Update Lecture on Consciousness by Wayne Bush (Jan 2017)


Greetings, everyone. My name is Wayne Bush, creator of the website TrickedByTheLight.com and it's been a few months since I last updated everyone. I've got a lot of cool new information to share mostly regarding Consciousness and what Carl Jung called the Shadow archetype. First, let me give a summary for those who may be unfamiliar with my web site. Originally, I had placed some ideas I had based on intuition and from reading and listening to many authors over the years. Unfortunately, I did not have as much evidence for my position when I appeared on some early podcasts.

Since then with the help of my good friend and research colleague, Chris Hall, whose contributions are invaluable, I have really gathered much more evidence to corroborate my earlier position. This supporting evidence comes from many fields of research including the following: over 4000 near death experiences compiled by NDERF.org; the feedback of 16,000 out of body experiences compiled by author William Buhlmann; between 4000 and 6000 psychedelic experiences compiled by Stanislov Grof, DMT researcher Rick Straussman; the historic writings of the first human civilization we know of, the Sumerians; the esoteric writings of religious groups such as the Gnostic Nag Hamaddi Library and Pistis Sophia, the Tibetan Book of the Dead by buddhist monks; The Bible; great philosophers such as Plato and Socrates; the psychologist Carl Jung; various researchers in the Ufology community such as David Jacobs, John Lear, Val Valerian, Karla Turner, Linda Moulton-Howe and others; the scientific research of Nikola Tesla, David Bohm, Karl Pribram; and last but not least dozens of emails I have received from readers and listeners around the world sharing their invaluable personal experiences.

To briefly summarize, my position is that the energy of human souls is being farmed and harnessed by astral parasites who are ruled over by what are referred to as Archons who are the deceptive rulers who have perpetrated this con. They harness the light power of our soul to sustain their worlds and existence. They do this by convincing us to willingly do this via our consent to give away our power voluntarily. It is all illusion projected from the Consciousness of our own true inner light. Our Consciousness is like a movie projector.

Later on, I will go over in detail how to win this game and go home to the true heavenly realms, but the main topic of this update is Consciousness.

Holographic Reality

I'd like to talk some about the nature of our prison. The Gnostic text "On the Origin of the World" lays a lot of it out. It says, "If you do not want him to be able to ruin our work, come let us create a man out of earth, according to the image of our body and according to the likeness of this being, to serve us; so that when he sees his likeness, he might become enamored of it. No longer will he ruin our work; rather,we shall make those who are born out of the light our servants for all the duration of this eternal realm."... "Now all of this came to pass according to the forethought of Pistis, in order that man should appear after his likeness, and should condemn them because of their modelled form. And their modelled form became an enclosure of the light.... A prearranged plan came into effect regarding Eve, so that the modelled forms of the authorities might become enclosures of the light, whereupon it would condemn them through their modelled forms... And it is they who were taken captive, according to their destinies, by the prime parent. And thus they were shut into the prisons of the modelled forms until the consummation of the age."

I have previously mentioned how Gnostic texts say that the goddess of wisdom, Sophia, tried to create a likeness or image of the Eternal Light Realms, but made a mistake or error. This error resulted in what was termed Chaos and the creation of the demiurge, who is the false god or creator of this world we live in. "After the natural structure of the immortal beings had completely developed out of the infinite, a likeness then emanated from Pistis (Faith); it is called Sophia (Wisdom). It exercised volition and became a product resembling the primeval light. And immediately her will manifested itself as a likeness of heaven, having an unimaginable magnitude; it was between the immortal beings and those things that came into being after them, like [...]: she (Sophia) functioned as a veil dividing mankind from the things above." The texts say this was down without consulting her consort, the Ineffable Father. Thus the Demiurge was "without spirit", perhaps a way of saying it was an AI creation having consciousness but no soul. Maybe Sophia's error or mistake is a way of saying there was a loss of information or loss of coherence when she made a holographic copy of the ELR.

More and more scientists these days are speaking out about the likelihood we are living in a virtual reality or computer simulation. This loss of information or incompleteness would be a form of ignorance and delusion because it was not an accurate or complete replica. This is sort of how the Demiurge is described -- as deluded and ignorant. And as Jung's allegory or metaphor of the shadow explains could result in envy, jealousy since those are qualities of someone who is insecure because they are lacking the knowledge or completeness if you understand what I am getting at. After all, what is Chaos but scrambled, disorganized incoherent information or disorder. "cha·os, noun: complete disorder and confusion". And maybe, just maybe, the Light being of the Near Death Experience (Demiurge related) does have missions for all us poor saps...the mission is for his sake....he is desperately trying to learn or gain that loss of knowledge when the holographic copy was made...so he sends us to gather info via all kinds of experiences so we can report back the info for his collective "wisdom".... Pleroma is the Fullness or Completeness.... the holographic copy is not complete or full, has a loss of info or coherence..or is chaotic in a sense. Sophia means wisdom. She wasn't a "she" but an androgenous power. So indeed wisdom is the power that escaped. Notice that her thought produced a copy. Her thought, just as our consciousness intent produces things in the astral. I am Sophia, you are Sophia. When our wisdom came down to the material, we did not realize the demiurge would steal our power and keep us fettered in the material. About a third of our consciousness is shadowed by the Counterfeit Spirit. You lost some wisdom while here. You still won't have it all back until you go to a higher frequency. Just as Sophia was restored, so will we . We created this on behalf of the demiurge without even knowing it.
http://science.sciencemag.org/content/298/5597/1359.full I'd like to read a couple of scientific quotes I pulled off the Internet. "For example, holograms appear three-dimensional (3D) because of the parallax that can be seen through the window of the hologram. Most holograms are recorded with coherent light, although some of the most commonly displayed holograms work in reflection (for instance, holograms on credit cards) and can be read out with incoherent, white light (6, 7)."
"The more pure the light the greater the coherence length."

The ability to focus (brainwave state) would determine how in focus (clear) or out of focus (blurry) the holographic picture image is stored or a loss in the intensity of focus or frequency could cause them to be fragmented like a corrupted digital picture. The idea that we are living in a simulation is gaining momentum as Elon Musk, Bank of America and others have come forward with public statements. People are starting to wake up to the agenda of the Archons.

There is a subreddit called "Glitch" where people are reporting glitches in the matrix. One person wrote, "Twice this week I've woken up and there's these goldeny bronze perfect geometrical grid lines in my vision for like 20 seconds and then they disappear once I'm more awake but are there long enough for me to know I'm not dreaming. I went to the hospital last week and had scans and all kinds of tests done to make sure I don't have a brain tumor or anything - everything came back clean minus a lil ear infection... Anyone else get this? Felt like it could be glitchy..." Some of the replies: "You're experiencing ascension symptoms, waking up from the matrix, or seeing beyond the veil so to speak. The universe is made of frequencies and perfect mathematical sequences as seen in sacred geometry and Fibonacci numbers. Check out Alex Grey's artwork which shows what you are probably experiencing. "On LSD I saw grid lines everywhere, I would look at an object and see the grid lines of the object's shape. I saw grid lines on my boyfriend's face too lol. I didn't really think anything of it though, that stuff is fun." "I had the same experience when I was on LSD too! So trippy." "Only just a few days ago) weirdly enough they were a glowing golden color just as mentioned by OP. Definitely something to it." "I get the same thing occasionally. For me it starts as ones and zeroes, fades into the lines, then it fades into everything around me. It begs all kinds of weird questions. " "I've been seeing them for a few years. They kind of look like the light that comes in through window blinds. I've also noticed them recently while watching TV. "This is more common than you think. Considering this is a Computer Projected Universe, on occasion people can see through the illusion. Many young children have seen the "Frequency Fence/Energetic Membrane" that encircles the Earth. We are energetically locked into this Slave Reality."
"The aliens that are controlling the Simulation are called "The Archons". They pretend to be Angels,Guides, Ascended Masters, Lords Of Karma. Every human is judged by them and told they owe "Karmic debt" and must return to the "Earth School". The human then has their Memory Erased and are forced to Reincarnate. This has been going on for a long time now and is complete slavery. Humans are used as "Energy Slaves" and seen as nothing more. Whether or not you choose to believe all this does not matter, everyone is currently enslaved by The Archons."
Another wrote, "I have remembered at least 4 or 5 past lives through my dreams and meditation. I strongly believe that most, if not all of us, have been here many times before. My brother has this theory on what happens in the afterlife to also be part of the simulation and is set up to trick us into staying in the cycle of being reborn onto this earth to simply produce more and more energy. That we are these powerful beings that don't even realize our own full potentials even in the immediate afterlife, that you get a chance to try and figure it out each time you come back, and that there are other beings controlling it all. So pretty much, aliens. We will never know".
and yet another: "It is absolutely a Computer Simulated Universe. Matter is actually Holographic. The Simulation is currently run by Parasitic Aliens called "The Archons". They are Parasites and are using humans as an energy source. To continue the enslavement they have set up a complete con job in the Astral Afterlife. People are told they "Owe Karmic Debt" and need "More Lessons". The humans memory is erased and they are forced to reincarnate over and over. This has kept humans from ever advancing. In fact most go backwards in development. The Archons see humans as cattle and nothing more. The entire Simulation is actually an Alien Farm for harvesting energy."
"There is a Star trek episode where they go to a holographic community that is unaware that they aren't real."
So maybe our soul's light is broadcast like a signal outward...it is/was high frequency, still could be high frequency at its core or center ....could it be it was slowed down as it traveled outward and the EM was built to keep us out and from getting back to the central core (ELR?)... so it's like there is the ELR at the central core with a veil dividing it from chaotic astral realms and then there is an even longer signal here in the physical and the entrainment is keeping our signal long and slow. Icke is right in saying it is a vibrational prison. We think in terms of the soul being imprisoned inside of the EM field around it but maybe it is better to think in terms like we are being kept OUTSIDE and not able to go back inward. It is almost as if the ELR/soul signal transmission is getting jammed or interfered with by the EM field? Or our antenna receiver (dna?) has been broken/cut off. Most likely the only solution is death and stoppage of the heart, but maybe it could help to think in terms of waves and signal broadcasting. "Another way to block a frequency is simply to encase it in a conductive substance. This is known as EMF shielding. " What keeps us outside is our intent and attention. The power is in intent, so by bringing it back inside, your power is internal.

Schumann Resonance

I have previously mentioned how all the energy we know is called the electromagnetic spectrum.

"The electromagnetic radiation is classified by wavelength into radio wave, microwave, terahertz (or sub-millimeter) radiation, infrared, the visible region that is perceived as light, ultraviolet, X-rays and gamma rays. The behavior of EM radiation depends on its wavelength."

Only an extremely tiny sliver of that continuum is the visible light we see and the audio we hear. These waves ejected by the Sun in theform of coronal mass ejections reach the Earth and become part of the Earth's atmosphere. Our brainwaves become entrained to a large degree by the resonance of the Earth and its atmosphere.

"The Schumann resonances (SR) are a set of spectrum peaks in the extremely low frequency (ELF) portion of the Earth's electromagnetic field spectrum. Schumann resonances are global electromagnetic resonances, generated and excited by lightning discharges in the cavity formed by the Earth's surface and the ionosphere. The limited dimensions of the Earth cause this waveguide to act as a resonant cavity for electromagnetic waves in the ELF band. The cavity is naturally excited by electric currents in lightning. Schumann resonances are the principal background in the electromagnetic spectrum beginning at 3 Hz and extending to 60 Hz, and appear as distinct peaks at extremely low frequencies (ELF) around 7.83 (fundamental), 14.3, 20.8, 27.3 and 33.8 Hz. In the normal mode descriptions of Schumann resonances, the fundamental mode is a standing wave in the Earth–ionosphere cavity with a wavelength equal to the circumference of the Earth. This lowest-frequency (and highest-intensity) mode of the Schumann resonance occurs at a frequency of approximately 7.83 Hz, but this frequency can vary slightly from a variety of factors, such as solar-induced perturbations to the ionosphere, which compresses the upper wall of the closed cavity Atmospheric electricity is the study of electrical charges in the Earth's atmosphere (or that of another planet). The movement of charge between the Earth's surface, the atmosphere, and the ionosphere is known as the global atmospheric electrical circuit."

" Atmospheric electricity is an interdisciplinary topic, involving concepts from electrostatics, atmospheric physics, meteorology and Earth science. Thunderstorms act as a giant battery in the atmosphere, charging up the ionosphere to about 400,000 volts with respect to the surface. This sets up an electric field throughout the atmosphere, which increases with altitude from about 100 V/m at the surface."

Later I am going mention the limbic system, the thalamus and hippocampus surrounding the pineal. The brain would be most effected by frequency of the hippocampal region. The other surrounding fields around our body work like a magnetosphere nuetralizing outside frequency. I am thinking the astral parasites are formed in the frequency of 7 hz. They are the result of lightning and plasma maybe. But I think our consciousness sits inside a complex array of fields.

All cells create light. "Abstract: In this paper we argue that, in addition to electrical and chemical signals propagating in the neurons of the brain, signal propagation takes place in the form of biophoton production. This statement is supported by recent experimental confirmation of photon guiding properties of a single neuron. We have investigated the interaction of mitochondrial biophotons with microtubules from a quantum mechanical point of view. Our theoretical analysis indicates that the interaction of biophotons and microtubules causes transitions/fluctuations of microtubules between coherent and incoherent states. A significant relationship between the fluctuation function of microtubules and alpha-EEG diagrams is elaborated on in this paper. We argue that the role of biophotons in the brain merits special attention. "

Mitochondria use ATP and light and create energy including bio-photons. So sunlight comes in and biophoton goes out. If earth life uses sunlight in its whole energy structure, then we are energy converters. We convert sunlight into bio-light which must be what is consumed by the parasites. The breakdown of ATP releases energy and then sunlight is used to convert it back to ATP. Furthermore, biophoton research in blood reveals its holistic properties.


Let me first exlain how our soul and consciousness is imprisoned here. When a baby develops a heart, it creates an extensive electromagnetic field around it. This field of the heart is what keeps the soul imprisoned in the body. It is electromagnetic forces not physical ones that hold the soul in the body. Our soul or consciousness is imprisoned because of the electromagnetic field of the heart. Electricity is generated when a magnet is rotated so the iron that circulates in our blood due to the heart's pumping keeps us imprisoned but also the spinning of the iron core of the Earth with a low frequency of 7.83 Hz. By chaining us to low frequency, we sit at a basically tranquilized state trying to wake up from it. It's a very low frequency but not completely dead.. We do produce electricity. When the heart stops the E-M field dissolves and so the soul is no longer bound within and is released. The Heart being a huge electrical producer and filled with iron makes it a bio-chemcial motor. The heart stops and then stops producing electricity which causes the fields to slowly fail until you can escape. So our soul fell in consciousness and is held within our electromagnetic field.

It dawned on me that the symbol people draw for the heart -- this one, <3 , but turn it upright -- at least the top portion, is representing the toroidal field of the heart torus.

The European Fusion Network Information web site has an article entitled "Plasma Confinement by Magnetic Fields" which states "Left to itself, a plasma - like a gas - will occupy all the geometrical space available, because of the collisions between the particles. Magnetic fields can confine a plasma, because the ions and electrons of which it consists will follow helical paths around the magnetic field lines. If a vessel containing plasma is placed in a rectilinear magnetic field, the particles of plasma cannot reach the side walls, but they will strike the ends of the vessel. To prevent the particles from coming into contact with the material walls in this way, two types of magnetic configuration have been studied." One of these two types is a Torroidal Configuration: "Toroidal Configurations, in which the risk of losses is removed by curving the magnetic lines around to form a closed loop. Theoretical study of particle trajectories shows that, if the particles are to be confined, the toroidal field must have superimposed upon it a field component perpendicular to it (i.e. a poloidal field). The force lines of the total field thus become spiral (helical) paths, along and around which the plasma particles are guided."

Is it just a coincidence that both the heart and the Earth's electromagnetic fields form the shape of a torus? In my opinion, this plays a vital role in keeping our souls imprisoned here.

There are five categories of brain wave states ranging from Delta waves which are the slowest to Gamma waves which are the fastest, highest frequency. The lowest category are Delta waves which are between 0.1 and 3 HZ and are associated with detached awareness or deep sleep or deep hypnosis. Theta is the next class above that and ranges from 4 to 7 HZ. This is the state of meditation although this state can be used to reach the higher gamma state. Alpha state is the next one up from Theta and is 8 to 13 HZ. This is a state of relaxation or light hypnosis such as when one is driving a car and the brain is on autopilot. The next stage up is Beta and is 14 to 30 HZ. This is our normal everyday waking state of awareness. The highest state is Gamma and is 31 to 100 Hz. This is associated with peak focus or concentration, insight and expanded consciousness. Gamma waves are the fastest of the brainwave frequencies and signify the highest state of focus possible. They are associated with peak concentration and the brain’s optimal frequency for cognitive functioning.

Meditation slows the brain waves which may be good for our bodies to combat our normal hectic lives and elminate stress, but I would prefer to reach the higher frequency of brain waves, the gamma waves, for insight and expanded consciousness. I don't sit down to meditate. When I "think" I block all else and visualize everything. The state I'm in is gamma or close. It is excitement of thinking about some subjects etc that like creates a excitation across my mind. You take in more facts and see more details. Now those who meditate with nothing are the theta meditation. Two different effects.

"Experiments on Tibetan Buddhist monks have shown a correlation between transcendental mental states and gamma waves. A suggested explanation is based on the fact that the gamma is intrinsically localized. Neuroscientist Sean O'Nuallain suggests that this very existence of synchronized gamma indicates that something akin to a singularity - or, to be more prosaic, a conscious experience - is occurrin. This work adduces experimental and simulated data to show that what meditation masters have in common is the ability to put the brain into a state in which it is maximally sensitive. As mentioned above, gamma waves have been observed in Tibetan Buddhist monks.

" A 2004 study took eight long-term Tibetan Buddhist practitioners of meditation and, using electrodes, monitored the patterns of electrical activity produced by their brains as they meditated. The researchers compared the brain activity of the monks to a group of novice meditators (the study had these subjects meditate an hour a day for one week prior to empirical observation). In a normal meditative state, both groups were shown to have similar brain activity. However, when the monks were told to generate an objective feeling of compassion during meditation, their brain activity began to fire in a rhythmic, coherent manner, suggesting neuronal structures were firing in harmony. This was observed at a frequency of 25–40 Hz, the rhythm of gamma waves. These gamma-band oscillations in the monk’s brain signals were the largest seen in humans (apart from those in states such as seizures). Conversely, these gamma-band oscillations were scant in novice meditators. Though, a number of rhythmic signals did appear to strengthen in beginner meditators with further experience in the exercise, implying that the aptitude for one to produce gamma-band rhythm is trainable. Such evidence and research in gamma-band oscillations may explain the heightened sense of consciousness, bliss, and intellectual acuity subsequent to meditation. Notably, meditation is known to have a number of health benefits: stress reduction, mood elevation, and increased life expectancy of the mind and its cognitive functions. The current Dalai Lama meditates for four hours each morning, and he says that it is hard work. He elaborates that if neuroscience can construct a way in which he can reap the psychological and biological rewards of meditation without going through the practice each morning, he would be apt to adopt the innovation."

So some meditators who become blissed out that may not be the optimal state to be in all the time especially when awake in everyday activity...their meditating may be against their best interests..... sure, it is good not to get too emotional over all the drama in life and react in an emotional way but to not are at all and be completely dispassionate seems almost dead to me in a sense....a more alert hyper brain state such as gamma waves could provide a more laser like focus and be better all around because you still don't need to react emotionally. To think in gamma state block all else and visualize everything. It is excitement of thinking about some subjects etc that like creates a excitation across my mind. You take in more facts and see more details. If one has have no thoughts, it is like stasis. One can use that state to jump higher towards gamma to gain insight and intuition. That state is gamma or close. Now those who meditate with nothing are the theta meditation. Two different effects. You should focus in consciousness ignoring brain signals.

Max Planck in 1931 said ,”I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.” He also said, “As a man who has devoted his whole life to the most clear headed science, to the study of matter, I can tell you as a result of my research about atoms this much: There is no matter as such. All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.”

I have found my consciousness which is the same as yours and everyone else is a hologram maker itself. Deep inside is that little light speck that is spectacular beyond words. It is the most amazing thing you will come across and it is you. Anyway, this light is VERY VERY powerful. So it had what I call "working memory" meaning the cognizant things you have remembered in this life etc. So with memories and with imagination this light can make videos, images, pictures but they are all holograms -- the good kind as long as the originate inside and are not the intrusive kind that are the manipulation of the archons. In your mind you see the intrusive image and because you thought it was yours you put focus enough to have it in your memory. So you compared the image in your memory and then it brought up comparable images which allowed you to give the analogy. If you never gave the image attention it would just have faded away with no effect. It is the only way I know of to combat them because the illusion comes from an external source. The point is that the consciousness operates like a transmitter/receiver. It transmits or makes an image for you to see. If you receive an image externally it is your consciousness showing the image but it is just the data that it translates to an image. It does not discriminate, but we have a hard time in the body separating all these different streams of images. A good example of images you see is seeing things with your mind's eye or imagination. It is your consciousness making those images and it is watching them. So know your light power, your Supraconsciousness is operating as it should and you have to discard any images that are not yours if they serve no positive purpose. Pretend like it's graffiti on the wall and just pay no attention to it.

Our consciousness may be like the laser light that produces holograms...and the sun could be the light that produces theirs.

Will Hart in his sumary on NDEs wrote, "This brings up the possibility that consciousness may operate like a holographic projector. Alternatively, that pure consciousness is entirely holographic. We know that the hologram we see is not really three- dimensional; but knowing that does not stop it from appearing to be so."

Pineal Gland, DMT, Metatonin, Hippocampus, Amygdala etc

The episode of Limitless I just watched was about a bacteria that feeds off of electricity/electrons based off a real life form here. This episode of Limitless revealed the fact that there are creatures who feed off of electrons and electricity which is similar to the idea that there could be astral parasites that feed off of the human aura for energy.

A New Scientist article "Meet the Electric Life Forms that Live on Pure Energy: Unlike any other life on Earth, these extraordinary bacteria use energy in its purest form – they eat and breathe electrons – and they are everywhere" hints toward there being some substance to that claim. The article appeared in print under the headline “The electricity eaters”. The article starts out: "Stick an electrode in the ground, pump electrons down it, and they will come: living cells that eat electricity. We have known bacteria to survive on a variety of energy sources, but none as weird as this. Think of Frankenstein’s monster, brought to life by galvanic energy, except these “electric bacteria” are very real and are popping up all over the place. Unlike any other living thing on Earth, electric bacteria use energy in its purest form – naked electricity in the shape of electrons harvested from rocks and metals. We already knew about two types, Shewanella and Geobacter. Now, biologists are showing that they can entice many more out of rocks and marine mud by tempting them with a bit of electrical juice. Experiments growing bacteria on battery electrodes demonstrate that these novel, mind-boggling forms of life are essentially eating and excreting electricity. That should not come as a complete surprise, says Kenneth Nealson at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles. We know that life, when you boil it right down, is a flow of electrons: 'You eat sugars that have excess electrons, and you breathe in oxygen that willingly takes them.' Our cells break down the sugars, and the electrons flow through them in a complex set of chemical reactions until they are passed on to electron-hungry oxygen. In the process, cells make ATP, a molecule that acts as an energy storage unit for almost all living things. Moving electrons around is a key part of making ATP. 'Life’s very clever,' says Nealson. 'It figures out how to suck electrons out of everything we eat and keep them under control.' In most living things, the body packages the electrons up into molecules that can safely carry them through the cells until they are dumped on to oxygen. 'That’s the way we make all our energy and it’s the same for every organism on this planet,' says Nealson. 'Electrons must flow in order for energy to be gained. This is why when someone suffocates another person they are dead within minutes. You have stopped the supply of oxygen, so the electrons can no longer flow. The discovery of electric bacteria shows that some very basic forms of life can do away with sugary middlemen and handle the energy in its purest form – electrons, harvested from the surface of minerals. "Life’s clever. It figures out how to suck electrons out of everything we eat and keep them under control”

If there is energy there is something consuming it. This points to Astral Parasites being absolutely logical.

According to a LiveScience article entitled "Stange! Humans Glow in Visible Light", "The human body literally glows, emitting a visible light in extremely small quantities at levels that rise and fall with the day, scientists now reveal. Past research has shown that the body emits visible light, 1,000 times less intense than the levels to which our naked eyes are sensitive. In fact, virtually all living creatures emit very weak light, which is thought to be a byproduct of biochemical reactions involving free radicals."

According to another article "Biophotons: The Human Body Emits, Communicates with, and is Made from Light". "Given the sheer insanity of our existential condition, and bodily incarnation as a whole, and considering that our earthly existence is partially formed from sunlight and requires the continual consumption of condensed sunlight in the form of food, it may not sound so farfetched that our body emits light. Indeed, the human body emits biophotons, also known as ultraweak photon emissions (UPE), with a visibility 1,000 times lower than the sensitivity of our naked eye. While not visible to us, these particles of light (or waves, depending on how you are measuring them) are part of the visible electromagnetic spectrum (380-780 nm) and are detectable via sophisticated modern instrumentation."
The abstract of the Journal of Cell Science research article "Light-harvesting chlorophyll pigments enable mammalian mitochondria to capture photonic energy and produce ATP" reports the results on ilght-driven ATP synthesis and proposes: "Sunlight is the most abundant energy source on this planet. However, the ability to convert sunlight into biological energy in the form of adenosine-5'-triphosphate (ATP) is thought to be limited to chlorophyll-containing chloroplasts in photosynthetic organisms. Here we show that mammalian mitochondria can also capture light and synthesize ATP when mixed with a light-capturing metabolite of chlorophyll. The same metabolite fed to the worm Caenorhabditis elegans leads to increase in ATP synthesis upon light exposure, along with an increase in life span. We further demonstrate the same potential to convert light into energy exists in mammals, as chlorophyll metabolites accumulate in mice, rats and swine when fed a chlorophyll-rich diet. "
I'd like to for a while delve more deeply into the science of how the true Supraconsciousness of our Soul is artificially held down and regulated by the brain. There is a governoror regulator in our brain which keeps the frequency from going higher and helps to keep us dumbed down and asleep. Keep in mind the Sumerian texts say humans were scientifically engineered upgrades to the indiginous primitive man that already existed on Earth for the purpose of being worker slaves for the Anuna gods so they wanted us to be intelligent enough to take orders but not smart enough to overthrow them. The Gnostic text "On the Origin of the World" says, "Since that day, the seven rulers have fashioned man with his body resembling their body, but his likeness resembling the man that had appeared to them. His modelling took place by parts, one at a time. And their leader fashioned the brain and the nervous system." I'm going to be talking for a while about the design of the brain and brain states so if this is not your cup of tea you can jump ahead in the audio or skip down the page some.

""The modern human brain is 3 times larger in volume than those of the great apes. More importantly, the human brain to body size ratio is significantly larger, and it has a much bigger cerebral cortex with a higher concentration of neurons. The cerebral cortex plays a key role in memory, attention, perception, awareness, thought, language, and consciousness. Where we depart from our animal brethren is in the great development of the front part of our cerebral cortex, the frontal lobes, and the greater proportion of cerebral tissue, called association areas, which integrate the information obtained from the regions that directly receive sensory information. These latter regions are called the primary sensory and motor areas because they receive simple, pure sensations and direct the movement of the body. It is within the frontal lobes that we humans mull over the past, prepare for the future, and reflect on its implications. Animals do not have this last capability in particular, as far as we can discern. Animals prepare for the future in a limited, instinct-driven way: Think of squirrels gathering and burying nuts for the winter. … Higher-level thinking is supported by the frontal lobes. Activity in these lobes allows us to reason, make judgments, make plans for the near and far future, make choices, take action, solve problems and generally control our living environment. Your personality lives in the frontal lobes, where emotions, problem solving, reasoning, planning and other functions are managed. The frontal lobes are linked to sensory and memory centers throughout the brain The frontal lobes are responsible for empathetic behavior, allowing us to understand the thinking and experiences of others. The frontal lobe contains most of the dopamine-sensitive neurons in the cerebral cortex. The dopamine system is associated with reward, attention, short-term memory tasks, planning, and motivation. Dopamine tends to limit and select sensory information arriving from the thalamus to the forebrain."

"The brain's reward center Addictive drugs provide a shortcut to the brain's reward system by flooding the nucleus accumbens with dopamine. The hippocampus lays down memories of this rapid sense of satisfaction, and the amygdala creates a conditioned response to certain stimuli."

"Theta waves generate the theta rhythm, a neural oscillatory pattern in electroencephalography (EEG) signals, recorded either from inside the brain or from electrodes glued to the scalp. Two types of theta rhythm have been described. The "hippocampal theta rhythm" is a strong oscillation that can be observed in the hippocampus and other brain structures in numerous species of mammals including rodents, rabbits, dogs, cats, bats, and marsupials. EEG oscillations in the 4–7 Hz frequency range" That might be good for our brain but not our Consciousness. As it has been demonstrated Theta rhythm = no memory and not operating at full capacity. But what causes our current waking beta state which is 14 HZ? Most likely hippocampal oscillations. We are born theta dominant and it rises giving us more memories. Theta(4-8 hz) dominant to Alpha(8-13hz) dominant frequency occurs in the brain from childhood. "Beta wave, or beta rhythm, is the term used to designate the frequency range of human brain activity between 12.5 and 30 Hz (12.5 to 30 transitions or cycles per second). Beta states are the states associated with normal waking consciousness." The average frequency of the first Schumann mode is 7.8 Hz.. The average frequency of the second Schumann mode is 14.1 Hz. "As soon as a higher amplitude frequency is introduced, the biological organism will attempt to entrain (tune) itself to this ‘louder’ signal. It is called FFR or the Brain’s Frequency Following Response". It is a matter of that entrainment that oscilates the hippocampal-pineal region. "13 Hz Beta Waves Power of visualization and to conceptualize, Associated with Brow Ajna chakra".

There is a 1999 paper by Wolfgang Klimesch entitled "EEG Alpha and Theta Oscillations Reflect Cognitive and Memory Performance" which clearly indicates that the hippocampal EEG dominance directly relates to cognition. It means consciousness is tied to this. It may be able to vibrate a higher frequency on its own but is usually entrained back down to the brain frequency. All categories of brains who were theta dominate are at low cognition and often in the 7 hz range. Shadow beings seem to be primarily in the 7 Hz area just below wakng consciousness. The other surrounding fields around our body work like a magnetosphere nuetralizing outside frequency. The astral parasites are formed in the frequency of 7 hz. Sleep deprivation causes people to see shadow people. Again after being tired their hippocampal starts to stay just above consciousness and at the frequency of shadow people. Stress, depression and anxiety also cause you to be in that low frequency. They are often seen hovering over a sleeping person whispering in their ear. It is easier to affect the mind at the lower brain state and also to suggest or suggest an image to a dreaming mind that will cause a bad dream which they can then feed from. These categories all see shadow people constantly: Alzheimers, Small children, Dementia, Sleep Deprivation, Hypnagogic state(Sleep paralysis).

They live off the power of intent thought. There is more light in intent. Most of these intents are outside the body, e.g. envy of someone else. We project all of that out of us and they consume it.

I'd like to read a bit about the thalamus from Wikipedia. "The thalamus (from Greek ???aµ??, "chamber") is a part of the brain that has several functions such as relaying of sensory and motor signals to the cerebral cortex, and the regulation of consciousness, sleep, and alertness. It is a midline symmetrical structure of two halves, within the vertebrate brain, situated between the cerebral cortex and the midbrain The thalamus is connected to the spinal cord via the spinothalamic tract. It may be thought of as a kind of hub of information. In particular, every sensory system (with the exception of the olfactory system) includes a thalamic nucleus that receives sensory signals and sends them to the associated primary cortical area The thalamus also plays an important role in regulating states of sleep and wakefulness. Thalamic nuclei have strong reciprocal connections with the cerebral cortex, forming thalamo-cortico-thalamic circuits that are believed to be involved with consciousness.[citation needed] The thalamus plays a major role in regulating arousal, the level of awareness, and activity. Damage to the thalamus can lead to permanent coma. The thalamus is functionally connected to the hippocampus as part of the extended hippocampal system at the thalamic anterior nuclei with respect to spatial memory and spatial sensory datum they are crucial for human episodic memory and rodent event memory." Comparisons to the eye of Horus have been made since it has similarity in shape and structure:
"The limbic system is a set of brain structures located on both sides of the thalamus, immediately beneath the cerebrum. It has also been referred to as the paleomammalian cortex. It is not a separate system but a collection of structures from the telencephalon, diencephalon, and mesencephalon. It includes the olfactory bulbs, hippocampus, hypothalamus, amygdala, anterior thalamic nuclei, fornix, columns of fornix, mammillary body, septum pellucidum, habenular commissure, cingulategyrus, parahippocampal gyrus, limbic cortex, and limbic midbrain areas. The limbic system supports a variety of functions including emotion, behavior, motivation, long-term memory. The functional relevance of the limbic system has proven to serve many different functions such as affects/emotions, memory, sensory processing, time perception, attention, consciousness, instincts, autonomic/vegetative control, and actions/motor behavior. Some of the disorders associated with the limbic system are epilepsy and schizophrenia. The hypothalamus is responsible for regulating your hunger, thirst, response to pain, levels of pleasure, sexual satisfaction, anger and aggressive behavior, and more. From the optic nerve, the hypothalamus gets information about light and darkness. The hippocampus and amygdala are both part of the Limbic system. The hippocampus consists of two “horns” that curve back from the amygdala. It appears to be very important in converting things that are “in your mind” at the moment (in short-term memory) into things that you will remember for the long run (long-term memory). The amygdalas are two almond-shaped masses of neurons on either side of the thalamus at the lower end of the hippocampus. When it is stimulated electrically, animals respond with aggression."

"Spontaneous or evoked brain activity in the hippocampus showed a 20-70 Hz beta rhythm under some conditions, typically during behavioral activation and accompanied by a theta rhythm. Beta rhythms are generated locally, perhaps by a recurrent feedback loop involving pyramidal cells and inhibitory interneurons. Modulation of the local circuit and rhythm by cholinergic inputs has also been demonstrated. Under some behavioral states, neural impulses modulated at the beta frequency may transmit preferentially through the trisynaptic circuit in the hippocampus. It is suggested that the beta rhythm may serve to establish transient physiological connections, reflected in coherence at the beta frequency, among neurons in the hippocampus and related structures. Thus, the beta rhythm may play an essential role in hippocampal function."

"Rhythms in the gamma range (30–80 Hz) and the beta range (12–30 Hz) are found in many parts of the nervous system and are associated with attention, perception, and cognition (1–3). It has been noted in electroencephalogram (EEG) signals that rhythms of different frequencies are found simultaneously (4). Beta oscillations are readily observable immediately after evoked gamma oscillations in sensory evoked potential recordings (5). This beta activity has been correlated with the long-range synchronous activity of neocortical regions during visuomotor reflex activation (6)"

It has to do with evoking the senses and gaining attention. The pineal gland is in the middle of the hippocampal region. I think it is the consciousness trying to get higher but gets entrained back to the going frequency. It is a regulator or governor.

"There is ample evidence that individual hippocampal pyramidal cells code for specific locations in an environment by a marked increase in firing rate; but, equally, that part of the code for location involves the timing of cell firing relative to a clock wave, represented by the EEG theta wave and associated interneurons, and that groups of pyramidal cells can act cooperatively in an ensemble fashion. On this view, each pyramidal cell acts as an oscillator, and a sophisticated set of mechanisms exists for producing these oscillations. Each cell has the biophysical machinery to oscillate in isolation from other cells or external inputs. These individual oscillators are stabilized and synchronized by a set of inhibitory feedback circuits primarily involving inhibitory interneurons. Neurons in the septum and brain stem provide the neuromodulatory inputs necessary for hippocampal pyramidal cells to enter the oscillatory state and may also provide a driving signal that sets the overall frequency of the oscillations."

"This band is further divided into beta (10–20 Hz) (Leung, 1992) (Fig. 11–1D) and gamma (20–100 Hz) (Fig. 11–1E) activity. Gamma waves were first described in the cat amygdala by Lesse in 1955 and have since been reported in widespread brain regions of animals and humans". The amygdala and hippocampal complex, two medial temporal lobe structures, are ... both the encoding and the storage of hippocampal-dependent memories. The hippocampus is responsible for the processing and storage of short-term memory. The amygdala is responsible for emotions, moods, and other functions related to depression and anxiety. "Amygdala is the integrative center for emotions, emotional behavior, and motivation. If the brain is turned upside down the end of the structure continuous with the hippocampus is called the uncus. If you peel away uncus you will expose the amygdala which abuts the anterior of the hippocampus. "

The brain is like a symphony but they all maintain similar due to entrainment. Emotions it is what effects the consciousness DIRECTLY. "When the amygdala's connections to the R-complex (or "reptile brain", Dr. Paul McLean) are activated, fight or flight and basic reactionary survival processes occur in brain/body. The slang for this is "clicking backward". It is primary and basic, and automatic. When cortex and frontal lobes processes overcome the limitations of the reactive reptile brain, the slang is "clicking the amygdala forward". The brain rewards certain enhanced survival behaviors with pleasure, and this patterning of learned positive behavior involves the amygdala and its connections to the forward pre-frontal cortex. This can be done consciously and deliberately. The brain's advanced electrochemical circuits are controlled with THOUGHT."

To illustrate why our consciousness does not operate at full capacity I would refer to the effects of infrasound on the human. It is supported that certain low frequencies basically paralyze us and although effecting the brain, low frequency has the same effect on our consciousness, causing it to basically suspend animation at low frequencies..

From 'The psychoacoustic effect of infrasonic, sonic and ultrasonic frequencies within non-lethal military warfare techniques’ by Ryan Littlefield: "In 1973, The United States deployed the Urban Funk Campaign, a psychoacoustic attack during the war with the intention of altering mental states of their enemies (Goodman, 2010). The device utilised both infrasonic and ultrasonic frequencies, which emitted high decibel oscillations from a mounted helicopter onto the Vietnamese ground troops (Toffler, Alvin, & Toffler, 1995). Though there is no record of the specification of this device, one can assume that the U.S Military had tested the infrasonic frequency ranges in order to achieve a psychological effect on it’s targets. As previously cited by (Goodman, 2010), it is documented that the frequency range of 7Hz is thought to instil effects of uneasiness, anxiety, fear and anger. (Walonick, 1990) reports in a experiment that below 8Hz had caused agitation and uneasiness for participants. Goodman also supports this discussing “It has been noted that certain infrasonic frequencies plug straight into the algorithms of the brain and nervous system. Frequencies of 7 hertz, for example, coincide with theta rhythms, thought to induce moods of fear and anger.” (Goodman, 2010) "Resonance All objects have a property known as their resonant frequency, this involves the “re- enforcement of vibrations of a receiving system due to a similarity to the frequencies of the source” (Pellegrino & Productions, 1996). It is this property that is held within all matter, that we can apply sound as a means of resonance within the human body. " "Following this, Gavreau developed a device that emitted infrasonic sine wave frequencies around 7hertz, with military application, (Vassilatos, no date) said to induce painful symptoms effecting his laboratory staff with immediate effect, other results are reported of the likes of the feeling of fear and flight" "Vinokur, drew from Gavreau’s invention stating within his publication The Case of the Mythical Beast. (Vinokur, 1993) “. . . sound with a frequency of less than 16 Hz is inaudible. It’s called infrasound, and its effect on human beings is not completely understood. We do know, however, that high- intensity infrasound causes headache, fatigue, and anxiety . . . Our internal organs (, liver, stomach, kidneys) are attached to the bones by elastic connective tissue, and at low frequencies may be considered simple oscillators. The natural frequencies of most of them are below 12 Hz (which is in the infrasonic range). Thus, the organs may resonate. Of course, the amplitude of any resonance vibrations depends significantly on damping, which transforms mechanical energy into thermal energy . . . this amplitude decreases as the damping increases. Also, the amplitude is proportional to the amplitude of the harmonic force causing the vibrations . . .Referring back to the use of 7Hz frequency, additional support is gathered with many texts referring to resonant frequencies within the body, with the likes of (Broner, 2003) stating “…it has also been alleged that this is the resonant frequency of the body’s organs…”.One could perhaps draw a conclusion that resonance could be the catalyst for psychological change when exposed to infrasonic sound. The result of resonant frequencies within the body allow for a direct correspondence to the frequency rhythms within the brain, which cohere with the emotional state of every human. (Davies & Honours, no date) cites that “Many of the most profound effects of sound are attributed to infrasound in the region of 7Hz. This corresponds with the median alpha-rhythm frequencies of the brain.”.
(Sargeant, 2001): “The frequency that is thought to be most dangerous to humans is between 7 and 8Hz. This is the resonant frequency of flesh and, theoretically, it can rupture internal organs if loud enough. Seven hertz is also the average frequency of the brain’s alpha rhythms; thus this frequency has been described as dangerous but also relaxing. Whether exposure to such infrasound can trigger epileptic seizures, as some fear, remains unclear; experimental data on exposure to such frequencies gives a variety of results. It should be noted, however, that the strobe light effect associated with triggering epileptic seizures flashes at an equivalent rhythm. "

It is apparent that the frequency range sitting around 7Hz has been widely discussed as changing a subject emotional state when exposed. As a result of this research, the study will gather primary research to understand the effect of 7Hz on the human body, and analyse the emotional effect it has within formulated within this study.

"Gamma brain waves (the fifth level) takes off from where Beta ends from 32 to 100 cycles per sec. Contemporary researchers have since added more discrete levels of activity (Mu, Epsilon, Lambda, etc.) so that the full spectrum now includes up to 12 levels. Gamma still defines the state of 32 – 100 hertz and is generally described as an elevated level of consciousness that is attained in meditation, hypnosis, moments of insight and epiphanies and also in sessions involving entheogenic awareness, as in ayahuasca ceremonies where DMT is the active agent of illumination. Gamma level spikes have also been detected in the brains of dying rodents: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23940340, as well as larger mammals and humans. It has been suggested that pineal secreted endogenous DMT, METAtonin, may also elevate dominant brainwave frequency to the gamma level as well during Out-of-Body and lucid dreaming experiences."
DMT experience: " The entity explained that it existed in another dimension so that it could feed off of human thought unhindered. (I got a feeling that the relationship wasn't symbiotic; perhaps these "thought drainers" somehow suck life energy from humans, along with the mental energy.) It claimed that it was the psychic equivalent of an actual insect that feeds on blood, skin, etc., with regard to the extent of any damage it might do to those on whom it fed.
DMT experience: "The horibble weird things didn't stop I started to realise I had already done this before and had this exact same trip as though I was living this all again and was angry at myself for smoking the DMT again (However now I've come down I realised I never did have this trip before, but I wasn't sure if I'd lived this life before and life is just an endless cycle of the same thing living the exact same life unaware until I'm on large dose psychedelic drugs)... I somewhat gained control of my mind again but I was affected. The things that happened seemed to show there was no way reality is real, the fact that the song I chose corellated with my experience where I was remembering I'd done all this before with the song looping life remembering life I see no way how things can be real. None of this felt fake it felt more real than anything before and this makes me sad.... I started coming up with ideas that maybe the bible is true and I was posessed by some sort of demon convincing me of these bad things or that maybe it was a different part of me it felt like tha part of me that creates my dreams was controlling it and maybe I was just insane. "
DMT: "The "entities" begin to fade away, everything around me turns white, and I feel almost as if I'm zooming backwards through a tunnel. In front of me I begin to see a large blue eye, just like the ones on the Byzantine faces, but with lotus like blue eyelashes emerging from its pupil. The eye was strangely beautiful, had a distinctly feminine presence, and I could sense it radiating an intelligence far beyond my own." "Upon entering hyperspace I percieved myself falling through a tunnel in zero gravity at light speed then once again I penetrated a 'bubble/membrane' and was in what I refer to as 'The Dome' or 'The Control Panel' only this time instead of a percieved 'octopoid' redirecting my awareness to various structures there was this huge gelatinous-hexagonal-rubix-cube type machine that would reform itself into structures according to these progressive harmonic tones that permeated my reality causing various emotions to emerge in addition it was redirecting my attention to various intersections of it's restructured embodiment."
DPH: Several people I know had been into using dph recreationally for a while. Experiences all started out pleasant enough. However, they all abruptly stopped at one point or another, after reaching “a land where humans don’t belong”. This place is inhabited by “Shadow People”. Despite all of their warnings, I felt I had to see this phenomenon to believe it....I begin to notice movements in my peripheral vision. It appeared as if several bugs were flying about the room, except for that they disappeared when I turned my head. By the time the movie is halfway over (it is about an hour and a half long) the movements are more pronounced. I am seeing what appear to be clear, straight lines – straw-like things, if you will, floating across my vision. I remember this from previous trips. ...
I begin to experience audio hallucinations. The first was a beeping sound. I thought it came from the microwave, but it could not have because that was unplugged. A moment later, I hear a loud dog bark come from the direction of my kitchen. The straw things continue to multiply. ...
The straw-things have merged together to form giant clear amoeba blobs. “Oh good,” I think. “It’s the amoebas.” I’m not sure why I was happy to see them. I hear voices. The voices don’t scare me. I am able to tell that they are not real, usually, after listening to them for a few minutes...
Everything seems basically normal, save for the amoebas. They followed me in here I guess. And then... a movement. No. A man. No. Shadows? One is very tall and thin, wearing something that resembled a KKK hood. He moves fluidly and smoothly, raising his legs high with each step. He approaches my sister’s bed and stands there to study her. The other is child-sized and scurries up the wall like Spider-man when it notices me looking at it. It tilts its’ head back to look at me and I see it has dull yellow eyes and a Cheshire Cat grin like a black hole. The man has no eyes that I can see. I am not really frightened. I am mildly curious but mainly exhausted. But every time I close my eyes, I feel a pinch in the crook of my arm – just like the pinch when they insert an IV needle into that vein. I am annoyed with the creatures now. They won’t let me sleep. Somehow I just /know/ it is them that is pinching me. How they did this from across the room, I don’t know. Why are they here again? Oh, that’s right. I vaguely remember taking some kind of drug. DPH. “Why did I take it?” I wonder. “This is no fun. I’m sweating and I feel sick every time I roll over and I am tired.” ...
I feel compelled suddenly to get up and flush the rest of the pills down the toilet. I do so and then return. The Shadow People are now gone and I can have some much-needed rest... Note: After researching the subject, it has become apparent that Shadow People are not something new. Sightings have been reported for hundreds of years, among all types of people – sober as well as drug-induced. Children seem to be especially sensitive to them. Many people report feelings of dread along with their presence, they are said to feed off of this negative energy. Mine, however, did not seem menacing at all. Perhaps I did not venture far enough into their realm. Perhaps I just met some friendly ones. Looking back, I believe I could have communicated with them by thinking. I also think I could have put my hands right through them. There are several different theories for what these beings truly are. I have my own theories, but I’ll leave it up to you to fantasize about your own. Is it possible that they are figments of the imagination? Possibly. Usually I myself am a skeptic of these matters. However, thousands of people sharing the same ‘hallucination’? Sober people, children? Not likely."
Jim Morrison: "Events take place beyond our knowledge or control. Our lives are lived for us. We can only try to enslave others. But gradually, special perceptions are being developed. The idea of the 'Lords' is beginning to form in some. We should enlist them into bands of perceivers to tour the labyrinth during their mysterious nocturnal appearances. The Lords have secret entrances, and they know disguises. But they give themselves away in minor ways. Too much glint of light in the eye. A wrong gesture. Too long and curious a glance. The Lords appease us with images. They give us books, concerts, galleries, shows, cinemas. Especially the cinemas. Through art they confuse us and blind us to our enslavement. Art adorns our prison walls, keeps us silent and diverted and indifferent. "Dull lions prone on a watery beach. The universe kneels at the swamp to curiously eye its own raw postures of decay in the mirror of human consciousness. Absent and peopled mirror, absorbent, passive to whatever visits and retains its interest. Door to passage to the other side, the soul frees itself in stride. Turn mirrors to the wall in the house of the new dead."
"These mutants, blood-meal for the plant that's plowed. They are waiting to take us into the severed garden. Do you know how pale & wanton thrillful comes death in a strange hour, unannounced, unplanned for like a scaring over-friendly guest you've brought to bed? Death makes angels of us all & gives us wings where we had shoulders smooth as raven's claws. No more money, no more fancy dress. This other Kingdom seems by far the best until its other jaw reveals incest & loose obedience to a vegetable law. I will not go. Prefer a feast of friends to the Giant family."
"Death is a good disguise for late at night, Wrapping all games in its calm garden... To call up the godhead, spirits, demons, the shaman calls: 'when radio dark night...' We are eating each other. The Voice of the Serpent, dry hiss of age & steam, & leaves of gold, old books in ruined Temples, the pages break like ash."
"Speak in secret alphabets. I light another cigarette. Learn to forget. Learn to forget. Learn to forget. Learn to forget. Let me sleep all night in your soul kitchen."
"Thank you, O Lord, for the white blind light. Thank you, O Lord, for the white blind light. A city rises from the sea. I had a splitting headache from which the future is made."
"A vast radiant beach in a cool jeweled moon. Couples naked race down by its quiet side. And we laugh like soft, mad children, snug in the wooly cotton brains of infancy. The music and voices are all around us. 'Choose', they croon, 'the Ancient Ones'. The time has come again. 'Choose now', they croon. Beneath the moon. Beside an ancient lake. Enter again the sweet forest. Enter the hot dream. Come with us. Everything is broken up and dances."
"There's danger on the edge of town. Ride the King's highway, baby. Weird scenes inside the gold mine. Ride the highway west, baby. Ride the snake, ride the snake to the lake, the ancient lake, baby. The snake is long, seven miles. Ride the snake...he's old, and his skin is cold. The west is the best. The west is the best. Get here, and we'll do the rest. The blue bus is callin' us. The blue bus is callin' us. Driver, where you takin' us?"
"Let's swim to the moon. Let's climb through the tide. Surrender to the waking world that laps against our side. Nothing left open and no time to decide. We'll stop into a river on our moonlight drive... Come on baby, gonna take a little ride."
"Not to touch the earth, Not to see the sun, Nothing left to do, but run, run, run. Let's run. Let's run. House upon the hill, Moon is lying still... Some outlaws lived by the side of a lake. The minister's daughter's in love with the snake who lives in a well by the side of the road. Wake up, girl, we're almost home. Ya, c'mon! We should see the gates by mornin'. We should be inside by evenin'. Sun, sun, sun. Burn, burn, burn. Soon, soon, soon. Moon, moon, moon. I will get you. Soon! Soon! Soon! Let the carnival bells ring. Let the serpent sing... I am the Lizard King. I can do anything."
"At first flash of Eden, We race down to the sea. Standing there on freedom's shore. Waiting for the sun. Waiting for the sun. Waiting for the sun. Can you feel it, now that spring has come? That it's time to live in the scattered sun."
"Yeah, along came Mr. Goodtrip's looking for a new ship. Come on, people better climb on board. Come on, baby, now we're going home. Ship of fools, ship of fools. The human race was dyin' out. No one left to scream and shout. People walking on the moon. Smog will get you pretty soon. Ship of fools, ship of fools."
"I'm a Changeling. See me change. I'm a Changelin'. See me change... You gotta see me change. See me change. Yeah, I'm leavin' town on a midnight train. Gotta see me change."
"We're like actors, turned loose in this world to wander in search of a phantom, endlessly searching for a half-formed shadow of our lost reality. When others demand that we become the people they want us to be, they force us to destroy the person we really are. It's a subtle kind of murder. The most loving parents and relatives commit this murder with smiles on their faces." -- JM
The tunnel of the nde is a wormhole / quantum tunneling

From http://www.vomitfist.com/deadlysound/: "It seems that the most deadly range is around 7 Hertz, and when this is turned on even at a low volume, anyone within range is affected. They feel anxious, ill, depressed, and finally exclaim with one voice, 'I feel TERRIBLE!'"

NDEs & Consciousness

NDEs reveal that a soul sheds its physical body and lower animal everyday normal waking consciousness or ego and experiences the afterlife with the true expanded consciousness or awareness of its soul which is described as pure consciousness. Souls experience this state of superconsciousness whether they go to the light or not. I have talked to NDErs who felt the love and they never even went through the tunnel or entered the light. It is the natural state of our Soul and being free from the physical body which is yoked to an animal brain and Counterfeit Spirit. I'd like to read some examples of what NDERs had to say about Consciousness as a result of their NDE.

Mathilde M: "Consciousness remained, totally alert, linked to this luminous flow to such an extent that it dissolved in it. I was this refined, sublime consciousness. It bathed into cosmic energy, and simultaneously was wide open, limitless, as if it had contained the universe space. It perceived, felt, had all properties of a living being, but acted in a dimension located out of matter and out of time.

Roger F: At what time during the experience were you at your highest level of consciousness and alertness? Sense of expanded consciousness was immediate. "Full expansion and understanding followed within an eternal instant." How did your highest level of consciousness and alertness during the experience compare to your normal every day consciousness and alertness? "More consciousness and alertness than normal"
Bruce C: If your highest level of consciousness and alertness during the experience was different from your normal every day consciousness and alertness, please explain: "It was a totally different type of consciousness, it was without any constraints."
Zachary G: "I was aware only of the pure consciousness of beings melding with each other, directly communicating, I suppose, by a sort of intuition."
Jeff C: " I know my identity is an eternal existence now. I would no longer call it consciousness, it is a self identity separate from consciousness...more like a super consciousness."
Rebecca D: "I was in a dark void, I was not scarred, it was like I was a pair of eyes and ears with pure consciousness, it was so real."
Tamara J: "More consciousness and alertness than normal I was free of the fears, ideas and limitations of this earth. I had total peace and could give all my attention to what was happening."
Tony M: "I was simply a form of consciousness with my ego intact. I did not have to breathe, nor did I have any difficulty thinking, as though I was experiencing some sort of "super consciousness".
Mira S: "I realized that the real goal of the mind created ‘life game’ in life, was to remove the veil of delusion and ignorance and reach the Ultimate Truth of one's reality in life itself."
Nancy R: "As I was struck, I realized that my consciousness was in two places simultaneously. One part, very scared and animal-like, was firmly inside of my broken body that was stuck on the vehicle's axle and being dragged under the truck. The other part, a very calm, dispassionate observer, hovered out in front of the truck and off to the south, watching the whole scene unfold from a distance. This dual consciousness seemed quite normal to the observer part of me. The observer was calm about the whole thing, and I remember the feeling that this was all happening for a reason, that there was nothing to fear. The observer-me watched as witnesses stopped, called for help, and as the paramedics arrived. When the paramedics started working on me, my two selves came back together."
Julio M: I believe it is closer to the concept of a Matrix or an ultra-supercomputer, than to Christ or Buddha... Experience was definitely real Always, from the first moment, I experienced it as "real." I had complete consciousness.
Scott W: I saw that we have created false truths and realities because we loathe what we think is the truth. We have nearly, if not completely, ruined our lives, s, minds, and souls to keep feeding the illusions. We keep this false love and realty alive, just to do it.
Nancy H: Although my body looked unconscious, my mind/spirit was hyper-aware.
Phoebe STE (spiritually transformative experience): The ego is a false self that can only dominate if it is unconscious—if there is a lack of awareness. It is not who we fundamentally are. It has no foundation in reality. Although some stages of healthy human development are ego-centered, the ego is ultimately an illusion of the mind... I was not seeing with my eyes, but with the core of my being. I saw our universe, all physical space, all other universes, and everything that changes as one tiny dark finite speck surrounded by an infinite sea of life and light. I saw even more clearly life’s nature of pure love, bliss, creativity, and wisdom. This sea of pure life is formless and spacious, and yet it is fully conscious and intelligent. It is the only true experiencer, the only true “I.” The Source is present everywhere and in every moment whether we are aware of it or not. As this great being showed Him/Herself to me, I could see that the pure divine life that is Him/Her is the same life that is the essence of every being through all space and time... An image of a meditating Buddha came to me, and I knew that I was the spacious consciousness--the luminous light of presence--permeating the cosmos and coming through the Buddha... Though, we can create whatever illusions we want in our minds for as long as we wish and act on them too.
Jenneane E: Our unconscious mind holds information that our conscious mind interferes with. Having a near death experience allows the unconscious mind to be accessed and once the conscious mind is not blocking our unconscious mind, we are able to see the truth more clearly. It is like having the third eye awakened or a spiritual awakening.
Brian T: I knew it had not been any sort of dream. In fact it was far more real than normal waking consciousness.

Luminous Mind

Buddhists refer to the Superconsciousness as the Luminous Mind. The Buddha states: "Luminous, monks, is the mind. And it is defiled by incoming defilements." The discourses indicate that the mind's natural radiance can be made manifest by meditation. Ajahn Mun, the leading figure behind the modern Thai Forest Tradition, comments on this verse: The mind is something more radiant than anything else can be, but because counterfeits – passing defilements – come and obscure it, it loses its radiance, like the sun when obscured by clouds. Don’t go thinking that the sun goes after the clouds. Instead, the clouds come drifting along and obscure the sun. So meditators, when they know in this manner, should do away with these counterfeits by analyzing them shrewdly... When they develop the mind to the stage of the primal mind, this will mean that all counterfeits are destroyed, or rather, counterfeit things won’t be able to reach into the primal mind, because the bridge making the connection will have been destroyed. Even though the mind may then still have to come into contact with the preoccupations of the world, its contact will be like that of a bead of water rolling over a lotus leaf."
"even the slightest development of loving-kindness is of great benefit. This implies that loving-kindness - and the related state of compassion - is inherent within the luminous mind as a basis for its further development.[28] The observation that the ground state of consciousness is of the nature of loving-kindness implies that empathy is innate to consciousness and exists prior to the emergence of all active mental processes." Some quotes from the Buddha: "No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path. "
"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without. "
This self-knowing cannot possibly form thoughts. Without conceptualizing ‘a mind,’ since it is not something to be conceived, this original wakefulness, cognizant yet thought-free, is like the wisdom of the Tathagata. Therefore, it is taught, “Realize that luminous mind is the mind of original wakefulness, and don’t seek an enlightenment separate from that.” — Naropa
Victor C (other,non-NDE): "This experience has shown me something that I would like to attempt to describe in words. What I believe is that while we are in this body, we are equipped with the consciousness that comes with it. The difference between how I view what this consciousness is, in relation to my view of what awareness is it is two different things. Awareness for me is what is behind the consciousness that comes with the functioning of mind and body. The awareness behind it however is of a much broader, infinite nature. The thoughts that we all have in our consciousness appear to be a constant stream that is continuous and linear in nature. However, upon intense concentration on what is an iota of time between our thoughts, I believe that what I have experienced was a gateway leading out of consciousness and into the hidden spectrum of pure awareness that lies beyond. While in this state, I have no memory of breathing, or any other bodily functions that would be obvious in a normal state of consciousness..."

"The best way that I can describe it is that this state was beyond the need for thoughts or senses. Thoughts and senses are things that in my view pertain to consciousness. Where I was, it was a state of pure awareness-beyond consciousness and therefore the need of thoughts or senses... As stated earlier, what I experienced was the passing through of the space between my thoughts, which led me from the state of consciousness that comes with being in my body to the state of infinite awareness that lies behind consciousness, a state in which the body, consciousness, and all other attachments are surrendered and seemingly left behind. When you ask if there is life "after" this life, the answer is no because there is no "before or after" there is just now. Now either exists in awareness with consciousness covering it up (consciousness imprinted on awareness), or awareness in its purest state beyond consciousness. "
You could say thought involves the past and the present, which are both projections. But there is reflection upon what you are seeing or memories serve no purpose. I think they are meaning the thought like I need to pay this bill, I got to go to the bathroom. The Power of Now.

Triune Brain

The triune brain theory of the evolution of the brain shows that the inner portion of the human brain is composed of the reptilian complex and mammalian brain whereas there is a human primate layer surrounding it which results in the constant struggle with our lower animal nature According to Wikipedia, "The triune brain is a model of the evolution of the vertebrate forebrain and behavior, proposed by the American physician and neuroscientist Paul D. MacLean. MacLean originally formulated his model in the 1960s and propounded it at length in his 1990 book The Triune Brain in Evolution. The triune brain consists of the reptilian complex, the paleomammalian complex (limbic system), and the neomammalian complex (neocortex), viewed as structures sequentially added to the forebrain in the course of evolution. "

Our Counterfeit Spirit or reptilian-mammalian brain is our animal brain its consciousness related to our ego and selfsh nature. It is driven by survival and satisfying its lower nature needs such as fighting, fleeing, feeding and havng sex. To understand the Counterfeit Spirit or Sub-conscious all you have to do is look to Mammals and find out what is shared and you will find the workings of the CS. It is not really that hard. example: Anxiety+Chimps confirmed to experience anxiety, hence anxiety is from the CS. etc etc. You will find nearly every basic emotion is shared by all mammals, so that is the essence of the CS/Sub-conscious. Our true Consciousness or superconscious is a luminous mind and exists outside of our animal brain and is the source for insipration and insight.

The goal for us is to have our Consciousness tune the brain into the higher gamma wave states of the electromagnetic spectrum.


Plato was clearly a huge influence on the Gnostics. There was a section of Plato found in Nag Hammadi. "Plato's Socrates held that the world of Forms is transcendent to our own world (the world of substances) and also is the essential basis of reality. Super-ordinate to matter, Forms are the most pure of all things. Furthermore, he believed that true knowledge/intelligence is the ability to grasp the world of Forms with one's mind. A Form is aspatial (transcendent to space) and atemporal (transcendent to time). Atemporal means that it does not exist within any time period, rather it provides the formal basis for time. It therefore formally grounds beginning, persisting and ending. It is neither eternal in the sense of existing forever, nor mortal, of limited duration. It exists transcendent to time altogether. Forms are aspatial in that they have no spatial dimensions, and thus no orientation in space, nor do they even (like the point) have a location. They are non-physical, but they are not in the mind. Forms are extra-mental (i.e. real in the strictest sense of the word). A Form is an objective "blueprint" of perfection. The Forms are perfect themselves because they are unchanging. For example, say we have a triangle drawn on a blackboard. A triangle is a polygon with 3 sides. The triangle as it is on the blackboard is far from perfect. However, it is only the intelligibility of the Form "triangle" that allows us to know the drawing on the chalkboard is a triangle, and the Form "triangle" is perfect and unchanging. It is exactly the same whenever anyone chooses to consider it; however, the time is that of the observer and not of the triangle."

"According to Plato, Socrates postulated a world of ideal Forms, which he admitted were impossible to know. Nevertheless, he formulated a very specific description of that world, which did not match his metaphysical principles. Corresponding to the world of Forms is our world, that of the shadows, an imitation of the real one. Just as shadows exist only because of the light of a fire, our world exists as, "the offspring of the good". Our world is modeled after the patterns of the Forms. The function of humans in our world is therefore to imitate the ideal world as much as possible which, importantly, includes imitating the good, i.e. acting morally."

"In his Allegory, humanity lives deep inside the cave, and interprets life by watching shadows reflected on the wall by fire. Here objects that are seen are not real, according to Plato, but literally mimic the real Forms. It is a comprehensive and systematic effort by Plato to explain how limited our perceptions really are." "The objects that are seen, according to Plato, are not real, but literally mimic the real Forms. In the Allegory of the Cave expressed in Republic, the things that are ordinarily perceived in the world are characterized as shadows of the real things, which are not perceived directly. That which the observer understands when he views the world mimics the archetypes of the many types and properties (that is, of universals) of things observed."

Imagination in a visual sense is the best way to equate consciousness. I think that imaging is the core of our consciousness. Imaging is Imagining. This is how visions works: consciousness uses the brain to get images; and consciousness uses morphic fields to interact telepathically with what it's looking at. Our consciousness converts the nerve impulses into an image. It is steady data being converted to see everything around you. So light reflects off of an object that reflects due to its electrical and matter make up. Our eyes take the data just as a digital camera in bits and converts that into electric nerve data that is then interpreted by your consciousness instantly into a 3-d image that is not really as it seems but is the best guess of what you are seeing. Author Charles Koh on his website states, "So how can we take something we imagine and turn it into reality? Simply by the fact that manifested reality is constructed from Consciousness. Without Consciousness, there is no force and intelligence to hold something together. Mind is the blueprint of reality. Matter is the building materials that is organized together by that blueprint. Since matter is energy held together by consciousness, then Reality is Imagination condensed to a denser vibration. In other words, reality is an effect of what was imagined."

Near Death Exeriencers and Out-of-Body Experiencers back that up by saying they go or travel wherever their consciousness focuses.

Those who reach the higher gamma states of consciousness through meditation tehcniques combined with silence and compassion -- such as the Tibetan buddhist monks -- talk of the luminous mind. It is how to access a pure state of consciousness. I don't think meditation is necessary to reach those states. It can be acheived when one is immersed in deep thought and puts the body's functions in freeze mode so to speak. It is when you get that Aha moment. It results in the mind's eye or superconsciouness receiving a picture or more precisely imagining or imaging a picture. The clarity of the picture depends on high tuned in or how high a state of vibration one has reached. Nikola Tesla used to see the design of his inventions in his mind in finished form and would get the invention right the first time without much trial and error. My colleague, Chris, is able to image or imagine. He can superimpose an image -- say, a shape like a triangle or a can of Mountain Dew -- over the top of the reality input to his eyes. One can just as easily picture a purple polka-dotted bear which is obviously not an image one has seen before.

Shadow Beings

There are thousands of people relating their experiences with shadow beings or shadow people, even shadow spiders. Some of the shadow beings wear different kinds of hats like top hats. They are often seen leaning over a bed, whispering to a sleeping person. You have to remember sleep paralysis is only half of the sightings. There are just as many of people who are awake.
"last night a dark figure lay next to me and whispered in my ear: "my army as l lay"
"And I'd see a tall dark figure by my bed and I'd hear many things whispering things I couldn't understand in my ears. "
"I had my first experience with a shadow person on Halloween night of this year. I was walking home from work and it was around 12:30-1 and I felt at many times that I was being followed then out of nowhere I heard whispering in my ears even though I had ear buds in. Out of the corner of my eye I seen the shadow of a person laying on the ground. I turned to get a better look and it stayed there until I shinned the flashlight on my phone towards it but it disappeared right before the light got to it. I stood there for a minute to gather my thoughts and continued on home but every once in and while the whispering in my ears started up again. When I tried to focus on making out the whispers it would fade out and the whispers would become stronger/more occuring if I tried to ignore them. Once I got home it stopped. The one person I trusted made me think that I was crazy saying that it was Halloween night and it was in my mind… I know what I heard and saw, it was not in my head.
"I have had SP and many out of body experiences.. over the last few years the SP occurances have escalated to more evil and dark experiences.. this morning was the lastest one I had... It felt like someone was holding my head down trying to put its mouth on mine... I reach out to see who it is and it whispers.. it doesn't matter who I am. omg sheer terror. I have heard the growls and felt the cold hands touch me.. its not fun!"
"the dark spirit whispered something in my ear as it held me up. ( i knew my body was physically arched up as if i was awake and sitting.) It then let me down, and i felt one last pull until my cat ( who in the mean time is freaking out in the background), then walked on my chest and laid on me. I felt the weight of my cat was not letting myself get pulled, and i woke up. But it was like i was never asleep. I never saw the spirit, but i felt it there. This lasted for about 2 hours."
"I had just began to nod off, when I was suddenly struck with sleep paralysis. I could feel, and see a dark presence in the corner of my room watching me (which I could only describe as the devil), and a weight of some demonic force pressing down on my chest. As if I knew exactly what was happening, this demon was trying to enter my body, maybe to possess me through my chest. I tried to speak, but my lips were sealed shut. I began to panic, and I did the only thing I felt was instinctively right - I was able to force out three words from the corner of my mouth, 'Jesus, help me' and instantly, the pressure stopped, the force in the corner of my room disappeared, and a voice whispered in my right ear, "we haven't much time", and everything was over. In a panic-stricken frenzy, I grabbed a notepad and wrote down my experience. "
"As I was lying there trying to make myself go to sleep, I heard two cats fighting; I was feeling uneasy but thought nothing of it. Then out of nowhere all sound stopped and the room got really cold. I found myself frozen and unable to move, and heard someone whisper as clear as the water right in my left ear:" Come with me..." all I could do was move closer to my sleeping husband until sleep finally took me. The next morning I talked to him about it, thinking he might laugh at me, but instead he told me he heard someone whisper in his ear as well but couldn't make out what they said. Later that day we talked to my uncle about it and he told us that they've had a few experiences themselves, he told us that sometimes doors slam shut when no windows or doors are open and their kid had told them that he could see about five boys of different ages and they keep molesting him. My grandmother had spent a few nights there too and told us that a woman was keeping her up because she wouldn't stop talking to her; she got so scared that she keeps rejecting the invitation to stay with them again. "
"Me, watching scary movies all the time, I left the basement alone and took off back upstairs and shut my door. I turn down the music and call my mom. Straight to voicemail, so I sit down on my bed. I hear another crash. I wasn't going back downstairs for sure I thought. I ignored the sound of something breaking and proceeded. The fear overwhelmed me. I knew I wasn't exaggerating but something felt like it touch me right there on the shoulder. The touch felt like it took over me, had great power. Then something says to me, "Don't be afraid Laya poo-poo." Which was crazy because the only person who called me that was my late uncle. I was first feared of the whisper but now-a-days I look back and smile."
"The rest of my experiences felt very dark. I wouldn't see any figures though. They would always come from behind. Here are some of them: One night, i woke up and heard something speak in my ear, behind me. I was lying on my right hand side it was clear and in a male voice. It was almost a whisper. I can't remember what it said, but it didn't say anything sick, it seemed to be linked to the thoughts I had in my head at the time. Was something like "But that never happened". I felt completely constrained as if I had been tied up and felt it shaking me side to side. And could hear a loud, high pitched, creepy laugh. It would laugh and shake me for a few minutes and stop. As soon as i opened my eyes again and try to move my leg, the laughing and shaking would start again. After that experience I felt hopeless and gave up. I felt there was no point even trying to fight against it anymore, because it didn't work. I would say in my head "Please stop this! Why God is this happening to me?!" and I could feel my tear running down my cheek. Here is another night that really messed with my head. I was lying in bed on my right hand side again, along the right edge of the bed. I felt like I was still awake, with my eyes shut. Then I felt a bounce and heard squeaking noises coming from the bottom left corner of my bed as if someone was on it. The fear just hit me as I realized I was going to have yet another horrible night. I opened my eyes and slightly moved my foot to try and dash out. But then I heard a terrifying growl. "
"There was one that it looked like a shadow spider that crawled into my pillow and started whispering things I couldn't understand but the voice sounded demonic. Every time I'm having this episode my body feels a tingling sensation and I used to compare it more as electricity running through my body. "
"I've not seen any shadow, dark person, etc.. but experience the paralysis, the tingling from head to toe as I descend into this night terror, thinking I've woken up interact with all my surrounding only to realize I'm still in bed, I feel a presence that puts a fear right through my soul, I've been restrained, pulled, and at one point felt a presence move up against me and a voice at it's lowest whisper "I'll kill you if it's the last thing I do". Recently I've come to wonder if I'm being haunted due to the worst imagined, this...what ever it is..."
"I was at the point of falling asleep when I heard the most evil voice whisper in my left ear, something in another language which I did not understand. I opened my eyes and above me was this dark shadow looking figure. It was blacker than black and once it saw me see it, it started to 'attack' me. It came at me over and over, each time it 'hit' me I would hear this loud resounding clash sound - like someone hitting cymbals together."

The Shadow Archetype

The great Swiss psychologist Carl Jung wrote a great deal about archetypesof which he identified twelve. On the collective unconscious he theorized: " In addition to our immediate consciousness, which is of a thoroughly personal nature and which we believe to be the only empirical psyche (even if we tack on the personal unconscious as an appendix), there exists a second psychic system of a collective, universal, and impersonal nature which is identical in all individuals. This collective unconscious does not develop individually but is inherited. It consists of pre-existent forms, the archetypes, which can only become conscious secondarily and which give definite form to certain psychic contents. "
"The trickster is a primitive "cosmic" being of divine-animal nature, on the one hand superior to man because of his superhuman qualities, and on the other hand inferior to him because of his unreason and unconsciousness."
"What actually happens is that the conscious mind is then able to free itself from the fascination of evil and is no longer obliged to live it compulsively. The darkness and the evil have not gone up in smoke, they have merely withdrawn into the unconscious owing to loss of energy, where they remain unconscious so long as all is well with the conscious. But if the conscious should find itself in a critical or doubtful situation, then it soon becomes apparent that the shadow has not dissolved into nothing but is only waiting for a favourable opportunity to reappear as a projection upon one's neighbour. If this trick is successful, there is immediately created between them that world of primordial darkness where everything that is characteristic of the trickster can happen-even on the highest plane of civilization."
Some other quotes: " "The creator of the world did not fashion these things directly from himself but copied them from archetypes outside himself." 4 In the Corpus Hermeticum,5 God is called T6 apXfTV7rov cpw, (archetypal light)."
"With her cunning play of illusions the soul lures into life the inertness of matter that does not want to live. She makes us believe incredible things, that life may be lived. She is full of snares and traps, in order that man should fall, should reach the earth, entangle himself there, and stay caught, so that life should be lived..."
"But to have soul is the whole venture of life, for soul is a life-giving daemon who plays his elfin game above and below human existence, for which reason-in the realm of dogma"":'he is threatened and propitiated with superhuman punishments and blessings that go far beyond the possible deserts of human beings. "
"Modern man, in experiencing this archetype, comes to know that most ancient form of thinking as an autonomous activity whose object he is. Hermes Trismegistus or the Thoth of Hermetic literature, Orpheus, the Poimandres (shepherd of men) and his near relation the Poimen of Hermes,40 are other formulations of the same experience. If the name "Lucifer" were not prejudicial, it would be a very suitable one for this archetype. But I have been content to call it the archetype of the wise old man) or of meaning. Like all archetypes it has a positive and a negative aspect,"
Shadow (psychology) In Jungian psychology, "shadow" or "shadow aspect" may refer to (1) an unconscious aspect of the personality which the conscious ego does not identify in itself. ... "Everyone carries a shadow," Jung wrote, "and the less it is embodied in the individual's conscious life, the blacker and denser it is." "It may be (in part) one's link to more primitive animal instincts,[3] which are superseded during early childhood by the conscious mind." According to Wikipedia, "Carl Jung stated the shadow to be the unknown dark side of the personality.[4][5] According to Jung, the shadow, in being instinctive and irrational, is prone to psychological projection, in which a perceived personal inferiority is recognised as a perceived moral deficiency in someone else. Jung writes that if these projections remain hidden, "The projection-making factor (the Shadow archetype) then has a free hand and can realize its object--if it has one--or bring about some other situation characteristic of its power."[6] These projections insulate and harm individuals by acting as a constantly thickening veil of illusion between the ego and the real world." Jung described this deeper layer as "a psychic activity which goes on independently of the conscious mind and is not dependent even on the upper layers of the unconscious—untouched, and perhaps untouchable—by personal experience" (Campbell, 1971). This bottom layer of the shadow is also what Jung referred to as the collective unconscious. Jung wrote, "'it must be Jekyll, the conscious personality, who integrates the shadow ... and not vice versa. Otherwise the conscious becomes the slave of the autonomous shadow'."

The shadow is different than Shadow People but they are related...because if the shadow is your dark side that could include fear, doubt, hate, anger, envy, greed, etc which is part of what the Shadow Beings feed off of.

'We begin to travel [up] through the healing spirals...straight up'.[29] Here the struggle is to retain awareness of the shadow, but not identification with it. 'Non-identification demands considerable moral effort...prevents a descent into that darkness'; but though 'the conscious mind is liable to be submerged at any moment in the unconscious... understanding acts like a life-saver. It integrates the unconscious'[30]—reincorporates the shadow into the personality, producing a stronger, wider consciousness than before. 'Assimilation of the shadow gives a man body, so to speak',[31] and provides thereby a launching-pad for further individuation. 'The integration of the shadow, or the realisation of the personal unconscious, marks the first stage of the analytic process...without it a recognition of anima and animus is impossible'.[32] Conversely 'to the degree to which the shadow is recognised and integrated, the problem of the anima, i.e., of relationship, is constellated',[33] and becomes the centre of the individuation quest.

Jung wrote, "One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious." He also concluded, "If, at the end of the trickster myth, the saviour is hinted at, this comforting premonition or hope means that some calamity or other has happened and been consciously understood. Only out of disaster can the longing for the saviour arise—in other words, the recognition and unavoidable integration of the shadow create such a harrowing situation that nobody but a saviour can undo the tangled web of fate. In the case of the individual, the problem constellated by the shadow is answered on the plane of the anima, that is, through relatedness. In the history of the collective as in the history of the individual, everything depends on the development of consciousness. This gradually brings liberation from imprisonment in unconsciousness, and is therefore a bringer of light as well as of healing. As in its collective, mythological form, so also the individual shadow contains within it the seed of an enantiodromia, of a conversion into its opposite."

Sometimes our greatest points of realization are at the points of our greatest struggles. It is as if the energy is oscillating back and forth maybe....with higher peaks and lower valleys... one can tune in to the low troughs which is what most choose to do or one can rise above that lower primitive urge and draw intuition from the peaks.

"There is no birth of consciousness without pain." -- Jung

"These mythological features extend even to the highest regions of man’s spiritual development. If we consider, for example, the daemonic features exhibited by Yahweh in the Old Testament, we shall find in them not a few reminders of the unpredictable behaviour of the trickster, of his senseless orgies of destruction and his self· imposed sufferings, together with the same gradual development into a saviour and his simultaneous humanization. "
"A curious combination of typical trickster motifs can be found in the alchemical figure of Mercurius; for instance, his fondness for sly jokes and malicious pranks, his powers as a shape-shifter, his dual nature, half animal, half divine, his exposure to all kinds of tortures, and—last but not least—his approximation to the figure of a saviour. These qualities make Mercurius seem like a daemonic being resurrected from primitive times, older even than the Greek Hermes."

You could say the Sophia mythos is pretty similar also. She went through suffering until she realized her wrongs and repented. I do think we need to acknowledge the shadow beings and accept they are a part of reality. We should also take ownership that we, as the collective Sophia, contributed to their reality. I don't think we necessarily need to integrate/assimilate the shadow but rather to be able to understand it and forgive it. It seems that as you become aware of your own impulses and signals, you put intent on them observing them which figuratively is shining light on what was dark, assimilating the shadow. Assimilating your shadow is supposed to be a metaphor for enlightening your consciousness, ridding it of shadow which is different than shadow people. I think transmuting the shadow into light as the Emerald Tablets is a better way of putting it. Assimilating would mean making the shadow part of you or you part of it.

Vampire & Zombie Archetypes

A couple other archetypes I have noticed are the vampire archetype and the zombie archetype. Psychic vampires are very real. (They are attention seekers in a lot of cases and I think social media is pushing this behavior.) There could be bodies that drain energy and then entities that cause it. I have used the analogy of vampires (who drink blood, which sustains our life force) before but it bears repeating because the interest in vampire shows has resurged lately...just look at the success of the Twilight series. And it is exactly what the astral parasites do -- they suck or drain our energy from us. I also think the resurgence of zombies in another example... all the talk of the zombie apocalypse, etc. Zombies are known to eat brains which is also what they attack -- our consciousness and thoughts. Being the undead, they are also technically not alive but can be animated or brought to life by consuming our brains. There is even a parallel in that most the sheep are brain dead themselves and walk around asleep or dead.

Pre-Birth Memories & Reincarnation

Most of these were taken from prebirthmemories.com
"At the end of all this I begged the powers to let me stay in the heavenly land. I told them I had been well behaved all those years and hadn't done anything wrong. They acknowledged this but stated that the people who stayed there permanently had had exemplary lives for their previous life but that I hadn't really! I knew then that they wanted me to have another life on earth. At this point I remembered that I had had many previous lives and felt dismayed I would have to have another one and be separated from my heavenly friends. Again I begged them and the voice asked whether or not I too wanted to have an exemplary last life. At this point I replied that I didn't particularly!!!! There was a moment of silence where I reflected a little and saw that another life was the most noble choice and that really there wasn't much choice anyway!"
"My next realisation however was that I would lose my memory. I clearly remembering saying out aloud ' you're going to swipe my memory aren't you? At this point there was a moment of silence which I took as a yes before I remember my memory slipping away as a dream memory does upon waking. I resisted as fiercely as I could however with all my power feeling a bit of a rebel. The next thing I knew was that I was in my mothers womb and was really happy as I still had some fairly good recollection of the spirit world and the judgement and that I hadn't lost all my memory against the odds. I remember thinking that the womb state was 'in - between' in comfort between heavenly land and earth. I was extremely cosy and remember sleeping most of the time. I remember the colours - dark to orange and feeling - warm , cosy relaxed and in foetal position."
"The place is really white on the floor and ceiling and it's about the size of a large living room. The "whiteness" on the floor and ceiling fades into pitch darkness. There are things that look like machines there and I remember one you lay in. I can remember thinking about the fact that I am afraid of what's in the darkness, but it's only because I have part of my personality for the next life already. I remember thinking that otherwise I wouldn't be afraid and I would understand what's in the darkness. The man that's with me is helping me and guiding me to get ready for the next life." -- Upfer
"My own pre-birth memory is this: I was gently awoken in a place with no time, no light, no darkness. I just suddenly was. I remember not really wanting to awaken (very similar to the feeling of waking in a warm bed and contemplating stepping onto a cold floor). I was somehow aware that I had been resting and in fact that I had needed this period of recuperation. At the time of awaking, I was presented with some sort of choice. I have always taken this question to be something like "it is time that you lived again, do you want to do this? (When I say "choice" it sounds as if I could have declined, when in fact, it was more of a case of being gently nudged towards something that was pre-determined.) It seemed that I immediately started the process of preparing to be alive. This seemed to require that I willingly enter into a state which would necessarily diminish my state of knowing. I was guided through what I would now call an orientation process that prepared me for my coming experience of life. During this process I was provided an overview of the age of man that I was entering into. I was told many subtle things. One idea which has always seemed to stand out is the fact that I would be meeting with old friends. I was here to do some things but also to witness something. I am not wishing to sound dramatic, but it seemed be that I was to witness the end of a period of man. That is not to say that mankind would end but that there is an ending to something. I was also given previews of various upcoming times, and various patterns that would occur in my life. I was shown the part of the world where I would be. At some point it all started to move faster and become involuntary (like being swept into a current) and chaotic. I was born in an intense explosion of senses. Slowly the chaos subsided and I recall many periods, episodes and waves of joining the world. For instance, I remember the process of learning to operate my body and understand language. Bruce M"
Amy: “I am fortunate enough to have strong memories of my time before birth. I used to think everyone had such memories, but most do not. I was standing before the Council. It was a long table, and a Council of about 10 higher spirits were seated on one side in purple robes. “The Council is a group of very high spirits who help you plan your life’s challenges before you are incarnated. They are responsible to approve or deny what you think you want to accomplish in your next incarnation. “I wanted to take a giant step to get to the next level spiritually, so I asked to take on a lot of tough challenges. “They cautioned me strongly that I was taking on too much and almost did not approve what I had set out to do, but I insisted, and they ultimately approved of my missions.
In both near-death experiences and ketamine experiences, there may be a marked reluctance to return. In his book Addict, Stephen Smith describes being forced to return as being "double-crossed by God." In Christian cultures the person may be told that it is not yet their time to go while in India they may be told that there was a clerical error.
"Before I was born I remember having a panoramic view, in which I was shown my life. Almost immediately after being shown what was a very vivid experience began to fade with the 'actual' events purposefully 'clouded'. I was left with the general gist of what my life mission would be. I was shown the sad times, and remembered some of the more depressing moments. I was asked if I was sure I wanted to go through with it. I remember thinking hard about it. I said 'yes'. I was then asked again if I was sure. I again said 'yes, I was sure'.” “I think I saw everything, as it was to happen before it clouded. Some of the situations seemed to have ‘branches’ or ‘forks’ though. Like as though if I were to pick a certain ‘route’ my life would be different, with convergent places along the way, in which there were no deviations possible.”
So now, I am waiting. It seems like the stars or constellations must line up in a configuration that is the map or book of my journey. It’s not that it causes it, but rather out pictures it. At last everything clicks into place and I am ready. I am sinking/floating down. I may be slowly rotating, on my back, face up, arms spread. It is like lazily falling through clouds. This is the process where the “forgetting” takes place. It feels similar to what happens under anaesthesia, when you want to test or resist, but your mind keeps drifting and then you are asleep. I have scattered memories being in or out of the foetus. It felt confined and actually, boring. When birth came, I had been impatiently ready for hours or more (subjectively speaking). Finally, the process began, only to be halted in the canal. There may have been some entanglement with the umbilical cord, which may explain why I become terrified and suffocated trying to put on a tie. Eventually, the doctor used forceps, however so clumsily, it left rash/scratch marks on my face (a fact my mother later confirmed 35 years later). It also twisted my neck, which bothers me to this day. As I came out, I was blinded by the bright light and annoyed by a loud booming sound, which I know was someone saying “It’s a boy!”
"Arjan recalls there is a script for our earthly lives, which leaves a lot of room for individual freedom, but fixes certain events that simply need to happen. He remembers that a spiritual being ‘wrote’ specific things down for him."
"Like Waking From Anesthesia" A man named Michael Maguire told Hallett his experience can be compared to waking from anesthesia: “I can clearly remember being in the spiritual, and then suddenly finding myself on Earth trapped in a baby’s body. It’s a bit like having an operation. One moment you’re in an operating theater counting back from 10; the next you find yourself in the recovery room. The major difference is that when you have an operation, you’re drowsy before and after the operation. With my experience, I was fully mentally alert before and after the transition to Earth.”
Not before long I was back in my spot far above, I felt a sudden jolt. An overwhelming sense of panic took over as I realized I was falling hard. I screamed, not in words or sound, but with something else that sounded like the word, "NOOOOO!". It was like going down a funnel; the closest feeling you can get to being flushed down the toilet. The walls were suffocating and dark. And got smaller the further down it went. Somewhere and at some point in this freefall, I realized it was doing something else. I was forgetting things. With every ounce of my being I remember fighting that urge, but eventually it overcame, and next thing I remember, I was on my father's back in the mountains, gazing at the snow.
To give this Temporal experience real meaning that reach beyond to a True Reality and goes on forever. I have been told that this is "The Awaken". An awakening from a sleep that hides us from a pre-existence and would seek to entrap us in a world originally intended to be temporary.
My state at this time, I remember as being new, different and wanting to experience the physical. I remember the source communicating with me but I do not remember what was said, the only thing I seem to remember of this, is a sense of warning and instruction. (I think the instruction was for observation and report??? - maybe that is why I study science, no I love the earth that is why I study science??) Whether this is a common experience and all 'others' go through this, but do not remember it, I am not sure.
Michael put up his hand and said that he remembers watching everyone from up in the sky, and being in his mother's belly before he was born. He said that when he was waiting to be born, he was invisible and he was in my GREY car with me on the way to the hospital while I listened to the song "Winter Spring Summer or Fall." (This is what he called the song. He likely doesn't know the real name, and he probably hasn't heard it since ... but it was "You've Got a Friend" by James Taylor. I used to have the cassette tape in that car!!!)ŕ This is bizarre because I did drive a grey car at that time and I haven't had once for the past 7 years (2 years after he was born). I can't imagine he even knows that song from today's radio music. My started to beat like crazy. How the heck would he know that? Even his grandparents wouldn't know that and his mom wouldn't have known that before she died. Even if somehow she did, he was only three months old when she passed. How would she tell him? I certainly never told her what song was on in my car on the way to the hospital so I can't explain this! Michael said that he remembers me stopping for gas and asking the attendant for directions to the hospital (TRUE). He said that he wanted me for his mommy because he liked my voice when I was speaking to the attendant. ( I did stop for gas and I was kind of lost going to a rural hospital, so I asked for directions). Then he said that he remembers that the parking lot was partially closed for construction, so I had to park on a corner and run to the hospital. By this point my jaw was almost on the floor and the whole class was starting at me. I had never even told the class (or Michael) that I was at his birth. The class must have thought this was one crazy story. Then Michael said the most incredible thing - He said that while his "real mom" was in labor, he asked God if I could be his mom because he knew that his "real mom" wouldn't survive very long, and he was afraid of being alone on Earth. Apparently he was told that he couldn't have me for his "real mom" but that everything would be OK and he would still get to be around me during his life. Michael said that he kept begging for me to be his mother. He watched me go down the hallway from the birthing suite to the waiting lounge to make a phone call from a pay phone (true -- there was no cell signal in the hospital), and that while I was there I was very cold so I put on a sweater that someone else left on the waiting room chairs. By this point the hairs on the back of my neck were standing up. I hate to admit this, but I did find a nice warm cardigan in that waiting room and I put it on because I was so cold. I've never done anything like that before, but it was a small hospital and there were literally no other people in the labor ward and I waited to see if anyone would come to claim the sweater, and no one did. I was so cold! I put it on and ended up wearing it home (Shame on me, I know, I still feel guilty about that. I've felt so guilty that I never wore it again, especially because it reminds me of my friend who ended up passing away. Regardless, I have to mention it because I've never told anyone about taking someone else's sweater, and it's a huge part of this story!!!! Michael concluded by saying that he watched me make the phone call and put on the other person's sweater, and that's the last thing he remembers. He was born about thirty minutes after I went to the lounge and made that phone call.
The gatekeeper said 'There is a life available that you would be acceptable (or suited) for. It will be very difficult and there will be much hardship. You do not have to accept it.' It sounded to me like I was being offered a part in a play. Overjoyed and enthusiastic beyond words, I snapped at it. 'Yes, I'll take it. I'll go.' 'You do not understand,' the gatekeeper said. 'This life will be so difficult that if you take it, you may not not be able to return here.' At this point I told him I still wanted to accept the life he had described
Despite my begrudging sense of duty and my knowledge that my time of rest was up, I defied these two beings and told them to stuff it and that I was going back to sleep. They became slightly agitated and told me that they knew, I knew that I had to comply. However I still was hesitant, remembering past lives spent on Earth, anguishing painful lives that I was still recovering from. They mentioned some kind of promise that I had made and that it was no use trying to back out now. I was still not convinced that I was needed as badly as they said I was and began drifting back to sleep, half hoping that these beings would leave me be. What happened instead was the cosmic equivalent of a scuffle as I felt my essence seized by these beings and heaved into a gently rotating blue portal that had opened up near us. I had never been as offended as I was when this happened. I sensed that the two blue beings were my old friends and that we had shared many adventures but this awakening of my spirit felt like betrayal. Like I had finally gotten out of the cage only to be forced back in. The vision continued and I was seemingly back in the dark, warm place of comfort I had just left. I remember thinking that coming back to Earth was just a bad dream and that I was still safely snuggled up in the womb of God (for lack of better terminology). My relief was short lived however because actually I was dozing inside of my physical mother's womb (which is almost a replica experience of the darkness), and soon the sounds from outside and the atmosphere of excitement (on the part of others not me) confirmed my worst fears. That the dream of me being forced to come back to Earth in this time of great strife was real and that I already had a body and would have to live through another physical life. Another wave of resentment came over me as a blast of unimaginable cold, and harsh artificial light hit my face. At this point the shock basically cut all thought and I became, for all intents and purposes, a human baby complete with memory wipe and material needs.

Although not technically a pre-birth eory this is from Patrick, a listener who emailed me:
"i have just begun writing publicly about them...they started messing with me as a child b/c of what i came to accomplish... ive been out of the body a few times consciously, though uncontrolled looking back on it...i didn't do it with a proper purpose so the results were as aimless as the intent - now i truly need to check some data points to complete the larger mission so i'm looking forward to some better attempts and results...

i've been the proverbial "old soul" my whole life...i actually exited this whole thing one night and found myself in a flat room with the whole universe contained within a white orbish thing sitting on a pedestal and a window that reached out into hyperspace..." re: exit - i was doing some meditations and realized the chakra system that the new age tells u to "tune into" is used by the higher self which is in fact the archon/demiurge to feed off of us - the personal anchoring system to be here and come back...i started to pulse the energy outwards one by one...and then when all seven of em were pulsing out, it spontaneously happened...

part of the challenge here is to go into the demiurge/higher self personal rep and merge with it, love it and grow through/out of it and enclose it within your being...i accomplished this...that night and popped out in that room...i busted out a giant buddha laugh....I came to see that the ultimate graduation test is growing more powerful than 'that' aspect of ourselves which is unconsious and out of touch with the whole..most who have gotten here use the gnostic term..

.i've also been inside the "control room" if u will of the higher self/archon control system - its like the architect scene with neo in the matrix with all the incarnations on the screens...i traveled through the "silver cord" to get there...from there is how i popped out into that room i mentioned earlier...it ties into the end of the 2001 space odyssey scene in the white room...it was quote unique though b/c the room was two dimensional but its was expressed hyperdimensionally is the best way to explain it... im working on some artistic skills to begin express it in images...

i started out a "love and lighter" when i got into the channeled material...then realized they're actually the dark dudes masquerading...then found out there isn't really a love/light option b/c love/light are the two sides of the same problem, namely external authority...identifying with anything outside of one's self."

So it seems we have a slight amount of freewill, but certain things happen, i.e. destiny. The amnesia begins not in the womb but at the point at "descending" down in frequency. There are millions upon millions of souls who will never break from this reality as they were made for this reality. They are content here with all the drama and entertainment. They are not seeking out the meaning of life or for the Truth. So when they see their God who is a Ruler, it is their God, if that makes sense. If you are one of the few reading this paper or listening to the podcast it is most likely you are from the Eternal Light realms.

Receivers of the Light

In chapter 25 of the first book of Pistis Sophia, a gnostic book, it talks about the receivers of the light. "And when the time of the number of Melchisedec, the great Receiver of the Light, The coming of Melchisedec. came, he was wont to come into the midst of the ćons and of all the rulers |35. who are bound in the sphere and in the Fate, and he carried away the purification of the light from all the rulers of the ćons and from all the rulers of the Fate and from those of the sphere--for he carried away then that which brings them into agitation--and he set in motion the hastener who is over them, and made them turn their circles swiftly, and he [sc. the hastener] carried away their power which was in them and the breath of their mouth and the tears [lit. waters] of their eyes and the sweat of their bodies.

Of the fashioning of the souls of men.
"And Melchisedec, the Receiver of the Light; purifieth those powers and carrieth their light into the Treasury of the Light, while the servitors of all the rulers gather together all matter from them all; and the servitors of all the rulers of the Fate and the servitors of the sphere which is below the ćons, take it and fashion it into souls of men and cattle and reptiles and wild-beasts and birds, and send them down into the world of mankind. And further the receivers of the sun and the receivers of the moon, if they look above and see the configurations of the paths of the ćons and the configurations of the Fate and those of the sphere, then they take from them the light-power; and the |36. receivers of the sun get it ready and deposit it, until they hand it over to the receivers of Melchisedec, the Light-purifier. And their material refuse they bring to the sphere which is below the ćons, and fashion it into [souls of] men, and fashion it also into souls of reptiles and of cattle and of wild-beasts and of birds, according to the circle of the rulers of that sphere and according to all the configurations of its revolution, and they cast them into this world of mankind, and they become souls in this region, as I have just said unto you."

In chapter 131 it refers to the making of a new soul: ""If on the other hand it is a new soul which they have taken out of the sweat of the rulers and out of the tears of their eyes, or far rather out of the breath of their mouths,--in a word, if it is one of the new souls or one of such souls, if it is one out of the sweat, then the five great p. 279 rulers of the great Fate take up the sweat of all the rulers of their ćons, knead it together withal, portion it and make it into a soul. Or far rather if it is refuse of the purification of the Light, then Melchisedec taketh it up from the rulers. The five great rulers of the great Fate knead the refuse together, portion it and make it into different souls, so that every one of the rulers of the ćons, every one of them putteth his portion into the soul. For this cause they knead it jointly, so that all may [par]take of the soul. "And the five great rulers, if they portion it and make it into souls, bring it out of the sweat |338. of the rulers. But if it is one out of the refuse of the purification of the Light, then Melchisedec, the great Receiver of the Light, taketh it [sc. the refuse] up from the rulers, or far rather if it is out of the tears of their eyes or out of the breath of their mouth,--in a word, out of such souls, when the five rulers portion it and make it into different souls,--or far rather if it is an old soul, then the ruler who is in the head of the ćons, himself mixeth the cup of forgetfulness with the seed of wickedness, and he mixeth it with every one of the new souls at the time when he is in the region of the head. And that cup of forgetfulness becometh the counterfeiting spirit for that soul, and bideth outside the soul, being a vesture for it and resembling it in every way, being envelope as vesture outside it. Of the in-breathing of the power."And the five great rulers of the great Fate of the ćons and the ruler of the disk of the sun and the ruler of the disk of the moon inbreathe within into that soul, and there cometh forth out of them a portion out of my power which the p. 280 last Helper hath cast into the Mixture. "
According to the Gnostic texts there are different types of souls and they have no jurisdiction over the souls which come from the Eternal Light Realms: "And the Saviour answered and said unto Mary: "Finely hast thou spoken. The servitors indeed are they who bear witness to all sins; but they abide in the judgments, seizing the souls and convicting all the souls of sinners who have received no mysteries; and they keep them fast in the chaos, chastizing them. And those retributive receivers cannot overstep the chaos to reach to the orders which are above the chaos, and convict the souls which come forth out of those regions. Now then it is not lawful to use force on the souls which receive mysteries, and lead them into p. 248 the chaos, so that the retributive servitors may convict them. But the retributive servitors convict the |299. souls of the sinners and they keep fast those who have received no mysteries which may lead them out of the chaos. The souls on the other hand which receive mysteries,--they have no power of convicting them, because they do not come forth out of their regions, and also, if they come forth into their regions, they are not able to obstruct them; nay, they cannot lead them into that chaos."
'The retributive servitors follow the soul, being witnesses to it for all the sins which it committeth, that they may convict it in the judgments.....
"...."When then the time is completed through the sphere, the receivers of Yaldabaoth come after their soul, a...."
"And the retributive receivers assign the servitors to follow them and be witnesses of all the sins which they commit, with a view to the manner and method how they will chastize them in the judgments.... "
In a word, it driveth [?] it into all the things which the rulers have commanded for it and it is hostile to the soul, making it do what pleaseth it not. "Now, therefore, Mary, this is in fact the foe of the soul, and this compelleth it until it doeth all sins. The state of the sinful soul after death."Now, therefore, if |284. the time of that man is completed, first cometh forth the destiny and leadeth the man unto death through the rulers and their bonds with which they are bound through the Fate. p. 237 "And thereafter the retributive receivers come and lead that soul out of the body. And thereafter the. retributive receivers spend three days circling round with that soul in all the regions and dispatch it to all the ćons of the world. And the counterfeiting spirit and the destiny follow that soul; and the power returneth to the Virgin of Light."
"When, therefore, the time of the chastisements of that soul in the judgments of the rulers of the midst shall be completed, the counterfeiting spirit leadeth the soul up out of all the regions of the rulers of the midst and bringeth it before the light of the sun according to the commandment of the First Man, Yew, and bringeth it before the judge, the Virgin of Light. And she proveth that soul and findeth that it is a sinning soul, and ceaseth her light-power into it for its standing-upright and because of the body and the community of sense,--the type of which I will tell you at the expansion of the universe. And the Virgin of Light sealeth that soul and handeth it over to one of her receivers |286. and will have it cast into a body which is suitable to the sins which it hath committed. "And amen, I say unto you: They will not discharge that soul from the changes of the body until it hath yielded its last circuit according to its merit"
"Hearken, therefore, that I may discourse with you concerning the soul according as I have said: The five great rulers of the great Fate of the ćons and the rulers of the disk of the sun and the rulers of the disk of the moon breathe into that soul, and there cometh out of them a portion of my power, as I have just said. And the portion of that power remaineth within the soul, so that the soul can stand. And they put |341. the counterfeiting spirit outside the soul, watching it and assigned to it; and the rulers bind it to the soul with their seals and their bonds and seal it to it, that it may compel it always, so that it continually doeth its mischiefs and all its iniquities, in order that it may be their slave always and remain under their sway always in the changes of the body; and they seal it to it that it may be in all the sin and all the desires of the world. The parents we are to abandon."For this cause, therefore, have I in this manner brought the mysteries into this world which undo all the bonds of the counterfeiting spirit and all the seals which are bound to the soul,--those which make the soul free and free it from its p. 282 parents the rulers, and make it into refined light and lead it up into the kingdom of its father, the first Issue, the First Mystery, for ever.

Emerald Tablets of Thoth

The original source of the Emerald Tablet is unknown. Although Hermes Trismegistus is the author named in the text, its first known appearance is in a book written in Arabic between the sixth and eighth centuries. The text was first translated into Latin in the twelfth century. Numerous translations, interpretations and commentaries followed.
FWIW...... "Translated by Doreal":
"Chosen was I from the sons of men, taught by the Dweller so that his purposes might be fulfilled, purposes yet unborn in the womb of time. Long ages I dwelt in the Temple, learning ever and yet ever more wisdom, until I, too, approached the light emitted from the great fire. Taught me he, the path to Amenti, the underworld where the great king sits upon his throne of might. "
Here they come to earth and want to free man from their bondage. :
"Far in a past time, lost in the space time, the Children of Light looked down on the world. Seeing the children of men in their bondage, bound by the force that came from beyond. Knew they that only by freedom from bondage could man ever rise from the Earth to the Sun. Down they descended and created bodies, taking the semblance of men as their own. The Masters of everything said after their forming: "We are they who were formed from the space-dust, partaking of life from the infinite ALL; living in the world as children of men, like and yet unlike the children of men."
This almost sounds like the VR game of avatars incarnating from pods:
"There in the circle from aeon to aeon, sit the Great Masters, living a life not known among men. There in the Halls of Life they lie sleeping; free flows their Soul through the bodies of men. Time after time, while their bodies lie sleeping, incarnate they in the bodies of men. Teaching and guiding onward and upward, out of the darkness into the light. "
you may too become as one with the seven masters or Time Lords:
"He who by progress has grown from the darkness, lifted himself from the night into light, free is he made of the Halls of Amenti, free of the Flower of Light and of Life. Guided he then, by wisdom and knowledge, passes from men, to the Master of Life. There he may dwell as one with the Masters, free from the bonds of the darkness of night. Seated within the flower of radiance sit seven Lords from the Space-Times above us, helping and guiding through infinite Wisdom, the pathway through time of the children of men. "
The Nine and the Lords of Karma:
"Custodians and watchers of the force of man's bondage, ready to loose when the light has been reached. First and most mighty, sits the Veiled Presence, Lord of Lords, the infinite Nine, over the other from each the Lords of the Cycles; Three, Four, Five, and Six, Seven, Eight, each with his mission, each with his powers, guiding, directing the destiny of man. There sit they, mighty and potent, free of all time and space. Not of this world they, yet akin to it, Elder Brothers they, of the children of men. Judging and weighing, they with their wisdom, watching the progress of Light among men."
This almost sounds like the Carousel ritual in the movie Logan's Run:
"Then grew in the great space before me, flame after flame, from the veil of the night. Uncounted millions leaped they before me, some flaming forth as flowers of fire."
This sounds like how the gods rewarded good men with not sending them to hell:
"Thou hast been made free of the Halls of Amenti. Choose thou thy work among the children of men. Then spoke I: O, great master, let me be a teacher of men, leading then onward and upward until they, too, are lights among men; freed from the veil of the night that surrounds them, flaming with light that shall shine among men."
On the fire within:
"He who knows the fire that is within himself shall ascend unto the eternal fire and dwell in it eternally. Fire, the inner fire, is the most potent of all force, for it overcometh all things and penetrates to all things of the Earth... Oft have I journeyed the deep hidden passage, looked on the Light that is Life among men. There 'neath the flowers of Life ever living, searched I the s and the secrets of men. Found I that man is but living in darkness, light of the great fire is hidden within."
[Note: Within the demiurge's system are these things not possibly true? This is definitely laying out the system of the Demiurge...lords of karma,judgment, reincarnation,, growing toward the light Pistis Sophia speaks of breaking the bonds and no longer having to complete the circuits. So this is the goal ultimately in the system of the Demiurge, although I doubt they really gift it to very many. They rule the afterlife and during the afterlife, those who do not have enough knowledge they become the stumbling block. ]
Form and formless: "Forth from them came forth the Logos, instruments they of the power o'er all. Vast is their countenance, yet hidden in smallness, formed by a forming, known yet unknown....
"NINE is the father, vast he of countenance, forming and changing from out of the formless. Meditate on the symbols I give thee. Keys are they, though hidden from men."
"Each and all of them struggling upward, gaining the heights and plumbing the depths, moving at times in realms of brightness, living through darkness, gaining the Light. Know, O man, that Light is thine heritage. Know that darkness is only a veil. Sealed in thine is brightness eternal, waiting the moment of freedom to conquer, waiting to rend the veil of the night. "
"When ye have gained the light of all wisdom, free shall ye be to shine in the ether -- one of the Suns that light outer darkness -- one of the space-born grown into Light. "

The veil is the body. what our consciousness sees is the darkness of our own prison.
"Formed forth ye, from the primal ether, filled with the brilliance that flows from the source, bound by the ether coalesced around, yet ever it flames until at last it is free. Lift up your flame from out of the darkness, fly from the night and ye shall be free."

Bound by the matter that imprisons us
"List ye again, O man, to my wisdom, that hearing, ye too, might live and be free. Not of the earth are ye -- earthy, but child of the Infinite Cosmic Light. Know ye not, O man, of your heritage? Know ye not ye are truly the Light? Sun of the Great Sun, when ye gain wisdom, truly aware of your kinship with Light. Now, to ye, I give knowledge, freedom to walk in the path I have trod, showing ye truly how by my striving, I trod the path that leads to the stars. Hark ye, O man, and know of thy bondage, know how to free thyself from the toils. Out of the darkness shall ye rise upward, one with the Light and one with the stars. Follow ye ever the path of wisdom. "
"Deep in the silence, first ye must linger until at last ye are free from desire, free from the longing to speak in the silence. Conquer by silence, the bondage of words. Abstaining from eating until we have conquered desire for food, that is bondage of soul. Then lie ye down in the darkness. Close ye your eyes from the rays of the Light. Centre thy soul-force in the place of thine consciousness, shaking it free from the bonds of the night. Place in thy mind-place the image thou desireth. Picture the place thou desireth to see. Vibrate back and forth with thy power. Loosen the soul from out of its night. Fiercely must thou shake with all of thy power until at last thy soul shall be free."

I think it does lay out alot of the system including how to be free. At night our consciousness falls into a dream state from which we wake in the morning. Some are able to become aware they are dreaming and control the dream. We call this lucid dreaming. It could be that what we call this everyday normal waking state is just another dream albeit at a slightly higher level and when we sleep at night it is a dream within a dream. If so, it could be that we need to wake up from this lower state of consciousness and become aware of the true reality. Perhaps that is what the previous passage from the Emerald Tablets was alluding to.
"Formed forth ye, from the primal ether, filled with the brilliance that flows from the source, bound by the ether coalesced around, yet ever it flames until at last it is free. Lift up your flame from out of the darkness, fly from the night and ye shall be free."
"When ye have gained the light of all wisdom, free shall ye be to shine in the ether -- one of the Suns that light outer darkness -- one of the space-born grown into Light. "
"Hark ye, O man, and list to this wisdom: where do name and form cease? (Inside yourself there is no ego or physical form) Only in consciousness, invisible, an infinite force of radiance bright. The forms that ye create by brightening (The images our light makes-Holographic) they vision are truly effects that follow thy cause. Man is a star bound to a body, until in the end, he is freed through his strife. Only by struggle and toiling thy utmost shall the star within thee bloom out in new life. He who knows the commencement of all things, free is his star from the realm of night. "
"When unto thee comes a feeling, drawing thee nearer to the darker gate, examine thine and find if the feeling thou hast has come from within. If thou shalt find the darkness thine own thoughts, banish them forth from the place in thy mind. Send through thy body a wave of vibration, irregular first and regular second, repeating time after time until free. Start the WAVE FORCE in thy BRAIN CENTER. Direct it in waves from thine head to thy foot. But if thou findest thine is not darkened, be sure that a force is directed to thee. Only by knowing can thou overcome it. Only be wisdom can thou hope to be free. Knowledge brings wisdom and wisdom is power. Attain and ye shall have power o'er all."
"Long ages ago, The SUNS of the Morning descending, found the world filled with night, there in that past, began the struggle, the age old Battle Darkness & Light. "
"Look to the LIGHT! O my brother. Open and ye shall receive. Press on through the valley of darkness. Overcome the dweller of night. Keep ever thine eyes of the LIGHT-PLANE, and thou shalt be One with the LIGHT. Man is in process of changing to forms that are not of this world. Grows he is time to the formless, a plane on the cycle above. Know ye, ye must become formless before ye are with the LIGHT,"
The question is what light is he referring to....the astral light of the NDE or the Eternal Light Realms?
"Wisdom is hidden in darkness. When lit by the flame of the Soul, find thou the wisdom and be LIGHT-BORN, a Sun of the Light without form. Seek thee ever more wisdom. Find it in the of the flame. Know that only by striving and Light pour into thy brain. Now have I spoken with wisdom. List to my Voice and obey. Tear open the Veils of the darkness. Shine a LIGHT on the WAY

In that space where time exists not, faintly I sensed the guardians of cycles. Move they only through angles. Free are they not of the curved dimensions. Strange and terrible are the HOUNDS of the Barrier. Follow they consciousness to the limits of space. Think not to escape by entering your body, for follow they fast the Soul through angles. Only the circle will give ye protection, save from the claws of the DWELLERS IN ANGLES. Entered I my body. Created the circles that know not angles, created the form that from my form was formed. Made my body into a circle and lost the pursuers in the circles of time. But, even yet, when free from my body, cautious ever must I be not to move through angles, else my soul may never be free. "
"Lift thou thine eyes to the Cosmos. Lift thou thine eyes to the Light. Speak in the words of the Dweller, the chant that calls down the Light. Sing thou the song of freedom. Sing thou the song of the Soul. Create the high vibration that will make thee One with the Whole. Blend all thyself with the Cosmos. Grow into ONE with the Light. "
"Thy LIGHT, O man, is the great LIGHT, shining through the shadow of flesh. Free must thou rise from the darkness before thou art One with the LIGHT."
Here he does acknowledge the light within is the great light and that the body is shadow/darkness.
"The key to worlds within thee are found only within. For man is the gateway of mystery and the key that is One with the One. Seek ye within the circle. Use the WORD I shall give. Open the gateway within thee,"
See, here is where I feel one may be led astray as he later gives a mantra of words to use while I strongly feel it would not be a good idea to follow that advice. He talks about nine dimensions which reminds me of the movie The Ninth Gate based on the Ninth gate of the Kingdoms of Shadow.
"Aye, know, though hidden in darkness, your Soul, a spark of the true flame, exists. Be ye One with the greatest of all Lights. Find at the SOURCE, the END of thy goal. "
"Saw I that the Cosmos is Order and part of a movement that extends to all space, a party of an Order of Orders, constantly moving in a harmony of space. Saw I the wheeling of cycles like vast circles across the sky... Know ye, O man, that all space is filled by worlds within worlds; aye, one within the other yet separate by Law. "
"Leading ye upward to the Light of the Great Soul have I ever striven, drawing ye from out of the darkness of night. "
"Tell ye I now of the mystery of cycles that move in movements that are strange to the finite, for infinite are they beyond knowledge of man. Know ye that there are nine of the cycles; aye, nine above and fourteen below, moving in harmony to the place of joining that shall exist in the future of time. Know ye that the Lords of the Cycles are units of consciousness sent from the others to unify This with the All. Highest are They of the consciousness of all the Cycles, working in harmony with the Law. ... So also, O Thoth, are the cycles of consciousness, children in different stages of growth, "
"Know ye, O man, that thy form is dual, balanced in polarity while formed in its form. Know that when fast on thee Death approaches, it is only because thy balance is shaken. It is only because one pole has been lost. Know that the secret of life in Amenti is the secret of restoring the balance of poles. All that exists has form and is living because of the Spirit of life in its poles. See ye not that in Earth's is the balance of all things that exist and have being on its face? The source of thy Spirit is drawn from Earth's , for in thy form thou are one with the Earth "
"Above the sky, like a rainbow of Fire and Sunlight, were Formed the Spirits. Sang they the glories of the Holy One. Then from the midst of the Fire came a voice: Behold the Glory of the first Cause. I beheld that Light, high above all darkness, reflected in my own being. I attained, as it were, to the God of all Gods, the Spirit-Sun, the Sovereign of the Sun spheres."
"Darkness and light are both of one nature, different only in seeming, for each arose from the source of all. Darkness is disorder. Light is Order. Darkness transmuted is light of the Light. This, my children, your purpose in being; transmutation of darkness to light. "
"Know ye, ye are threefold in nature, physical, astral and mental in one. Three are the qualities of each of the natures; nine in all, as above, so below. In the physical are these channels, the blood which moves in vortical motion, reacting on the to continue its beating. Magnetism which moves through the nerve paths, carrier of energies to all cells and tissues. Akasa which flows through channels, subtle yet physical, completing the channels. "
"On Earth, man is in bondage, bound by space and time to the earth plane. Encircling each planet, a wave of vibration, binds him to his plane of unfoldment. Yet within man is the Key to releasement, within man may freedom be found. "

Types of Souls

From the Gnostic text, "Zostrianos":
1) Types of Incarnate Souls Do not be amazed about the 20 differences among souls. 21 When one thinks that they are different, 22 then they are [not] similar, although they are [parts] 23 of things that [endure]. [Now] 24 one [appears] 25 in a [soul] and has [completely] perished; 26 their [souls] 27 [are disem]bodied. Another 28 [who is within] his time 29 [appears] for a time; 27 1 their soul is [em-] 2 bodied. Now those who have 3 completely [perished] are four, 4 while those [within] 5 time are nine. Each one 6 of them has its character 7 and habit. Though similar, they 8 are different; though distinct, 9 they are also stable. And other immortal souls 10 associate with all 11 these souls because of 12 the Sophia who looked down. 13 For there are three species of 14 immortal souls: (2) Types of Disincarnate Souls in the Sojourn The ones who have 15 taken root upon the Sojourn 16 do not have self-generated 17 power; they 18 follow the ways of 19 others. Now this is a 20 single species, 21 [self-contained]. (3) Types of Disincarnate Souls in the Repentance (Second), those that 22 stand [upon the] Repentance, who 23 [were not ambivalent about] sin, 24 since knowledge is sufficient [for] them: 25 Since they are neophytes, [they still sin]. 26 Yet it (this species) also has distinctions: 27 there are [those] who have 28 sinned; others [also who] 28 1 have repented; and others 2 [who only intend (to repent)]. 3 For there are [three] classes of these (last ones): 4 those who have committed 5 all the sins and have repented; 6 (those who have sinned) partially, 7 or those who only intended (to sin). 8 Therefore, their aeons also are six 9 according to the place attained 10 by each of their (souls). (4) Types of Disincarnate Souls in the Self-generated Aeons The third 11 (major kind) is that of the souls of 12 the Self-generated ones; they 13 have a rational expression of the ineffable 14 truth existing in 15 knowledge as well as self-generated [power] 16 and eternal [life]. 17 [And] they have four distinctions 18 in the same manner: the forms 19 of angels, 20 those who love the truth, 21 those who hope, and those who believe. 22 [Indeed], they [also] have [syzygies], 23 and they exist [within them]. 24 They exist [as four places of] 25 the Self-generated ones. [The first] is 26 the one of [perfect Life]; 27 the [second] is [ the one of Mentality]. The 28 [third is the one of eternal] 29 Knowledge; the fourth is 30 the one [belonging to the] immortal [souls]. 29 1
The Pistis Sophia says: "And if it hath not yet completed its number of circuits in the changes of the soul, or [in the changes] of the body, the Virgin of Light sealeth it with an excellent seal and hasteth to have it cast down in any month into a righteous body which shall find the mysteries of the Light, be good and go on high into the Light-kingdom."

If a soul hasn't reached the sufficient frequency then it can't go on higher. It is a tortuous process and very few depart it. Most get buried in Karma and more Karma and never make it out. We will probably go to a "light". It is just a matter of how bright or pure the light is. White light is incoherent light because it is a wide spectrum that contains all colors, therefore not too pure. In our body we are surrounded by darkness. The wormhole jettisons us back to where we came down or higher. Then all the heavens will seem lighted. The darkness is our tomb.
From an NDE: "One question I always personally had and that was answered is, "Are ghosts real?" The answer I was given was, "Yes, in the human body their are two forms of spiritual being. One is the "soul" which is the spiritual being that has a symbiotic relationship with the physical body. The second is the being created by the "biology" of the human body. This being is intelligent and is basically the personality of the individual. Its purpose is to provide for the human needs of food, hunger, survival, and procreation. This concept is very similar to Freud's "Id, Ego and Superego" The division of mind and personality. The soul provides us with all the things of the individual that separates us from the Animal Kingdom. This is the ability to reason, use logic, or feel awe when seeing a sunset. The soul is the creative side of humankind. The second being is more our animal side and drives us to accomplish or pursue things to satisfy our needs and wants. "
A weakness that we need to be aware of is that our consciousness is made to experience. We naturally want to experience things around us and start projecting outward or get caught up in a situation. Is is practicing discipline of the mind.... curtailing thinking without focus or letting the mind wander. setting an intention solid and following it is what propels us onward. So it is making sure your intention is right. We have that automatic behaviors where error creeps in due to not having intent on it. Try to allow no reactions. Thought is essential to our consciousness. Controlled thought is key. If your intent is to go back home, you will not want to stay even to wake others up. And they are able to constanly create new souls. Hold the image and intent. Consciousness will follow. It is only until out of the traps.

Soul Contracts

The NDEr I interviewed who met the Demiurge had to agree to a contract before coming to earth and also the man who wrote me who has had dreams about the Demiurge since he was a child remembers a contract as well. Here are a few other NDErs who mention soul contracts as well:

"That was the contract I took on when coming into this life. You need to be high spirited and what we call now-days an upbeat person. Because it is always about choice. I chose my husband David many years ago in the contract of my life, to intervene into being more of a spiritual person, but we use that word too often and realistically it comes down to being a loving person. Of which our connection through every human being will always be the same." - Jacqueline HW

"We had to go to the council meeting. I was allowed to be in the room, but not allowed to speak or interfere in any way. During the meeting the Masters asked for a decision to be over turned. That decision changed everything. Because of all the encounters that I had had and the impact upon my essence, it was determined that they would attempt an immediate reincarnation. They turned to me and told me that if I would agree to take on this new contract, I had to understand that I had been dead a long time by earth time and had already ascended. They also shared with me that they had done this for others before me, but it was a very rare and extreme situation. I would have to be altered. They said, 'Even they could not guarantee that I would survive on earth if they did this.' They told me, 'I will suffer as any human woman who had my degree of traumatic death would suffer, but my healing would be greatly aided and accelerated through them if I would agree to the terms.' Many discussions went around the council, the Masters. Then they turned to me. Ultimately, I agreed." - Marie W

"Yes, life can only exist if there is death. Without death, there can be no life. So, we enter a contract with G*d. And the terms and conditions include difficulties, challenges and definite hardships. That is the experience we all signed up for. Take it head on. Love it all. The whole point is not to know. The loneliness is what G*d meant to show you." -- Rachel E

"We ask to be born and we enter into a contract. We come to earth with a purpose. On the other side, it is all that matters: did we accomplish that mission or not? We are not judged by anyone but we feel like a failure if we realize we did not accomplish the mission we incarnated for." -- Chantal L

"I was made aware that there were things that I had contracted to do, that were still undone...confirmation to me of reincarnation and contract-incarnation (we pick our lives)" -- Matt S

"David and I and my sister Dianna all made that contract with each other. Yes the deceased in my experiences was included". -- Sherry H

Tibetan Book of the Dead

"Remember the clear light, the pure clear white light from which everything in the universe comes, to which everything in the universe returns; the original nature of your own mind. The natural state of the universe unmanifest. Let go into the clear light, trust it, merge with it. It is your own true nature, it is home." - The Tibetan Book of the Dead
Toby Johnson writes about what the clear light is on his web site. He writes, "The Tibetan Book of the Dead uses the convention of various colored lights as the entry to the different possible realms of reincarnation (called the six lokas: heaven, hell, human, hungry ghosts, angry gods, animals). In the afterlife state (called the bardo), for instance, you might see a smoky light off to the left and a bright white light beside it. These lights lead to the loka of hell. These lights look especially attractive if your karma is full of anger. If you enter there, you'll reincarnate as a denizen of hell. It will be hard to get out of there. You'll have to wait to be reincarnated as a human to ever get another try at Buddhahood. A dull red light leads to the loka of the hungry ghosts. Red looks attractive to souls whose karma is full of attachment. A green light leads to the loka of the angry gods. It looks attractive to souls whose karma is full of jealousy. It's always better to choose the brighter light than the duller, but ideally you won't choose any of these lights (blue, white, yellow, red, green, or rainbow) and so avoid reincarnation at all. If you can hold out long enough and pass all the way through the bardo, you can get back to the clear light. But most souls end up at a place where they see their old lives and get reattached to having a body and then inadvertently get reincarnated again. Indeed, before any of these colored lights were seen, you were given a chance to enter buddhahood directly. That's what called the experience of the Clear Light at the moment of death. What's "clear light"? It's not white light. White comes later; it actually leads to hell. And white isn't "clear." It's white. "Clear" means you can't see it at all. You see right through it. The "clear light" that we're seeing through all the time throughout our lives is the light we're giving off ourselves, i.e., the light other people see us by."
The Chikhai Bardo: The Primary & Secondary Clear Lights Let us examine the specific instructions from the Bardo Thodol. With physical death one is set face-to-face with the Clear Light. “O nobly-born, the time hath now come for thee to seek the Path. Thy breathing is about to cease. Thy guru hath set thee face to face before the Clear Light; and now thou art about to experience it in its Reality in the Bardo, where in all things are like the void and cloudless sky, and the naked, spotless intellect is like unto a transparent vacuum without circumference or center. At this moment, know thou thyself and abide in that state.”[3] At the moment of death one experiences the ultimate ego-death. All of one’s conscious selves, which are in reality manifestations of the subconscious self[4], cease to be; and one is alone with the subconscious self, the Clear Light. Most people, not having prepared themselves for this moment of death, lose consciousness[5] at this point and thereby fail to recognize the Clear Light. Those, who have prepared, recognize the Clear Light as themselves - they become the Clear Light, and are liberated from the cycle of birth and rebirth.[6] Those who fail to recognize the Primary Clear Light are relegated to at least one more lifetime. From the moment that one fails to recognize the Light, the subconscious begins to manifest itself again in duality and ego[7]. Once the subconscious begins manifesting itself again one is separated from the subconscious and becomes the manifestations[8] - unity is lost - rebirth is imminent. From this point on one’s purpose is to attain rebirth in the state that will be most conducive to one’s liberation for the next time around. “The person dying experiences the Clear Light in its primitive purity, the Dharma-Kaya unobscured; and, if unable to hold fast to that experience, next experiences the Secondary Clear Light, having fallen to a lower state of the Bardo, wherein the Dharma-Kaya is dimmed by karmic obscurations.”[9] The Dharma-Kaya is the subconscious. It is unobscured initially but then is ‘dimmed by karmic obscurations’[10] - the subconscious begins manifesting itself and thereby dims itself[11]. When set face-to-face with the Secondary Clear Light, the obscured Dharma Kaya, one’s purpose again is to recognize it. With recognition of the Secondary Clear Light - Recognition in the sense of becoming it - one is immediately reborn again as a Divine Incarnation and is nearly assured liberation in the next life.[12] The after-death plane that includes the Primary and Secondary Clear Lights is called the Chikhai Bardo. Chonyid Bardo: To Follow the Bright Light & Avoid the Dim Failing to recognize the Secondary Clear Light one slips further away from his subconscious and is wrapped up more in the manifestations. In this stage, called the Chonyid Bardo, one is presented with karmic illusions. On the first to seventh day one is presented with the peaceful deities: from the eighth to the fourteenth day one is presented with the wrathful deities. Carl Jung says in his commentary on the Bardo Thodol, “The Gods are archetypal thought-forms belonging to the sambhogakaya. Their peaceful and wrathful aspects, which play a great role in the meditations of the Tibetan Book of the Dead, symbolize the opposites. In the nirmanakaya they are the positive and negative principles united in one and the same figure.” The dharma-kaya is the state of absolute nothingness, the subconscious unobscured. The sambhoga-kaya is the state of oneness, the point; the self has now entered in but to assume identity with the subconscious, but has in a sense limited the actual subconscious by identifying with it. The nirmana-kaya is the multitude – the many, duality. The self is now separated in a more full sense from the subconscious. The Chikhai Bardo could be said in some sense to correspond with the dharma-kaya - the Chonyid Bardo with the sambho-kaya - the last Bardo of rebirth, the Sidpa Bardo, with nirmana kaya. In the Chikhai Bardo all is void.
" The first bardo comes at the very moment of death, when there dawns the Clear Light of the Ultimate Reality. This is the very content and substance of the state of liberation, if only the soul can recognize it and act in a way to remain in that state. The instructions intended to be read at the moment of the person's death are designed to help him do this. He is told, first of all, to embrace this supreme experience not in a selfish and egoistic way but rather with love and compassion for all sentient beings. This will aid him in the second step, which is to realize that his own mind and self is identical with the Clear Light, implying that he himself IS the Ultimate Reality, "the All-good Buddha", transcending time, eternity, and all creation. If he can recognize this while in this supreme state at the moment of death, he will attain liberation-that is, he will remain in the Clear Light forever. This condition is called the "Dharmakaya", the highest spiritual body of the Buddha.

Most souls, however, will fail to do this. They will be pulled down by the weight of their karma into the second stage of the first bardo, called the Secondary Clear Light seen immediately after death.At this point, there are separate instructions to be read according to the spiritual condition of the person while in life. For an individual advanced in meditation and other spiritual practices, there is repeated over and over the same instructions as at the moment of death, enjoining him to recognize himself as the Dharmakaya.For a person who was still at a student-level on the spiritual path, there is the injunction for him to meditate on his "tutelary deity", that is, the particular god for whom he performed devotional practices while alive. Finally,"if the deceased be of the common folk", unpracticed in any spiritual disciplines, the instruction is to "meditate upon the Great Compassionate Lord", which is to say an "Avatar" worshipped by the multitude, equivalent to Jesus as conceived by the average Christian. "
Dalai Lama:
"We can say, therefore, that this ultimate source, clear light, is close to the notion of a Creator, since all phenomena, whether they belong to samsara or nirvana, originate therein. But we must be careful in speaking of this source, we must not be led into error. I do not mean chat there exists somewhere, there, a sort of collective clear light, analogous to the non-Buddhist concept of Brahma as a substratum. We must not be inclined to deify this luminous space. We must understand that when we speak of ultimate or inherent clear light, we are speaking on an individual level.

"Likewise, when we speak of karma as the cause of the universe we eliminate the notion of a unique entity called karma existing totally independently. Rather, collective karmic impressions, accumulated individually, are at the origin of the creation of a world. When, in the tantric context, we say that all worlds appear out of clear light, we do not visualize this source as a unique entity, but as the ultimate clear light of each being. We can also, on the basis of its pure essence, understand this clear light to be the Primordial Buddha. All the stages which make up the life of each living being--death, the intermediate state, and rebirth--represent nothing more than the various manifestations of the potential of clear light. It is both the most subtle consciousness and energy. The more clear light loses its subtlety, the more your experiences take shape.

"In this way, death and the intermediate state are moments where the gross manifestations emanating from clear light are reabsorbed. At death we return to that original source, and from there a slightly more gross state emerges to form the intermediate state preceding rebirth. At the stage of rebirth, clear light is apparent in a physical incarnation. At death we return to this source. And so on. The ability to recognize subtle clear light, also called the Primordial Buddha, is equivalent to realizing nirvana, whereas ignorance of the nature of clear light leaves us to wander in the different realms of samsaric existence."
In his book "The Psychedelic Experience" Timothy Leary compares the psychedelic experience to the bardo stages of the Tibetan Book of the Dead. In it Leary keeps referring to an ego-based "game" life. In fact, he uses the word game over 100 times. Not only that he even has a book entitled The Game of Life. Anyway, I am going to read a couple excerpts from The Psychedlic Experience which he co-wrote with Robert Anton Wilson.
"Vision 1: The Source [The first Peaceful Deity listed by the Bardo Thodol is the Bhagavan Vairochana who occupies the center of the mandala of the five Dhyani-Buddhas. His attributes of source- power have been translated into those of the monotheistic creator of Western religions.] (Eyes closed, external stimuli ignored) The White Light, or First Bardo energy, may be interpreted as God the Creator. The Spreader of the Seed. The Power which makes all shapes visible. Seed of all that is. Sovereign Power. The All-Powerful. The Central Sun. The One Truth. The Source of all Organic Life. The Divine Mother. The Female Creative Principle. Mother of the Space of Heaven. Radiant Father- Mother. Magnificent revelations, both spiritual and philosophic, can occur at this point making the highest union of experience and intellect. But, because of bad karma (usually religious beliefs of a monotheistic or punitive nature), the glorious light of the seed wisdom it can produce awe and terror. The person will wish to flee and will beget a fondness for the dull white light symbolizing stupidity."
"Vision 3: The Fire-Flow of Internal Unity (Eyes closed, external stimuli ignored, emotional aspects) The First Bardo instructions should keep you face-to-face with the void- ecstasy. Yet there are classes of men who, having carried over karmic conflict about feeling-inhibition, prove unable to hold the pure experience beyond all feelings, and slip into emotionally toned visions. The undifferentiated energy of the First Bardo is woven into visionary games in the form of intense feelings. Exquisite, intense, pulsating sensations of unity and love will be felt; the negative counterpart is feelings of attachment, greed, isolation and bodily concerns. It comes about this way: the pure flow of energy loses its white void quality and becomes sensed as intense feelings. An emotional game is imposed. Incredible new physical sensations pulse through the body. The glow of life is felt flooding along veins. One merges into a unitive ocean of orgastic, fluid electricity, [The Peaceful Deity of the Bardo Thodol personifying this vision is the Buddha Amitabbha, the all-discriminating wisdom and feeling, boundless light, representing life eternal. Lama Govinda writes that "The deep red light of discriminating inner vision shines forth from his heart. . . fire corresponds to him and thus, according to the ancient traditional symbolism, the eye and the function of seeing." (Govinda, op. cit., p. 120.) With the Bhagavan Amitabbha comes the Bodhisattva Chenrazee, embodiment of mercy or compassion, the great pitier ever on the lookout to discover distress and to succour the troubled. He is joined by the Bodhisattva "Glorious Gentle-voiced One," and the femal incarnates "song" and "light."] the endless flow of shared-life, of love. Visions related to the circulatory system are common. The subject tumbles down through his own arterial network. The motor of the reverberates as one with the pulsing of all life. The heart then breaks, and red fire bleeds out to merge with all living beings. All living organisms are throbbing together. One is joyfully aware of the two-billion-year-old electric sexual dance; one is at last divested of robot clothes and limbs and undulates in the endless chain of living forms. Dominating this ecstatic state is the feeling of intense love. You are a joyful part of all life. The memory of former delusions of self-hood and differentiation invokes exultant laughter. All the harsh, dry, brittle angularity of game life is melted. You drift off - soft, rounded, moist, warm. Merged with all life. You may feel yourself floating out and down into a warm sea. Your individuality and autonomy of movement are moistly disappearing. Your control is surrendered to the total organism. Blissful passivity. Ecstatic, orgiastic, undulating unity. All worries and concerns wash away. All is gained as everything is given up. There is organic revelation. Every cell in your body is singing its song of freedom - the entire biological universe is in harmony, liberated from the censorship and control of you and your restricted ambitions. But wait! You, You, are disappearing into the unity. You are being swallowed up by the ecstatic undulation. Your ego, that one tiny remaining strand of self, screams STOP! You are terrified by the pull of the glorious, dazzling, transparent, radiant red light. You wrench yourself out of the life-flow, drawn by your intense attachment to your old desires. There is a terrible rending as your roots tear out of the life matrix - a ripping of your fibres and veins away from the greater body to which you were attached. And when you have cut yourself off from the fire-flow of life the throbbing stops, the ecstasy ceases, your limbs harden and stiffen into angular forms, your plastic doll body has regained its orientation. There you sit, isolated from the stream of life, impotent master of your desires and appetites, miserable. While you are floating down the evolutionary river, there comes a sense of limitless self-less power. The delight of flowing cosmic belongingness. The astounding discovery that consciousness can tune in to an infinite number of organic levels. There are billions of cellular processes in your body, each with its universe of experience - an endless variety of ecstasies."
"The fact of the matter is that all apparent forms of matter and body are momentary clusters of energy. We are little more than flickers on a multidimensional television screen. This realization directly experienced can be delightful. You suddenly wake up from the delusion of separate form and hook up to the cosmic dance. Consciousness slides along the wave matrices, silently at the speed of light. The terror comes with the discovery of transience. Nothing is fixed, no form solid. Everything you can experience is "nothing but" electrical waves. You feel ultimately tricked. A victim of the great television producer. Distrust. The people around you are lifeless television robots. The world around you is a facade, a stage set. You are a helpless marionette, a plastic doll in a plastic world."


The Gnostic text "On the Origin of the World" lays out an end times scenario similar to the one my guest Interviewee experienced. During his NDE he met the Demiurge who resembled the being described in Revelations. My guest was shown a future Earth after a time of darkness where everyone lived in harmony.

The Gnostic text states, "Before the consummation of the age, the whole place will be shaken by great thunder. Then the rulers will lament, crying out on account of their death. The angels will mourn for their human beings, and the demons will weep for their times and seasons, and their people will mourn and cry out on account of their death. Then the age will begin, and they will be disturbed. Their kings will be drunk from the flaming sword and will make war against one another, so that the earth will be drunk from the blood that is poured out. And the seas will be troubled by that war. Then the sun will darken and the moon will lose its light. The stars of the heaven will disregard their course, and great thunder will come out of great power that is above all the powers of chaos, the place where the firmament of the woman is situated. When she has created the first work, she will take off her wise flame of afterthought and will put on irrational wrath. Then she will drive out the gods of chaos, whom she had created together with the chief creator. She will cast them down to the abyss. They will be wiped out by their own injustice. For they will become like the mountains that blaze out fire, and they will consume one another until they are destroyed by their chief creator.(They will feed off of each other) When he destroys them, he will turn against himself and destroy himself until he ceases to be. And their heavens will fall upon one another and their powers will burn. Their realms will also be overthrown. And the chief creator’s heaven will fall and split in two. Likewise, his stars in their sphere will fall down to the earth, and the earth will not be able to support them. They will fall down to the abyss, and the abyss will be overthrown.

"The light will cover the darkness and obliterate it. It will become like something that never existed. And the source of the darkness will be dissolved. The deficiency will be plucked out at its root and thrown down to the darkness. And the light will withdraw up to its root, and the glory of the unconceived will appear, and it will fill all the eternal realms, when the prophetic utterances and the writings of those who are rulers are revealed and are fulfilled by those who are called perfect. Those who were not perfected in the unconceived father will receive their glories in their realms and in the kingdoms of immortals. But they will not ever enter the kingless realm."

Accepting and Understanding The Shadow

I have been thinking tonight about how we are Sophia and have fallen in consciousness or frequency. We might actually be Lucifer too in the same sense as Lucifer was said to have been with God in heaven but fell. Lucifer has also been said to be Venus who has been a shadow / dark side of Sophia. The word lucifer actually means light-bearer...well, our souls -- we -- are the light-bearers or bearers of the light. Adam may be seen as the lower nature of man and so it is Lucifer (serpent) who is telling man that Demiurge/God was lying to him, So in one sense Lucifer represents the fall of man just as Sophia does. I remember Manly Hall saying Lucifer represented the" intellectual mind without the illumination of the spiritual mind" (enlightenment) and is therefore a false light. I think that parallels Sophia who represents wisdom and knowledge falling into Chaos because she copied this realm without consulting or integrating the spiritual knowledge of the Ineffable Father.

And, of course, Chaos is the attribute of Pan or the Devil/Satan/Demiurge (Darkness/Shadow) the opposer or opposite of the True God, Ineffable father. When we go externally outside ourselves we are going into shadow or darkness and when when we keep the Intent of our Supraconsciousness internally within us we are returning back to our true Light Power Source I think perhaps the "intellectual mind" may be analogous to the cs (Lucifer deceiving us) and maybe the "spiritual mind" is another way of naming the SC.(Jesus / Christ redeeming us).

If you consider it from a propaganda control perspective would it not be more likely that the form of "Lucifer" was created to negatively associate the form of "light-bearer" "fallen angel" "tree of knowledge" are "BAD. By loading the word Lucifer with cross referencing it with satan and devil. Then by extension those forms have been "imaged" as bad. So when a Catholic hears "Fallen Angel" they immediately think EVIL. It is just a word that means "light-bearer" and it can have a positive or a negative connotation associated with it. I doubt a real being named Lucifer ever really existed. It is really more a metaphor for me to understand and accept our shadow side. So in its negative context it can represent a false light or deception. I guess it all depends upon the "light" it is bearing. If lucifer is used to be associated with a fall then that is the incoherent light or impure light....

I guess right now in our fallen state of consciousness it is not a pure light or currently in a pure form....but we bear the pure light inside us if we just go within and ignore all the external BS. To try and understand our shadow side I see it as a tool used to better understand or know ourselves. For some reason this divine drama or cosmic play has a villain and conflict in it .I don't think it is really their choice necessarily. They are just playing their role or serving their function. It is what they are and it is not their fault per se, but is a consequence of Sophia's error. Here in this dualistic polarity you can't have a dawn without the night and you can't light without the shadow or a point of perspective. I think it is perception and perspective. The shadow is there but people need to change their perspective to focus on the light within not on the shadow or darkness externally.

Frequency, Octaves of Spirit and Dimensional Planes

Probably the greatest most brilliant scientist who ever lived was Nikola Tesla, Tesla said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” And I think he was correct about this.

We know there is an electromagnetic spectrum of energy that is classified by wavelength into radio waves, microwaves, terahertz (or sub-millimeter) radiation, infrared, the visible region that is perceived as light, ultraviolet, X-rays and gamma rays.

There are theorized to be about 81 octaves in the EM spectrum. In Chemistry, the Law of Octaves is about the patterns of elements in the Periodic Table, stating that when elements are aligned according to their atomic weight, every eighth element shares similar properties.

Of course, evidence of octaves can be heard in our musical scales. Most people are familiar with the varying length of strings underneath the lid of a piano that cause the different notes we hear and that the C major scale, for instance, as one moves their hands from left to right repeats itself every eight white keys albeit at a higher pitch, that is a higher octave. This can also be heard on a guitar as one moves one's fretting hand closer to the sound hole. as they fret the strings making the length of the string they pinch off shorter and shorter from the bridge the pitch of the note becomes higher and higher. The wave that the strng makes when vibrating is shorter. It is all physics... shorter wavelengths result in higher octaves. This helps to show that reality is frequency based.

To Wake Up or become Awake

The importance of frequency with respect to Consciousness can be see when we go to sleep at night. During normal everyday activity our brain waves are mostly in beta state which is considered waking consciousness. As one becomes groggy or drowsy and tired we start to operate and perform at a lower level. We become less focused and are forgetful and make mistakes. Then we go to sleep we go into lower levels such as alpha, theta and delta which are a lower frequency. At this point we are almost unconscious. This is proof that we operate on consciousness and frequency. On a sliding scale frequency directly effect the level of "awakeness" or consciousness in humans. If we had a consciousness knob that was like a volume one- 0-4hz would be asleep and each increase in hz corresponds to "realer" more awake levels.

I would venture to say that the brain wakes up at a lower frequency than our SupraConscious. This is the period when I first wake-up and can drive but it is more instinct. etc. I noticed the same features in Seizures and Anesthesia the both have no consciousnesses then there are successive waves of coming back to consciousness. It seem the seizure takes a little longer but the generally build-up of frequency takes longer.. That same volume knob has a pretend level of 100. We figure that is the end of the dial but once we don't need the receiver(body) to limit that volume control it goes much higher then 100. This also means you can hold a SC imprisoned and hold it "asleep" if held in a field of less than 4 hz.
The NDErs describe the SC as being "awake" compared to the state here which is a lower consciousness or like a dream state or being asleep. We sleep at night because our consciousness or brain state drops...we lose consciousness so to speak..the average person probably has several dreams every night which they usually don't remember.... but then whenever we decide that we have had enough dreams or have slept enough or the alarm rings and we decide we have to go to work, we wake up or raise our consciousness to where we are aware or conscious. we dream at night and then wake up to a more real reality.

It is interesting that the word "wake" as a verb means to rouse from lethargy, apathy or IGNORANCE. It is also interesting that the word "wake"also describes the ceremony for presiding over a dead person. It is even more interesting that the word "wake" are WAVES left behind by a vehicle traveling though water... or in this scenario,the waves are brain waves, the vehicle is the soul and the water is the firmament or above the firmament.... we wake "up" when the frequency of the brain waves go UP or increase to a higher frequency. So whenever we have decided that we are through living enough lives (dreams) we can decide to wake UP and go to a higher level of consciousness, a more real or true reality, by raising the frequency of the waves our soul leaves as it travels through the astral or etheric medium...to raise the frequency is to shorten the wave lengths or to actually not move outward at all, but to move back inward to our source. wake, verb to rouse or become roused from sleep to become conscious or aware to rouse from lethargy, apathy, ignorance, etc. to hold a wake for or over (a dead person). wake,noun the waves or track left by a vessel or other object moving throughwater A bit more about the definition for "Wake",... means to watch over a corpse or dead body.

That is what our SupraConsciousness needs to do is just observe the dead or sleeping "sc"....it also means to watch over the body of a "dead" person BEFORE burial accompanied by FEASTING or MERRYMAKING. So before the cs is put to rest or buried it is feasting and having fun I guess. to hold a wake over a corpse. 10. to hold a wake for or over (a dead person). 11. to keep watch or vigil over. 13. a watch or vigil by the body of a dead person before burial, sometimes accompanied by feasting or merrymaking.

Exit Strategy

Check out how the NDErs describe the soul....I know it is common for them to call it translucent in that they could see through their light. Ok, not one of them describes the light of their soul as being "white"....the all use words like translucent or "liquid light" or irridescent or plasma. Liquid is see-through or transparent, clear. I think when the book of the Dead is saying to recognize enter the "clear" light right away it is saying to go into your soul...and it does say the clear light is your soul... The NDErs do not describe the soul as white light...how could it be? White is all colors and is incoherent light. The white light is really just all the souls of the world..I don't want to be part of that. Here are how they describe the soul..not a single one says it is white. Your soul is translucent light or plasma energy which is imprisoned in the low frequency plane. It is trapped by the electromagnetic frequency generated by the , At death the stops beating and the soul is released and starts increasing in frequency.

There are low frequency entities called shadow beings that feed off our light energy and they create illusions to engage our energy and attention. The chief of these low frequency beings is one who thinks he is god and is whom all religions worship. At death most souls are convinced to go to the light by a display of an alluring light and beings posing as angels or loved ones. The soul is convinced it needs to reincarnate again to either perfect itself or make amends for past indiscretions. The soul needs to realize that these are all projections or illusion from within caused by the harnessing of our soul's light power. At death the soul needs to stay focused and use its willful intent to raise its frequency back to its original high frequency level.

The soul is an orb of light, translucent light made of plasma perhaps. Think of it like a sun in a sense. The soul is bright white light at the center, a very high frequency consisting of very fast short wavelengths. As It radiates energy outward it slows down, drops in frequency into slower and longer vibrations, This results in denser, darker realities. We are technically everywhere at once but the shadow beings or entities have managed to use our energy and get us to focus our attention on illusions and holograms that they create. Yes, we are temporarily trapped here on Earth by the electromagnetic prison of the , but at death (and possibly even now as well) it is a matter of redirecting our attention back inwards toward our true divine light source within which is back at the Eternal Light Realms.

It is analogous to a rubber band being extended or stretched outward but then snapping back to its original natural resting position. As this happens it will probably feel like shooting through a wormhole or tunnel because the vibrations are getting shorter and shorter, faster and faster from the outside in to a shorter radius / diameter as well. We are everywhere at once. It is simply an issue of where we choose to focus our attention. We can focus it on the illusions and projections of the archons/shadow beings and the denser, darker physical plane or we can ignore the illusions and focus our attention on our true divine light source which is at the Eternal Light Realms and where the Ineffable Father or Source is at. The key seems to be that energy flows where Attention goes so ignore all and every distraction thrown your way and keep focusing your Consciousness and Attention on increasing your frequency back to the center.

I think death will be similar in a metaphoric sense to how we are born in this world. We started out as a single sperm cell that left the collective group of cells that made up our father. We had to have enough charge to accelerate enough to break through the membrane of the egg. Not many sperm cells are strong enough to do that...one per birth. Then it unites with the egg cell and forms a completely unique individual of its own, a human being. In a sense we are all part of the collective being of white light or the World Soul, a group consciousness. We had to leave that collective cell consciousness to become a human and we need to do that again. Soon we will break off from that group consciousness and break through the veil or membrane to the Eternal Light Realms and be born again in that realm. There are lots of parallels like leaving your parents which is what we did to come here in the first place but we will be doing that again.. Of course, the parents are not only your mom and dad but also the archon rulers.

I think it would be a good idea for one to try to conduct a life review on their own and try to bring up as many memories and experiences especially "bad" ones as possible and see if any trigger strong emotions one way or another It would be important to process them over and over until one has let them go and feel nothing one way or another about them...as if you were watching someone else's life or a show on TV. Forgive yourself and all others for any "wrongdoings" and forget / let it go Let go of all fear, regret, guilt, shame, resentment/anger/hate, jealousy/envy etc Even the happiest and best times....one should not hold attachments to them ...no crying over happy times such as weddings, births, deaths, disagreements, partings, etc I think repeating this life review over and over until there is no reaction whatsoever is important in case for some reason these memories / events are tried to be used against us as we ascend or in-scend, Also, try to process things we never did that maybe we think we wished we had done...as these could be regrets that could hold one back and make one want to return. Using a meter or lie detector test to monitor the output could help as they do in Scientology. you could just look at the reading as one is reliving a memory or experience....oh, I think it wold be good to think about how our bad decisions could have hurt other people or caused them harm not just focusing on just our own feelings. try to anticipate anything that they could try to use against us or use to manipulate us or get a reaction from us.

In NDEs and OBEs the soul seems to be able to travel in the astral plane by Intent and Thought / Will but there is a silver cord that stretches which could just be our E-M field that surrounds us. At death that "cord" or electromagnetic field is severed. Once the heart's electromagnetic field dissolves your soul or consciousness should start increasing in frequency immediately. Once out of the body your soul does not move physically but increases in frequency enough that it creates what science is able to make which is a wormhole. The sudden release causes a wormhole to appear and it jumps the soul into the astral. So if you start out with using 100% of consciousness in its natural form at a higher frequency. The sequences that people encounter in the afterlife immediately after death are mostly holograms, meaning that they are like interactive TV shows. They only exist because they use our own light to project them. The hologram is able to show things like your family members or friends because it is a hologram that is using your consciousness to fill in the details. A majority of the system of reincarnation is automated. There may be a few beings that escort you around but they are nothing and most of what you see will not be true and just very effective holograms that bring your intent to the scene unfolding keeping you at a lower than natural frequency. Realize that all around us are holograms that are projected by using the energy of our own internal light. At death you need to stay focused on ignoring these projections. In my opinion you should keep going inward by raising your frequency-- you can do this through visualization or using internal mantras, whatever works best for you -- thus ignoring the external projections which are illusions. focused intent going inward, so in a way it is kind of like the Wizard of Oz who is the Demiurge behind the curtain playing off our fears..repeat "there's no place like home, there's no place like home" to go back until we are home in the Eternal Light Realms.

If you have any experiences you would like to share with me I can be reached at the following email address: Wayne J Bush at Gmail dot com

Goodnight. Positive thoughts and higher frequency until we get home.