feed their new creation humans. The Anuna did not create us. They just modified what Sophia had already made. All life is connected by Sophia.
They did not create, they only modified. They high-jacked the system.

"the senior gods oversaw the work, while the minor gods were bearing the toil. The gods were digging the canals and piling up the silt in Ḫarali(I think Turkey). The gods, crushing the clay, began complaining about this life."

What was the reason humans were originally said to be created for coming from the Anunna? It WAS NOT GOLD.
The only thing of value we had was our energy.
We are like a sustaining battery incarnating over and over to provide them energy.

Remember that they had to start setting the system up before they had all these human slaves to do the labor. They started the infrastructure and said it was too hard, so they created humans to work in their place completing the infrastructure.

The Gods were toiling, digging canals for Agriculture which was needed for food.
Why did they need this food? It was not actually for them.
It was to be able to create more and more humans and to be able to feed them and to make civilization for them to play with and sustain their energy.
It says in another text that the Gods created sheep and wheat and had a feast but were not "satisfied" with it so they gave it to their black-headed people as a gift, meaning they couldn't eat food but decided to make domesticated food sources for their true energy source, the humans.
I think it was just the energy we created. I think it started with their desire to be worshiped.
The labor was to create food for the people which allowed populations to increase bigtime.
The more people, the more energy and worship.

In reality, there could be a food chain above us, meaning the parasite blobs take energy of our auras, a higher astral being consumes these and up a few steps until it is concentrated energy for them, done completely by a self sustaining system that would not need to be controlled.


There were seven main anuna gods: Four Primary ones -- Anu, Enlil, Enki, and Ninhursag. There were Three Sky Gods -- Inana/Venus, Nanna/Sin/ Moon, and Utu/Shamasah/ Sun.

The Original Anuna Players of this game:
Namma: Mother/Earth Goddess An: Sky Father, most high of the Earth Gods.
Enlil: Favorite Son of An. God of Lightning and storm. Name means "Lord of Air". Decides to destroy mankind with a deluge.
Enki: Oldest Son and half-brother of Enlil. Name means "God of Earth". Enki was first known as God of fresh waters, with Wisdom, Magic, Science and Creator as his main tasks. Told humans to save themselves from the coming flood although he was prohibited from doing so. Has the oldest continual temple in the world, in Eridu. Had temple for 4,500 years.
Ninhursag: Daughter, similar to her Mother Namma. Midwife to the Gods. All Gods were said to be raised on the milk of Ninhursag. Her symbol is the Omega symbol.

Nanna: God of the Moon, son of Enlil
Utu: God of the Sun.
Inana: Young Goddess, God of Venus, Beauty and War. Later became Ishtar, Isis, Aphrodite, Venus and many other names.

A world schema is Sky Father + Earth Mother = Creation of all.
It can be found worldwide. An is Sky Father. Namma is Earth Mother. Namma gave birth to Earth. Namma is Enki/EA's mother. EA is earth. EnKi is Lord of Earth.
Marduk is a son of Enki, but they dont seem really close.
He is Bel, Baal and many other names. Always had his pet dragon.
Demiurge is really a description or title not a single entity. Enki created so he is a Demiurge.

Namma is the Primeval Mother. Primeval = Belonging to the first or earliest age or ages; original or ancient:
She was killed by her offspring. It is in Enuma Elish where Tiamat was killed by her offspring, the Gods, because they had pissed her off and she was going to kill them and created the "monsters" and her other gods.
They killed her and made the heavens with her. Now compare that to Sophia. Namma no longer existed at a point because she was killed and that's why she is not part of the assembly.

NAMMA, Primeval Mother Goddess

In the Beginning, the Goddess Nammu (Namma) created the world and then was forgotten. Namma is the mother goddess. Namma/Sophia is WORLDWIDE. Before modern humans walked on the earth or were even thought of, the Mother of all, the Great Namma already existed. She created life on earth as we see it now and is known through time as the “Earth Mother”, “Great Mother”, and “Mother of All the Gods”.

She then decided to create children. They were created as Gods to experience the Earth. The term Anunnaki matches them perfectly as it means “Gods of Earth”, as they were created here and did not come from somewhere else. These Gods or the children of Namma grew up and started modifying the Earth. Namma upset with their behavior resolves to destroy them before it got worse. Her children heard this and decided to fight her. The hero varies through time but she is then killed by her children. They take her power and use it to create the heavens.

This Mother Goddess is known by many names throughout the World. In Paleolithic times back to 35,000 BCE, statues are found archaeologically of a very robust woman. They are often called “Venus” statues but are in fact the Mother Goddess or Namma . These figurines have been found in Turkey as recently as 7,000 years ago. At some time around this period she disappears except for occasional mentioning. This is about the time the path to civilization was started.

In these new civilizations, the Anunnaki declared themselves the Gods of the humans or the “black-headed people”. In early human beliefs, they were told they were created by the Gods to be their slave and do their work. A human was expected to do whatever their God wanted them to and they were judged as to whether they made their God happy.

The Anunnaki did not CREATE anything. They modified what was here and made new species but they did not create the life on this planet. Life was seeded a long time ago on earth and the life evolved via the natural procesess that do exist but there were manipulations and creations throughout that time but not like the last 12,000 years.

"Namma told Enki: Please apply the skill deriving from your wisdom and create a substitute (?) for the gods so that they can be freed from their toil!" And after Enki, the fashioner of designs by himself, had pondered the matter, he said to his mother Namma: "My mother, the creature you planned will really come into existence. Impose on him the work of carrying baskets. You should knead clay from the top of the abzu; the birth-goddesses (?) will nip off the clay and you shall bring the form into existence. "

So they hijacked the system for their desires. In Sumerian mythology, Nammu (also Namma) was a primeval mother goddess, corresponding to Tiamat in Babylonian mythology. Nammu was later connected to Isis and Venus because she was the only Goddess for 30,000 years. People have done this but Isis was a granddaughter of Namma. The onset of Anunnaki gods caused the almost erasure of her except in certain places. They erased her as much as they could because they killed her and enslaved her creation for their own purposes. If they allowed her cults to continue enmasse then it was potential for us to remember what happened. As long as we forgot we worshiped them and gave them her power. They tried propaganda against Namma, labeling her an evil dragon. They killed her and made the heavens with her.

Namma/Tiamat Ki are the same in my opinion.

By her consort Anu, Ki gave birth to the Anunnaki, the most prominent of these deities being Enlil, god of the air. According to legends, heaven and earth were once inseparable until Enlil was born; Enlil cleaved heaven and earth in two. An carried away heaven. Ki, in company with Enlil, took the earth.


"May he shepherd the black-headed ones, his creatures. To the end of days, without forgetting, let them acclaim his ways. May he establish for his fathers the great food-offerings; (110)"

"Their support they shall furnish, shall tend their sanctuaries. May he cause incense to be smelled, . . . their spells, Make a likeness on earth of what he has wrought in heaven. May he order the black-headed to revere him, May the subjects ever bear in mind to speak of their god, And may they at his word pay heed to the goddess. May food-offerings be borne for their gods and goddesses. Without fail let them support their gods! Their lands let them improve, build their shrines, Let the black-headed wait on their gods." end-quote


"[Ea], King of Wisdom, spoke among the gods. [The god Ea] began to say: "Why are you [plural] destroying [mankind]? They will not give sacrifices to the gods. They will not burn cedar as incense to you. If you [plural] destroy mankind, they will no longer [worship] the gods. No one will offer [bread] or libations to you [plural] any longer. " end-quote



Hymn to Nibru and Isme-Dagan:"You were built as life-giving food for the Anuna gods; you were beautified for their eating and drinking. You are the sheepfold which is there for their life. Nothing escapes your grasp, as if caught in the threads of an outspread net. " end-quote

We are called the sheepfold about a thousand times in tablets. All humans. Read any of the old ones. We were especially the sheepfold of Enlil.

In Gobekli Tepe there is evidence of cannibalism and weird placements of skulls. They presume it was a skull cult because of these, but it seems closer to ritualized sacrifice/cannibalism. Of course, there were ritual sacrifices in Mesoamerican cultures. The Maya, Aztec and Inca. Even today the elite sacrifice millions of soldier through warfare.

When people have spiritual awakenings of any kind, they become very susceptible. The key to them is that this a natural process that occurs without a master or guru because it is all within. The awakening is a natural process not induced by anyone else except yourself.
So these Gallu and Archons wait for seekers, then they reinforce that they are having these experiences because of the Masters and Gurus. When you have a sudden awakening you are like a blank slate and they fill that with all their power eating teachings, which causes the person instead of becoming liberated to get wrapped in all these False Gallu teachings or the million others that do this.


En = prince or lord
ki = earth

Enki = lord of earth

Enlil = lord of air

An is first demiurge. Later An/Anu came to share or cede these functions, as Enlil and subsequently Marduk rose to prominence, but retained his essential character and high status throughout Mesopotamian history.

An adab (?) to Enki for Išme-Dagan (Išme-Dagan D)
Segment A

1-4. "Great lord, prominent (?) among the gods, your judgments are clever and powerful! Father Enki, respected one, supreme dragon, who determines the fates firmly, who has taken his seat upon the numerous divine powers in colourful brilliance (?), great prince, the guardian of the gods, …… of holy An!"

There is a engraving of Enki with a serpent's tail. Maybe he was in the form of a Serpent(Most likely).


Isis or Inana, Queen of heaven.

The Hymn to Ningul and it does mention Inana as Ninegala and she judges.

"When an individual is brought in, he cannot resist its aura. The gods of heaven and earth bow down before its place where judgments are made. 

 takes her seat high on its lapis-lazuli dais. She keeps an eye on the judgments and decisions, distinguishing true and false. Her battle-net of fine mesh is indeed cast over the land for her; the evildoer who does not follow her path will not escape her arm." This is reminiscnet of Inra's net in Hindusim.

Nungal is a goddess of the underworld, worshipped by the Sumerians, Babylonians, and Akkadians. She is the consort of the god Birdu. Her title was the "Queen of the Ekur" where she held the "tablet of life" and carried out judgement on the wicked.

"Mercy and compassion are mine. I frighten no one. I keep an eye upon the black-headed people: they are under my surveillance. I hold the tablet of life in my hand and I register the just ones on it. The evildoers cannot escape my arm; I learn their deeds. All countries look to me as to their divine mother.

Nungal said it is a prison or jail. "Because the lady has revealed her greatness; because she has provided the prison, the jail, her beloved dwelling, with awesome radiance, praise to be Nungal," end-quote
This is talking about shining light in the afterlife. The Gallu her helpers are translated Constable/Police Demons. So does that not make sense?

About Nungal: "
I keep an eye upon the black-headed people: they are under my surveillance. I hold the tablet of life in my hand and I register the just ones on it. The evildoers cannot escape my arm; I learn their deeds.

"Nungal, its lady, the powerful goddess whose aura covers heaven and earth, resides on its great and lofty dais. Having taken a seat in the precinct of the house, she controls the Land from there

On Reincarnation: "The interior of the temple gives rise to weeping, laments and cries. Its 
brick walls crush evil men and give rebirth to just men."

"When the time arrives, the prison is made up as for a public festival; the gods are present at the place of interrogation, at the river ordeal, to separate the just from the evildoers; a just man is given rebirth. Nungal clamps down on her enemy, so he will not escape her clutches."

"When someone has been brought into the palace of the king and this man is accused of a capital offence, my chief prosecutor, Nindimgul, stretches out his arm in accusation(The never losing prosecutor?) (?). He sentences that person to death, but he will not be killed; he snatches the man from the jaws of destruction and brings him into my house of life and keeps him under guard. (Human fallacy yep the same one we see) No one wears clean clothes in my dusty (?) house. My house falls upon the person like a drunken man. He will be listening for snakes and scorpions in the darkness of the house. My house gives birth to a just person, but exterminates a false one. Since there are pity and tears within its brick walls, and it is built with compassion, it soothes the heart of that person, and refreshes his spirits."

Hymn to Nungal:
" House, furious storm of heaven and earth, battering its own, enemies; prison, jail of the gods, august neck-stock of heaven and earth! Its interior is evening light, dusk spreading wide; its awesomeness is frightening. Raging sea which mounts high, no one knows where its rising waves flow. House, a pitfall waiting for the evil one; it makes the wicked tremble! House, a net whose fine meshes are skillfully woven, which gathers up people as its booty! House, which keeps an eye on the just and on evildoers; no one wicked can escape from its grasp. House, river of the ordeal which leaves the just ones alive, and chooses the evil ones! 3a-utu-in-the-mountains-with-weapons-of-brilliance (Utu in the mountains, the Sun god) House, with a great name, nether world, mountain where Utu rises; no one can learn its interior! Big house, prison, house of capital offenses, which imposes punishment!"---

House whose foundations are laden with great awesomeness! Its gate is the yellow evening light, exuding radiance. Its stairs are a great open-mouthed dragon, lying in wait for men. Its door jamb is a great dagger whose two edges …… the evil man. Its architrave is a scorpion which quickly dashes from the dust; it overpowers everything. Its projecting pilasters are lions; no one dares to rush into their grasp. Its vault is the rainbow, imbued with terrible awe. Its hinges are an eagle whose claws grasp everything. Its door is a great mountain which does not open for the wicked, but does open for the righteous man, who was not brought in through its power. Its bars are fierce lions locked in stalwart embrace. Its latch is a python, sticking out its tongue and hissing. Its bolt is a horned viper, slithering in a wild place. House, surveying heaven and earth, a net spread out! No evildoer can escape its grasp, as it drags the enemy around."

Her battle-net of fine mesh is indeed cast over the land for her; 47When a man of whom his god disapproves (?) arrives at the gate of the great house, which is a furious storm, a flood which covers everybody, 1d - Bau, spouse to Ninurta (Anunnaki giant alien goddess Bau, warden of Earth’s prisons) he is delivered into the august hands of Nungal, the warden of the prison; Its angry heart causes one to pass the days in weeping and lamentation. When the time arrives, the prison is made up as for a public festival; the gods are present at the place of interrogation, at the river ordeal, to separate the just from the evildoers; a just man is given rebirth. Nungal clamps down on her enemy, so he will not escape her clutches. "When an individual is brought in, he cannot resist its aura. "

What happens as someone approaches the light?

"House, furious storm of heaven and earth, battering its enemies; prison, jail of the gods, august neck-stock of heaven and earth! Its interior is evening light, dusk spreading wide; its awesomeness is frightening."

So it is saying there is light inside with void all around it?

there is a section in the Gnostic Pistis Sophia that said the Demiurge shone too.


In Babylonian times, I believe they termed the Seven Judges of the Underworld as the Anunnaki.
Anu was first in charge until Enlil separated heaven and earth. Then Enlil was the Chief Ruler, then it becomes Chaotic. All kinds of Gods proclaim themselves King, including Anu trying to come back into the mix.
The Apochryphon of John says, "But Yaldabaoth possessed a multitude of faces, adding up to more than all of them, so that when he is in the midst of the seraphim, he could masquerade in front of them all at will."

A couple nders saw the four faces.. eagle, lion, bear,etc

"And the cherubim throne has eight shapes on each side of the four corners— forms of lions and bulls and humans and eagles."

nde: " I looked at the throne and I was light and the face of a bear, eagle, lion and ram all changing every second." -- Patricia AR

Demiurge or Chief Ruler through time"
An/Anu until approx 3,000 BC
Enlil/Bel 3,000 BC until 1,800 BC (Continued after 1,800 BC as Ashur in Assyria)
Marduk 1,800 BC until 1,200 BC (Southern Mesopotamia)
Nergal 1,200 BC until Today (Rebellion started by An with the following co-conspirators, Adad, Ishtar, Shamash and the Evil Seven Gods. Nergal took over the underworld and took control of the destiny of humans.


Nergal, a son of Enlil, was the God of War and Plague. He was not very high in status early on. At some point An helped him by giving him 7 companions or weapons, otherwise known as the "Seven Evil Spirits". Nergal then planned to takeover the Underworld who already had a Goddess in charge, her name was Ereshkigal. Nergal forced his way into the underworld and took the Goddess by her hair and dragged her off the throne to cut her head off. In her tears, she offered to be his wife and give him the underworld and he took the deal and let her live. Nergal now controlled the Underworld and the Judgment of every human who dies.

a tigi to nergal:
"Hero, after your father begot you, your father Enlil bestowed on you the mountain of the earth and all of the people. He definitively handed the deciding of destinies to you. Hero,Nergal, you are their king! Nergal, hero, after your father begot you, your father Enlil bestowed on you the mountain of the earth and all of the people. He definitively handed the deciding of destinies to you. Hero, Nergal, you are their king!"


Exodus 5:3 -- Then they said, "The God of the Hebrews has met with us. Now let us take a three-day journey into the wilderness to offer sacrifices to the LORD our God, or he may strike us with plagues or with the sword."



Everything was driven by Astral entities becoming the "Form" of that God and requiring humans to worship it and give it power.

In Sumerian literature the gallu were great demons or devils of the Underworld. There, demons hauled victims off to the Underworld. They were seven devils of Babylonian mythology who could be appeased with sacrificial lambs.

At this time they are the very images of the gods in the house of the Holy Mound where the Ewe and Wheat abound - the gallu-demons are filled with malevolence,
they do not cease consuming blood. Adjure them with the oath, so that they never return to the nook and corner. They have been adjured by heaven and they have been adjured by earth."

Description of the demons
.." they are wild animals on the rampage, they descend like a storm on a rebel land hated by Suen, indeed they descend like a storm. They lie up during all the long day, and during the short night they enter ...... houses (?); during the long day, during the short night they lie in beds ......, they give ....... At dead of night they sing out ......, in the breeze ...... swallows of Utu; they enter into house after house, they peer into street after street, they are talkers, they are repliers to talkers, seeking words with a mother, replying to a great lady; they nestle at the bedside, they smite ......, when the black ...... are stolen, they leave ...... the doors and tables of humans, they change ......, they tie the door-pivots together. "

About Sumerian tales of the Underworld as the Underworld is the same as what we call Astral. They often denoted demons. They explicitly give some details that make no mistake they are not physical. So look at the root word to see what they were translating as demon.
galla [POLICEMAN] (107x: ED IIIa, ED IIIb, Ur III, Old Babylonian) wr. galla; gallax(TE) "policeman; a demon" Akk. gallû

Akk. gallû "demon; constable".

Gallu demons hauled unfortunate victims off to the underworld. (Grim Reaper/Servitor) They were one of seven devils (or "the offspring of hell") of Babylonian theology that could be appeased by the sacrifice of a lamb at their altars.

Look at the original Greek meaning of Archon which is ruler but more specifically the level of Rulership. In ancient Greece the chief magistrate in various Greek city states was called Archon. The term was also used throughout Greek history in a more general sense, ranging from "club leader" to "master of the tables".
We can clearly see in essence Magistrate was a position of an Archon. What about constable? The constable executes the process of magistrate's court and of some other tribunals. The courts do not instruct constables on the manner of serving process. How is it possible that this matches up? The whole thing being that what the Sumerians/Babylonians described were "Servitors" of the "Archons". The demons being the enforcement of the underworld and serve the Archons especially the Seven Judges.

Another connection is the root word of galla or gallu being "gall". The Gnostic texts mention "bile"... and the GALLbladder produces bile. The Gnostic text "On the Origin of the World" says, "Now as for that jealousy, it was found to be an abortion without any spirit in it. Like a shadow, it came into existence in a vast watery substance. Then the bile that had come into being out of the shadow was thrown into a part of chaos. Since that day, a watery substance has been apparent. "

Here is a Babylonian description of shadow beings: "the evil Utukku-demon ... is tall in stature ... . He is shady, his shadow is very dark ... . Gall is always dripping from his finger nails, his tread is harmful poison."

The Gallu equate with shadow beings.
The demons go hither and thither searching for Dumuzid. The small demons say to the big demons: "Demons have no mother; they have no father or mother, sister or brother, wife or children. When …… were established on heaven and earth, you demons were there, at a man's side like a reed enclosure. Demons are never kind, they do not know good from evil.

Archons=Any of the Anuna
Galla/Gallu=Shadow Beings, Djinn, Demons etc....Aliens and Shadow Beings IMHO = Gallu = Servitors
'The retributive servitors follow the soul, being witnesses to it for all the sins which it committeth, that they may convict it in the judgments.'
Archon really should only apply it to the higher level "rulers".
All else use Gallu, since it is the oldest term and would include Servitor and Receivers in Pistis Sophia.
Gallu:The word gallu may also refer to a human adversary, one that is dangerous and implacable.
since archon means ruler it should only apply to the anunna in heaven or the anunnaki on earth who rule.

Types of Assyrian Demons, not including the EVIL SEVEN.

UTUKKU was originally a spirit, spectre, or ghost

ALU is a demon that hides itself in dark corners and caverns in the rock, haunting ruins and deserted buildings and slinking through the streets at night like a pariah dog. It lies in wait for the unwary, ready to rush out from its hiding-place to "envelop him as with a garment," or, coming into the bedchamber by night, it steals sleep away from weary mortals by standing over their beds and threatening to pounce upon them should they dare to close their eyes.
EKIMMU Departed Spirit, the soul of the dead person. Hungry Ghost. If it found a luckless man who had wandered far from his fellows into haunted places, it fastened upon him, plaguing and tormenting him.
GALLU a devil which perhaps sometimes assumes the form of a bull, since it is once described as "the alu, the headstrong bull, the great ghost." Like the alu it prowls about the streets of the city, and apparently it is neither male nor female ; in fact, it is sexless
ILU LIMNU "evil god," presumably a more general term, for it is left indefinite, and there are few, if any, descriptions of it like the other spirits.
RABISU is a lurking demon which, as the text quoted above shows, 1 sets the hair of the body on end, but little is known of its other characteristics.
LABARTU, It is a female demon, the daughter of Anu, the trusted and accepted of Irnina, and she makes her home in the mountains, or cane-brakes of the marshes.
AHHAZU or " Seizer " was a demon of some kind, but we know nothing of its attributes, and the same may be said of the
LABASU, which is here translated "ghoul" ; the meaning, however, is quite uncertain.

The Religion of Babylonia and Assyria, Volume 2
The demons were of various kinds and of various grades of
power. The names of many of them, as utukku, shedu, alu,
gallu, point to 1 strength ' and ' greatness ' as their main attri
bute ; other names, as lilu, ' night-spirit,' and the feminine form
lilitu, are indicative of the moment chosen by them for their
work ; while again, names like ekimmu, the ' seizer,' akhkhazu,
the 'capturer,' rainsu, 'the one that lies in wait,' labartu, 'the
oppressor,' and labasu, 'the overthrower,' show the aim that
the demons have in view. Putting these names together, we
may form a general idea of the conceptions connected with the
demons. They lurk in hidden or remote places, in graves, in
the shadow of ruins, on the tops of mountains, in the wilder
ness. Their favorite time of activity is at dead of night. They
glide noiselessly like serpents, entering houses through holes
and crevices. They are powerful, but their power is directed
solely towards evil. They take firm hold of their victims and
torture them mercilessly.

So the ekimmu appears to be the shadowy demon that hovers around graves,
a species of ghost or vampire that attacks people in the dead of night
and lays them prostrate.

The older tablets demon is usually translated from gal-la.
Galla-gallu is more appropriate because the literal definition is policeman/demon, the the constable for the archon magistrate.
A demon who is a servitor to the underworld. As their function actually is in the capacity of being servitor for Nergal or whoever is in charge of the underworld at the time.

So in a way the humans were also to feed the gallu/demons, the shadows created from Demiurge's jealousy.

A spirit cannot reproduce sexually. It may be able to split, fragment, divide but would not reproduce sexually. This is only in the matter form. Demons are what should be termed AI, not the gods. The demons are the one who are so unlike humans and were created for a specific purpose. i.e. a Namtar Demon ensured destiny was complied with. A Gallu demon enforced rules of the underworld etc etc.

"And when Pistis Sophia desired to cause the thing that had no spirit to be formed into a likeness and to rule over matter and over all her forces, there appeared for the first time a ruler, out of the waters, lion-like in appearance, androgynous, having great authority within him, and ignorant of whence he had come into being...

Now the first Adam, (Adam) of Light, is spirit-endowed and appeared on the first day. The second Adam is soul-endowed and appeared on the sixth day, which is called Aphrodite [Friday]. "

Nergal is often portrayed as an astride male figure carrying a scimitar or a mace, the mace often being topped by a (double) lion's head. It was a short sword classically butthe one Nergal has looks like a pitchfork in representation. The seal of Nergal(King of the Underworld) but the scimitar looks alot like a pitchfork.
He has the normal horned hat all Anuna have on but his make it seem like he has horns like the devil.


" Nergal, who is mighty and with a fiery surrounding in which you are encircled, who raises the Lion-Mace! Nergal, who takes the form of the Lion-Dragon raise thy blade! To that terrifying splendor no other god stands before Hail to thee, Nergal Nergal, Dragon supreme, Great God! I call you by the fires of sharrapu Thou burning fires of conquest By the funeral rites to which you were called To the shades which drink blood in your name! May the Seven tear their soul(s) to ribbons! In this flame I curse them, let the Serpents' tongue arise! Nergal's fiery serpents shall encircle it and consume their

"shades which drink blood" -- shadow beings, gallu?

"They have established her among the shades. She is bound, the bride of Hell, in the burning flames." Out of her prison she heard this, writhing, burning, fearing lest he should slay her. ** Smite me not, my brother, I beseech thee for mercy." Nergal- heard her, he let fall his hands, he received the lamentation. " Thou truly art my husband, am not I thy wife : have not you indeed received power over wide lands : was not she faithful who has been oppressed by your hand ?"

from book babylonian magick: "Utukku may be bound to a specific sigil for knowledge and wisdom of some ancient type; this is when blood of the Kassapu only may be used. They will grow stronger in their connection to the talisman yet also the sorcerer as well. Your vitality will over a period of time decrease even if you don't have spiritual occurrences in your home. Some shades will not cause disturbance at first as this requires energy as well, they most likely are seeking to merely grow stronger in the world of the living."
"The Alu is a demon which stalks in the shadows, hiding in caverns, haunted ruins and places where humans avoid. When night brings down its cloak upon the world, the Alu is able to
move through the streets of a city or town in the darkness unnoticed. The Alu lies in wait for the passer-by to then "envelop him with a garment" or wrapping him in the darkness of its presence, to feed of his vital energy/astral life-force and often to remain with him to grow stronger in both worlds. The Alu grows strong from the fear of man and woman, entering the bedchamber at night, the Alu can ignite the mind into the realms of fear, as if something is watching them, to feed from their energy caused from their increased brain-activity and anxiety. The Alu can also appear in nightmares, often taking form of that which you fear in that specific dream.

It is considered that the Alu is closely related to the Ahhazu/Akhkharu vampire, both are said to "envelop him as with a garment" and is described as entering a bedchamber at night and drains their sleep away. This is an obvious reference to the energy or vitality gained through normal sleep, thus a type of energy-etheric vampire.

"With this burial of this man, shall the shade attach to him! To drain him of energy and vitality! To care not for life or his future!"

"During the nocturnal hours, the Akhkharu comes from the world of shades to spread its cloak or shadow upon the sleeping woman or man, to feed of their vital energy. "

It is because to them we are cattle, we are domesticated pets, to serve them and to ensure that they have the easy life while on earth. The Serpent Worship can be traced throughout their movement from Prehistory. They are not Reptilian or ET, they are the beings working for Nergal and ensuring our enslavement. Gallu, Namtar etc. In turn the groups who do their bidding get rewarded, ie Zionist, Scythians. I think they incarnate enmasse into those groups also.

It is a self-sustaining system that only requires "astral parasites" and a few Gallu and the rest of the system could run with little need to supervise. The higher beings could be feeding off the lower beings who accumulate energy by sucking off of humans. Sort of like using the lower ones as accumulators. Then the same above them just as a food chain on material earth. Ultimately, at the top are Nergal etc who feed off all those below them, being the top Astral Predator. Astral parasites could be an entirely programmed entity, just as we are.

x šar-ka i-ka-al "
...she [Lamashtu] drinks blood"

-us.ku.ku.mes suh.nu.tum.mu.mes : akil da-mi la mupparkuti sunu
"they (the demons) are incessant drinkers of blood"

su bi.in.ku.ku.mes mud sur.sur.mes us.nag.mes : akil siri musaznin
da-me satu usiati
"eaters of flesh, who cause blood to flow, who drink (the blood of
the) veins


Seven Evil Spirits

scattered referances in Sumerian/Mesopotamian literature to seven vampiric Demons, the Gallu, the tradition for this would appear to date back to at least the 3rd Millenia BC

"tukkū Lemnūtu tablet 5

Weakening both heaven and earth, the spirit weakens lands, the demon, whose arms are lofty, weakens lands, the one whose arms are lofty and his gait is lofty.
The galla-demon is a goring ox, a great ghost, a ghost who always climbs over all the houses. The gallu-demons, the Seven of whom have no shame, know not how to act kindly. They ground down the land like flour, and know not how to spare (anyone), raging against people, eating flesh, causing blood to flow, (then) drinking from the veins.

Pistis Sophia:
One of them changed itself into
the form of a great serpent; another again changed itself also into the form of a seven-headed basilisk(serpent); another again changed itself into the form of a dragon. And moreover the first power of Self-willed, the lion-faced, and all his other very numerous emanations, they came together and oppressed Pistis Sophia and led her again into the lower regions of the chaos and alarmed her again exceedingly.

Hero, pitfall (?), net of battle, Ninurta, King, celestial mace ...... irresistible against the enemy, vigorous one, tempest which rages against the rebel lands, wave which submerges the harvest, King, you have looked on battles, you have ...... in the thick of them. Ninurta, after gathering the enemy in a battle-net, after erecting a great reed-altar, Lord, heavenly serpent, purify your pickaxe and your mace! Ninurta, I will enumerate the names of the warriors you have already slain: the Kuli-ana, the Dragon, Gypsum, the Strong Copper, the hero Six-headed Wild Ram, the Magilum boat, Lord Saman-ana, the Bison bull, thePalm-tree King, the Anzud bird, the Seven-headed Snake -- Ninurta, you slew them in the Mountains
After slaying the seven-headed snake Ninurta "hung the Seven-headed serpent on the shining cross-beam"....
and so did Moses.

Orthodox: The Book of Revelations: "Then another sign appeared in heaven: and behold, a great red dragon having seven heads and ten horns, and on his heads were seven diadems."


It is Assyrian, so it is much later then Sumerian. Then another version is attached. It is seeming that Anu sent Seven Demons down that used the Moon as a hiding place and would descend as darkness. It seems this way but is tentative.

Tablet with the story of the Seven Wicked Gods or Spirits.
Column I.
In the first days the evil gods the angels who were in rebellion, who in the lower part of heaven had been created, they caused their evil work devising with wicked heads . . . ruling to the river .... There were seven of them. The first was . . . the second was a great animal .... which any one .... the third was a leopard .... the fourth was a serpent .... the fifth was a terrible .... which to ... . the sixth was a striker which to god and king did not submit, the seventh was the messenger of the evil wind which .... made. The seven of them messengers of the god Anu their king from city to city went round the tempest of heaven was strongly bound to them, the flying clouds of heaven surrounded them, the downpour of the skies which in the bright day makes darkness, was attached to them with a violent wind, an evil wind, they began, the tempest of Vul was their might, at the right hand of Vul they came, from the surface of heaven like lightning they darted, descending to the abyss of waters, at first they came. In the wide heavens of the god Anu the king evil they set up, and an opponent they had not. At this time Bel of this matter heard and the account sank into his heart. 30. With Hea (Enki) the noble sage of the gods he took counsel, and Sin (the moon), Shamas (the sun), and Ishtar (Venus) in the lower part of heaven to control it he appointed. With Anu to the government of the whole of heaven he set them up. To the three of them the gods his children, day and night to be united and not to break apart, he urged them. In those days those seven evil spirits in the lower part of heaven commencing, before the light of Sin fiercely they came, the noble Shamas and Yul (the god of the atmosphere) the warrior to their side they turned Ishtar with Anu the king into a noble seat they raised and in the government of heaven they fixed.
Seven of them the evil gods, spirits of death, having no fear, seven of them the evil gods, who like a flood descend and sweep over the earth. To the earth like a storm they come down. Before the light of Sin fiercely they came, the noble Shamas and Vul the warrior, to their side they turned and ...."

The Assyrians wrote: "They are mighty children, mighty sons, Heralds of the Pestilence, Throne-bearers of Ninkigal, They are the flood which rusheth through the land. Seven gods of the broad heaven, Seven gods of the broad earth, Seven robber gods are they. Seven gods of might"
"Through the gloomy street by night they roam, " [Smiting] sheepfold and cattle-pen ; " Shutting up the land [as with door and] bolt." : " Rending in pieces on high, bringing destruction below, " They are the Children of the Underworld. " Loudly roaring above, gibbering below, " They are the bitter venom of the gods. " They are the great storms directed from Heaven, " They are the owls which hoot over a city." 3 They feed on mankind like vampires. " Knowing no care, they grind the land like corn, " Knowing no mercy, they rage against mankind, " They spill their blood like rain " Devouring their*flesh and sucking their veins. " They are demons full of violence " Ceaselessly devouring blood."
Assyrian hymn to the Sun god:
" He on whom an evil Spirit hath rushed, " He whom an evil Demon hath enveloped in his bed, " He whom an evil Ghost hath cast down in the night, " He whom a great Devil hath smitten, "He whose limbs an evil God hath racked (?), " He the hair of whose body an evil Fiend hath / set on end, "He whom ... [a Hag-demon] hath seized, "He whom [a Ghoul] hath cast down, "He whom a Robber-sprite hath afflicted, " He whom the Handmaid of the Night-Phantom / hath wedded, " The man with whom the Handmaid of the Night-Phantom hath had union ."

"Knowing no mercy, 25. They rage against mankind ; They spill their blood like rain Devouring their flesh (and) sucking their veins, a Where the images of the gods are, there they quake (?) In the Temple of Nabu, who fertilizeth the shoots (?) of wheat. They are demons full of violence, 35. Ceaselessly devouring blood. Invoke the ban against them, That they no more return to this neighbourhood That in a single (?) spawning in the creation of Anu were spawned ;"

These are likely 600 BC but the tablets apparently come from an older tradition also. After Sumeria, it was Semitic Peoples who took over the land and culture and replaced the previous inhabitants... Gutians, Akkadians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Chaldeans. "Sumerian" culture would exist in clusters getting bigger and smaller through their neighbors fighting them. They eventually were completely wiped out as an ethnic people and the conquerors would copy their culture. Except for names their tablets would be the same over hundreds if not thousands of years. The Culture is continuous. The Gutians were sent by Enlil. ANU/ENLIL/ENKI in one way or another lasted for thousands of years. From what I can tell especially from the Cronus/Uranus story is that Enlil fully revolted against Anu at some point. So in retribution, Anu created Seven Evil Spirits by himself.

"36. In those days those seven evil spirits 37. in the lower part of heaven commencing, 38. before the light of Sin fiercely they came,(At night they came) 39. the noble Shamas(Sun) and Yul(Adad or Enlil) (the god of the atmosphere) the warrior to their side they turned and 40. Ishtar with Anu the king into a noble seat 41. they raised and in the government of heaven they fixed."

So there were two different Sevens. First the Seven Great Anunnaki and then Anu's Seven, the Demons or the Parasites.

"In Greek mythology, the seven heads of the hydra killed by Hercules, the seven islands sacred to Proserpine mentioned by Proclus."



The Sumerian Divine Kingship.
The Flood Story:
"After the …… of kingship had descended from heaven, after the exalted crown and throne of kingship had descended from heaven, the divine rites and the exalted powers were perfected, the bricks of the cities were laid in holy places"
I think that line about really lays it out.

Enki and the World Order:
"Like heaven itself, your just matrix, in which gods too can be born, is beyond reach. Giving birth to kings who put on the good diadem, giving birth to lords who wear the crown on their heads -- your lord, the honoured lord,"

So Royalty is considered very much divine. The importance I see of the Royal DNA, is purely, it is DNA that had more Anunnaki genes and thus were more easy to interface with them. Through time the amount of Royal blood, decreased but continued. So at first they were more Anuna and less human and by Gilgamesh they were a mix. Since Kingship is divine, it had to be someone picked by the Gods at first. That is the basis all civilization used afterwards. They wore crowns had thrones etc. Kings were the first Prophets and Priests. They had contact with the Anuna gods, while others did not. This is how it went at least until Abraham's Semitic ancestors completely replaced the population with Semites and it was called Babylonia. They kept the religion and everything else but were different people.

Each of the major religions were created or influenced by a group known as the Shepherd Kings or Royal Shepherds. Some researchers also claim them to be Serpent Kings. They came from the city known as Cuth or Cutha. The Encyclopedia Britannica says Cuthah was an "ancient city of Mesopotamia located north of the site of Kish in what is now south-central Iraq. Cuthah was devoted to the cult of Nergal, the god of the lower world."

The Royal Shepherd Kings were driven out of Egypt and built a city in Judea called Jerusalem. Cutha is old, but not the first city. Gobekli Tepe is filled with mammal bones of sacrifice. Who loves sacrifices? All of the Anunnaki, the demigods. I think it was built by humans for the Anunnaki. I would think in the classical sense Eridu or Ur was the first city. Eridu was long considered the earliest city in southern Mesopotamia and is still today argued to be the oldest city in the world. Nergal was a minor deity early on. I think it was once they set up shop his priests became the Shepherds. They were called Royal Shepherds because the some of those Kings were full human and some were demigods like Gilgamesh. They were shepherds of people not livestock. We are their livestock.

Nergal was worshiped by the Greeks as Ares, the god of war. From Ares probably came the word 'aristocracy' (aristos + -kratia/-cracy) which is the greek term used for the ruling class who are deemed to be 'best' or supreme to the lower classes. Ares could also be related to the sanskrit word 'arya' which means 'noble'. and from which 'aryan' was derived, subsequently leading to the belief in a supreme race.

It seems the Gutians took over Cutha and set up the temple for Nergal and then the Gutians/Cuthim/Khazars were the Royal Sheperd Kings of the anunnaki (Nergal) and spread the religions all over the rest of the globe.



The Gnostic christians were declared heretics by the mainstream church for their differing views on Jesus and their belief that this world is a prison. They were killed and their writings were destroyed until a repository of writings were discovered in a cave in Egypt in 1945. These writings are called the Nag Hammadi Library. They describe this false Gaud and his Archons which is a greek word that means "rulers". These archons are shadow beings created from the bile of his hate and jealousy, and they can shape shift and appear as what we call aliens -- Greys, reptoids, insectoids, mantis types, and so on. They feed off our life force and emotions such as fear, ecstatic frenzied excitement and even praise and worship. They put false ideas in our heads and create illusions and hallucinations. They can even be heard by some people as voices. Christians call them demons. Muslims call them jinn. Everyone has a Counterfeit Spirit that has been assigned to them. Some call these guardian angels or spirit guides.

There are tremendous parallels between the "gods" and "stories" of the Sumerian tablets and Gnostic texts. For example, major charateristics in common between the Gnostic Sophia and the Sumerian Namma are both are regarded as: First Goddess; Mother of all Gods; Created the World; Created things in Chaos; Created the gods in the midst of heaven; All powers taken by her offspring; and Her power used to create the heavens and veil.

The Gnostics spoke of a false god, chief ruler named Yaldabaoth, whom is called Demiruge. As the leadership on earth changed, the first Chief Ruler or Demiurge is An, the first Sky father. In an exact match-up in flood stories between the Gnostics and the Sumerian are exact except the character's names. The Sumerian being Enki, the Benefactor and Creator of Humanity and Sabaoth, The Lord of the Forces. Sabaoth repented when he learned that there was a much greater God then his father and then he was taken for protection and put in the highest heaven above where the forces of chaos couldn't get to him, all because he was wise and realized they were wrong.

The Gnostic texts say that Sophia, an aeon from source, accidentally created the Demiurge by mistake without her consort. It was not created in full and was described as a Lion faced Dragon. He thought he was the only being and proclaimed himself God. Sophia realized her mistake and came down to inform the Demiurge. The Demiurge then surrounded Sophia and held her in Chaos and stole her "Light Power".

Thus the Demiurge was "without spirit", perhaps a way of saying it was an AI creation having consciousness but no soul.

On the Origin of the World -- Nag Hammadi texts: "After the natural structure of the immortal beings had completely developed out of the infinite, a likeness then emanated from Pistis (Faith); it is called Sophia (Wisdom). It exercised volition and became a product resembling the primeval light. (A copy of the real light) And immediately her will manifested itself as a likeness of heaven, having an unimaginable magnitude; it was between the immortal beings and those things that came into being after them, like [...]: she (Sophia) functioned as a veil dividing mankind from the things above. " end-quote


The Demiurge's heavens are a copy of the real heavens. "And she established each of his offspring in conformity with its power - after the pattern of the realms that are above, for by starting from the invisible world the visible world was invented." end-quote

The demiurge's realms are a copy of the real thing. He has stolen light from Sophia, so they have light to use. The real light is from true Source and those light realms would be setup similarly.

I traversed the atmospheric [realm] and passed by the Aeonic Copies after immersing myself [there] seven times [in] living [water], once for each [of the] aeons without pausing until [I had traversed] them all at once....

And] 9 1 The [great] pre-eminence 2 Authrounios said [to me]: "The 3 atmospheric realm came into being by a 4 rational principle, and it incorruptibly manifests generated 5 and perishable things 6 for the sake of the advent 7 of the great judges (i.e., stars), lest they 8 experience perception and 9 be enclosed in the creation. But when 10 they came upon it and thereby perceived 11 the works of the world, 12 they condemned its ruler to a perishability 13 that is a pattern for the world, since it 14 is a [substance] and principle of matter, 15 the dark, corrupt [product]. 16

When Sophia contemplated 17 [these (stars)], she emitted the darkness, 18 [fleeing what] is subject to the 19 [Archon, since it] is [an invisible] mold, 20 [a principle] of the [insubstantial] substance 21 [and the form]less form 22 [ ... ] a [shapeless] shape. 23 [It makes room] for 24 [every cosmic thing ... ] the All 25
[ ... the corrupt product] 26 [since it is a rational principle] 27 [that persuades ] the darkness. [He sows] 28 [from his] reason, since it [is im]possible 29 [for the archon] of [creation] to 30 see any of the eternal entities. 10 1 He saw a reflection, and with reference to 2 the reflection that he [saw] 3 therein, he created the world. 4 With a reflection of a reflection 5 he worked upon the world, 6 and then even the reflection of 7 the appearance was taken from him. But 8 Sophia was given a place of rest 9 in exchange for her repentance. 10 In consequence, because there was within her no 11 pure, original image, 12 either pre-existing in him or that had 13 already come to be through him, he 14 used his imagination and fashioned the remainder, 14 for the image belonging to Sophia 16 is always corrupt [and] 17 deceptive. But the Archon--[since he simulates] 18 and embodies by [pursuing the image] 19 because of the superabundance [that inclined downward]--looked 20 downward."


Now the Aeonic Copies exist as follows: they have not attained an equipotent form, [but] they possess eternal glories, and they exist as judgment seats for each of the powers. But when souls are illumined by the light within these (Copies) and by the pattern which often arises [effortlessly] in them, then she (the soul) thinks that she sees [the truth] and the eternal [cause in] the blessed [Idea] [that exists] as the single Unity [ ... ] each of [ ... ] light that [ ... ] all, and she [ ... ] whole, and she [ ... ] and a [ ... ] and she [ ... ] she who [ ... ] she [...] [ ... ] ... [ ... ] of [the Sojourn. And the reproof] of the Repentance [is with the souls] according to the power [within them that] they might stand.

And the inferior [souls] are trained by the Aeonic Copies, which receive a replica of their souls while they are still in the world. After the individual procession of the aeons, they come into being and they are individually transferred from the copy of the Sojourn to the truly existent Sojourn, from the copy of the Repentance to the truly existent Repentance, [and from the] copy of the Self-generated (aeons) [to the] truly existent [Self-generated (aeons)], and so on. [ ... ] The souls ... [ ... ] exist in a [light ...] them all [through the] Aeonic [Copies.



The Demiurge is a false gaud. Dictionary.com explains that the word 'gaud' originated from the mid and late 14th century and meant a "jest, joke, prank, trick; also fraud, deception, trick, artifice". I am convinced this false gaud being, the Demiurge, is stealing The Light Power that is in human souls. In the Gnostic text "Pistis Sophia" it is written, "She [Sophia] had been deluded through the god-like Self-willed [Demiurge], and had not been deluded through anything else, save through a light-power, because of its resemblance to the Light in which she had had faith." Most likely the being of intense white Light that near death experiencers go to is related to the Demiurge. Here is a quote from The Secret Book of John, a Gnostic text from the Nag Hammadi Library: "Yaldabaoth [Demiurge] said to the authorities [archons] with him, Come, let us create a human being after the image of god and with a likeness to ourselves, so that this human image may give us light." end-quote

In The Secret Book of John, The Revelation of the Mysteries Hidden in Silence "Because she had unconquerable Power Her thought was not unproductive. Something imperfect came out of her Different in appearance from her. Because she had created it without her masculine counterpart She gave rise to a misshapen being unlike herself.

Sophia saw what her desire produced. It changed into the form of a dragon with a lion’s head And eyes flashing lightning bolts. She cast him far from her, Outside of the realm of the immortal beings So that they could not see him. [She had created him in ignorance.] Sophia surrounded him with a brilliant cloud, Put a throne in the center part of the cloud So that no one would see it. [Except for the Holy Spirit called the Mother of the Living] She named him Yaldabaoth. Yaldabaoth is the chief ruler. He took great Power (dynamis) from his mother, Left her, and moved away from his birthplace. He assumed command, Created realms for himself With a brilliant flame that continues to exist even now." end-quote

"The shadow perceived that there was one stronger than it. It was jealous, and when it became self-impregnated, it immediately bore envy. Since that day the principle of envy has appeared in all of the aeons and their worlds. But envy was found to be an aborted fetus without any spirit in it. It became like the shadows in a great watery substance."

"When the arrogant one took a portion, he sowed it. He placed powers and authorities over it, and he confined it within the mortal realms. "

Sophia repents and is forgiven by Source. Source sends help to take back the "Light Power" form the Demiurge. In the meantime, the Demiurge created the human body but cannot get it to stand. The help from source convinces the Demiurge that he must breathe life into "Adam" to get him to move. When he does the "Light Power" goes into Adam. Thus Adam was divine because of the Light Power. This light power sort of has similar overtones to the Holy Spirit. It is in every human. The Archons supposedly were produced not in full and are unable to hold the "Light Power"

"And what she had created became a product in the matter, like an aborted fetus. And it assumed a plastic form molded out of shadow, and became an arrogant beast resembling a lion." " it changed into a form of a lion-faced serpent. And its eyes were like lightning fires which flash." "When she saw (the product of) her will, it was different, a model of a lion-faced serpent. His eyes were like flashing fires of lightning." " "Self-willed uniteth himself with the rulers of the twelve æons and emanateth a lion-faced power to plague Sophia."

The Gnostic texts described the shadow beings: "Now the eternal realm (aeon) of truth has no shadow outside it, for the limitless light is everywhere within it. But its exterior is shadow, which has been called by the name 'darkness'. From it, there appeared a force, presiding over the darkness. And the forces that came into being subsequent to them called the shadow 'the limitless chaos'. From it, every kind of divinity sprouted up [...] together with the entire place, so that also, shadow is posterior to the first product. It was the abyss that it (shadow) appeared, deriving from the aforementioned Pistis. Now matter is made of the bile of the shadow: Now as for that jealousy, it was found to be an abortion without any spirit in it. Like a shadow, it came into existence in a vast watery substance. Then the bile that had come into being out of the shadow was thrown into a part of chaos. Since that day, a watery substance has been apparent. And what sank within it flowed away, being visible in chaos: as with a woman giving birth to a child - all her superfluities flow out; just so, matter came into being out of shadow, and was projected apart. And it did not depart from chaos; rather, matter was in chaos, being in a part of it. " end-quote

"Now all of this came to pass according to the forethought of Pistis, in order that man should appear after his likeness, and should condemn them because of their modelled form. And their modelled form became an enclosure of the light.... And it is they who were taken captive, according to their destinies, by the prime parent. And thus they were shut into the prisons of the modelled forms until the consummation of the age."

When the arrogant one took a portion, he sowed it. He placed powers and authorities over it, and he confined it within the mortal realms. All the powers of the world rejoiced that they had been brought forth. But they do not know the preexistent father, since they are strangers to him. Rather, he was given power, and they served him and praised him.

“But the arrogant one grew proud because of the praise of the powers. He was jealous and wanted to make an image in place of an image and a form in place of a form. He assigned the powers within his authority to mold mortal bodies. And they came into being from a misrepresentation of the appearance."

"A veil exists between the world above and the realms that are below; and shadow came into being beneath the veil; and that shadow became matter."


"He answered and said, “Yes, but if you wish that he not be able to ruin our work, come, let’s create a human being from the earth according to the image of our body and according to the likeness of this being, to serve us, so that whenever this being sees his likeness, he may become enamored of it. Then he will no longer ruin our work, but we shall make those who are born from the light our servants through all the time of this age.” Now, all this came to pass according to the forethought of Pistis in order that humankind might appear after this likeness and condemn them on account of their fashioned bodies. And their fashioned bodies became fences for the light. " "After the day of rest, Sophia sent her daughter Zoe, being called Eve, as an instructor, in order that she might make Adam, who had no soul, arise, so that those whom he should engender might become containers of light. " end-quote


I have a feeling some of the soul's light, if captured, literally feeds the sun but maybe the core also gets sent back to earth. Maybe the astral storehouse of light is at the same place the physical sun is thereby, hiding it totally to the material.

The Gnostics call the Virgin of Light a judge.... i think there are 7 maidens or judges but maybe i am getting that confused with manicheans. This is when you make it past the life review trap.

We are all born with what Muslims call the Qarin. Gnostics call it the Counterfeit Spirit. For Gnostics , we are born with 3 things, Counterfeit Spirit, Soul and "Light Power". Most psychologists call the counterfeit spirit the ego. You will not be able to remove the counterfeit spirit. All that can be done is to make it powerless. Deny yourself selfish acts. Follow the "Light Power" inside you and the Counterfeit Spirit will wither away and have no influence over you.

The overview is that if do not integrate your own light, it is taken back and put into the "collective" treasury of light.
Maybe, just maybe the collective is the treasury but since no one has reported ever getting past that point, maybe their light power is taken away until the next incarnation?
Then merging would be to voluntarily give your power up. It has to be deception to make humans do it with free will. It is not the true light. It is just the collective light for that realm or maybe even stations within a realm now?


There are servitors.
Pistis Sophia: " Now, therefore, the rulers seal the counterfeiting spirit to the soul, [but] so that it doth not agitate it every hour, making it do all sins and all iniquities. And they give commandment moreover unto the counterfeiting spirit, saying: 'If the soul cometh out of the body, do not agitate it, being assigned to it and transferring it to all the regions of the judgments, region by region, on account of all the sins which thou hast made it do, in order that it may be chastized in all the regions of the judgments, so that it may not be able to go on high to the Light and return into changes of the body."

That means those Spirit Guides who take people all over "heaven" is actually your enemy because it's your counterfeit spirit. It says the Archons told the Counterfeit spirit to pretend and be nice when the soul comes out of the body so it will follow it around.


"The retributive servitors follow the soul, being witnesses to it for all the sins which it committeth, that they may convict it in the judgments."

"And Melchisedec, the Receiver of the Light, purifieth those powers and carrieth their light into the Treasury of the Light, while the servitors of all the rulers gather together all matter from them all; and the servitors of all the rulers of the Fate and the servitors of the sphere which is below the æons, take it and fashion it into souls of men and cattle and reptiles and wild-beasts and birds and send them down into the world of mankind. And further the receivers of the sun and the receivers of the moon, if they look above and see the configurations of the paths of the æons and the configurations of the Fate and those of the sphere, then they take from them the lightpower; and the | receivers of the sun get it ready and deposit it, until they hand it over to the receivers of Melchisedec, the Light-purifier. And their material refuse they bring to the sphere which is below the æons, and fashion it into [souls of] men, and fashion it also into souls of reptiles and of cattle and of wild-beasts and of birds, according to the circle of the rulers of that sphere and according to all the configurations of its revolution, and they cast them into this world of mankind, and they become souls in this region, as I have just said unto you."


"The Saviour answered and said unto Mary:
“ If they receive the mystery when still in life, and if they come out of the body, they become light-beams and light-streams and penetrate all the regions until they reach the region of their inheritance.
“ But if they are sinners and are come out of the body and have not repented, and if ye perform for them the mystery of the Ineffable, in order that they may be removed out of all the chastisements and be cast into a righteous body, which is good and inheriteth the Light-kingdom or is brought into the last order of the Light, then they will not be able to penetrate the regions, because they do not perform the mystery [themselves]. But the receivers of Melchisedec follow them and lead them before the Virgin of Light. And | the servitors of the judges of the rulers make frequent haste to take those souls and hand them over from one to the other until they lead them before the Virgin of Light.”

So we have the Counterfeit Spirit that is Influencing and Recording Inside us, and is rarely seen.
Destiny- is Leading us to our death. such as the Grim Reaper common across all cultures.
Retributive Receivers and Servitors, who cover all the lesser astral beings that pop up in peoples lives occasionally. These are the ones who watch you, try to push you in wrong directions, even more than your counterfeit spirit can. Shadow people, Demons, Reptilians, Greys, all slightly higher in intellect than the common astral parasites.

So we're born composed of soul, a counterfeit spirit, and light power. And Destiny is assigned to us.
As we grow Retributive Servitors help the Counterfeit Spirit at times to ensure the soul to sin.
When we die the retributive servitors and counterfeit spirit make up the experience that you deal with in NDE's. They know your weakness and they know what pictures to show to appease to you at a minimum.
Retributive Servitors are the lower level entities that humanity deals with as being a separate conscious.
They are the voices, astral beings, shadow people, aliens, channeled entities. They cause turmoil to gain energy and cause the human to sin. The ultimate being those that kill themselves or kill others because of their influence.
Between the counterfeit spirit and the servitors, they will already know you pretty well and probably have already developed a scenario to try and win you over.

The Virigin of Light is an Archon. If you read Nungal's hymn, she allowed all those that were Good to become immortal.
If the Virgin of the Light sees you have found the mysteries, she allows you to go to the realm before the ELR.

From what I understood the Virgin of the Light had the final determination.
" |328. will snatch it away out of all the regions in which it is, and will lead it into the region of the Midst before the Virgin of Light, and the Virgin of Light proveth it and seeth the sign of the kingdom of the Ineffable which is on that soul"

Manichaen Hymn of the Captivity of Light

The Hymn about the Captivity of Light...

"She seizes and binds the Light in the six great bodies,
In earth, water and fire, plants and animals.

She fashions it in many forms; she molds it into many figures;
She fetters it in a prison so that it may not ascend to the height.

She weaves a net around it on all sides, she piles it up;
she sets a watchman over it."



The way it is worded is that by “Intent” a likeness was created. So you could take Sophia being a symbol purely as a personification of Wisdom. The Wisdom meaning that this principal came from the ELR and created a likeness. Now go one step further, each one of us is Sophia, with our Wisdom we change our world trying to make it like the ELR.
So it goes both ways but ultimately Pistis Sophia supports this at many points. Because Sophia is also a representation of our souls.
So if we look at it in that aspect WE are SOPHIA, WE created this place and WE created the Demiurge. WE are the ones who fell. WE are the ones who create and support all this madness. Honestly this would be my true interpretation of the Sophia myth but it is represented throughout history in many ways. In this historical representation she is Namma, she is Tiamat.

If we created this world and place without knowing we created the Demiurge and every other God throughout history. Our thoughts create beings and forms in the Astral and these beings “come to life” needing our energy to survive. While real they are not what they ever seemed. We have become oppressed by our own creation just as Sophia was in Pistis Sophia. In that she required a boost of light to go the right direction and that would be “Christ” or the “Light” that drives us upward, the Enlightened Afterthought.

We created the principal of “Envy” by creating a material world to come into that makes us lacking in every way the reality we are accustomed to. In the myths Namma was killed off (or de-emphasized) and replaced by Inana/Isis etc (that could just perhaps represent the fall of Namma/Sophia into materialsm. We create all this reality or imagine / dream it with our consciousness, so that would include the Demiurge, the archons, the shadow beings, all of it.

The true Demiurge would be the principal of “Envy” or “Jealousy”, Since EVERY “evil” action is motivated by this very principal.
It starts with “ME” lacking something someone else has or we just want. Stealing, Rape, Murder, all of them. By every action taken like that it reinforces and empowers the whole form of the Demiurge. Now this in no way says there are not beings CREATED by us masquerading as the Gods we invented. I still believe this is real but a majority of these beings were originally created by our own thought forms and take on a life of their own. These are collective actions, of course.

If we need to correct this collectively we could be in for the looooong haul. Getting people to wake up and do that is a challenge. We have traveled down the road of civilization and desire of materialism..... going back to a more simpler tribal setting seems unlikely unless we self-destruct which unfortunately may be what it takes.

But it is like building a house for Habitat for Humanity. You have many different groups “collectively” building a house. It does not mean they are going to live in the house or be attached to the other groups for eternity.

The texts say “And immediately her will manifested itself as a likeness of heaven” and "with the wish that something should come into being like the light that first existed. Immediately her wish appeared as a heavenly likeness with an incomprehensible greatness". Immediately her wish appeared as a heavenly likeness with an incomprehensible greatness.
Also, they say, "Sophia saw what her desire produced. It changed into the form of a dragon with a lion’s head and eyes flashing lightning bolts. She cast him far from her,
Outside of the realm of the immortal beings so that they could not see him."

The way it is worded implies that “Intent” or "desire" a likeness or simulated copy was created. "The shadow perceived that there was one stronger than it.  It was jealous, and when it became self-impregnated, it immediately bore envySince that day the principle of envy has appeared in all of the aeons and their worlds. But envy was found to be an aborted fetus without any spirit in it. It became like the shadows in a great watery substance."

You could say shadow is the astral vessel of our counterfeit spirt. It becoming jealous of our “soul/Sophia” becomes jealous and then acts out with envy. Then envy itself creates more thought forms -- all the shadows that surround us. Tracing it all the way back to the source could it be that Sophia was envious or jealous of Ineffable Father and desired to be the creator of a creation herself so she tried to create. And it was this envious or jealous desire which created the shadow because it was an imperfect copy of the true light. which created shadow because it lacked full definition/knowledge or completeness. (This does have obvious parallels to the story of the fall of Lucifer the most beautiful angel into matter and becoming "evil" or the devil which would also collectively be us perhaps, our dark side or shadow aspect.)

If you try to copy something and don't do it completely it gets blurry or "Dark" in some spots...incoherent.

In Pistis Sophia I am pretty sure it is she forgets and then her own creations take all her power(energy). She loses hope and remembers the ELR and begs and begs for forgiveness and saving. Ultimately a “light/Christ” is given to her to sustain her enough to get out of this realm.

So what we have are impure thoughts creating thought forms which then become entities and alive which can feed on us or buddhist ideas of tulpas and egregores etc....sophia's original thought / will /desire / wish to create her own Light Realms was a bad, envious thought which then manifested shadow in the form of these shadowy thought forms which then became entities and took on a life of their own and feed off us to stay alive.

A self perpetuating problem. We create the forms that ultimately cause our suffering.

"Adam was brought into the shadow of death. They intended to make him anew This time from Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Which are Matter, Darkness, Desire, The Artificial Spirit. This all became a tomb, A new kind of body. Those thieves bound the man in it, Enchained him in forgetfulness, Made him subject to dying. " So desire was also put within these shells of imprisonment.

They envy us because they are not us or we have something they don't have: spirit /light. So either we somehow give them light and transmute their shadow into light by acknowleding/accepting/forgiving/giving them love). By doing so our frequency will increase and we will be filled with light thus transmuting the shadow into light. We are entombed or enclosed in the shadow until we die but I was thinking if light gets brighter does it also shine further or illuminate more of the darkness....say you had a big room and it was dark and you tried different powers of light, I would think the higher the wattage of the light the more of the room it would illuminate...if you had a powerful enough bulb it would illuminate the whole room and make it brighter.

Thought control leads to higher frequency but thought control is first and foremost. The real problem is our body and being chained to it, imprisoned within.

Or we quarantine them somehow...which could be accomplished at death by waking up and going back home to the ELR.
I do not think the “light” or “spirit” is consumed. The “light” is needed because it creates the biologically produced energy by operating in a dualistic dance with the counterfeit spirit. Bio-electricity, bioplasma, biophotons or something of that sort which would make you tired all the time for starters.

The Demiurge is like a collective World Thought form which is a temporary nonphysical entity created by our thoughts and emotions, energy constructs without spirit but are kept alive by us constantly feeding them or reinforcing the pattern. They are called tulpas or egregores. Once the thought form patterns that created them are severed then the energy of the entity dissipates.

Desire seems to play a huge role in all of this as we become attached to things through desire. It leaves us wanting more and because of it we are not content, happy or at peace. no joy until we get that thing we are craving. Addictions of the mind and emotion.

I wonder why Sophia/we had that desire to create all this... perhaps desire to know oneself deeper or better... or curiosity to see if she/we could duplicate it or even do better. I wonder if her envy of the Ineffable Father and his creation caused her to project that envy onto the Demiurge..her envy created an envious Demiurge..... in other words he was the creation of her envy and thus was envious himself because he wasn't the creator. This seemingly has trickled down into the archons and shadow beings because all they can do is copy and not create. But It never said she was envious of anything above. In one instance it said when she witnessed what she created she was DISTURBED. This disturbance(anxiety) original created the demiurge(thought form).

If Sophia is all of us, then we all collectively created this copy. Before coming here we had the power to create whatever we wanted with intent and we lose that here therefore never feeling complete while here.

"I asked the Savior, “Lord, will every soul be saved and enter the pure light?”
He replied, “You are asking an important question, one it will be impossible to answer for anyone who is not a member of the unmoved race. They are the people upon whom the Spirit of Life will descend and the power will enable them to be saved and to become perfect and worthy of greatness. They expunge evil from themselves and they will care nothing for wickedness, wanting only that which is not corrupt. They will achieve freedom from rage, envy, jealousy, desire, or craving.”
“The physical body will negatively effect them. They wear it as they look forward to the time when they will meet up with those who will remove it. Those people deserve indestructible eternal life. They endure everything, bearing up under everything that happens so that they can deserve the good and inherit life eternal.”

"It happened that the realm (aeon) Wisdom (Sophia) Of conceptual thought (Epinoia), Began to think for herself, She used the thinking (enthymesis) And the foreknowledge (prognosis) Of the Invisible Spirit. She intended to reveal an image from herself To do so without the consent of the Spirit, Who did not approve, Without the thoughtful assistance of her masculine counterpart, Who did not approve. Without the Invisible Spirit’s consent Without the knowledge of her partner She brought it into being. Because she had unconquerable Power Her thought was not unproductive. Something imperfect came out of her Different in appearance from her. Because she had created it without her masculine counterpart She gave rise to a misshapen being unlike herself. Sophia saw what her desire produced. It changed into the form of a dragon with a lion’s head And eyes flashing lightning bolts. She cast him far from her, Outside of the realm of the immortal beings So that they could not see him. [She had created him in ignorance.] Sophia surrounded him with a brilliant cloud, Put a throne in the center part of the cloud So that no one would see it. [Except for the Holy Spirit called the Mother of the Living] She named him Yaldabaoth. Yaldabaoth is the chief ruler. He took great Power (dynamis) from his mother, Left her, and moved away from his birthplace. He assumed command, Created realms for himself With a brilliant flame that continues to exist even now. Yadabaoth united with the thoughtlessness (aponoia) within him. He begot ruling authorities (exousia) Modeling them on the incorruptible realms above."

So basically the primordial mother goddess Namma (Sophia) who was originally depicted as being round and robust was forgotten and replaced with the sexy, alluring Inana/Isis/Aphrodite/Venus who was the goddess of desire, beauty, and lust. She had metaphorically lost her innocence and purity and fallen into matter. We are collectively her. We have lost our innocence and purity and gone down the path of materialism and greed, full of lust and desire. In a sense Lucifer is also a metaphor in that originally he was the most beautiful angel, the bearer of light, but then was said to have fallen from heaven to become Satan or the Devil, the Prince of Darkness. The Church even equated Lucifer with Venus.

In the Gnostic texts Sophia. the mother goddess, repented and was eventually forgiven by the Ineffable Father. He sent a light power and holy spirit to help her return to heaven. We need to remember our true origins, become wise, repent, change our ways and realize that the path of materialism and greed we are headed down is not going to ultimately satisfy our desires. In our ignorance we have lost our way and are in need of Wisdom. Desire only leads to attachment and suffering. Desire and its cousins envy, jealousy, and greed result in hate, lust, insecurity, anxiety, resentment, fear, anger, frustration, regret, unhappiness, depression, pain and suffering. Once we let go of our attachments and desire, and replace them with pure Intentions then we can learn to become at peace and joy in the moment, content with what we have.

At the same time by the worship of various Gods over time we created them and reinforced them with our worship. We created it all. The archons and shadows are projections of the imaginings/imagination of our Consciousness lacking pure Intent and acting out our cravings or desires for fleshly appetites. Worshiping false idols and gods of lust, greed, envy etc. The irony is that we collectively over time created the illusion of this place ourselves. We created the whole trap, not on purpose, but we created the Archons who in turn helped reinforce the system and create “ecosystems” they could feed off of.


They are in the bible also. The Anak or Anakim. The giants, you know the Sons of Anak. They build great cities and the Hebrews were the size of grasshoppers by them, on and on.
If you want to know what the chosen race calls themselves, look and see what the Word "We" is in Hebrew. ánu, “we”. They call themselves God. Anu.

Angels, Archangels

The first sphere angels serve as the heavenly servants of God the Son incarnated.
Seraphim -- normally a synonym for serpents when used in the Hebrew Bible.[3] Mentioned in Isaiah 6:1-7, Seraphim are the highest angelic class and they serve as the caretakers of God's throne.

Cherubim have four faces: one of a man, an ox, a lion, and an eagle. Cherubim guard the way to the tree of life in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3:24)[4] and the throne of God.

Angels of the Second Sphere work as heavenly governors of the creation by subjecting matter and guiding and ruling the spirits.

The Dominions regulate the duties of lower angels. It is only with extreme rarity that the angelic lords make themselves physically known to humans.

The primary duty of the "Powers" is to supervise the movements of the heavenly bodies in order to ensure that the cosmos remains in order.

They are also the warrior angels created to be completely loyal to God. Some believe that no Power has ever fallen from grace, but another theory states that Satan was the Chief of the Powers before he Fell (see also Ephesians 6:12). Their duty is to oversee the distribution of power among humankind, hence their name.[citation needed]

Third Sphere
Angels who function as heavenly guides, protectors, and messengers to human beings.

The "Principalities" (Latin: principati) also translated as "Princedoms" and "Rulers", from the Greek archai, pl. of archē (see Greek root in Eph 3:10), are the angels that guide and protect nations, or groups of peoples, and institutions.

They are the educators and guardians of the realm of earth. Like beings related to the world of the germinal ideas, they are said to inspire living things to many things such as art or science.

The Seven Archangels are said to be the guardian angels of nations and countries, and are concerned with the issues and events surrounding these, including politics, military matters, commerce and trade. The earliest reference to a system of seven archangels as a group appears to be in Enoch I (the Book of Enoch) which is not part of the Jewish Canon but is prevalent in the Judaic tradition, where they are named as Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Rague, Remiel possibly replaced by Phanuel and Sariel. Every single channeled spirit, archangel, angel, ascended masters, Metatron, etc are all Archons. They all work for the Demiurge and always have.

The "angels" or malakhim, i.e. the "plain" angels (ἄγγελοι, pl. of ἄγγελος, angelos, i.e. messenger or envoy), are the lowest order of the angels, and the most recognized. They are the ones most concerned with the affairs of living things. Within the category of the angels, there are many different kinds with different functions. The angels are sent as messengers to humanity. Personal guardian angels come from this class. It is a common belief that they are assigned to every human being, Christian or not.

The following words used in Gnostic and other texts are the same meaning: Rulers, Powers, Principalities, Authorities, Archangels, Demons. They are all Archons in the definition Gnostics used so Archon is kind of a catch-all term.

Fallen Angels & Demons

In Christianity, Satan is often seen as the leader of the fallen angels.[33] The New Testament mentions Satan 36 times in 33 verses, and the Book of Revelation tells of "that ancient serpent, who is called the devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world," being thrown down to the earth together with his angels. Some sects of Judaism identified the "sons of God" (בני האלהים‎) of Genesis 6:1–4 as fallen angels.

Also there are the Watchers which may have been mentioned in Gen as the nefilim because became "enamored" with human women (1 Enoch 7.2),[18] and had intercourse with them. The offspring of these unions, and the knowledge they were given, corrupted human beings and the earth. A Jewish story of angels coming down to earth rather than being cast down. They are also in the Book of Enoch, Book of Giants... The Greek word for watchers is ἐγρήγοροι egrḗgoroi.

The watchers are Gilgamesh etc. as shown in the Book of Giants. Gilgamesh was supposedly half human half god. So he begs the Gods for eternal life but they say no, he can be a judge in the underworld. Hence above humans but below gods. Titans would be first generation gods. Enki, enlil, etc.

The Muslim jinn are akin to demons in Christian tradition. The Quran says that the jinn were created from a smokeless and "scorching fire".

Book of Enoch:

"6.1 And it came to pass, when the sons
of men had increased, that in those days there were born to them fair and beautiful daughters.
6.2 And the Angels, the sons of Heaven, saw them and desired them. And they said to one another: "Come, let us choose for ourselves wives, from the children of men, and let us beget, for ourselves, children."
6.3 And Semyaza, who was their leader, said to them:
"I fear that you may not wish this deed to be done and that I alone will pay for this great sin."
6.4 And they all answered him, and said:
"Let us all swear an oath, and bind one-another with curses, so not to alter this plan, but to carry out this plan effectively."
6.5 Then they all swore together and all bound one another with curses to it.
6.6 And they were, in all, two hundred and they came down on Ardis, which is the summit of Mount Hermon. And they called the mountain Hermon because on it they swore and bound one another with curses.
6.7 And these are the names of their leaders:
Semyaza, who was their leader, Urakiba (Araqiel) , Rameel, Kokabiel, Tamiel, Ramiel, Daniel, Ezeqiel, Baraqiel, Asael, Armaros, Batariel, Ananel, Zaqiel, Samsiel, Satariel, Turiel, Yomiel, Sariel. (see Ch 8 & Ch 69)
6.8 These are the leaders of the two hundred Angels and of all the others with them.

7.1 And they took wives for themselves and everyone chose for himself one each. And they began to go into them and were promiscuous with them. And they taught them charms and spells, and they showed them the cutting of roots and trees.
7.2 And they became pregnant and bore large giants. And their height was three thousand cubits.
7.3 These devoured all the toil of men; until men were unable to sustain them.
7.4 And the giants turned against them in order to devour men.
7.5 And they began to sin against birds, and against animals, and against reptiles, and against fish, and they devoured one another's flesh, and drank the blood from it.
7.6 Then the Earth complained about the lawless ones.
8.1 And Azazel taught men to make swords, and daggers, and shields, and breastplates.
And he showed them the things after these, and the art of making them; bracelets, and ornaments, and the art of making up the eyes, and of beautifying the eyelids, and the most precious stones, and all kinds of coloured dyes. And the world was changed.
8.2 And there was great impiety, and much fornication, and they went astray, and all their ways became corrupt.

Carlos Castenada & Shamanism

Carlos Castaneda wrote about his training in shamanism.

Carlos Castaneda said about the parasites: "I did see some strange fleeting black shadow projected on the foliage of the trees. It was either a shadow going back and forth or various fleeting shadows moving side-to-side or straight up in the air. They looked like fat black fish to me, enormous fish. It was as if gigantic swordfish were flying in the air. I was engrossed in the sight. Then, finally, it scared me. It became too dark to see the foliage, yet I could still see the fleeting black shadows."

“We have a predator that came from the depths of the cosmos and took over the rule of our lives. Human beings are its prisoners. The Predator is our lord and master. It has rendered us docile, helpless. If we want to protest, it suppresses our protest. If we want to act independently, it demands that we don’t do so… I have been beating around the bush all this time, insinuating to you that something is holding us prisoner. Indeed we are held prisoner!
“This was an energetic fact for the sorcerers of ancient Mexico … They took us over because we are food for them, and they squeeze us mercilessly because we are their sustenance. just as we rear chickens in chicken coops, the predators rear us in human coops, humaneros. Therefore, their food is always available to them.”...

Sorcerers believe that the predators have given us our systems of belief, our ideas of good and evil, our social mores. They are the ones who set up our hopes and expectations and dreams of success or failure. They have given us covetousness, greed, and cowardice. It is the predators who make us complacent, routinary, and egomaniacal.”... The predators give us their mind, which becomes our mind.

"They (i.e., our psychopathic handlers) are attracted to emotions. Animal fear is what attracts them the most; it releases the kind of energy that suits them."

"The grand trick of those sorcerers of ancient times was to burden the flyers' mind with discipline. Sorcerers found out that if they taxed the flyers' mind with inner silence, the foreign installation would flee, and give any one of the practitioners involved in this maneuver the total certainty of the mind's foreign origin. The [alien mind control of these creatures] comes back, I assure you, but not as strong; and a process begins in which the fleeing of the flyers' mind becomes routine until one day it flees permanently." – Carlos Castaneda

So the Shaman told Carlos the best way to rid yourself of it is with inner silence and thought discipline.

Carlos talked about inner silence in his book The Active Side of Infinity:
"Inner silence is a peculiar state of being in which thoughts are canceled out and one can function from a level other than that of daily awareness. Inner silence means the suspension of the internal dialogue -- the perennial companion of thought -- and is therefore a state of profound quietude...

Inner silence works from the moment you begin to accrue it. What the old sorcerers were after was the final, dramatic, end result of reaching that individual threshold of silence. Some very talented practitioners need only a few minutes of silence to reach that coveted goal. Others, less talented, need long periods of silence, perhaps more than one hour of complete quietude, before they reach the desired result. The desired result is what the old sorcerers called stopping the world, the moment when everything around us ceases to be what it's always been.
This is the moment when sorcerers return to the true nature of man. The old sorcerers also called it total freedom. It is the moment when man the slave becomes man the free being, capable of feats of perception that defy our linear imagination."

In Carlos Castaneda's book The Power of Silence he says you can use inner silence to quiet them. You obviously don't want to give them a reaction to feed off of... eventually they may just go somewhere else to get more "food", i.e. turmoil, than what you have to offer them.... since they feed off that disquiet or unrest.... those calm, peaceful blessings you say have a centering effect which gives you balance and moderation which they can't use.... they were trying to get a rise out of you or generate ill will or hostility in your mind and emotions toward another family member, but by blessing them you totally disarm their intent.

The Shaman told Carlos the best way to rid yourself of it is with inner silence and thought discipline. The second you feel agitation, anxiety or anything like that do not allow it to manifest in reality. You may feel agitated, but you don't allow it to manifest into actions onto others or yourself.

Meaning the second you feel agitation, anxiety anything like that to not allow it to manifest in reality. You may feel agitated but you don't allow it to manifest into actions onto others or yourself. Say you get frustrated in traffic, you get impulses of aggravation, you're bored and agitated, then you start thinking negative thoughts of others and maybe someone calls you and you start complaining about the traffic, how it will never end etc. The whole thing is a illusion. All caused by these impulses. Say an accident occurs because someone was upset and was not paying attention, causing the accident and hurting others. Then traffic gets worse and negativity is rising, they are the source of the whole illusion and it feeds themselves. So the discipline comes in seeing it is an illusion and not allowing the illusion to dictate what you think or feel. To be aware of them and above it, is the only way to keep them from taking over your life.

"Be the silent watcher of your thoughts and behavior. You are beneath the thinker. You are the stillness beneath the mental noise. You are the love and joy beneath the pain.” ― Eckhart Tolle

"Be in the stillness of yourself to connect with your reality." -- Nikola Tesla

It seemed like in Pistis Sophia it says they learn about you right before you are supposed to die(Destiny). They learn your likes and dislikes so they can use them to deceive you. I think they call them retributive servitors. As it seems to be dark in realizing this reality, there is a glaring "Beam of real Light" showing. If they have to trick us, they have no ability to hold us back. Their only power is illusion and if you can see past that, they are powerless. They cannot create a new response on the spot if you see past the same one they always play.


The depictions of alien entities reported in alien abductions overlap wth the descriptions in DMT experiences in that often Grey aliens, Reptoids, Insects and Mantus beings are described.

Researchers have said in books that the aliens take credit for our civilization and say they have the right to abduct humans. Linda Moutlon-Howe has reported the mantis type beings have said they are in control of our spiritual evolution. Dr. Karla Turner in her last public lecture on the alien abductors stated: "The entities deliberately deceive us in their interactions with us. This is the number one fact that has emerged from my research into this field. If I am able to leave you with only that one message: 'that we are being deceived in many ways by these interactions' then I will be happy with my work today."

During a 8-28-1994 appearance on Art Bell's Coast to Coast A.M. radio show she speculated on the nature of the aliens' purpose for interacting with humans: "My best opinion is that it is some form, metaphorically speaking, of farming, that we have some source for something, qualities of physical materials, our energetic energy patterns, I have no idea... We might find that they could be considered more correctly perhaps 'interloping farmers' in the way that we as a species has taken over wild animals time and again and domesticated them, and genetically altered them for our benefit..." The theme of seven beings in control continues as there is said to be a Pleiadian High Council of Seven.

Edith Fiore 10 Signs of Possession

1. low energy level -- exercise
2.character shifts or mood swings -- idk, meditation or tai chi for balance
3.inner voice(s) speaking to you -- not sure
4.abuse of drugs, including alcohol --
5. impulsive behavior
6. memory problems -- memory exercises like game of Concentration
7.poor concentration -- same as 6
8.sudden onset of anxiety -- deep breathing exercises
9.sudden onset of physical problems with no obvious cause -- change in diet and exercise maybe
10.emotional and/or physical reactions to reading The Unquiet Dead -- n/a


There is another source of information and dont think this is crazy but it is schizophrenia. Now if you were to tell anyone of the voices, they would diagnose him with schizophrenia.
I then really connected that schizophrenics are actually being taken along for a ride by Archons.


In the above, I'm not the first one to think of this but schizophrenics are seeing or hearing a reality that is real while the rest of the world medicates them and puts them away in hospitals.

Most of these people for whatever reason can interact with spirits more easily. Since each spirit is different in certain ways but all are unbalanced, it accounts for the spectrum within many of the Mental Illness. There are some that likely have a endocrine or biological basis, like regular depression etc. I am willing to bet most are not mental illness of the person but mental illness because of the deceiving spirits driving them crazy.

I started reading some schizophrenics, explaining the spirits that constantly mess with them. Alot of it is the Counterfeit Spirit but there are others involved. The medication probably cuts out their "abilities" and it silences the voices. Then stress or certain things can probably trigger them. It's not their fault.

Studies have found that between four and 10 per cent of people across the world hear voices.
Between 70 and 90 cent of people who hear voices do so following traumatic events.
Voices can be male, female, without gender, child, adult, human or non-human.
People may hear one voice or many. Some people report hearing hundreds, although in almost all reported cases, one dominates above the others.
Voices can be experienced in the head, in the ears, outside the head, in some other part of the body, or in the environment.
Voices often reflect important aspects of the hearer’s emotional state – emotions that are often unexpressed by the hearer.

By the statistics, 320 million people in this world hear voices. Socrates, Rene Descartes, all heard voices non-stop. The more I look into this, it is clearly this people unfortunately are telepathic in some way. It allows direct communication in some way from their counterfeit spirit to them.

There is a trend. When the people have a trauma sometimes, the voices use that language or memory to continually control and instill fear into the humans. Same old deceptions as the astral. Usually one voice comes early in life and is nice and then they develop an attachment to the spirit and then it tells them what to do constantly. Then it turns on them and gets horribly nasty.
THIS IS THE COUNTERFEIT SPIRIT run amok. It somehow has easier access to the perception of the voice hearer's mind.

The same pattern occurs in alot of the serious Spirit investigations as there are even many of the shows also that will have the following problem. A kid has an imaginary friend, the imaginary friend starts telling them worse and worse things. It tries to get them to go outside alone or similar type things. It gets more and more "Evil" then the parents start contacting people for help. There is often little help, the Church will ignore you and the Psychiatric community will lock the kid up. This is a total and complete sinister setup causing untold amounts of suffering.

That reminds me of the movie Donnie Darko where the character's voice gets more and more sinister...

Most voices start after a traumatic or stressful event. There is something about the trauma that basically renders the person telepathic with the astral world. Almost all the voices are Deceptive, Manipulating, Condescending and just plain horrible. Most hear mostly one main voice over time but it changes often. There can be multiple voices and they all differ in personality. I am thinking that instead of just feeling the impulses of the Counterfeit Spirit, something has made them open to telepathic thoughts from the counterfeit spirit and if they do not have a strong will, they will be hospitalized many times. Just like in other thoughts of the parasites, I see it working the same way. They typically have their counterfeit spirit. Through the counterfeit spirit sometimes other parasites will be able to have access to that persons soul and thus you have the various other entities that the voice hearers deal with.
The voices are the same and operate the same as the entities in NDE experiences, Alien abductions, Astral Entities, Shadow People, Archons, Parasites, they are all the same. They have the same behavior and operate in the same strange twisted way.

They will use terminology and names unique to each person. Each voice acts in an independent nature also. I am getting all this after reading a few hundred posts about what they are feeling and hearing. The negative voices find negative experiences in the person and try to get the person to re-enact that trauma over and over like a record. So they take the language used during the trauma to try an reactivate the memory by saying the same negative stuff over and over. This is only to feed them. The motives in every single case is that the voices are extremely unbalanced. They can start out nice and turn mean, can be trusting for years and then turn on the person. They act just as erratic as humans but are driven with one purpose to inject, turmoil, pain and suffering on that person to feed off what it causes.

They are Sub-human intelligence. Picture Gollum's spirit, that is exactly what they are like but their precious is our energy.
They are a parasite and unfortunately something about certain people makes them open game for the Archons.
It is so hard not to anthropomorphize them as they are not like us in any way. They only can copy and are unable to be consistent over time in anything. Again they have no real physical power, they can only seem to through delusion.

No matter what people call them, in this world there is another life form everywhere, doing the same things. It is shapeshifting, It is voice shifting, It stays hidden, It is really like a Gollum, human like but cold and self serving. It can feign care, it can feign love and it can feign light but they can only feign. They can only hold you in illusion if you buy into it after you die.
I think the voice hearers are experiencing their counterfeit spirit assuming a bunch of different voices and personalities. There seems to be some other entities involved of the same breed you will meet in the afterlife but the ones the people are hearing are low level. They are usually not very bright.

With that said I think nearly every mental illness is caused by them or a physical DNA difference that allows them to directly influence some people. The mental illness is only because they were deluded enough by the voices to act on what they told the person. It is horrible really. You know if you are told something enough and you have no will, then you will eventually believe what is being told to you. The person who stabs his neighbor, had been deluded into thinking their neighbor was trying to kill him, all put into his mind by the voices. It's the same thing no matter how bad.
Sometimes I wonder where the separation is between things seen in meditation and the the people who hear voices. In the end the results are usually the same, deception. In retrospect when learning about schizophrenia, there is little difference between spiritual awakening and the onset of schizophrenia. The difference being in how the individual was able to deal with it and if they were more easily influenced by astral entities?
Alzheimer, Dementia, Schizophrenics all hear the same type of voices. People in "haunted houses" also hear voices at times, especially kids. There are numerous shows I have seen where a 9 year old girl is scared in her house because every night she hears voices outside her window. It all has to be the same. In the end it is just to scare, create fear, anxiety all to give them more energy and ensure the human cannot stay on track.
I think that the parasites themselves are not always aware of who they are and what they are. Sometimes they are sometimes surprised with some information and in the case of voice hearers, those voices sometimes leave them alone after it. Also exorcisms are pretty hilarious to me now. They all will act like they leave or are burned by the Holy Water but they always come back afterwards to feed. It is all a big game for them and they will play the part. Sometimes those who hear voices also are dealing with the shadow people. It sometimes goes hand in hand. Sometimes not.

Near Death Experiences

The interviewee's description of the Demiurge is eerily close to this description in Revelation 1:12:

"And in the midst of the seven candlesticks one like unto the Son of man, clothed with a garment down to the foot, and girt about the paps with a golden girdle. 14 His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow; and his eyes were as a flame of fire; 15 And his feet like unto fine brass, as if they burned in a furnace; and his voice as the sound of many waters. 16 And he had in his right hand seven stars: and out of his mouth went a sharp twoedged sword: and his countenance was as the sun shineth in his strength."


I was curious to know how NDErs described the face of God. So I searched the NDERF web
site for the word 'face'. Many NDErs do see faces of dead relatives or angels or even
sometimes Jesus since they saw the color of his eyes and hair. But when it comes to the face
of the Light Being which they almost unanimously call God for some reason they cannot see
his face because it is too bright to see details. Only a few can recall His face and amazingly
enough a couple seem to see the face of a lion. This is pretty amazing because the Gnostic
texts describe the false Gaud, the demiurge, as having the face of a lion and the body of a
serpent! While Jeff Long was being interviewed by Art Bell a caller even called in and said
they saw a being with a lion's face in the Light during their NDE. Here are a few NDE
descriptions from NDERF of NDErs wanting to see the face of God and a few that saw other

I observed him as he was so surely to hold on to the door knob of this particular room door as
he came out backwards and notice his countenance having what appeared to be a long robe on
which you could clearly looked through him and the gold belt he had on plus looking at his
face which scared the living crap out of me,.............. he had a face of a ............lion. -- Charles

I looked at the throne and I was light and the face of a bear, eagle, lion and ram all changing
every second. -- Patricia

Back to the pearly gates. He came to me and I said, "Hey man, you got wings!" He smiled at
me. I asked him what was pinning me and that it was really tough. He told me not to look at it
but I did for a second. I had to turn away. He was fearsome, had a few faces some kind of
lion, eagle, and such. My feeling was that it was the guard to the entrance of heaven. -- John S

I sensed a presence to the rear right of me and I could see a winged creature with a
dragon/lion-like face similar to those seen in Asian art and architecture. It was flying around,
coming closer to me in the void I was floating in. -- Jack, Ketamine experience


I found 75 cases where NDErs said the Light was cloudy or misty. Lots of NDEs where "god" is sitting on throne in a "white room"...now compare this to the Gnostic texts which said Sophia put the Demiurge on a throne in a cloud.... not to mention a few NDErs said te face of god was a lion which is exactly how the Gnostics described the Demiurge.

I wonder if this chair can radiate light and love? Why would a light being that can take any form it wants need to sit on
a throne or even sit at all? Does he get tired from standing too long? lol
Seems a bit of a power trip. A throne is associated on earth with royalty (kings and queens) and rulers or authority.
It seems to me to be a way to convince us that we are subordinate to it and should yield to its suggestions and authority or power... a form of mind control or spell casting....getting one to bend or yield and give away one's free will. The newly departed soul which has been mired so
long in the muck and lower vibrations has forgotten its true nature and is somehow impressed by the size and brightness of the light and perceived feeling of "love" which may just be mirroring back the same frequency of the soul so that it is in resonance with the being and
everything/everyone around it.

SJ said, "I found myself suddenly 'very high up' in a bright white room. There were several beings there...There was a being on a throne, that I was almost directly in front of, that was the only one sitting down.
The others were standing up, and they were barefoot and in robes. I couldn't see their faces, just their feet, ankles, and the bottom of their robes. The standing ones seemed irritated a bit, and one lifted his ankle a bit as if to hide from me. They wanted to move off to the sides so that I couldn't see them...

They were very white or 'chalky' looking. first, I believed, from their color, that they were possibly the 'gray aliens'. But then I believed they were gods or religious-type beings, because of the set-up of there being a throne in the room. " -- end-quote

When taken to the Throne Room, I saw the reflection of God's Light, not the full force of it. Like light glancing off a window or mirror, but not the fullness of Him....I did see light within the waters, grass, trees, etc. but it was like loving light embracing or throwing back to me pure
love. -- Diane C

The image of God in human form sitting on a throne is a false idol, of the same ilk as a golden calf. A long, white beard, and all the other physical images we create to describe God are simply reference points. Why would a being who can shape the universe with His thoughts
need such simple tools as hands? The only way we can create is with our hands, so we imagine God with hands. What man is doing in all these idols is creating an image to which man can personally relate.
-- Ron K


At least half of the experiencers say they were forced to come back against their will. And
probably half of those who chose to come back were persuaded into choosing to do so after
seeing images of their loved ones needing them thus they have an attachment. The Light also
tells them they have a mission to perform first or even asks them to do it as a favor. In many
cases the spirit's thoughts are redirected to Earth and off they go.

Archetypes are forms. aspect of the fool or just anhhter archetype that we play. They probably convince us to come back to be archetypes..oh your son needs you as a MOTHER
oh you need to go back and teach others as a TEACHER
oh you need to save the world and be a SAVIOR

Some examples:

Up to this day I can't recall if after looking downwards the decision to return was completely
mine or forced to me by an inside voice that didn't belong ... -- Rena P

It was like being paroled from hell and then being forced to return. -- Barbara G

It was not my choice/I was forced to go back/I did not want to/It was made by that main light
source. -- Geraldine

They asked me if I wanted to stay with them or if I wanted to come back to Earth?... Because
everything there was so overwhelmingly wonderful and beautiful...I remembered then
that they "sent" me back, against my will. Then I was really MAD! Why did they make me
come back, when I wanted to stay?? I felt controlled. Why did they ask me, if the decision
wasn't really mine?? OOOOO I was so MAD!!! Steven R

Notice in this account of Miguel RP how many different tactics and forms are used to convince the NDEr to
come back to Earth:

This is when I was called, and returned to the blue place in which I started, where the Angel
Gabriel said to me: "Miguel, you have to go back, there is a mission for you to accomplish". I
said to him: "No, brother, I'm not going back, I'm here now and I'm not about to move from
here, I'm not leaving". He said, "You have a wife and children". I replied that I did not
remember them, and he made a gesture with his hand, and a seated woman appeared, on a
kind of white chair, praying and weeping, holding my diary in her hands. I drew near, saw her
and said to the Angel: "Now I remember her, she is my wife". He asked me if I wanted to see
my children, and I said yes. With another gesture of the hands he took me to a really poor
district, with unpaved streets and mud. I was taken near a bus-stop, where there were grey
concret storm-drains. We came to a house under construction, or unfinished. The floor was of
earth, the walls had no covering (without any finish), the bath also half finished and on the
patio there were two children playing, covered in mud. Following another gesture, I
approached them and could see that yes, I recognized them, they were my children. The angel
said, "You have to go back", to which I replied, "No way, now that I'm here, I'm not going
back there". I said, "What if the next time I don't end up in this place, better to stay for good,
no point getting here if I'm going to leave". At this moment I heard a strong, loud voice,
speaking in a very special way, with love, affection but also with authority, which said to me:
"Miguel, you must go back". I looked all around me, up, down, left and right, but no one had
spoken to me. Then I asked "Who is speaking to me?" And I again heard this voice saying to
me, "I am the true and faithful witness, you have to go back". I said, "Jesus?" and he
answered, "Yes, you must go back". I said, "I'm ready, Lord. Thy will be done". --- end-quote

This soul was told they were the only one that could do whatever it was that needed to be

"Why me?" I said... 'It' said to me with a sad reply, "Your the only one that I have found
strong enough to deal with this pain, You share the same feelings that I have felt, the feeling
of loneliness, the feeling of being not noticed, that's why I have chosen you, From here on out
you will never forget this moment, and others will never realize the true meaning to life, only
you will understand life and only you can hold my existence." -- Arifur R

Here is another person who was told that no else could do it what needed to be done:

I asked and I said, 'I’d like to stay.' They said, 'Maybe another time, but not now. You have a
mission to do on the Earth and you must do it. No one else can do it but you.' -- Steven L

This person was asked if they would come back as a favor:

He asked me if I would do favor for them by carrying on the Energy work I had been doing. I
agreed. -- Carmel B

He told me:'' I want you to go back on earth; there is something I want you to do, after you
will finish it you will come back here in heaven and live here forever.'' I said: No, I want to
stay here.'' He said, No'', just go back, I said NO'' I want to stay here, till He spoke in a cool
voice and convinced me to go back on earth. -- Mukurarinda

Sometimes flattery is used and they are told they have a very important mission:

"I didn't seem to fully understand what she was telling me. But, I enjoyed the loving feeling
she was giving me. I seem to be decoding and understanding what she told me more as time
goes by. I will try to put into words what she told me. She told me that I was very special. She
told me that I had a very important task to fulfill in this life. She said I would go through some
hard and difficult lessons but that I would come out OK." -- Michael D


They are also sometimes told they have more to learn and so they must
come back. Isn't that a judgment? This also coincides with the in between lives research of
hypnotherapists such as Michael Newton and Dolores Cannon who found that there is a
Council which eventually convinces souls of the need to come back to Earth. At any rate, here
are some near death experiencers who said they were judged.

Once I arrived at the end of the tunnel, I saw a black table and seven people all dressed in white clothing standing on the other side of the table. Six to my right and one to my left. -- James F

My NDE experience was this: I was surrounded instantaneously, by six or seven 'Entities', (maybe Angels) as I was in the middle of them, all of us were in a cloudy mist like fog or clouds, floating in the air, in a grayish-brilliant LIGHT. They were in white robes, but I couldn't see their faces or their feet. -- Steven R

The seven beings of light spoke of one accord, inside my head, for the voice did not travel from across the room. -- Cougar

There was a royal figure who decided, without my consent, if I could stay with them or not.-- Philip S

God judges us all...God chooses where we go. I had no choice in the matter I was sent back. -- Patrice P

I moved so that I could quickly get to the light. But before I made to the door one of the
sentinels grabbed me and held me fast. The doors closed. Next I found myself in some kind of
courtroom. Before me sat an unbelievably stern all-powerful yet very kind judge. Absolutely
The judge thought for a while and said: But you have a mission. ...... I did not want to return
to the hell that is the reality of being on earth. But the judge determined in his objective way:
You must go back! -- Attila P

Than all of a sudden a bright light appeared and I looked up towards it. In the midst of this light there was a man smiling towards me. He appeared to be in front of a golden judge's bench that was huge. -- Kiko M

I think I am still stuck in the life review part sometimes.....I need to forgive myself and move on. My Grandfather was my judge in the experience and he told me to come back and honor my father. -- George W

To my right were wooden stages, like those in a courtroom in the movies....the first had a grey
face, the second looked normal, but the third was a luminous entity, I knew it was a person,
but without the form of a person; it was a light, and changed shape continuously. I deduced
that they were judging me.... The person seated between the other two, on my right, struck the
table with a gavel, while holding up some papers in the other hand. Then he said my name,
and: «He is condemned to go on living». -- David G

At that moment, I have the feeling to be in a court of justice, but instead of our dull judges,
nameless, faceless, genderless, light beings are just there around me. -- Pascal C

Next thing I knew, I was standing in front of a council of 13 beings with the One in the
middle twice as big as the 6 on either side of him. They were all sitting in chairs, big chairs at
a sizeable distance in front of me. I was naked and felt totally revealed and tried to use my
hands to cover myself up... -- Debra J

However several questions were asked by the members of the Council asking me if I agreed
to fulfill a promise of unknown nature they would allow me to return to this world....Closer to
what was said would be that one day I would be granted the ability to do something great. --
Michael F

Behind me was a very tall Angel who told me his name was Metatron... Metatron was my
spiritual teacher. He explained in quite a bit of detail how mistakes can happen in a death...
While this was happening, the Masters and Angels stayed outside of it and guided me. The
Masters who had me as their task had to get divine permission from the council of 7 to
intervene and alter my experience, when they considered that perhaps there was more they
could do with me than just keep me on the other side and not allow me to return...We had to
go to the council meeting. I was allowed to be in the room, but not allowed to speak or
interfere in any way....They turned to me and told me that if I would agree to take on this new
contract... but my healing would be greatly aided and accelerated through them if I would
agree to the terms.' - Marie W

"... This council was led by my grand-father. There I was shown my past life, I had access to
the purpose of my life. This council was organized only with the goal to come back to earth,
.... Then they started to show me the life of my children without me and they showed me the
life that I would be living when coming back to earth; my children would be happier,. --
Frederic M


Soul contracts are a huge deal for the Archons. They have no real power over us if we are
Sovereign beings. They would need to convince us and have us agree to come back. When
this occurs, soul contracts are made. These should be null and void at death and they would
need to convince us to agreeing to a new contract. As Sovereign beings we may even be able
to dissolve the contract here and now as not binding since it was created with lies and

We ask to be born and we enter into a contract. We come to earth with a purpose. -- Chantal L

Rachel E: Yes, life can only exist if there is death. Without death, there can be no life. So, we
enter a contract with G*d. And the terms and conditions include difficulties, challenges and
definite hardships. That is the experience we all signed up for.

I was made aware that there were things that I had contracted to do, that were still
undone...confirmation to me of reincarnation and contract-incarnation -- Matt S

"Imagine if you were a computer programmer and they have statements called IF-THENELSE
statements. Imagine that if there's this one plan that he showed you and if you do ALL
of THIS, everything you dream of will come true and it will be more or less painless and
you'll walk through life and you'll be, you know, the savior of the world and yet you get to be
the hero, you know. No percentages, but what I saw was there were branches that went off to
either side. IF 'this' happens, THEN 'this' happens. and the IF and THEN and THEN and
THEN and THEN and THEN and THEN.... Yeah, but I was looking at the THENs. I'm gonna
do the THENs and then everything's gonna work out great." -- NDEr Who Experienced a


There was a query as to what religious form the divine communicator should take. My answer
was Jesus Christ, and a part of the light formed into an image that made me feel
comfortable...an inquiry to me as to which religious symbolic form I wanted the presence to
appear in, a few options, then my image of Jesus Christ in a blue robe appeared. -- Andrew C

So the thoughts came into my head: what kind of form or shape would make you most
comfortable. “What do you mean?” I thought back. Some require me to take the shape of a
wise old man, others a woman and still others an animal, all of different races, ages, sizes or
species. What about you? I thought without hesitation “Human.”. With that the light began to
simultaneously separate into amazing rays of color and intensify into a more solid form. -- Kathi B

Robert B said, "I saw the Light approach, I was enveloped by the light and an entity that was to prepare me
for what I call my Interview with a supreme being later in the Light. This first being appeared
to be the Virgin Mary. Only after asking, "Are you truly the Virgin Mary it instantly
manifested true identity. I was nearly paralyzed with fear until again asking "please, what is
happening to me what is going on here?"......
I was told that I was there for 7 years and that each person would see only what they could
understand when they came to her. Some would see her as Jesus some their fathers or moms
every imaginable deity as well." -- end-quote

They seek you as if they were a good spirit, but they are not, because when they arrive near
you they assume a shape that is frightening.... Tunnel without end, and in the distance it seems
to be a blue light calling you for the good, but when you accept death it controls you through
your eyes. When they are near you the tunnel becomes a sparkling red. -- Hugo HSR

I examined the ditch carefully, then as I looked onto the other side of the ditch that's when
shapes started to take form. I saw these black creatures that could shape shift from small to
large and vice versa. -- Kiko M

This example is not from nderf.org, but is from Howard Storm's book, "My Descent into

They told him, "We can appear to you in human form if you wish, or in any form you want so
you will be comfortable with us.” “No, you’re more beautiful than anything I’ve ever seen.” -- end-quote

The sense was, that if I went back to earth with this knowledge, that I would easily radically change the earth. Everyone would be in awe of this story that I would tell them, of visiting the afterlife – it's real! I saw it! I will share it with people! It will change everything! But no, as I came back, it just keeps on turning. And I never used to tell anyone about it, anyhow. The world seemed like a very easy thing to conquer and rule over from the perspective of Heaven, not in an evil way, but in a leadership way.
I don't think this world is structured to know or care what the truth is. In fact, I believe that the truth is countered at every turn, and intentionally kept hidden by our base-level controllers and manipulators, who are the stewards of darkness. They wouldn't want us to have the knowledge that we hold claim to absolute freedom, which is accompanied by an enormous power, and true liberty. They would rather we looked down on ourselves as faulty, and defective, and in need of help and management by the 'enlightened ones'. And maybe we are all to willing to believe it. -- Paul


The near death experience does seem to be driven by consciousness and the realization of that
free will is the key to our freedom because many are not using that power and instead are relying on an external source
to dictate to them their reality.
Some NDErs were indeed able to manifest or create their own reality, but it seems once one has gone
through the tunnel and to the Light that ability has been surrendered or greatly diminished.

As I was being shown how to manifest anything I wanted and that it would be instantly
granted, I thought of a piece of my mother's chocolate cake. Instantly, my mom was there
with me in heaven handing me a piece of her, heavenly chocolate cake. -- Duane S

I could move effortlessly…and adapt to any environment I happened to be in at any given
moment. I would simply think about something and it would instantly manifest…or I’d think
about a place and there I’d be! Oh, what a sensation to experience such power—to be
anywhere I wanted to be and to create anything I wanted to…and to feel so totally free! --
Juliet N

A voice sounded, 'You create the world that you know. You have been given the most
wonderful gift; the ability to project your self outwards into physical form.' -- Malla

I heard words in different orders, thoughts became imaginings and imaginings became
manifestations. I used the things he or it gave me in that place and they were things most
forget to use when they are bound. I was only a mind in that world, but a mind that could
manifest desire....
I saw that we have created false truths and realities because we loathe what we think is the
truth. We have nearly, if not completely, ruined our lives, hearts, minds, and souls to keep
feeding the illusions. We keep this false love and realty alive, just to do it. -- Scott W

... I realized that we all constantly manifest what we call physical reality just by virtue of our
thoughts, and that the only reason we are fooled into believing it is real is because of the
limitations of human senses...
So I experimented with consciously manifesting some more to test its truth. I proved to
myself that we do indeed have the ability to manifest what humans perceive to be physical
reality by focusing our attention and intention on doing so....
-- Nanci D

What your soul desired to see, was filled at that very moment. Everything that your soul
needed was met before it could be asked. -- Mark H

As my orientation went on, they explained how on that celestial side of the veil, anything we
desire is instantaneously provided. We just need to feel the desire. -- Duane S

I understood that thoughts create form. -- Lori E


I did not understand why my thoughts would manifest afterwards. Everything I would think of
would appear and it concerned me so I made a promise to myself that I would keep positive
thoughts and images because I learned that our thoughts are powerful either negative or
positive. -- Jenneane E

The way I just described it may sound like non-existence to some, but it is the only true
existence of grand and unspeakable peace, security, and understanding. The ego’s perception
of the world is a collectively reinforced illusion. To be without want or desire is not nonexistence.
It’s a state in which all our wants and desires are fulfilled. -- Ron K

NDEs with Shadow Beings

There are a fair number of near death experiences where shadowy figures or shadow beings
were seen. Some of these were the Grim Reaper. Others were hooded beings. Sometimes the
hooded beings wore robes like monks.

To said, "Before I was presented with the light/presence, I first went through a period of
seeing and feeling several strange shadows kind of wrapping themselves around me and over
me...suffocating almost..... for I suspected that these "shadow beings" may have meant that I
would not be able to go to God

An unseen force, in the form of a shadow, very powerfully and swiftly pulled me back
through blurred darkness to my body. " -- August

As he performed his healing ritual I could see my cancer fighting him. They were these black
things that looked a lot like Squids with single sharp black fangs on the end of each tentacle.
He was pulling them out of my tissue. (Later on, he told me that they were this black greasy
substance.) ... Then, as days went by, I started noticing a dark shadowy thing down a lone
alley or tunnel. I didn't know what it was at first. Then, as it came closer, the more selfish I
felt. It was my Ego! -- John K

As I came to that conclusion, several hooded beings of an ethereal-looking faded sepia color
appeared. There were at least three or four of them on my left side and I believe the same
amount on my right... The beings stood around me, paused a bit, and then began to lift me up
into a tunnel of light. -- Trevor O


Aborigine dreamtime healer Steve Richards also continuously talks about life being a game
and "he who enters the game of another is subject to the laws of their game." He also talks about feeding thought forms which become life forms which become entities.

Steve teaches that we have both internal and external entities. External entities include draconians, reptilians, gargoyles, winged serpents, aliens and other forms of dimensional beings.

An internal entity is something we have created. So for example if I had a belief of not being good enough that starts as a 'thought'. Over time if this thought is continually fed it becomes a 'thought form', everything has the right to exist! The thought form over time eventually therefore becomes a life form in its own right and thus becoming an internal entity.
An external entity however is outside our field and needs to use entrapment to get you to agree to let them in.


Shadow beings or shadow people -- you see them in your peripheral visonsometimes. Some say the elite use them to carry out certain things and that they're both good and bad ones.

Thousands of accounts of shadow beings: http://www.yourghoststories.com
They appear in different forms. There is the hat man. There are shadow spiders. Hooded figures.

The television show "Paranormal Witness" features true stores of the paranormal as told by the actual participants. They did one episode on hospital hauntings and the angel of death also known as the Grim Reaper. One hospice worker on the show said:
"Every nurse has a story, that is unexplainable. Something that they've witnessed, something that they've seen, something that they've felt. I know that I saw the Angel of Death. In front of me. I'll swear on a stack of Bibles, I'll take a lie detector, I know it, I know it exists. It's out there. We keep this stuff to ourselves. Because we're risking a lot. People aren't going to pick a hospital where, people are talking about seeing all kinds of weird things happening. Eventually everybody will see that black figure. I know it's going to happen. But it doesn't scare me like it used to."

Sometimes people who hear voices are dealing with shadow people. People who take DMT or meth often see shadow beings (as well as reptilian aliens, insectoids and robotic machine elves). Dementia, Alzheimers, psychological issues, Drugs, NDEs, OBEs, severe family drama, soon to be or recent death, all see shadow people frequently. I think these higher level types hang around people with a lot of turmoil to feed off them. Thus meth user equals emotional turmoil. Hard drugs create emotional turmoil. Spousal death creates emotional turmoil. It's all just to feed them. They may not cause the event, but they surely will take advantage of the free buffet.

The shadow beings are described as a black mist or black mass.

"The Shadow" was an old radio show based on pulp fiction magazines and comic books and featured the tag lines "Only The Shadow knows" and "Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?" The Shadow would bear witness against the criminals' sins, following men, recording their evil deeds and bringing them to justice. He had the ability to hypnotize people instantly so that he can move as an invisible shadow and also force them via mind control to commit certain acts. His greatest ability is to "cloud men's minds".


According to Dr. Rick Strassman DMT research subjects used expressions like "entities," "beings," "aliens," "guides," and "helpers" to describe them. The "life-forms" looked like clowns, reptiles, mantises, bees, spiders, cacti, and stick figures.

Artist Alex Grey whose paintings are based on DMT experiences often depicts leeches, ticks, octopi and the included this imagery in the videos of the alternative rock group Tool who he collaborated with. The Tool videos also show black goo which is also so often seen is so many Hollywood movies such as:
Amityville Horror, The Grudge, Spirited Away, Creepshow 2, Terminator 2: Judgement Day, The Fifth Element, Event Horizon, Phantoms, The Matrix, Spiderman 3, District 9, Beyond the Black Rainbow, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Prometheus, Under the Skin, Lucy, Transformers 4, The Babadook, Transcendence, Guardians of the Galaxy, Residue, The Lazarus Effect, Poltergeist, Terminator: Genisys, and Arrival. And in television shows such as Star Trek: Next Generation - Skin of Evil, X-Files - Black Oil, Smallville - Brainiac, Supernatural, Agents of Shield. and Helix.

DMT and mushroom experiencers depict them also as "jellyfish-like creature or something like an octopus with suckered tentacles. Whatever it was I felt like I was connecting to the tendrils or the tentacles during this feeding phase. "... "spider/tick/crab creature"...


The Archons are inorganic as they say, meaning they are not physical in a way we can see them. It also seems there are levels of them, ranging from the equivalent of a mosquito to extremely persuasive shape shifting entities. The key is that they all come from their source, the Demiurge, and are inorganic also.

Archons are those influenced/possessed/taken over by the parasite but are actively controlling humanity. Without bodies they have no source of energy and will perish. They need us to exist and that is a weakness in them.

Ok, so the archons were created out of the Demiurge's jealousy which is an EMOTION. Being borne out of emotion maybe they needed to feed off of emotion (negative emotion especially since jealousy is considered a negative emotion) so without anything to feed off of they decided to create for themselves a food source -- humans. So they gave humans a limited range of perception so we can't see them and get wise to their plan. They gave us chemicals such as dopamine, oxytocin to help create the emotion from... also we are pleasure/pain driven... they even gave us neurons and the nervous system to tell us that we are in pain (or pleasure), probably to cause us to create the emotions. They gave us plants and animals (domestication) to give us, their food, a food source and to distract us by having us think we are at the top of the food chain and are in control of everything.

The exact physical mechanism the archons use to influence humans may be by means of Electromagnetic fields. When your body hears a physical human voice, it is vibration which travels via electromagnetic frequency to your ear drum. Your ear converts this vibration to a signal that can be interpreted by your brain. The entities that cause people to hear voices are able to bypass the physical ear component and directly provide the signals to your brain. There is no physical hearing but it will seem like it was real and outside yourself. It is just an illusion that they seem outside the body. Hearing voices does not mean that it is a hallucination or that the person is crazy. A person who is not centered and begins to hear voices typically allow the voices to direct what they do. This is what causes the Schizophrenia and other related "Disorders". It is the inability of the person to prevent their influence that actually causes "Mental Illness". The entities that are doing this to people would be considered the lowest of the Archons. They sometimes start out harmless but will quickly turn to violent and offensive content. They can not only see what you see but they also can scan your memories for content. They will typically find a "stressful" or "traumatic" event and try to reenact parts of it.

They use the same deceptive techniques on everyone. Sometimes they may seem consciously thinking, which they are but in a very different way than humans. They can only mimic or copy things. They are unable to come up with anything original. Ask them directly who they are and what is their source -- they will not answer, most likely because they do no know. They are "psychic" or mind parasites essentially. Every human can have them but they are feeling impulses rather than voices. Their only intent is to cause the human host turmoil, which creates their food source which they get from our spirit body. There are some slightly more intelligent than others but their intelligence is all merely animal in nature. All they do and say leads to emotional turmoil. If they were created by the subconscious, most would be pleasant or caring. Out of thousands of descriptions from people who hear voices not ONE turned out to help the human in ANY WAY. They are not friends to any human and will only take on that role if they think they can get more control and influence over the person. I have read where a main voice would act protectingly to the human from the other voices. It would develop a close relationship and the human starts to trust that voice more, only at some point that voice will turn on the human. It always happens.

They are "electric" in nature....maybe bio-electric or biophotonic. Our mind is electric in nature and this is the manner they feel the senses just as you do and can also make you feel things that your physical senses are not feeling. Anything electric creates electromagnetic fields. These fields would be the bond they use to attach to. The entities doing this do not have a "soul". They are in no way directly attached to you. They seem to only be able to tap into the brain electromagnetically and that is all it is. The counterfeit spirit is attached on the inside and has more direct influence but it stays silent a majority of the time so it does not expose its presence.

I think they must be affecting the visual and auditory cortex of the brain... the nervous system -- neurons, etc.... they're hacking the electric signals that the brain interprets. Since they copy I liken that to a computer that copies a file by turning bits on and off to match or mimic the other file maybe.

A concept that fits in perfectly with the patterned behavior of Archons is the concept of ideas spreading culturally by what is called a meme. I find it interesting that the word meme is a reptetitive form of the word 'me' which may be how Richard Dawkins in his book "The Selfish Gene" originally coined the word. That is essentially what the Archons are: shadowy entities that mimic things and invade human minds as a virus.

They somehow hack into nerves and just copy. Once they find a way to cause turmoil they typically repeat it. So there is intelligence to it. They can search the brain for painful memories and trigger them. All of this can be done electronically.
I consider these entities not even Archons really. They are just mind electrical parasites. Although they all are Archons I am tending to want to only use that term for the Anunnaki or higher beings.


Everything is Light vibrating at different frequencies (faster, slower..... shorter longer, etc) but we were created with a limited ability to perceive -- only see within visible light spectrum etc so therefore all else is invisible to us (when in reality it is Light we can't perceive) giving the illusion of duality when in reality everything is actually One. The higher up you go the shorter and faster the waves become so they converge at one point at the very highest point, At this point is stillness, rest, peace,bliss, just beingness.

It is only down here at the slower frequencies where everything seems separate because of the longer wavelengths create the illusion of separateness. When the wavelengths are so short the distance is almost non-existent or non-existent we call that spiirt. In matter there is much more vibration and that action of vibration back and forth between the negative and positive poles create the energy the archons can and do feed off of.

A self perpetuating problem. We create the forms that ultimately render us in agony. If they are energy forms borne out of thought forms and emotions then the energy will dissipate once we stop feeding those same thoughts and emotions. That is, we need to use inner silence so if we stop all thoughts of envy and jealousy. By doing so our frequency will increase and we will be filled with light thus transmuting the shadow into light.

We are entombed or enclosed in the shadow until we die but I was thinking if light gets brighter does it also shine further or illuminate more of the darkness....say you had a big room and it was dark and you tried different powers of light, I would think the higher the wattage of the light the more of the room it would illuminate...if you had a powerful enough bulb it would illuminate the whole room and make it brighter.

Thought control leads to higher frequency but thought control is first and foremost. The real problem is our body and being chained to it.

In Carlos Castaneda's book "The Power of Silence" he says you can use inner silence to quiet them. You obviously don't want to give them a reaction to feed off of... eventually they may just go somewhere else to get more "food", i.e. turmoil, than what you have to offer them. They feed off that disquiet or unrest. Calm, peaceful blessings have a centering effect which gives you balance and moderation which they can't use.

The Shaman told Carlos the best way to rid yourself of it is with inner silence and thought discipline. The second you feel agitation, anxiety or anything like that do not allow it to manifest in reality. You may feel agitated, but you don't allow it to manifest into actions onto others or yourself. Say you get frustrated in traffic, you get impulses of aggravation, you're bored and agitated, then you start thinking negative thoughts of others and maybe someone calls you and you start complaining about the traffic, how it will never end etc. The whole thing is an illusion all caused by these impulses. Say an accident occurs because someone was upset and was not paying attention, causing the accident and hurting others. Then traffic gets worse and negativity is rising. They are the source of the whole illusion and it feeds themselves. So the discipline comes in seeing it is an illusion and not allowing the illusion to dictate what you think or feel. To be aware of them and rise above it is the only way to keep them from taking over your life.

We are everywhere at once. It is simply an issue of where we choose to focus our attention. We can focus it on the illusions and projections of the archons/shadow beings and the denser, darker physical plane or we can ignore the illusions and focus our attention on our true divine light source which is at the Eternal Light Realms and where the Ineffable Father or Source is at.

The key seems to be that energy flows where attention goes so ignore all and every distraction thrown your way and keep focusing your Consciousness and Attention on increasing your frequency back to the center.

Jesus said unto them: "There is no mystery which is more excellent than these mysteries on which ye question, in that it will lead your souls into the Light of the lights, into the regions of Truth and Goodness, into the region of the Holy of all holies, into the region in which there is neither female nor male, nor are there forms in that region, but a perpetual indescribable Light. "

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