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Columbia Pictures
NATAS (or SATAN backwards)
OScar, OSiris, Ausar, Ptah
Sorceror's Apprentice, Mickey
DreamWorks Productions

"Making movies is casting spells." – Director of Lucifer Rising, Kenneth Anger

"Magic wands were always made out of the wood of a Holly tree. It’s made out of Holly wood. Hollywood is a Druidic establishment and the symbols, the words, the terms, the stories, are designed." -- Jordan Maxwell

"That alien, his Matrix, he was like the spider that has to lure a fly into his web... Do you think it's possible that each of the near death experiences we've heard about are the result of an alien inhabitation?" -- Captain Janeway in the Star Trek Voyager episode, "Coda"

"The light at the end of the tunnel. That ain't heaven. That's the C train!" -- Daredevil

"Ever dance with the Devil in the pale moonlight? I ask that of all my prey!" -- The Joker to Batman prior to shooting him, Batman (1989)

Oscar statuette illuminati Osiris AusurOscar statuette illuminati evil hollywood movie industryOscar statuette illuminati osiris ausur egyptian gods

The Oscar statue of the Academy Awards gets its name from Ausur or Osiris, the Egyptian god, pictured on the right. You can see both figures are golden, have their arms crossed across the chest and hold a sceptre.


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SPOILER ALERT: Warning. These movie scenes or clips may contain spoilers.

Movies and television programs use what is called predictive programming to program us by using fiction and the power of suggestion to create a desired outcome. It is life imitating art.


The Ring movie poster Before you die you see the ringGamer movie poster Tunnel and LightPrometheus tunnel and light movie posterMoon movie poster with light and tunnelMoon movie posterClose Encounters movie poster road and lightDeath Tunnel movie posterLord of Illusions light and tunnelSurrogates movie posterThe Hypnotist movie poster tunnel and lightPrisoner Opening sequence tunnel and lightTunnel movie poster screamMoonaker tunnel and lightKnowing movie light and tunnel


Livewire commercial souls lured to sun

LiveWire - In a Mountain Dew commercial for limited time only Mountain Dew product called LiveWire, two men watch puzzingly as numerous insects fly into a light zapper to a certain death. One asks, "Why do they do that? Don't they see that their friends are getting zapped?" The other man replies, "I don't know. They must be stupid." Ironically, a large glowing orange orb of LiveWire starts pulsating and hypnotizes the two men who helplessly are drawn headfirst into its core, stunning themselves in the process. If you touch a live wire you will get shocked or electrocuted. After they walk into the orb, one says, "That was stupid" Notice the sign behind them that says "HOT FOOD". The announcer says "Introducing Mountain Dew LiveWire. Discover what the attraction is all about."

A BUG'S LIFE (1998) Disney Pixar

Bugs lured to the light zapper trap die

A Bugs Life - In this movie, one bug warns another one not to fly into the light trap, "No, Harry, No!. Don't look at the light!" but to no avail as the victim laments, "I can't help it! It's so beautiful!"


Futurama cartoon Real World spoof of soul on sun burns to death

Futurama - In this cartoon made by the creators of The Simpsons, characters are watching the TV show, The Real World. The commentator states, "This week on The Real World -- THE SUN." A man is heard screaming, "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH -- I'm burning to death!" We know it is not the sun screaming because one of the characters watching the show snidely remarks in disgust, "Do you know how much an apartment that big would cost on the sun?"


Reverend Lovejoy tells Homer Simpson to go to the light and gets zapped

The Simpsons

In this Simpsons episode, 2-D Homer finds himself in the third dimension. Reverend Lovejoy asks Homer if he sees a light and tells him, "Move into the light, my son!". Having followed his instructions, Homer screams after getting shocked.


near death experience in Star Trek Voyager Code espisode is alien luring Janeway soul to the light to die and be used as food

Star Trek Voyager - In the Star Trek Voyager episode Coda, Captain Janeway is almost fooled by an alien into thinking she has died. The alien poses as her father, imploring her to follow him into the light. She is suspicious of his intentions and refuses.

JANEWAY: That's the real me, isn't it, lying on the ground on that planet, dying, and this is the hallucination. This isn't real.
ALIEN: More denial. You're only making it harder on yourself.
JANEWAY: You're trying very hard to convince me to come with you. Why is that? If what you're saying is true, why not let me come to the decision on my own?
ALIEN: I'm trying to spare you unnecessary pain.
JANEWAY: My father would never act like this. He always believed I had to learn my own lessons, make my own mistakes. He never tried to shield me from life. Why would he try to shield me from death? You're not my father. I could be imagining you, but I don't think so. You have such a specific agenda. You're determined that I go with you somewhere. Who are you?
ALIEN: I'm trying to help you. Stop fighting me.
JANEWAY: Are you an alien being of some kind? Is that it?

[Planet Surface]

CHAKOTAY: Her eyes are open.
EMH: Vital signs are responding. Blood pressure is sixty over thirty.
TUVOK: But the entity is still inhabiting her cerebral cortex, impeding your treatment.
CHAKOTAY: Kathryn, hang on. We're bringing you back. Just fight a little longer.
EMH: Direct synaptic stimulation might drive out the alien presence.

[Mess hall]

JANEWAY: I was right. I heard Tuvok and Chakotay and the Doctor. You're an alien. You've created all these hallucinations, haven't you?
ALIEN: This is what my species does. At the moment just before death one of us comes down to help you understand what's happening, to make the crossing over an occasion of joy.
JANEWAY: And what is that?
ALIEN: Our Matrix, where your consciousness will live. I was being truthful when I said it was a place of wonder. It can be whatever you want it to be.
JANEWAY: Then why didn't you tell me this from the beginning? Why pretend to be my father.
ALIEN: Usually people are comforted to see their loved ones. It makes the crossing over a much less fearful occasion. I've done this many times, but I've never encountered someone so resistant.

[Planet Surface]

EMH: Something's happened. The alien presence is getting stronger again.
CHAKOTAY: Fight it, Kathryn, just a little longer.
EMH: I'll have to try a thoron pulse.

[Mess hall]

JANEWAY: My people are telling me to fight. They're trying to save me.
ALIEN: They're trying out of desperation. It's hopeless.
JANEWAY: You're the one who sounds desperate. I don't get the feeling you're trying to make me comfortable. You're only interested in my agreeing to come with you.
ALIEN: Because it's inevitable.
JANEWAY: And you don't strike me as any type of Good Samaritan. You're more like a vulture, preying on people at the moment of their death when they're at their most vulnerable.
ALIEN: I've waited for you. I've been patient.
JANEWAY: But your patience is wearing thin. What's the real reason you want me in that Matrix? Somehow I don't think it has anything to do with everlasting joy.
ALIEN: You must go with me.
JANEWAY: If you could force me to go, you'd have done it already. You need me to agree, don't you? I have to go voluntarily.
ALIEN: Wouldn't that be better than standing here in this endless debate?
JANEWAY: Let me tell you this. We can stand here for all eternity and I will never choose to go with you.
ALIEN: You're in a dangerous profession, Captain. You face death everyday. There'll be another time and I'll be waiting. Eventually you'll come into my Matrix and you will nourish me for a long, long, time.
JANEWAY: Go back to hell, coward.

Afterwards, Captain Janeway discusses the encounter with one of her crew.

CHAKOTAY: I can understand that. I can't help thinking about it. That alien, his Matrix, he was like the spider that has to lure a fly into his web. 
JANEWAY: Do you think it's possible that each of the near death experiences we've heard about are the result of an alien inhabitation? 



Logan's Run (1976, MGM)

The very first frame of this brilliant sci-fi classic from the '70's begins with this proclamation: "Sometime in the 23rd century... the survivors of war, overpopulation and pollution are living in a great domed city, sealed away from the forgotten world outside. Here, in an ecologically balanced world, mankind lives only for pleasure, freed by the servo-mechanisms which provide everything. There's just one catch: Life must end at thirty unless reborn in the fiery ritual of Carousel."

Francis: Some of our guys are on Carousel tonight, and Sandmen always renew, I know.
Logan: But you don’t know. You just assume - one-for-one. What everyone’s been taught to believe - one-for-one.
Francis: Well, why not? That’s exactly how everything works. It keeps everything in balance. One is terminated, one is born. Simple, logical, perfect. You have a better system?
Logan: Of course not. At least I wonder about it sometimes. Not like you with your automatic one-for-one routine. You know you sound like a Sleep Teacher with a stuck tape?
Francis: Logan, leave it alone. It’s perfect. [bumps into a Red] You know, Logan, you wonder a lot, too much for a Sandman.
Logan: Why were you so angry just then. What did he do to you?
Francis: That Red’s gonna run. I can always tell.
Logan: Did you ever see Francis 8?
Francis: I’ve never even visited Nursery before tonight. You know, when you question, it slows you down. I don’t know - what makes you so curious? You know who his seed mother was?
Logan: Of course not. I’m curious, not sick!
Francis: Good! [laughs] Look at the crowd. Good Carousel tonight.
Carousel: Lastday, Capricorn 15’s. Year of the City, 2274. Carousel begins. [repeats]
S: [Looks at left palm, then to Francis] Don't forget, we're both on Monitor tonight. [Logan, Francis and S laugh]
[All enter the Carousel ampitheater]
Francis: [Asks a girl sitting close by for more room] Would you mind? Thanks a lot.
Logan: Well, there’s a few over there that could have been his seed mother.
Francis: Only a few? You’re just not trying. [laughs]
Carousel: Capricorn 15’s, born 2244. Enter the Carousel. This is the time of renewal. Be strong, and you will be renewed. Identify. Rise.
[The Carousel scene. The platform with a red crystal rotates. The Lastday people float upward, and are hit with strong laser blasts as they approach the clear crystal]
Everyone: Up! Up! C'mon! Renew! Renew!
[Logan gets a call (RUNNER, GREAT HALL, ENTRANCE WEST). Logan leaves. Francis follows, startling Logan. They locate a runner, and shoot at him like cats chasing a mouse]
Francis: Ha ha!
Logan: Run, runner! laughter] He was crazy. He could have renewed on Carousel. Now he’s finished forever. Why do they run?

FINDING NEMO (2003) Disney Pixar

Finding Nemo fish lured to angler fish light as prey

Finding Nemo - This scene features an angler fish, a real fish, which lures its prey to death by dangling a light out in front! Notice a direct comparison is made to the afterlife.

MARLIN Dory, do you see anything? DORY Aaah! Something's got me! MARLIN That was me. I'm sorry. DORY [gasps] Who was that?MARLIN Who could it be? It's me! DORY Are..are you my conscience? MARLIN Yeah, yeah. I'm your conscience. We haven't spoken for a while. How are you? DORY Hmm, can't complain. MARLIN Yeah? Good. Now, Dory. I want you to tell you see anything?DORY I see..I see a light. MARLIN A light. DORY Yeah. Over there. Hey, conscience. Am I dead? MARLIN No, I see it too. What is it? DORY It's so pretty. MARLIN I'm feeling...happy. Which is a big deal for me. DORY I want to touch it. Oh! MARLIN Hey, come back. Come on back here. DORY [singing] I'm gonna get you. I'm gonna get you. I'm gonna swim with you. MARLIN I'm gonna get you. I'm gonna be your best friend...good feeling's gone.MARLIN I can't see! I don't know where I'm going! DORY Haah! MARLIN The mask! DORY What mask? DORY Okay, I can't see a thing. MARLIN Oh, gee! DORY Hey, look! A mask! MARLIN Read it! DORY I'm sorry, but if you could just bring it a little closer, I kind of need the light. That's great, keep it right there. MARLIN Just read it! DORY Okay, okay. Mr. Bossy. Uh, 'P'. Okay, 'P'. 'Shh-eer...Sher--P. Sher--P. Shirley? P.--'. Oh! The first line's 'P. Sherman'! MARLIN P. Sherman doesn't make any sense! DORY Okay, second line. '42'. MARLIN Don't eat me! Don't eat me! Aaaah! DORY Light, please. 'Walla--Walla--Walla-beee'...MARLIN Waah! Waaah! Waaaah!DORY The second line's '42 Wallaby Way'! MARLIN That's great! Speed read! Take a guess! No pressure! No problem! There's a lot of pressure! Pressure! Take a guess now with pressure! DORY 'Sydney'. It's 'Sydney'! MARLIN Duck! DORY Aaah!MARLIN I'm dead, I'm dead, I'm dead, I'm dead, I'm dead, I died, I'm dead.

DAREDEVIL (2003) Marvel Enterprises, New Regency Pictures, Horseshoe Bay Productions

Daredevil movie light at end of tunnel ain;t heaven, that's the C train

Daredevil - The devil, red suit and all, posing with the full moon. He tells a dying man, "The light at the end of the tunnel? Guess what, that's not heaven... it's the C Train! [the dying man threatens, "I'll kill you, I'll kill you".] Of course, the crescent moon does look like a 'C' in the sea of space.

THE RING (2002) DreamWorks

The Ring movie before you die you see the ring, an eclipse of sun

The Ring - The tagline on a poster of this movie was, "Before You Die, You See The Ring". The Ring is depicted as a solar eclipse!


Twilight Zone How to Serve Man espisode cookbook aliens use man as food

To Serve Man - One of the most classic Twilight Zone episodes ever. "Mr. Chambers! Don't get on that ship! The rest of the book, To Serve Man... It's a cookbook!"


Soylent Green movie people as food

Soylent Green - One of the main characters, Sol, tries to warn the rest of humanity that their food, Soylent Green, is made of people and quips that "It's people. Soylent Green is made out of people! They're making our food out of people. Soon they'll be breeding us like cattle!" The pun here is that Sol-lent green is people. In other words, our green ectoplasm is lent to the sun, Sol.


burning man festival ritual like celtic human sacrifice to the sun

Burning Man - The Burning Man Festival is a festival which takes place every year in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. A man in effigy is sacrificed.

THE WICKER MAN (1973) British Lion Film Corporation

The Wicker Man movie celtic human sacrifice to the sun

The Wicker Man - The ancient druids would sacrifice animals and men to the Sun in order to appease its anger and assure a good bumper of crops that Spring. This is reenacted in the film starring Christopher Lee.

"Mighty God of the Sun, Bountiful Goddess of our orchards... accept our sacrifice..."



DreamWorks Pictures introduces its movies with this short animation of a boy sitting on the moon and fishing in a body of water (perhaps symbolic of the subconscious mind where dreams are born), presumably on the Earth. This is similar to the siren motif which usually features an attractive woman luring sailors to their deaths with her sweet song and alluring eyes.

THE PRISONER (1967-1968) Everyman Films

The Prisoner Tv show Human Prisoner controlled from moon base similar to the Truman Show, moon rover soul retriever

The Prisoner - In the mysterious 1960's TV series, The Prisoner, produced by Everyman Pictures, every facet of a man's life is controlled. They try to strip the man's identity and refer to him only as Number Six. He defiantly proclaims every week in the trailer, "I am not a number! I am a free man! I will not make any deals with you. I've resigned. I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed, or numbered! My life is my own!" The village featured a lunar control base reminiscent of the Truman Show. On one side, you can see a view of the earth; on the other, space. In this scene a spirit rover hunts down a man and suffocates him. The controller of the village says, "Follow the signs." Notice the first sign says "Free sea" and the next one says "Repair".

STAR TREK: THE ORIGINAL SERIES (1966-1969) Desilu Production, Paramount Television

star trek original series for the world is hollow and i have touched the sky, hollow earth theory and star trek, alien implant

Star Trek: For The World Is Hollow And I Have Touched The Sky - In this episode of the original Star Trek series, the crew discover a hollow asteroid disguised as a planet whose inhabitants are duped into worshipping a deity who is portrayed as a sun. One inhabitant warns the crew that one day he was climbing a mountain, which is strictly forbidden. He says, "Where is outside? Many years ago I climbed the mountains even though it is forbidden [winces in pain]. Things are not as they teach us for the world is hollow and I have touched the sky!" [collapses in agony] Kirk repeats what he said, "trying to decipher the words. "For the world is hollow, and I have touched the sky..... Yes, of course it is because if you did you'd touch the sky and find out you were living on a big ball. Not a planet, but a spaceship. And that knowledge seems to be forbidden."


Cirque Du Soleil: The Journey of Man - This world famous circus is translated as 'Circus of the Sun'. The first show was entitled 'The Journey of Man'. Guess where man's destination lies? The sun!

THE TRUMAN SHOW (1998) Paramount Pictures

The Truman Show movie the true man moon base></A></P>
<P><A href=The Truman Show - In the movie The Truman Show (the True Man show), Truman Burbank's whole life in "Seahaven" is staged and phoney. His whole world, including the sun and moon, is a gigantic set inside a large dome controlled from the moon. By the way the Egyptian equivalent for Satan is named Set! Could it be that 'true man' is inside a vast dome and that our world is controlled from a base on the moon? Truman, trying to conquer his fear and escape, sets sail for blue sky only to collide into a giant wall. This movie was hailed by critics as "original" and "daring". Why? Because it contains our true origins and is daring to tell us the truth? One of the movie's producers is a Rothschild, the family that started the European banking dynasty.

DARK CITY (1998) Mystery Clock Cinema, New Line Cinema

Shell Beach wall in Dark City movie matrix illusion

Dark City (1999)

Seemingly patterned after the Archon beings of the Gnostic texts and the reports in the Ufology community, Dark City is similar to The Truman Show -- a human was given fabricated memories of his childhood life and presented a false reality. He travels to the edge of his world to go home to Shell Beach but hits a wall. Like Truman, he tries to break through the wall.

Excerpts from the movie:

"They steal peoples' memories, then they swap them around between us. I've seen them do it, back and forth 'til no one knows who they are anymore. How do you know all this? Once in a while one of us wakes up while they're changing things. It's not supposed to happen, but it does.
We fashioned this city on stolen memories. Different eras, different pasts, all rolled into one. Each night we revise it, refine it, in order to learn. Learn what? About you. You and your fellow inhabitants, what makes you human. Why? We need to be like you.
I call them Strangers. They abducted us and brought us here. This city, everyone in it is their experiment. They mix and match our memories as they see fit, trying to divine what makes us unique. One day, a man might be an inspector. The next, someone entirely different. When they want to study a murderer, for instance, they simply imprint one of their citizens with a new personality. Arrange a family for him, friends, an entire history... even a lost wallet. Then they observe the results. Will a man, given the history of a killer, continue in that vein? Or are we, in fact, more than the sum of our memories? This business of you being a killer was a sad coincidence. You have had dozens of lives before now. You happened to wake up while I was imprinting you with this one. Why are they doing all this? It is our capacity for individuality -- our souls -- that makes us different from them. They think they'll find the human soul if they understand how our memories work. They have collective memories. They share one group mind. They're dying. Their race is on the brink of extinction. They think we can save them. Where do I fit in? You're different. You resisted my attempt to imprint you. Somehow you have developed their ability to Tune. That is how they change things, how they built this city. They have machines buried beneath the surface that allow them to focus their telepathic energies. They control everything here, even the sun. That's why it's always dark. They can't stand the light. Why do they need you? When they first brought us here, they extracted what was in us and stored the information, remixed it like paint and gave us back new memories of their choosing. But they still needed an artist to help them. I understood the human mind better than they ever could, so they allowed me to keep my skills as a scientist... because they needed them. They made me delete everything else. Can you imagine what it's like to erase your own past?

What about my past? What about my childhood? Shell Beach. Uncle Karl. What about this? This was blank when I found it.

You still don't understand. You were never a boy. Not in this place. Your history is an illusion, a fabrication, as it is with all of us.
There is no ocean, John. There's nothing beyond the city. The only place home exists is in your head.
They want to imprint you with their own collective memories. They want to make you one of them... so they can share your soul.
Here's the machine the Strangers use to amplify their thoughts, the machine that changes their world. You must take control of it. You must make the machine yours. I know you can beat them, but you must concentrate.
You told me I had the power, didn't you? I can make these machines do anything I want. Make this world anything I want it to be. Just so long as I concentrate hard enough. Where are you going?

Shell Beach.
It's so beautiful here. So bright.

Do you know if Shell Beach is around here?

I think that's it over there. I'm headed that way myself. Would you like to join me?

THE THIRTEENTH FLOOR (1999) Columbia Pictures

Holographic computer simulated universe matrix in movie The Thirteenth Floor

The Thirteenth Floor - The Thirteenth Floor was released the year after the Truman Show and like The Truman Show and Dark City, the main character travels to the edge of his world and discovers that it's a simulation.

DOUGLAS: How many simulated worlds like this are there?

JANE: Thousands. Yours is the only one that ever created a simulation within the simulation. Something we never expected.

DOUGLAS: No Ashton, I'm not really a God. I'm just like you. Just a bunch of electricity.

ASHTON: What are you talking about?

DOUGLAS: It's all smoke and mirrors. Just like your world. We're nothing but a simulation on some computer. It's like a machine. Like this arcade game. You've got your players and you put your nickel in. This one pitches. This one runs around the bases. Pre- programmed movements generated by electrical energy. We're improved on this model since then. The players can beat the shit out of and try to drown some other, which is always fun.


The Matrix movie Morpheus holds battery

THE MATRIX (1999) Warner Bros. Pictures, Village Roadshow Pictures

The Matrix - This is a sci-fi classic where Neo is told humans are nothing more than a battery - a source of power for the machines and that he is living in a false world, a matrix.

"What is 'real'? How do you define 'real'? If you're talking about what you can see, what you can feel, what you can taste and see, then 'real' is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain. This is the world that you know... it exists now only as part of neural interactive simulation that we call 'the matrix'. You've been living in a dream world, Neo."

"Welcome to the desert of the real...They (the machines) were dependent on solar power and it was believed that they would be unable to survive without an energy source as abundant as the sun. The human body carries more bioelectricity than a 120-volt battery and over 125,000 BTU's of body heat. Combined with a form of fusion, the machines had found ... there are fields, endless, fields, where human beings are no longer born, we are grown."

"What is the matrix? Control. The matrix is a computer generated dream world built to keep us under control in order to change a human being into this..." Morpheus displays a battery to Neo. "As long as the matrix exists, the human race will never be free."


Holographic Power Grid in the movie The Island

Before their "birth" on earth, clones are created in pods and programmed via light and hypnotic suggestion that they are "special" and "have been chosen to go to the island" which is powered by a holographic grid.

"You're special. You have a very special purpose in life. You've been chosen. The Island awaits you.... You've been chosen. You have a very special purpose. You're part of a new beginning.You're special. You have a very special purpose. You want to go to the Island. Your purpose in life is to populate the Island. You're part of a new beginning. You're special. Very special. You've been chosen. You've been chosen. Chosen to survive, to carry on. You want to go to the Island. Go, go! You have a very special purpose. Very special."

GAMER (2009)

Gamer Movie StillsGamer Movie StillsGamer Movie StillsGamer Movie StillsGamer Movie StillsGamer Movie StillsGamer Movie StillsGamer Movie StillsGamer Movie StillsGamer Movie Stills

Convicts and other willing participants agree to have their bodies completely controlled by a game player with user controls, but the originator of the game plans to enslave and trap all humans in the video game. One tandem is breaking free from the system though. The creator declares the character "dead" and then lures the game character with a virtual reality creation of his daughter sitting in the entrance of a moongate. It's a weird sequence in the movie. The character suddenly is underneath the stars looking up. He walks through a dark corridor or tunnel with a light at one end. He sees his daughter sitting in the light of the moongate and he runs to her only to hit a force field of what he finds out was just an illusion and a trap set for him. We see the moongate is at the top of some steps almost like a pyramid. The game creator takes him upstairs onto a barren rocky surface underneath the stars again. In light of the peviously mentioned moongate we can only assume this is meant to symbolize the moon. He takes him to a basketball court where a battle of will power ensues. The game ends (and movie too) as the hero enters a tunnel (with no visible light shown).


In the opening theme of 1960s TV series The Prisoner by Everyman Pictures Patrick McGoohan drives down the road (life's road), goes through a tunnel and enters a tunnel with a light at the end to doors that say "Way out". He has only his right eye open as if he is giving his boss the evil eye as he resigns. His ID is then taken by an automated process and put inside a drawer or filing cabinet. He then leaves through the tunnel and packs his bags. He thinks he is going on vacation to paradise or heaven, but is knocked out by gas and held as a prisoner in the Village. They try to dehumanize him as they refuse to give him a name, only the number 6, which is the number of man. The operation which keeps him as prisoner appears to be the moon as they have shots of space and the constellations on one side and the earth continents on the other and they also show a rocky base underground with podlike container tubes that go down into a hole reminiscent of craters. If he tries to escape a balloon-looking deviced called Rover hunts him down.

The Prisoner TV series Opening SequenceThe Prisoner TV series Opening SequenceThe Prisoner TV series Opening SequenceThe Prisoner TV series Opening SequenceThe Prisoner TV series Opening SequenceThe Prisoner TV series Opening SequenceThe Prisoner TV series Opening SequenceThe Prisoner TV series Opening Sequence



THE GAME (1997)

Michael Douglas plays a wealthy businessman caught up in the routine of life. His brother, played by Sean Penn, gives him a birthday gift for the man who has everything. It is a tailor-made "game" customized for the willing partcipant who willingly agrees to play the game. This "game" plunges him into a hell-like reality where he is thrown into survival mode and doesn't know what the truth is anymore of who he can trust. This company even has the power to control the daily news he watches. SPOILER ALERT: He is so distraught by the game that he jumps from the top of a skyscraper to commit suicide only to land on an inflated "X" that marks the spot or bull's eye. They had planned along for him to jump. As it turns out all of it was an elaborate prank or joke. Of course, you never "get" a joke until after the very end is told or played out. The funny thing is while all the hired actors (his so-called acquaintences and friends) celebrated afterwads, I never saw him crack a smile or laugh about it in the end. This movie hints that our very reality could in fact all just be an elaborate hoax or trick -- yes, a game.

THE NINTH GATE (1999) Artisan Entertainment

The Ninth Gate movie about Lucifer with Johnny Depp

The Ninth Gate - A book purported to be written by Lucifer reveals the key to opening the nine gates to Hell. Ancient book dealer, Johnny Depp, unlocks its secrets and walks through the final gate being the golden dawn of the rising sun.

"To travel in silence
I alone have secured this route
To brave the arrows of misfortune
And fear neither noose nor fire.
To play the greatest of all games and win!
Forgoing no expense
Is to mock the fascistic will of fate
And gain at last the key that will unlock
The Ninth Gate

Let me fear neither noose nor fire nor poison.
Erase me from the Book of Life,
Inscribe me in the black Book of Death.
Bring me to
The Ninth Gate"

MONSTER'S, INC. (2001) Disney Pixar

Monster's Inc. movie childrens screams used as energy source to power monster world

Monster's Inc. - "The future is bright at Monsters, Inc.! We're part of your life. We power your car. We warm your home. We light your city... Carefully matching every child to their ideal monster to produce a superior scream refined into clean dependable energy... Everytime your turn something on, Monster's Inc is there... We know the challenge. The window of innocence is shrinking. Human kids are becoming harder to scare... The best refineries and research into new energy techniques... We're Monster's Inc... 'We scare because we care!' "

LITTLE NICKY (2000) Avery Pix, Happy Madison, New Line Cinema

Little Nicky - Little Nicky is the devil's son, aptly named for Old Nick is a euphemism for The Devil. "I got hit by this big light that was attached to a lot of metal!"

PLANET OF THE APES (2001) Twentieth Century Fox

Planet of the Apes - Astronauts head into an electrical storm. One crew member exclaims, "It's beautiful!" Another retorts, "So's the sun until you get close to it!"

TOMMY (1975) Robert Stigwood Organization (RSO)

Tommy - This clipis several minutes long and is the finale to the movie Tommy, with music written by The Who. Lead singer Roger Daltrey plays cult hero and savior, Tommy, who swims across water, scales a mountain top and raises the sun.

"Listening to you, I get the music. Gazing at you, I get the heat. Following you, I climb the mountains. I get excitement at your feet. Right behind you, I see the millions..."

THE PRISONER (1967-1968) Everyman Films

The Prisoner Moon Grid - In this 1960's TV programme, The Prisoner, by Everyman Pictures, a village where its inhabitants are being held prisoner is controlled from a lunar base. From here every move of the prisoner is monitored. On one side is the Earth; on the other side, space. Notice the "eye in the sky".

Truman Show Moon Grid - Jim Carrey plays Truman, a metaphor for the 'true man'. He is living in a false world, a hoax perpetrated from the "Lunar Room," a world within a world.

STAR WARS (1977) Lucasfilm, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Star Wars Death Star - In the original Star Wars movie, a battle station for the Imperial troops was camouflaged as a moon. "Look at him. He's heading for that small moon."... "That's no moon! It's a space station!... It's too big to be a space station."... We're caught in a tractor beam and it's pulling us in." In Return of the Jedi, the design of the Death Star was improved upon, resulting in a half-shell.


Austin Powers - A pun is made on the Death Star in Star Wars. Dr. Evil plans to put a giant 'laser' on the moon and direct it at Earth.

THEY LIVE (1998) Alive Films

They Live movie poster sunglasses to shield us from false reality of the sun

They Live! (2.71 Mb, may take a while to download.)
In this sci-fi classic, society is subversively controlled by a race of non-humans. Billboards and magazines subliminally read, "Obey. Submit." Money covertly displays, "This is your God." Notice a pair of sun glasses is what reveals this hidden truth.

Star Trek Voyager episode Coda matrix light alien poses as Janeway's father

Star Trek Voyager: Coda - Captain Janeway discusses her near death experience in which an alien being masqueraded as her father, attempting to lure her into its matrix of light where she would be a source of nourishment. This causes her to wonder if all near death experiences aren't really just alien encounters.

CONTACT (1997) Warner Bros.

Contact - Astronaut Jodie Foster travels through worm holes to make contact with an extraterrestrial being who downloads her memories and poses as her father.

Alien (posing as her father): "You're an interesting species, an interesting mix. You're capable of such beautiful dreams and such horrible nightmares. You feel so lost, so cut off, so alone, only you're not. See, in all our searching, the only thing we've found that makes the emptiness bearable is each other. "

THE SKULLS (2000) Universal Pictures

The Skulls - A candidate is tapped by an Ivy League secret society, modeled after the real life Skull and Bones society at Yale, which has produced several U.S. Presidents. Notice the initiate "dies" in the sun to be reborn again.


The Wizard of Oz

The classic movie The Wizard of Oz was written by L. Frank Baum, a noted member of the Theosophical society, who rejected Christianity and converted to Gnosticism (known as Theosophy in the nineteenth century) two years before writing the book. He included many Gnostic elements in the book. There are so many overtones. The light of the NDE is past the tunnel (represented by the tornado vortex), over the rainbow (all the colors seen in the tunnel) and in the emerald city (crystal city is seen in some NDEs). The characters and attributes of the Tin Man/Heart, Lion/Courage, Scarecrow/Brain etc represent the redemption of those lacking in some essential quality, ultimately being restored and causing their life to be almost reborn. The Wizard, the frail old man behind the curtain running the show, is the Demiurge, seemingly all fierce but really nothing in essence: "pay no attention to that man behind the curtain."

The Scarecrow needed a brain to acquire knowledge/Gnosis. The Cowardly Lion needed courage to overcome fear. The Tin Man had to learn to love/heart. Dorothy representing the Consciousness being immersed, had to kill the evil witch, her Ego/Counterfeit Spirit, to progress. The Good Witch was the Enlightened Afterthought propelling us onward.

Dorothy talks about a someplace where there isn't any trouble...says it's far far away "behind the moon", beyond the rain..."somewhere over the rainbow". She is looking for Auntie Em (Emily) in the "storm" which becomes the vortex..... EM....E-M.....ElectroMagnetic? storm.
When she crosses over the rainbow into munchkinland (dmt elves or archons?) they say she fell from a star (lucifer/sophia?) and they make a big deal about saying she is "dead"..... so she is dead and went through the tunnel into this place. Before they get to the Emerald City the wicked witch has used poppies to drug them and put a spell on them. No one has seen the great Oz.... he projects himself as a green headed looking alien.

I like the analogy of Dorothy going through the vortex tunnel, over the rainbow of color, and into the dreamworld (astral) and the demiurge wizard using tricks and deception to run the crystal city of light...very similar to NDES.... the lyrics even say to "step into the light" before they enter the emerald city.

And then Dorothy repeating a mantra ("there's no place like home")/focused intent to wake upfrom the dream and return back home. The ruby slippers represent the "inner spark" within all of us. When Glinda instructs Dorothy never to take off the ruby slippers, she is telling Dorothy never to lose her inner spark.

- "Look! Emerald City is closer and prettier than ever! Oh, we're almost there at last! At last! It's beautiful isn't it? Just like I knew it would be! He really must be a wonderful Wizard to live in a city like that!" Notice the Wicked Witch's compass or armillary sphere.

"You're out of the woods, You're out of the dark, You're out of the night.
Step into the sun, Step into the light.
Keep straight ahead for the most glorious place
On the Face of the Earth or the sky.
Hold onto your breath, Hold onto your heart, Hold onto your hope.
March up to the gate and bid it open"

That's what they sing right as they get to the emerald city.

Glinda the Good witch tells Dorothy, "You don’t need to be helped any longer. You've always had the power". This is the key component of Gnosticism, that the soul is a divine spark and has the Light Power within.

The Wizard of Oz essentally contains the formula for how to escape this matrix and return home: Dorothy, clicking her heels, and repeating over and over again like a mantra "There's no place like home." In order to return home we definitely do need to maintain a continual focus on raising our frequency, almost like repeating a mantra.

THE LION KING (1994) Walt Disney Pictures

The Lion King - The first few minutes of the movie include an offering to the sun.

POLTERGEIST (1982) Metro-Goldman-Meyer (MGM)

Run to the light, Carol Anne. Run as fast as you can! Mommy is in the light! Mommy is waiting for you in the light!!!!!!!

Carol Anne: Mommy, where are you? I can't find you. I can't. I'm afraid of the Light, mommy. I'm afraid of the Light.
Dr. Lesh: Tell her to stay away from the light.
Diane: Maybe it's a way out --
Dr. Lesh: It is -- it is a way out, but not for her. Tell her, quickly.
Diane: Stay away from the light. The light is dangerous. Don't go near it. Don't even look at the light.
Carol Anne: Mommy, there's somebody here ... Mommy, somebody's coming. Mommy, help me, please! Get away from me. Leave me alone!

THE RECRUIT (2003) Touchstone Pictures, Spyglass Entertainment

The Recruit - CIA trainer, Al Pacino, emphasizes, "Nothing is what it seems!" Note the special training facility at Langley is called 'The Farm' and the CIA logo is a star compass.

SHREK (2001) DreamWorks

Shrek - Lovable ogre Shrek has been wounded by an arrow and his gregarious donkey companion, fretting death, pleads, "Don't die, Shrek. And if you see a long tunnel, stay away from the light!"

There's Something About Mary - An attempt to resuscitate a swooned dog is made. "Stay away from the light!" Yes, there is some 'thing' about Mary, i.e. an entity around Isis, the moon.

Chronicles of Riddick - "In this verse (Helion), humans have been fractured, divided by all their many races, creeds and mistaken faiths. Our purpose is to correct that mistake because there is another verse, another universe that he has found, where anyone can live anew, where you can live free of pain -- a perfect new place called 'Underverse'..."


Stargate - "A traveler from distance stars escaped from a dying world looking for a way to extend his own life. Plotting, decaying and weak, he couldn't prevent his own demise. Apparently his whole species was becoming extinct. So he traveled, searched, the galaxies looking for a way to cheat death. He came to a world rich with life where he encountered a primitive race -- humans, a species which with all his powers and knowledge, he could maintain indefiniety. He realized within a human body he had a chance for a new life. Now he aparently found a young boy. As the frightened voyagers ran, night became day. Curious and without fear, he walked towards the light. Ra took him and possessed his body like some kind of a parasite looking for a host. And inhabiting this human form, he appointed himself ruler. He used the stargate to bring thousands of workers here to this planet as workers for the mines. This mineral is clearly the building block of all his technology. With this he can sustain eternal life..."


Atlantis - Power Source - "The crystal is alive somehow. It's their deity. It's their power source. They're a part of it. It's a part of them..."

Atlantis - "The crystal thrives on the collective emotions of all who came before us. In return it provides power, longevity, protection. As it grew, it developed a consciousness of its own... but its power grew too great to control. It overwhelmed us and led to our destruction... If she remains bonded to the crystal, she could be lost to it forever."



The Star Trek The Original Series 2-part episode, The Menagerie, was reworked fom the show's actual 1965 pilot epsiode named The Cage. The Menagerie was aired in November of 1966. A group of small telepathic aliens very reminiscent of the little grey aliens that dominate today's commercial market, hold Captain Pike a prisoner. The Star trek series, of course, went on to be a huge success.

In a rare interview on the paranormal radio show Coast to Coast A.M. Art Bell interviewed Leonard Nimoy who played the alien character Spock. Leonard Nimoy told him, "When we were making the Star Trek series the first season -- middle of the first season -- some people came to me and they said, 'You may not know it, but you have been chosen as a kind of a vessel to carry informatin to this civilization to help prepare this society for the coming of another civilization for alien arrival and your character is a character designed to educate this public  that there is nothing to fear, that it is possible to interact with other species', and I said, 'Ok, it's ok with me if that's the case.' "

These inorganic alien beings depicted in the pilot show are actually mentioned in the ancient Nag Hammadi gnostic texts and are referred to as Archons which are mind parasites. Yes, the Archons "are cons". Researcher John Lash has written extensively about them.

PIKE: Can you hear me? My name is Christopher Pike, commander of the space vehicle Enterprise from a stellar group at the other end of this galaxy. Our intentions are peaceful. Can you understand me?
(the aliens communicate with their minds, not voices)
TALOSIAN: It appears, Magistrate, that the intelligence of the specimen is shockingly limited.
MAGISTRATE: This is no surprise since his vessel was baited here so easily with a simulated message. As you can read in its thoughts, it is only now beginning to suspect that the survivors and encampment were a simple illusion we placed in their minds.
PIKE: You're not speaking, yet I hear you.
MAGISTRATE: You will note the confusion as it reads our thought transmissions.
PIKE: All right, then, telepathy. You can read my mind. I can read yours. Now, unless you want my ship to consider capturing me an unfriendly act
MAGISTRATE: You now see the primitive fear/threat reaction. The specimen is about to boast of his strength, the weaponry of his vessel, and so on. Next, frustrated into a need to display physical prowess, the creature will throw himself against the transparency.
PIKE: If you were in here, wouldn't you test the strength of these walls, too? There's a way out of any cage, and I'll find it.
MAGISTRATE: Despite its frustration, the creature appears more adaptable than our specimens from other planets. We can soon begin the experiment.

[Briefing room]

SPOCK: The inhabitants of this planet must live deep underground, probably manufacture food and other needs down there. Our tests indicate the planet surface, without considerably more vegetation or some animals, simply too barren to support life.
NUMBER ONE: So we just thought we saw survivors there.
SPOCK: Exactly. An illusion placed in our minds by this planet's inhabitants.
BOYCE: It was a perfect illusion. They had us seeing just what we wanted to see, human beings who'd survived with dignity and bravery, everything entirely logical, right down to the building of the camp, the tattered clothing, everything. Now let's be sure we understand the danger of this. The inhabitants of this planet can read our minds, they can create illusions out of a person's own thoughts, memories, and experiences, even out of a person's own desires. Illusions just as real and solid as this table top and just as impossible to ignore.
BOYCE: Maybe it was. It's what I tried to explain in the briefing room. Their power of illusion is so great, we can't be sure of anything we do, anything we see.
VINA: They can't actually make you do anything you don't want to do.
PIKE: But they try to trick me with their illusions.
VINA: And, er, they can punish you when you're not co-operative. You'll find out about that.
PIKE: Did they ever live on the surface of this planet? Why did they go underground?
VINA: War, thousands of centuries ago.
PIKE: That's why it's so barren up there?
VINA; The planet's only now becoming able to support life again.
PIKE: So the Talosians who came underground found life limited here and they concentrated on developing their mental power.
VINA: But they found it's a trap, like a narcotic, because when dreams become more important than reality, you give up travel, building, creating. You even forget how to repair the machines left behind by your ancestors. You just sit, living and reliving other lives left behind in the thought record.
PIKE: Or sit probing minds of zoo specimens like me.
VINA: You're better than a theatre to them. They create the illusion for you, they watch you react, feel your emotions. They have a whole collection of specimens, descendants of life brought back long ago from all over this part of the galaxy.


PIKE: You'll find my thoughts more interesting, thoughts so primitive you can't understand. Emotions so (stricken by pain)
KEEPER: Wrong thinking is punishable. Right thinking will be as quickly rewarded. You will find it an effective combination. (leaves)


KIRK: You keep talking about life, Mister Spock. A chance for life. How? As a prisoner, caged, a zoo specimen, living the illusions that amuse his keepers?


(One of the robed figures reaches Sulu and points his hollow stave at him. Sulu stiffens, then relaxes with a smile on his face. The transporter takes him away.)

[Transporter room]
SULU: They're wonderful. They're the sweetest, friendliest people in the universe. It's paradise, my friend. Paradise. 

(A man walks slowly past them, hand on his heart and smile on his face. He bows politely and carries on his way.) 
SPOCK: Odd. The expression on that man's face. The mindlessness. Vacant contentment. 

LAWGIVER: You attacked the Body. You have heard the Word and disobeyed. You will be absorbed. 

LAWGIVER: It is clear that you simply did not understand. I will re-phrase. You are ordered to accompany us to the absorption chambers. 


(Reger leads them into a building made of massive stones. He goes over to a corner and unwraps a flat panel, which gives off light.) 

KIRK: A lighting panel. 

KIRK: Those staffs. Hollow tubes. Antennae for some sort of broadcast power. What is it, Mister Spock? 
SPOCK: Strong power generations, Captain. Near here, but radiating in all directions. 

REGER: I don't know, Captain. Some of us escape the directives. Not many, but a few. It was that way when the first Archons came. 
KIRK: The Archons. Tell me about them. 
REGER: They had invaded the Body, but they resisted the will of Landru. You see, Landru had pulled them down from the skies. 

(The image of a tall, elegant man draped in robes appears against a wall.) 
LANDRU: I am Landru. 
SPOCK: Projection, Captain. Unreal. 

LANDRU: You will be absorbed. Your individuality will merge into the unity of the good, and in your submergence into the common being of the Body, you will find contentment and fulfillment.  You will experience the absolute good. 

(Kirk leaves with the Lawgivers.) 
SPOCK: Doctor McCoy, what will happen to him? 
MCCOY: He goes to joy, peace, and tranquillity. He goes to meet Landru. Happiness is to all of us, blessed by Landru.

[Absorption Chamber]
(Kirk is released and greets Spock with an inane smile on his face.) 
KIRK: Joy to you, friend. Peace and contentment will fill you. You will know the peace of Landru. 
(Kirk leaves, and Spock is fastened to the wall for his treatment. The lights waver as the Lawgivers leave Marplon to his work.) 
MARPLON: Have no fear, friend. The effect is harmless. My name is Marplon. I was too late to save your first two friends. They have been absorbed. Beware of them. 

SPOCK: Captain. 
KIRK: Peace and tranquility to you. (in a whisper) Are you all right? 

SPOCK: This is a soulless society, Captain. It has no spirit, no spark. All is indeed peace and tranquillity. The peace of the factory, the tranquillity of the machine. All parts working in unison. 

[Hall of Audiences]
KIRK: Landru! Landru. We are the Archons. We are the Archons. We've come to speak. We are the Archons. We want to talk to you. 
(The projection appears on the far wall.) 

LANDRU: All who saw you, all who know of your presence here must be excised. The memory of the Body will be cleansed. 
KIRK: Listen to me. 
SPOCK: Useless, Captain. A projection. 
KIRK: Yes, Mister Spock. Let's have a look at the projector. 
(They both use their phasers to blast a hole in the wall. As expected, there are nice clean big computer boxes in a room beyond. Lights are flashing and blinking, blinking and flashing.) 
KIRK: Of course. It had to be. Landru. 
SPOCK: A machine. This whole society is a machine's concept of perfection. Peace, harmony. 
KIRK: But no soul. 

So,,, the Archons are given orders by a computer / machine with a lighting panel and humans are taken to absorption chambers and come back in a blissful trance (just like NDErs) repeating mantra like phrases like "peace and tranquility" and act as one (the Body)... it's also interesting to note they treat Kirk and crew as if THEY are a virus that is invading the body (when in reality the Archons are like parasites that invade the mind).


Here is an episode summary:

"The entity appeared as a small, circular pattern of multiple swirling lights in different colors, although it became red in hue and emitted a high-pitched wail when "feeding". The entity fed on the emotions of hatred, anger, and primitive predatory instincts exhibited by humanoids in close proximity to it. If these emotions were not present, the entity was capable of creating conditions to spawn such feelings.

The entity could control the instantaneous transmutation of matter from one form to another, turning everyday objects into weapons and sealing bulkheads on a whim. It could pass through solid objects at will, teleport from one location to the next, and influence the thoughts of others. It could heal a humanoid's mortal wounds, and could even alter a person's memories so that they remembered fictional family members and events that never existed. The entity appeared unable to communicate in any fashion understandable to a humanoid. Although its motives and nature were not wholly known, it lacked the same ethical standards of most humanoids and largely acted in a malignant fashion. Its only weakness appeared to be exposure to emotions of humor, good nature, and friendship; it was particularly susceptible to laughter."

Some exceprts from the script:

[a weird swirl of light hangs in the air a little way away.]

KIRK: Scotty. What's happening to us? We've been trained to think in other terms than war. We've been trained to fight its causes, if necessary. Then why are we behaving like a group of savages? Look at me. Look at me. Two forces aboard this ship, each of them equally armed. Has a war been staged for us, complete with weapons and ideology and patriotic drum beating? Even, Spock, even race hatred? SPOCK: Recent events would seem to be directed toward a magnification of the basic hostilities between humans and Klingons. Apparently, it is by design that we fight. We seem to be pawns. KIRK: But what's the game? And whose? And what are the rules?

SPOCK: It would appear that the entity wants us alive. KIRK: Why? So we can fight, and fight, and keep coming back for more like some bloody coliseum? What's next, the roar of crowds?

SPOCK: Fascinating. During Lieutenant Johnson's emotional outburst, his expression of hatred and lust for vengeance, the alien's life energy level increased. When the Lieutenant became unconscious, the alien lost energy. KIRK: It subsists on the emotions of others. SPOCK: This one appears to be strengthened by mental irradiations of hostility, violent intentions. KIRK: It exists on the hate of others. SPOCK: To put it simply. And it has acted as a catalyst, creating this situation in order to satisfy that need. It has brought together opposing forces, provided crude instruments in an effort to promote the most violent mode of conflict. KIRK: And kept numbers and resources balanced, so that it can maintain a constant state of violence. It's got to have a vulnerable area. We've got to get rid of it. SPOCK: Then all hostile attitudes on board must be eliminated. The fighting must end and soon. KIRK: Or we're a doomed ship, travelling forever between galaxies, filled with eternal bloodlust, eternal warfare.

(The weird light is glowing blood red.)

KIRK: Look! Look, Kang. For the rest of our lives. A thousand lifetimes. Senseless violence, fighting, while an alien has total control over us. (Kirk throws away his sword.) KIRK: All right. All right. In the heart. In the head. I won't stay dead. Next time I'll do the same to you. I'll kill you. And it goes on, the good old game of war, pawn against pawn! Stopping the bad guys. While somewhere, something sits back and laughs and starts it all over again.

SPOCK: The cessation of violence appears to have weakened it, Captain. I suggest that good spirits might make an effective weapon. KIRK: Get off my ship. You're a dead duck here. You're powerless. We know about you, and we don't want to play. Maybe there are others like you around. Maybe you've caused a lot of suffering, a lot of history, but that's all over. We'll be on guard now, ready for you. So ship out! Come on! Haul it! MCCOY: Yeah, out already. KANG: Out! We need no urging to hate humans. But for the present, only a fool fights in a burning house. Out! (To the sound of laughter, the weird light turns to white and leaves the Enterprise.)

Ray Bradberry, creator of the Star Trek original series, is rumored to have been a 33rd degree freemason. What this episode describes is precisely what the Gnostics wrote and I believe is happening right now on Earth. There are entities which the Gnostics called Archons that can manipulaste our minds and emotions in order ro feed off of our energy, except I think they are more like shadow beings like shown in the movie "Spirited Away" than the swirling light that was depicted.


According to IMDB, "The Enterprise is sent to investigate the disruption of the Gamma VII-A solar system and the destruction of the U.S.S. Intrepid, staffed solely by Vulcans. When they arrive they find a large dark mass floating in space that is draining energy from everything around it, including the Enterprise. Drawn into the mass, they find a huge amoeba-like creature and Kirk must decide which of his two friends, McCoy or Spock, to send into it aboard a shuttle craft on a mission of no return. "

Ecerpts from the transcript: (In the middle of the viewscreen is a black blob.)
KIRK: What is that?
CHEKOV: Perhaps an interstellar dust cloud.
SPOCK: Not very likely, Ensign.
KIRK: No. You'd be able to see stars through a dust cloud. Looks like a hole in space. Readings, Mister Spock.
SPOCK: Still not able to analyse, Captain. Sensors are feeding data to the computers now. Whatever this dark zone is, it lies directly in line with the course I calculate for the Intrepid and the Gamma Seven-A system.
SPOCK: We still have no specifics, but we seem to have entered a zone of energy which is incompatible with our living and mechanical processes. As we draw closer to the source, it grows stronger and we grow weaker.
SPOCK: It's logical to assume that something within this zone absorbs all forms of energy whether mechanically or biologically produced. Whatever it is, it would seem to be the same thing which drew all the energy out of an entire solar system and the Intrepid.
KIRK: The same thing, not the zone itself?
SPOCK: I would say not, Captain. The analysis of the zone indicates it is a negative energy field, however illogical that may sound, but it is not the source of the power drain.
SPOCK: Readings coming in now, Captain. Length, approximately eleven thousand miles. Width varying from two thousand to three thousand miles. Outer layer studded with space debris and waste. Interior consists of protoplasm, varying from a firmer gelatinous layer to a semi-fluid central mass. Condition, living.
(There is an image of a single-celled organism on a screen.)
MCCOY: That is an amoeba.
KIRK: Yes, I remember my basic biology, Doctor. You mean to tell me that that thing is a giant single-celled animal?
MCCOY: Yes, for lack of a better term. It's a very simple form of life. In fact it's a much simpler form of life than what you're looking at now. But that thing can apparently perform all the functions that qualify it as a living organism. It can reproduce, it can breathe, it can eat, although I don't know what.
SPOCK: Energy itself, perhaps, drained from us. I would speculate that this unknown life form is invading our galaxy like a virus.
CHEKOV: According to Spock's telemetry information, there are over forty chromosomes in the nucleus that are ready to come together, ready to reproduce.
KIRK: If the energy of that organism only doubles, we're dead, and everything within a light year will be defenceless.
MCCOY: Well, all I know is, that soon there'll be two, four, eight, and more. The entire anti-life matter that that thing puts out could someday encompass the entire galaxy.
KIRK: Spock understood when he transmitted the co-ordinates of the chromosomes. We must destroy that organism.
SCOTT: Captain, the pull from that organism is increasing, and the power drain from our shields is getting critical.
KIRK: This thing, this cell, this virus. It's eleven thousand miles long, and it's one cell. When it grows into millions, we'll be the virus invading its body.
MCCOY: Now, isn't that a thought? Here we are, antibodies of our own galaxy, attacking an invading germ. It would be ironic indeed if that were our sole destiny, wouldn't it?
KIRK: Antibodies. Antibodies. (goes to desk monitor) Bridge.
SCOTT: We can't use the power to destroy it.
KIRK: Anti-power.
MCCOY: What?
KIRK: This thing has a negative energy charge. Everything seems to work in reverse. We'll use anti-matter.
SCOTT: Aye, it couldn't swallow that.
KIRK: Mister Chekov, prepare a probe. Scotty, we'll need a magnetic bottle for the charge. How soon?
SCOTT: It's on its way, sir.
CHEKOV: The organism is destroyed, sir. The explosion must have ruptured the membrane and thrown us clear.


SPOCK: Humans and humanoids make up only a small percentage of the life forms we know of. There are entities possessed of extremely long life spans, virtually immortal.
KIRK: We know that someone or something killed three women. If it's impossible for it to be human, it has to be something else. Something driven to kill.
MCCOY: Sybo said it feeds on death.
SPOCK: In the strict scientific sense, Doctor, we all feed on death. Even vegetarians.
MCCOY: Yes, but she said more than that. Not just death, but fear. She said it also feeds on fear.
SPOCK: Which would tend to support the proposition that the murderer was not human. Deriving sustenance from emotion is not unknown in the galaxy, and fear is among the strongest and most violent of the emotions.
HENGIST: Surely, Prefect, this has gone far enough. Someone, some man has killed three women. We have the prime suspect in our hands. Are we going to let him go and start chasing ghosts?
KIRK: No, Mister Hengist, not ghosts. Possibly not human, but not ghosts. Mister Spock, check out the possibilities.
SPOCK: Computer, digest log recordings for past five solar minutes. Correlate hypotheses. Compare with life forms register. Question. Could such an entity within discussed limits exist in this galaxy?
COMPUTER: The Drella of Alpha Carinae Five derives nourishment from the emotion of love. There is sufficient precedent for existence of creature, nature unknown, which could exist on emotion of fear.
SPOCK: Computer, extrapolate most likely composition of such entity.
SPOCK: Working. To meet with specified requirements, entity would exist without form in conventional sense. Most probable mass of energy of highly cohesive electromagnetic field.
KIRK: Computer, could the described entity assume physical form?
COMPUTER: Affirmative. Precedent, mellitus, cloud creature of Alpha Majoris One.
HENGIST: Fairy tales. Ghosts and goblins.
KIRK: No, I've seen the mellitus myself. In its natural state, it's gaseous. When it's at rest, it's solid. Mister Spock, let's assume the existence of this creature.
SPOCK: I point out that Jack the Ripper slew at will in the heart of the most populous city of old Earth and was never identified.
KIRK: Doesn't seem likely, does it?
SPOCK: I suggest the possibility of a hypnotic screen, which blinds all but the victim to the presence of the killer.
JARIS: Is that possible?
MCCOY: Extremely possible There are many such examples that exist in nature.


KARR: Sit down and play the game. In this setting, we have no ships. We are an ancient race of soldiers intent upon conquering this world. Play the game

TURANJ: I've become impatient. We penetrated this vessel, overcame their defences, and in the moment of the kill, you forced us to stop. Now we play these incessant games. It's time we took our trophies and moved on. 

KARR: Your lust for the kill has blinded you, like many young hunters. If you took the time to study your prey, to understand its behaviour, you might learn something. 

KARR: The Hunt will always continue, but in a new way. I intend to transform this ship into a vast simulation, populated with a varied and endless supply of prey.

JANEWAY: Oh, I understand what you're trying to do, but then why have you been torturing us? Why have you thrown my crew into one brutal simulation after another? 
KARR: I've been studying your behaviour, as I do with all my prey. But your holodecks allowed me to go further, to explore your culture, your history. I must admit, I've learned a great deal. 

TURANJ: I am tired of this simulation... And these holograms are becoming annoying as well...
KAPITAN: I don't know how much longer I can stand being trapped in here. 




In Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek Voyager episodes, the crew of the Enterprise encountered a fierce predator that was known as the Borg. The Borg was a collective that operated with a hive mind. Their mission was to assimilate any and all life forms that could contribute unique qualities in order to make the Collective more perfect. This very closely parallels what near death experiencers claim with the exception that NDErs feel an immense Love for the Being of Light. With the Borg, they were neither deceptive nor Light, but their goal was to assimilate souls into their Collective. Many near death experiencers do report that the Light is a collective soul comprised of millions of souls. Often times the Borg would ignore a lesser life form if they did not have anything worth offering to the Collective. Likewise, near death experiencers are sent back to Earth because they have more lessons to learn or a mission yet to complete. The idea of a collective unconscious was posited by physchologist Carl JJung. Peter Russell also talked about a Global Brain. Hive minds can be seen in nature with bee and ant colonies. Also, school of fish and flocks of birds sometimes move in formation. In many way, individuals in society are encouraged to act in groups. Indeed, we have broken the world into many nations and states. There are enormous religious denominations and political affiliations. Recently, there has been a growing movement towards implementing a one world order. Transhumanists often speak of the coming Singularity. The Borg, similar to ants and bees, had a ruling queen and worker drones. Their message: "WE ARE THE BORG. LOWER YOUR SHIELDS AND SURRENDER YOUR SHIPS. WE WILL ADD YOUR BIOLOGICAL AND TECHNOLOGICAL DISTINCTIVENESS TO OUR OWN. YOUR CULTURE WILL ADAPT TO SERVICE US. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE. "

The Borg Queen from Star Trek First Contact movie. The inorganic Borg cyborgs assimilate other species into their collective hive consciousness. "Resistance is futile."

THE HOST (2013)

The Host is a movie written by Stephnie Meyer who wrote The Twilight saga. The screenplay was written and directed by Andrew Niccol who also wrote the revealing movie Truman Show. Humans are hosts to entities that look like jellyfish. From a summary:

The human race has been taken over by small parasitic aliens called "Souls". The Souls travel to distant planets inserting themselves individually into a host body of that planet's dominant species. They are able to access the host's memories, and occupied hosts are identifiable by silver rings that form in the hosts' eyes.

SEEKER REED: We have put you through enough. Your host appears too resistant. You are going to be re-implanted into a more compliant host.

I know you must have seen a lot, but you ain't seen nothing like this.

WANDERER: Nothing. Same way the magicians do it. Mirrors.

Then I started thinking, when they put one of you in our heads, do we still exist? Trapped in there? If our memories are still alive, are we? You gotta believe some people wouldn't go down without a fight.


This 1978 movie popularized the phrase "pod people". It starred Donald Sutherland, Leonard Nimoy and Jeff Goldblum. Spores from outer space came to Earth and infiltrated the human population through flowers...the flowers were white and looked like crysanthemums.

"... some weird alien organism, a mutation of some kind. Why should they take the form of people--of us? I don't know. Whatever it is whatever intelligence or instinct it is that can govern the forming of human flesh and blood out of thin air is, well, it's fantastically powerful beyond any comprehension, malignant. All that body in your cellar needed was a mind, and it was... And it was taking mine while I was asleep."

"Seeds drifting through space for years took root in a farmer's field. From the seeds came pods which had the power to reproduce themselves in the exact likeness of any form of life. So that's how it began... out of the sky. Your new bodies are growing in there. They're taking you over cell for cell, atom for atom. There's no pain. Suddenly, while you're asleep they'll absorb your minds, your memories and you're reborn into an untroubled world. Where everyone's the same? Exactly. What a world. We're not the last humans left. They'll destroy you! Tomorrow, you won't want them to. Tomorrow, you'll be one of us. I love Becky. Tomorrow, will I feel the same? There's no need for love. No emotion? Then you have no feelings, only the instinct to survive."

The movie featured a sort of a hive mind zombie-like infection where a clone of the human was first made in a pod. The poster above shows a vorticular light in space:


The Ori /'?ra?/[1] are fictional characters in the science fiction television series, Stargate SG-1. They are a group of "ascended" beings who use their advanced technology and knowledge of the universe to attempt to trick non-ascended humans into worshipping them as gods. They first appeared in the ninth season of Stargate SG-1, replacing the Goa'uld as the show's primary antagonists. While the Goa'uld relied on stolen technology from other civilizations to pose as gods, the Ori also have paranormal abilities in addition to very advanced technology. As Ascended beings, they live on a higher plane of existence with great power and knowledge and are as close to being "gods" as any non-deific being can be.

According to Orlin, ascended beings can be empowered by massive numbers of humans worshipping them. The Ori fabricated an entire religion, Origin, based on the false promise of ascension in order to take power from their followers. The Ancients refrain from interfering in the lower planes of existence because manipulating and aligning lower life forms could result in exactly this type of corruption.[11] According to the Ancient Myrddin, the Ori had the best intentions when they began.[17] Even after the Ori were destroyed, their followers and Priors continued acting in their name to oppress thousands of people since, for the most part, they were ignorant to the demise of their "Gods".

The Ori impose a religion called Origin on sentient beings, promising a guide towards enlightenment that is also known in the series as Ascension.[8] The faith comes with a holy book called The Book of Origin, and the Priors spread the Word of Origin. The Book of Origin contains tales of how the followers of the Ori returned to the path to enlightenment, and thus achieved Ascension, although some skeptics consider these merely "fables meant to fill a soul bereft of hope with purpose".[11] Several lines from the Book of Origin, or otherwise repeated mantras, are heard on the show. These include variations of "Hallowed are the Ori". The central icon of this religion is fire, something that gives off light and warmth.[2] The fact that on Earth this icon has some evil or Satanic associations in many modern religions prompted Daniel to posit that the Ancients had influenced this negative connotation in order to identify the threat the Ori pose. Among the populations of natives in the Ori home galaxy are groups of heretics who believe they are being suppressed, and seek to discover forbidden historical knowledge to show others that the Ori, despite their power, are not gods.

Some interesting Stargate Atlantis episodes:
1.01 "Rising Parts 1 And 2"
When SG-1 discovers what they believe to be the remnants of the Lost City of the Ancients — the originators of the Stargates — Stargate Command launches an investigation. A new team of explorers, headed by civilian Dr. Elizabeth Weir, travels to the distant Pegasus Galaxy, where they discover an advanced but deserted city on the ocean floor, a group of nomadic humans, and a deadly enemy that feeds on humans as an energy source!

1.03 "Hide And Seek"
During a game of hide-and-seek, one of the Athosian children inadvertently releases a dark entity. And when Atlantis goes through a series of technical malfunctions, the team realizes that the shadowy creature is actually feeding off of the power supply!

1.06 "Childhood's End"
The team discovers a primitive, forest-dwelling tribe that has been untouched by the Wraith for centuries. Unaware of the electromagnetic field that protects them from the Wraith's technology, the tribe believes that ritual suicide at the age of twenty-five keeps the Wraith at bay.

1.12 "The Defiant One"
Investigating an Ancient weapons platform in space, Sheppard and McKay discover the wreckage of a downed Wraith ship on a nearby planet. On the planet's surface, they learn that it is a supply ship, transporting humans for food. What they don't know is that a single Wraith has survived the crash — and has stayed alive by feeding off the cargo!

1.13 "Hot Zone"
When members of the team show signs of an unusual infection, it is discovered to be caused by a nanite virus, which induces hallucinations and then death due to brain hemorrhage. Can the deadly technology be stopped before it cuts down the entire city?

2.12 "Epiphany"
Sheppard is pulled through a mysterious portal and trapped in a world inhabited by Ancients who are terrorized by a large shadowy monster.

2.16 "The Long Goodbye"
Sheppard and Weir become a threat to Atlantis when their minds are taken over by hostile entities.

3.06 "The Real World"
Dr. Weir has a rude awakening in a psychiatric hospital on Earth, where she is told that her memories of Atlantis are delusions.

3.15 "The Game"
McKay and Sheppard participate in a SIMS-like game simulation which turns out to be very real and with very destructive effects.

4.04 "Doppelganger"
Sheppard encounters a psychopathic crystalline entity that takes on his likeness in his team's nightmares.

4.10 "This Mortal Coil Part 1"
A rogue group of Replicators creates duplicates of Sheppard's team and Dr. Elizabeth Weir in the hope of discovering how to ascend like their creators, the Ancients.

5.05 "Ghost In The Machine"
Surviving human form Replicators wish to achieve ascension by uploading their consciousnesses into subspace to live indefinitely as fields of energy, but Atlantis is put into danger when their experiment yields some surprising results.


Transformer 3 Dark of the Moon Be Afraid of the Dark

An alien presence is hidden in the craters on the back/dark side of the moon.


IMDB Storyline: "When a faun named Mune becomes the Guardian of the Moon, little did he had unprepared experience with the Moon and an accident that could put both the Moon and the Sun in danger, including a corrupt titan named Necross who wants the Sun for himself and placing the balance of night and day in great peril. Now with the help of a wax-child named Glim and the warrior, Sohone who also became the Sun Guardian, they go out on an exciting journey to get the Sun back and restore the Moon to their rightful place in the sky."

The original Guardian of the Sun is a blind lizard who passes his power on to a young, strong, male with a lion's face and long, white hair down his back who says he has the "perfect tan". This perfectly mirrors the Gnostic description of the Demiurge. My friend who met the Demiurge during his near death experience described him as being strong with long, white hair and a bronze complexion. The Gnostic texts described the Demiurge as having a lion's face and the body of a serpent, and called him the "blind god".

In Mune: Guardian of the Moon, the evil moon god wannabe who has eyes of fire and lightning wants to steal the sun and he lets loose serpents of light. They said the moon was created in the "world of dreams" and brought here through a "trap door". Perhaps the world of dreams is an allusion to the astral plane and the trap door a reference to the tunnel.

The dark lord of the Underworld, Necross, has stolen the sun so they dive down into a blue hole and are underwater... an anglerfish named Phosphos says he used to be Guardian of the Moon. Phosphoros is a Greek name meaning "Light-Bringer" and was the morning star, Venus, and corresponds to the Latin, Lucifer. An anglerfish is a real fish that feeds on its prey by using a light for bait.

In the world of dreams they experience nightmares which take the form of shadow being monsters.

The Lord of the Underworld originally was perhaps symbolic of the Egyptian God of the Underworld, Osiris, the Green Man, but as lord of the underworld he resembles something more like a black sun.




The LEGO Movie is full of Gnostic symbolism.

The wizard at the beginning named Vitruvius with the long white hair, bronze skin and hypnotic, lightning eyes, a robe, and a staff with a transparent blue crystal and later a green one in the shape of the Moon Stones. he is a dead ringer for the Demiurge (false god), at least the one my friend encountered in his NDE. He is also blind just as the Demiurge is in gnostic texts. He tells Emmet he is The Special and that with the help of the strange piece he found he will save the world.

Emmet a.k.a. The Special is a normal average blank guy (not a master builder) but is really everyone. At first the Special just follows all the rules and obeys instructions to fit in, listens to pop music, watches dumb tv shows and thinks "everything is awesome" when you're part of a team, when you're living your dream but even thinks a cup of coffee that is $37 is awesome. The Special seems to fall down into Hell, touches a strange piece which is the Piece of Resistance, is caught and interrogated by Bad Cop. They lie and tell him he will live so he won't try to escape, but they plan on taking him to the Melting Chamber to melt him. He is rescued by master builder Lucy aka Wyldstyle who he is enamored with. Later the wizard and Lucy enter his mind to prove he can be a master builder. His mind is empty which enables him to have a vision of the Man Upstairs.

Lord Business (the Man Upstairs), the President of Octan whose office is a giant tower wants everyone to follow the rules or they'll get put to sleep. He has his "eye" on them all the time. He has red horns and captures all the fallen master builders, puts them in pods hooked up to a battery, tortures them and harnesses their ideas in a think tank. Collectively, they come up with all the instructions that run the world.

All the people of the universe were once free to mingle and travel and build, but Lord Business was confused by Chaos and put walls between all the worlds, became obsessed with order and perfection, and stole the kragle (krazy glue) which has a tentacle arm that causes everyone to get stuck together and prevents them from building things with their ideas. It's a machine to control the universe.

Lord Business uses a good-cop, bad cop routine and has a robot army (AI).

The demiurge looking guy takes them through the sun, they ascend an upward arcing rainbow (which is similar to the nde tunnel) to Cloud Cuckoo Land (many NDErs speak of clouds, mis, .etc.)....he knocks on the door and they go into a bright white light....Cloud Cuckoo Land is said to have no negativity, no unhappiness just like the astral light in NDES... the fellow master builders are gathered in the Dog (which is 'god' spelled backwards).... Bad Cop comes after them and they escape by going underwater.

He talks of building an army of master builders.

The uncaptured master builders such as Lucy, Batman, The Special etc are able to manifest reality instantly with their ideas and visions. Special has an idea to build a spaceship to infiltrate the tower which has a laser gate. They build one with a hyper drive.

A cubed machine blocks the light of the sun.

Even though the prophecy was made up by Vitruvius and was a placebo, it worked because Emmet believed. Once he believes he can see everything and becomes a master builder. He travels through a magic portal and saves the world. He learns that the key to true building is to believe in yourself and to follow your own set of instructions inside your head.


Babylon 5: River of Souls was a 1998 sci-fi TV movie was about soul hunters that collect the souls of interesting souls at death to "save" them from extinction. The souls from the planet were just about to evolve to the next level where they no longer needed physical bodies but would be pure energy, except the soul hunters captured them and "preserved" them for 10,000 years. A billion souls the soul hunters had accumulated were put in a glass sphere that looked like a sun. It contained the souls' collective memories, thoughts and personalities, and they were stored in what was called the Great Hall. In NDE lore that is called the akashic records or the hall of records. Maybe when the soul is stolen or merges with the light its memories are taken and put in the akashic records, which may or may not be equivalent to the astral sun.

Here is an excerpt of dialogue from the movie: "That's a Soul Hunter. The story is they travel all over the place, capturing the souls of important people right at the moment of death... "

Soul Hunter: " For we are drawn to death, to the moment of passage for the purpose of defeating death. We capture those rare souls. The poets and philosophers, the artists, the leaders. We collect them all. We are drawn by the smell of death. The passing of the physical form is like a beacon to us... and we decided that we would save them all."

" An entire world of souls claimed at the instant of death. If these minds, souls, whatever... They've been imprisoned for 1000 years... I think you've just described hell as well as anything I've ever heard. "

Soul Hunter: "You don't understand because you are trapped in a prison of your own flesh. The flesh has desires. The flesh has needs. But the soul is pure. The soul needs only to continue, to be."

"We know from the Vorlons and others that when a race evolves beyond a certain point they no longer need a physical body. They evolve past that point and become beings of pure energy. Your people were drawn to Ralga because you felt the imminent passing of their physical bodies. But they weren't dying. They weren't about to die. They were about to leave behind their physical bodies and evolve to the next level. It should've been their greatest moment, the pinnacle in the evolution of any race. And just as it happened, just as they became transcendent, you took them. You took them and you stuck them inside a piece of glass for 10,000 years. You made a mistake. Those are living souls in there, cut off in their prime. Trapped, when they should've been exploring the universe. Half of them have gone mad and the ones who've held on can't control them anymore."

In the television series Babylon 5, the main character, the human John Sheridan, is under the care of the Minbari who are ruled by a "Grey Council". The nine members of the council stand in circle, their backs to the darkness and their face to the light, so as to stand in "the Grey".

"I am Grey. I stand between the candle and the star."
"We are Grey. We stand between the darkness and the light."

– Grey Council greeting

The Greys are at war with the Shadow race. There is also a Praying Mantis crime lord in the first season.

In last episode "Sleeping in Light", John is waiting for death on his station/ship The White Star which is filled with light and he is told by Lorien, a First One, he was never forgotten by The First Ones, a race more ancient than the Minbari, and he is taken out of the galaxy into the void (I think).


There are so many Gnostic overtones and awakening within a constructed reality. The robots are humans in the scenario, meaning they are kept repeating roles and are wiped each time they die. In Westworld every host's life is scripted but some hosts were programmed to remember and break out or expose the truth.

Some quotes from episodes:

#4 "I think there may be something wrong with this world. Something hiding underneath. Either that or... or there's something wrong with me. I may be losing my mind. There's something I'd like you to try. It's a game. A secret. It's called... the Maze. What kind of game is it? It's a very special kind of game, Dolores. The goal is to find the center of it. If you can do that, then maybe you can be free. I think... I think I want to be free."


"The maze is an old native myth. Regale me, Theodore. The maze itself is the sum of a man's life... Choices he makes, dreams he hangs on to. And there at the center, there's a legendary man who had been killed over and over again countless times, but always clawed his way back to life. The man returned for the last time and vanquished all his oppressors in a tireless fury. He built a house. Around that house he built a maze so complicated, only he could navigate through it."


"And that was when the maze revealed itself to me. The maze. What's that damn pattern have to do with this? Everything. In Ford's game, even if I go to the outer edges, you can't kill me. You can't even leave a lasting mark. But there's a deeper game here, Teddy. Arnold's game. And that game... cuts deep."

"I died with my eyes open, saw the masters who pull our strings.
Our lives, our memories, our deaths are games to them.
But I've been to hell and I know their tricks."


WARNING: Contains spoilers!

Part 1: The Overlords

40 cities around the world have UFO vessels hovering over them.

Still have no idea what they want or where they have come from, as they have made no replies to any attempts to contact them. My name is Karellen. I'm the supervisor for Earth. There's no need to be afraid. My name is Karellen. I'm the supervisor for Earth. I know that this is frightening and bewildering. Please try to understand that we've come a long, long way to help you. Annabel? We've come to help mankind. War, famine, inequality... these will be things of the past. Suffering will end. Injustice will end. No tears, only happiness and safety. Your national and local governments will still have jurisdiction. You will run your water and power. Your stores will be open. Your markets will trade. Your lives will continue as before minus one thing. Injustice. This won't happen overnight, but the process is already beginning. It will herald the arrival of the golden age of man.
Arab residents are mingling with Jewish residents. They didn't actually resurrect the dead. They appear to us as beloved deceased relatives.
Then they blocked out the sun. Ho, ho, ho, ho, hold on. They blocked out the sun? How? Localized eclipse? I don't know. They're aliens.
My Uncle Joey kept pigs. Irish Grazers. He used to hire a local choirboy to sing to them as they were loaded onto the truck, and these pigs, they loved it. They were so peaceful all the way to the slaughterhouse.
The pod thing, it was over the mountains over that way. Alien abduction. We thought it was gonna crash right into their house. The Overlords talk about peace, harmony, justice. Then they smash a fella's house in and carry him away.
I talked with him... with Karellen. What--what did he say? What--what did he look like? I don't know. I didn't-- I didn't see him face-to-face... Uh, I was taken up to meet with him... uh, Karellen, and I was not permitted to see him... physically, uh, although I could tell that, in speaking to him, he seemed to be compassionate.
On my daddy's farm, the animals have all the food they want. I feed the pigs red apples. [giggles] And daddy gives them medicine so they never get sick, and they're happy when daddy and the other men take them away. I don't know where they go, but I know they're really happy. Paid for by the Freedom League.
Look it's not just our science that's been hobbled. They control our justice system...They are watching us all the time, and they are dealing in swift moral absolutes.
Evil can disguise itself as truth. Whatever faith or belief you have, know that we're in this battle together, all of us. We can never give up the fight. No matter how mighty the Overlords may seem, we should never give up. Remember, there is an ultimate truth in this universe. I will never, ever stop believing that.
Who knows why they chose 15 years, but things had got a whole lot better. I got a place at MIT, graduated, and got a job in astrophysics. Mom got clean and looked younger than ever before. In fact, everyone did. "Youth of Utopia," they called it. The Earth was being reborn, so to speak, and right now was waiting to meet their guardian angels.
They showed us how to make heaven on Earth.
It's a beautiful, balmy evening as the sun starts to set on the 200,000 excited spectators. Delegates from the World Federation are taking to the main podium. It's fair to say that everybody's breath is truly bated as we wait to meet our guardian angels.... People are on their feet. We haven't seen an Overlord ship this close since they first arrived over a decade and a half ago. Now, it does appear to be docking with the arrival ramp. ? ? And it's docked. The ship is docked. ? ? This is Karellen. Let the children come forward. The child greeters that Karellen asked for are now entering the arrival ramp...Karellen was right to hide himself from us. Still, I think, uh... I think it may be too soon.

Part 2: The Deceivers

We have renewable, clean energy and enough food to feed the planet, all of our material needs satisfied. Death is still a fact of life, but free from disease, stress, and all the things that turned us grey. We live longer, healthier lives. The birth rate is soaring. We have a world that we are proud to bring children into. For those who cling to the old ways, there's always New Athens...

Karellen didn't come down to see if we were flossing regularly. Well, he said that the Earth has a new destiny. What does that mean? I have--I have no idea what's waiting for us.
Could it have something to do with the animals we've been collecting for the Overlords?... But sending live animals into space? What does that teach us about them? Because there's one species they haven't collected: us, homo sapiens.
When the Overlords came, they raised all these exciting questions about the cosmos, but they refused to answer any of them. It's not just about me. They've killed scientific inquiry.
They can't hurt you. It's in your-- Minds are funny things. They can change the way we see the world. [baby crying echoing] They can fool us.
Why do they look like demons? Like our exact idea of devils? You know, every time you ask me a question, you already have an answer. That's not true. They look like our idea of devils because they've been here before. We've been waiting for them. We knew they were coming, so when they brought about this change, it scared us on some deep level because we could never stop it. That would imply some kind of crazy psychic connect-- Yes, yes, psychic connection. People have been writing about this for centuries. I mean, ancient mystics talked about an energy, a relationship between all living things and the stars themselves. Perhaps we've always known the Overlords were coming. Okay, so because of some crackpot ancient philosophy we knew they were coming to do good? So then why turn them into the personification of evil? Hmm.
Tom told me they take him somewhere, to a place of fire and smoke--
The Overlords are deceiving us. I don't know why, but they are.
"The golden dawn comes shining from the eyes of God." Oh. [beeping] Hey. Hey. Want to hear what I found in this text "Corpus Hermeticum?"
We're from the World Federation.
So... you have solved many of the problems your science was chasing. Disease, climate change, and as a consequence, much of your research is now redundant. Nevertheless, you should be proud of what you have accomplished. Bravo. Now, I know there's been some concern as to why I acquired so many animals for the Overlords. They are to be shipped to Karellen's home world as part of a great menagerie, a zoo. [crowd murmuring]
I admire the work you have done, but your scientific curiosity has led you dangerously close to forces that you could never have controlled. They would have destroyed you. They saved us from ourselves. Why are we being kept in the dark? You now have peace, and the way has been prepared for your successors. I'd like to thank everybody who worked on the World Federation Observation Orbital.
You will find a new voice inside you... who I can now speak with. You need to trust us.... You know who you really are and what you're joined with, so tell me and tell yourself. You are singular and myriad, one and many. Reveal yourself to me. Reveal yourself to me... Listen to my voice. [Amy breathing unevenly] You're trying to be a child, but you cannot be a child knowing yourself as you do... Accept who you are.
Whenever you summon God, you want comfort... Yet the very idea of him makes you confused and afraid. He is a stick you feel you must lean on... But the stick burns.
Whatever it promised you, it is a lie. You lied to them! You lied to us all! They deserve the truth. You made your prophet sick... They want to destroy us. How could you do this? I sold you to the world. The day is coming, Ricky, when your world will change forever. It will be harder on those who have children. I cannot stop that, we are not masters but merely the servants, but I could spare you the pain of being parents. No, how dare you? It is not your right to decide!... Oh, my friend... I just wanted to spare you... the pain of what is coming... All the world's religions cannot be right, Peretta. You know that. [crying] Your faith is beautiful as poetry is beautiful... but there is no place for it now. [crying] You deceived us! No, you have deceived yourself.

Part 3: The Children

The final stage has begun. I want to tell you what will happen to the world. My friend, we are not the authors of this plan. We are facilitators, midwives if you will, at the birth of a new evolution of man.

Some of these kids can lift a cup. Some of them can move a car. I met a three-year-old girl who had a knack for speaking to her parents in their dreams, in three languages. I mean, their metabolic rates have accelerated, and there's undoubtedly increased electrical activity in the cerebrum. Bottom line: these are regular children with cognitive, telekinetic, and psychic ability, and they're all linked. All across the world, they are somehow... linked to one another. It all goes back to the first one, the Greggson baby, Jennifer. She's the key.
Jennifer is all, divisible and indivisible in one mind that calls. She calls to us. We know you.... You are the end of the beginning... It really is beautiful. Of course, the majority prefer Utopia, whatever "Utopia" really means. Can I ask you something? The Overlords, they really leave you alone? They respect our decision not to live in their perfect world, but do you know what happens here?
Utopia is dull, right? I mean, to the creative mind, peace is stupefying. Look, we're not radicals here. We're just trying to preserve our cultural heritage. We're just trying to achieve something for ourselves. I believe, I hope, I pray you're going to change here, all of you.
You have to understand that Jennifer is the conduit of a force that is affecting every kid in the world. If you start testing her, you'll be playing with fire. Playing with fire is how we learned to master it.
Jennifer, hi. Remember me? I want you to look into the mirror. You see into everything. I want you to see into yourself. What do you see when you look into your own eyes? Can you tell me what you see? Do you see our future? Do you see the power that gave you this gift? Please, Jennifer, just look. Can you tell me what this means? Jennifer, what do you see? I see all. I am all.
It's time. People of Earth, I speak to you again, one last time. You have enjoyed decades of peace and prosperity, a golden age for man. But the Sun sets on even the most glorious of days, and it must now start to slowly sink into the night for you. Do not condemn us, for we were tasked by a higher mind to oversee your evolution to a higher level of consciousness. It is your destiny and the destiny of many worlds. You have grown accustomed to our presence, but we can be your guardians no more. Thomas, sit down. Your children are no longer yours. In time, they will cease to be human. No more children will be born on Earth. No more children will be born on Earth. No more children will be born on Earth, ever again. For the adults, your future is yours to live as you see please for however many days are left. My hope is that humanity will go to its rest in peace.
We're amazing. We're an amazing race, so let's carry on being amazing. Let's defy the Overlords and get our kids back. It's not gonna end. We do not end, but we can't give up hope. There was hope, the hope we had since the beginning of mankind, the only hope there ever was, the children, Jake. The children. And they're gone now. Maybe when we die, we'll get a chance to be with them again. Jerry, you built something here. All this is in defiance of them, right? This is writing the book ourselves, so don't let them decide the ending... You know, I was thinking. We're energy, right? Human beings are energy. When our bodies are gone, that energy has to go somewhere.
Everything that is happen on Earth was planned long ago. Is natural, is the cosmos, is the Overmind. Overmind? Overmind of all Creation. Are you talking about God? We have talked to the Overmind for 100,000 year. We go where it sends. We change worlds. We change Earth. The Overmind, can you show it to me? You really want this? I want to know everything. It connects to the Overmind. Step in. You're the Overmind. A faint reflection of it. I am all, divisible and indivisible. I am the collective consciousness of this universe. So we are God? No, the children are God, and they have left you, as children must, and you must let them go, as parents must. Only the children can become a part of the whole. It's an evolution. Into one mind. So we're finished? We cease to exist? We-- Oh, my God.

Consciousness, Milo, is a community of minds. Each exists in the other's thoughts. Rachel exists in your consciousness as if she had never left. You still love her, you still feel her, so what has changed? She's dead, gone. But she once lived, and you knew her. You know her still. Until I'm gone too, right? It's all gone, everything we built, we did. It has been the destiny of many worlds. We have overseen them all. Yeah, what about your people? Is this gonna happen to you one day on Jenjedda? We have reached the end of our development. All our possibilities are exhausted.

And here are some excerpts from the book by Arthur C. Clarke:

"We are your guardians-no more. Often you must have wondered what position my race held in the hierarchy of the universe. As we are above you, so there is something above us, using us for its own purposes. We have never discovered what it is, though we have been its tool for ages and dare not disobey it. Again and again we have received our orders, have gone to some world in the early flower of its civilization, and have guided it along the road that we can never follow the road that you are travelling now. "Again and again we have studied the process we have been sent to foster, hoping that we might learn to escape from our own limitations. But we have glimpsed only the vague outlines of the truth. You called us the Overlords, not knowing the irony of that title. Let us say that above us is the Over-mind, using us as the potter uses his wheel. "And your race is the clay that is being shaped on that" wheel. "We believe-it is only a theory-that the Overmind Is trying to grow, to extend its powers and its awareness of the universe. By now it must be the sum of many races, and long ago it left the tyranny of matter behind. It is conscious of intelligence, everywhere. When it knew that you were almost ready, it sent us here to do its bidding, to prepare you for the transformation that is now at hand.

"All the earlier changes your race has known took countless ages. But this is a transformation of the mind, not of the body. By the standards of evolution, it will be cataclysmic-instantaneous. It has already begun. You must face this fact: yours is the last generation of Homo sapiens. "As to the nature of that change, we can tell you very little. We do not know how it is produced-what trigger impulse the Overmind employs when it judges that the time is ripe. All we have discovered is that it starts with a single individual- always a ~child-and then spreads explosively, like the formation of crystals round the first nucleus in a saturated solution. Adults will not be affected, for their minds are already set in an unalterable mould. "In a few years, it will all be over, and the human race will have divided in twain. There is no way back, and no future for the world you know. All the hopes and dreams of your race are ended now. You have given birth to your successors, and it is your tragedy that you will never understand them-will never even be able to communicate with their minds. Indeed, they will not possess minds as you know them. They will be a single entity, as you yourselves are the sums of your myriad cells. You will not think them human, and you will be right.

"And then-what am I to do with you, the survivors, when your purpose has been fufilled? It would be simplest, perhaps, and most merciful, to destroy you-as you yourselves would destroy a mortally wounded pet you loved. But this I cannot do. Your future will be your own to choose in the years that are left to you. It is my hope that humanity will go to its rest in peace, knowing that it has not lived in vain.

The Overlords themselves were more human than this. "You are searching for something that is no longer there," said Karellen. "Remember-they have no more identity than the cells in your own body. But linked together, they are something much greater than you." 'Why do they keep moving like this ?" "We called it the Long Dance," replied Karellen. "They never sleep, you know, and this lasted almost a year. Three hundred million of them, moving in a controlled pattern over a whole continent. We've analysed that pattern endlessly, but it means nothing, perhaps because we can see only the physical part of it-the small portion that's here on Earth. Possibly what we have called the Overmind is still training them, moulding them into one unit before it can wholly absorb them into its being."

For the road to the stars was a road that forked in two directions, and neither led to a goal that took any account of human hopes or fears. At the end of one path were the Overlords. They had preserved their individually, their independent egos; they possessed self-awareness and the pronoun "I" had a meaning in their language. They had emotions, some at least of which were shared by humanity. But they were trapped, Jan realized now, in a cul-de-sac from which they could never escape. Their minds were ten-perhaps a hundred-times as powerful as men's. It made no difference in the final reckoning. They were equally helpless, equally overwhelmed by the unimaginable complexity of a galaxy of a hundred thousand million suns, and a cosmos of a hundred thousand million galaxies. And at the end of the other path? There lay the Overmind, whatever it might be, bearing the same relation to man as man bore to amoeba. Potentially infinite, beyond mortality, how long had it been absorbing race after race as it spread across the stars? Did it too have desires, did it have goals it sensed dimly yet might never attain? Now it had drawn into its being all that the human race had ever achieved. This was not tragedy, but fulfilment. The billions of transient sparks of consciousness that had made up humanity would flicker no more like flreffies against the night. But they had not lived utterly in vain. The last act, Jan knew, had still to come. It might occur tomorrow, or it might be centuries hence. Even the Overlords could not be certain. He understood their purpose now, what they had done with Man and why they still lingered upon Earth. Towards them he felt a great humility, as well as admiration for the inflexible patience that had kept them waiting here so long. He never learned the full story of the strange symbiosis between the Overmind and its servants. According to Rasha verak, there had never been a time in his race's history when the Overmind was not there, though it had made no use of them until they had achieved a scientific civilization and could range through space to do its bidding. "But why does it need you?" queried Jan. "With all its tremendous powers, surely it could do anything it pleased." "No," said Rashaverak, "it has limits. In the past, we know, it has attempted to act directly upon the minds of other races, and to influence their cultural development. It's always failed, perhaps because the pull is too great. We are the interpreters-the guardians. Or, to use one of your own metaphors, we till the field until the crop is ripe. The Overmind collects the harvest-and we move on to another task. This is the fifth race whose apotheosis we have watched. Each time we learn a little more." "And do you not resent being used as a tool by the Over-mind?" "The arrangement has some advantages: besides, no-one of intelligence resents the inevitable."

"They are still playing," said Rashaverak. "What logic is there in the actions of a child? And in many ways the entity that your race has become is still a child. It is not yet ready to unite with the Overmind. But very soon it will be, and then you will have the Earth to your own."

The movie Childhood's End was based on the book by Arthur C. Clarke, author of 2001: a Space Odyssey. As with that book Childhood's End also deals with aliens and the future evolution of mankind into a potentially different form.

The movie struck me as being not that far off from reality which is to be expected from Clarke who many have linked to freemasonry. There are many parallels to the stories reported in the near death experience phenomenon. The alien overlords employ the appearance of dead loved ones to deliver the important message to mankind and gain their trust. But this was just a ruse or a deception. Karellen was reluctant to reveal how he looked because he looked like the Devil of mythology.

The movie depicts a scenario in which God is an Overmind or a collective consciousness of white light and desires for mankind to evolve into one mind. A golden child is produced and all children are linked together as one psychically and telepathically. This is exactly what near death experiencers report as communication with a light being many experiencers call God is encountered. This god of the NDE is said to be a collective soul communicating with the collective consciousness of humanity.

While near death experiencers say we come to earth to learn to love the evolution toward a Utopia of peace and love is literally enforced by the alien Overlords or World Federation.

The movie preaches that everything good must come to an end and forewarns or predicts the elimination of mankind as a species and the destruction of Earth itself while our children exist in the future as the pure consciousness of the Overmind.


Dr. Who ExtremisDr Who Extensis

Excerpts from the transcript:

(And into a very bright white room. Eleven columns arranged in an almost-circle in the middle are projecting ovals of light. Bill and Nardole come back in through one.)
MONK: This is a game.
NARDOLE: Those things, what do they look like?
BILL: Projectors.
NARDOLE: Exactly.
BILL: Yeah, they're projecting the portals.
NARDOLE: No, they're not. They're projecting everything. Those worlds, they're all projected. The Pentagon, the Vatican, CERN.
BILL: They're not real?
NARDOLE: No, no, they're holograms. They're holographic simulations. And the people in them, too.
BILL: Sorry, what?
NARDOLE: You know, like the holodeck on Star Trek, or a really posh VR without a headset. Through there, those places, that's basically Grand Theft Auto.
BILL: But it can't be.
NARDOLE: It is! Look at the tech. It definitely is.
BILL: What? Sorry, you're not making any sense. When did we end up in a computer game? When did that start?
NARDOLE: I don't know. Maybe when we arrived at the Vatican? But I programmed the Tardis myself. We were on target. We went to the Vatican, the real one, I'm sure of it. Oh.
NARDOLE: Those machines, they project the simulations.
BILL: Yeah?
NARDOLE: And I'm just wondering what happens if we move outside the light of the projector? Don't let me be right. Please, don't let me be right.
(He reaches into a space between two projectors, and his hand begins to decompile into a grid outline.) NARDOLE: I'm part of it! I'm part of the simulation! Bill, I'm not real!
(The rest of him dissolves into pixels, and he disappears.)
DOCTOR: The Veritas tells of an evil demon who wants to conquer the world. But to do it, he needs to learn about it first. So he creates a shadow world, a world for him to practise conquering, full of shadow people who think they're real.
BILL: There was a thing. The shadow test?

DOCTOR: Imagine an alien life form of immense power and sophistication, and it wants to conquer the Earth. So it runs a simulation. A holographic simulation of all of Earth's history and every person alive on the surface. A practice Earth, to assess the abilities of the resident population. Especially the ones smart enough to realise that they are just simulants inside a great big computer game.

MONK: She was not real. You are not real.
DOCTOR: No, I'm not. I'm a shadow. A puppet Doctor for you to practise killing.
MONK: We have killed you many times.
DOCTOR: Then what are you waiting for? Why don't you kill me now?
MONK: You suffer. Pain is information. Information will be gathered.

MONK: You are not real. There is nothing you can do.
DOCTOR: There's always one thing you can do from inside a computer. Even if you're a jumped-up little subroutine, you can do it. You can always (puts on the shades) e-mail!
(Memory file uploading.)
MONK: What are you doing?
DOCTOR: I'm doing what everybody does when the world is in danger. I'm calling the Doctor. Pressing send.
(He grins, and the whole image flickers, pixilates and is replaced by - Recording ends.)

(The Doctor sitting outside the Vault removes his shades, then replaces them when he gets another message alert. Additional message P.S. Dear Doctor, Save Them The Doctor X. He stands and uses his mobile phone.)


Stargate Atlantis Wraith Shadow

Sheppard joins him and they both watch as the darkness envelops the naqahdah generator inside.
SHEPPARD: Didn't look like the phantoms the Wraith make you see but I could see how the Athosians would be confused.
WEIR: What did it look like?
SHEPPARD: It looked like a... (He holds out his hands to signify the cloud but then turns to Grodin for help.)
GRODIN: Darkness. It surrounded the naqahdah generator and started to grow, like it was feeding off the energy.
SHEPPARD: When you shut it down, the whole ... whatever it was, it just went away.
McKAY: If this thing feeds on energy we could be in big trouble -- and when I say we, I mean you because I won't actually be around for much longer.
WEIR: So we need to figure out exactly what it is and what to do about it.
GRODIN: We know it's attracted to energy.
WEIR: How about shutting down the generators?
McKAY: Well, uh, people also give off heat energy. But, now, granted it's negligible compared to that of the naqahdah generator but, uh, you take away this thing's only other obvious source of food and ...
WEIR: You're saying it could come after us.
McKAY: Well, I only know one thing for sure, and that is that flying darkness that needs energy can only be very, very bad.
McKAY: Well, I haven't read all the notes but what I do know is that the entity is energy. It feeds on energy. Ford's lucky. I mean, the more it feeds, the bigger it gets; the bigger it gets, the more charged it becomes and the more deadly it will be.
McKAY: Well, it seems that way. As I suggested, the entity's what's been causing most of our technical problems. Now, it was captured for observation. The Ancients were researching ascension.
WEIR (amazed): Really?
SHEPPARD: What exactly is ascension?
McKAY: Well at some point during their evolution the Ancients reached a... uh, an advanced stage of being where they were able to rid themselves of their physical bodies and rise to a higher plane of existence, one in which they-they live as pure energy.


Moon movie poster tunnel and lightMoon movie poster


Half Moon Magical Breathtaking

Notice how the reviewers reviewed the movie Half Moon? Magical and Breathtaking. There is magic associated with the moon and it is breathtaking -- or kills you.


Bitter Moon by Roman Polanski movie poster

Roman Polanski made the movie Rosemary's Baby which was about the Devil raping and impregnating a woman. The movie poster for his movie Bitter Moon is another variation on the siren motif. An attractive woman with her legs wide open is sitting on top of a giant light which we can assume is the moon based on the name of the movie. A shipful of sailors sails underneath, presumably to their death upon the "rock".


“All movies are important and they are dangerous you go into a little dark room and become vulnerable it could completely misshape you.” -- Susan Sarandon 

" I know that I have demons. I don't know if I want to get rid of them altogether, but I would like to experience them in a different way." -- Johnny Depp

Dr. Eric Peper, a researcher who has studied the influence of film, feels television can be used as a training tool:
"The horror of television…is that the information goes in…It goes right into our memory pool and perhaps we react to it later but we don't know what we are reacting to. When you watch television you are training yourself…so later on, you're doing things without knowing why you're doing them or where they came from."
Another team of Australian researchers found that that television is a type of "sleep teaching" that involves subconscious absorption of imagery while the viewer is in a mild dreamlike state.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer's supervising producer, Marti Noxon, alludes to extent of deception that goes on:

"You can get to the emotional truth of things almost by sleight of hand, while people aren't really looking. It's sort of like, 'Here, look at the shiny vampire,' and behind that, there's something really raw going on."

The impact that movies have on their viewers is due to the purposeful way their creators design them. Alfred Hitchcock, considered the horror film director and Master of Suspense in his day declared his intent:

"The point is to draw the audience right into the situation-instead of leaving them to watch it from outside, from a distance…If you played the whole scene straight through… you would lose your power over the audience. They would watch the scene without becoming really involved in it, and you would have no means of concentrating their attention on those particular visual details which make them feel what the characters are feeling.

Steven Spielberg demonstrates the unscrupulous attitude prevalent among today’s directors: 
“I want people to love my movies, and I'll be a whore to get them into the theaters.”

Hollywood insider, David Puttnam, the producer for the films The Mission and Chariots of Fire, admits movies can be used as propaganda tools: 
"Movies are powerful. Good or bad they tinker around inside your brain. They steal up on you in the darkness of the cinema to form or conform social attitudes...In short, cinema is propaganda." 

Eddy Manson, a popular composer for motion pictures stated this "social reform" is accomplished through manipulation, stating: 
"We manipulate people like crazy in films…It's a tremendous release. I can make you feel any emotion I want you to feel at any time. It's a Machiavellian power we project gut to gut." 

Even George Lucas, director of the Star Wars trilogy, confesses to manipulating the emotions of his audience: 
"I'm very much of a visual filmmaker, and very much of a filmmaker who is going for emotions over ideas." And, "Emotionally involving the audience is easy. Anyone can do it blindfolded, get a little kitten and have some guy wring its neck."

Fascinatingly, filmmakers like Lucas hold little regard for their easily manipulated audiences. Lucas has openly declared: 

"Popcorn pictures have always ruled. Why do people go see these popcorn pictures…Why is the public so stupid?…I just understood what people liked to go see, and Steven [Spielberg] has too, and we go for that." 

One of the industry's skilled directors, Alan J. Pakula, who directed All the President's Men and Presumed Innocent, replies: 

"Movie violence is like eating salt. The more you eat, the more you need to eat to taste it at all. People are becoming immune to the effects: The death counts have quadrupled…they're becoming deaf to it. They've developed an insatiability for raw sensation." 

Media mogul Ted Turner thinks so and believes movies ignite violent behavior like a tinderbox. He explains: 
"You know that everything we're exposed to influences us…Those [violent] films influence us, and the TV programs we see influence us. The weaker your family is, the more they influence you…The problems with families in our cities are catastrophic-but when you put violent programs before people who haven't had a lot of love in their lives, who are angry anyway, it's like pouring gasoline on the fire."

Actor Kevin Bacon, who starred in the movie HollowMan has projected characters who are homosexuals, rapists, occult initiates, liars and thieves, and attributes his successful acting to what he calls "demons under the surface, and as an actor you have to keep them bubbling."

Robin Williams, funny man whose characters teach that cross dressing, homosexuality, New Age practices, humanism and "doing your own thing," is directed by a voice that speaks instructs his every move. Williams admits that a "voice will tell me either to take a role or not. And if I want to travel, that same voice lets me know whether or not the journey will be a safe one."

The screenwriter for Gladiator, David Franzoni, clearly understands that we are headed back in time to Rome’s blood soaked arenas:

“The Coliseum was a machine, too. Everyone who died was chopped up and their bodies were put into a butcher shop--legs, arms, whatever--and then fed to the animals. They were recycled… 

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