Lady Gaga Monster Ball Tour: The Moon Star Ball -- Illuminati Occult Analysis & Satanic Meaning

Lady Gaga The Monster Ball Tour DVD cover

According to Lady Gaga she got her name from the Queen song Radio Gaga, but it is interesting that according to the Dictionary of Ancient Deities, Gaga was a Sumerian goddess and "the messenger of Anshar, the progenitor of the Babylonian pantheon including Ea". It also declares" the 'Igigi' and Anunnaki were the offspring of Anshar and were considered assistants to the chief of the gods, Anu, and other high gods, are the spirits of heaven who appear as stars". This could explain the countless headresses she wears depicting rings and orbits. She may be a spectacular entertainer, a great singer, a talented musician, a good songwriter and an inspiration to millions of outcasts worldwide, but make no mistake: Lady Gaga is certainly no 'lady'. (Even her gender is in question by many.) As fate would have it I watched a Sarah Geronimo concert after watching Gaga's. The stark contrast between the two ladies was shocking. Sarah, the filipina star, was very humble and sweet. Say whatever you want about Lady Gaga, but one thing she knows how to do is put on a hell of a show.

Lady Gaga The Monster Ball Tour dvd covers front and back

Lady Gaga's second national tour dubbed the Monster Ball Tour earned over $200 million. HBO aired the last night of the five Madison Square Garden shows and then released it on DVD. The show had a very heavy theatrical element to it with the storyline borrowing themes from The Wizard of Oz and Metropolis movies as well as espousing themes of overcoming demons of self-doubt and sexual liberation. Lady Gaga promises to help her friends find the monster ball which she assures them will set them free. To find it they must follow the "Glitter Way". On the surface the storyline is inspirational and positive. However, as is usually the case with Lady Gaga, there are some seriously dark undertones at work. It is my contention that the monster ball is the "moon star ball" -- the moon, itself. The prefix or root of the word 'monster' is 'mon' which indeed means 'moon' and is where we get our word for month because the moon takes a little under 28 days or about a month to orbit the earth. The suffix 'ster' is from the greek 'aster' and means 'star' which is why an asterisk can also be referred to as a star. So monster literally means 'moon star' and, yes, the moon is said to be a sphere or ball.

Lady Gaga The Monster Ball Tour brooklyn neon lights death cases

After their car breaks down she and her friends find themselves in an urban environment with neon signs reading "Death Cases", "BBQ", "Implants", etc. while Gaga sings about glitter and grease.

Peppah: Now we're never gonna make it to the Monster Ball!!
Gaga: Yes you will.. I'll take you there! ...

Lady Gaga The Monster Ball Tour brooklyn set neon lightsLady Gaga The Monster Ball Tour all-seeing eyeLady Gaga The Monster Ball Tour  devil horns

She promises that she will take them to the Monster Ball and will set them free:

Victor: So...Gaga, what's The Monster Ball really all about? [this kind of hints that there's a secret meaning to the "monster ball"... and immediately after he asks the question he forms the devil horns with his hands]
Gaga: Well, Victor... The Monster Ball will set you free!!
Victor: Do you mean... I could be 'who ever... what ever... that I want to be' free?
Gaga: Yeah Victor, tonight... in the town that gave birth to me... [she says 'at The Monster Ball' in other venues]... we're gonna be super free little monsters.

Lady Gaga The Monster Ball Tour spotlight moon

Notice the spotlight, the white glow behind Gaga up in the air. Is this to symbolize the moon? She says she created the ball so her fans will have a place to go. She implies the ball is a party, presumably the concert she is throwing, but in that case they would already be at the ball. Right when the white light appears she utters the following:

Gaga: But the best thing about The Monster Ball is that I created it so that my fans would have a place to go... A place where all the freaks are outside and I lock the f*****g doors. It doesn't matter who you are, or where you come from, or how much money you got in your pocket because tonight and every other night after you can be who ever is that you want to be.

Lady Gaga The Monster Ball Tour the glitter way lights

Gaga: And to get to The Monster Ball... to find that inner sense of fame... all you got to do is follow the Glitter Way.  ...

When she says this a light glitters on the ground before her and behind her up extending into the air.

Lady Gaga The Monster Ball Tour subway car glitter way 42nd streetLady Gaga The Monster Ball Tour keytar it's hot as hell in here

Gaga: "It's hot as Hell in here."...

Gaga: I’m just a Bad Kid. I don’t want your money. I want your soul, honey. ...

Lady Gaga The Monster Ball Tour clouds moon

She plays the keytar standing on a tower and wearing a claw mask and several times show what looks like the moon on the screen behind her. The moon is a masquerade ball.

Lady Gaga The Monster Ball Tour ready for sacrifice

Gaga walks over to the front of the stage, arches her back and spreads her arms into a crucifixion position almost as if she is ready for sacrifice or has died. She lies there for a while.

Lady Gaga The Monster Ball Tour angel with black harpLady Gaga The Monster Ball Tour twister tornado silver cylinderLady Gaga The Monster Ball Tour twister matrix trapLady Gaga The Monster Ball Tour twister silver cylinderLady Gaga The Monster Ball Tour twister cylinder light

Gaga: And so as my friends and I traveled further and further down the Glitter Way, we ran into a magical angel with a beautiful black harp. And she said that she knew just the music to play to get us closer and closer to the Monster Ball at Madison Square Garden. Oh, what’s that thing? What’s that thing? Way up in the sky? It’s very beautiful but very strange. Is that a rainbow? No, it can’t be. Little Monsters, it’s a twister. ...

In what is perhaps a veiled allusion to death Gaga meets an "angel" dressed in black who "knew just the music to play" to get them "closer and closer to the Monster Ball". Then they all are fascinated by something above them in the sky that is very beautiful and strange. She says it's a twister. What is shown, however, is a silver cylinder. Could the twister or tornado represent the tunnel at death which has also been described as a spinning vortex?

Lady Gaga The Monster Ball Tour automated drss angel

Gaga: Monsters, you make me so happy I could die. ...

Here Gaga even refers to death and says they make her so happy she could die. And she sings a song called So Happy I Could Die where she mentions stars in her eyes, clouds and being higher than ever. She's so happy she could die, but she makes it plain that it's alright.

"So Happy I Could Die"

... Stars in our eyes 'cause we're having a good timeEh-eh, eh-eh, so happy I could dieBe your best friend, yeah, I'll love you foreverUp in the clouds, we'll be higher than everEh-eh, eh-eh, so happy I could die and it's alright
So happy I could die, and it's alrightSo happy I could die, and it's alright....

Lady Gaga The Monster Ball Tour so happy I could die but it's alright

"So happy I could die, but it's alright."

Lady Gaga The Monster Ball Tour angel fairy wings

She sprouts wings and is lifted up high into the air by a round platform tower..

Lady Gaga The Monster Ball Tour moon spotlight

Lady Gaga The Monster Ball Tour living dress

As she sings about dying she is dressed like an angel (or fairy perhaps) with wings. Then she explains that the vortex has taken them to a "deep, dark and evil place".

Gaga: Oh, no! The twister. It's left my friends and I off in a very strange place -- a deep, dark and evil place.

She immediately is shown with a white spotlight behind her (symbolizing the moon again?) and she starts singing the song Monster about how a boy -- a monster (a moon star?) -- has eaten her heart and brains.

Lady Gaga The Monster Ball Tour he ate my heart moon spotlight

MONSTER -- "He ate my heart."

Lady Gaga The Monster Ball Tour blood smears crucifixion pose

“Monster” .... "...He ate my heart, he a-a-ate my heartHe ate my heart, he a-a-ate my heart
Look at him, look at me,That boy is bad, and honestlyHe's a wolf in disguiseBut I can't stop staring in those evil eyes...

That boy is a monster, m-m-m-monster...

...He ate my heart then he ate my brain(I love that girl, wanna talk to her, she's hot as hell)...

Toward the end of the song she reappears with red smears all over her body to signify blood. Then she tells the audience as she lies on the floor as if slain or dying and implies that if they don't give her their energy and attention she will die as if she feeds off their energy.

Gaga: You know how Tinker Bell will die if you don’t clap for her? Do you want me to die? Scream for me! Some people would like me to die. But I’m not going anywhere. Does anyone know what I hate almost as much as I hate money? 

Audience: The Truth!

Gaga: Yes, I hate the truth. The French call it ‘La Vérité.’ Je detesté la vérité. In face, I hate the truth so much I’d prefer a giant dose of bull**** any day over the truth. So, mes petits monstres. Show me your teeth.  ...

Yes, she just admitted that she hates the truth. Gaga seems to offer salvation and the ability to free her "monsters" as she calls her fans. She calls her guitarist Jesus Christ and her bass player "Kern". Cerne is the name of the horned god that pagans worship and is pronounced the same as "Kern".

Lady Gaga The Monster Ball Tour 666 6 6  6 all-seeing eye sign

Lady Gaga flashes an all-seeing eye gesture with 666 symbolism during Poker Face.

Lady Gaga The Monster Ball Tour wizard of oz glitter way

As the show continues and they presumably travel further down the Glitter Way they are getting closer and closer to the Monster Ball.

Gaga: You guys… I think that the Monster Ball is just up ahead… maybe on the right?

Ian: Are you sure, Gaga? It doesn’t look too good.

Gaga: Ian?

Ian: Yeah.

Gaga: I can’t see you. Champagne?

Champagne: I’m here, Gaga, but I don’t think we should go anymore. It’s so dark out here.

Gaga: Oh, come on, you guys. We can’t give up now. The Monster Ball is the greatest party on the planet. And tonight it’s at Madison Square Garden.

Ian: I’m scared.

Gaga: I think it’s just up ahead. It’s just so dark I can’t see.

Champagne: You know, I think I’m just gonna go.

Gaga: Huh?

Ian: What?

Champagne: Ian, come on.

Gaga: Oh, come on, Ian, you wouldn’t leave me, would you?

Ian: Gaga, you know I love you, but you’re going too far. You’re going too far, Gaga.

Gaga: What? You can’t leave me here by myself. It’s dark. I can’t see. Even if the whole world turns their back on you… you always have yourself.

Lady Gaga The Monster Ball Tour horned devil signLady Gaga The Monster Ball Tour points at anglerfish
No! It’s the monster. It’s the fame monster....

The monster is an angler fish which was popularized in the movie Finding Nemo. The anglerfish is a real fish that lures its prey by dangling a light out in front of its sharp teeth. Gaga claims she had a fear of the fish growing up. She was seventeen when the movie came out so I have my doubts. This tour was for her album The Fame Monster which followed up her debut release The Fame and Fame Ball tour therefore, logically, the monster to her is fame itself so it's no surprise that she would sing the song Paparazzi here which would be any star's worst nightmare.

She sings the song Paparazzi.

Lady Gaga The Monster Ball Tour angler fish tentaclesLady Gaga The Monster Ball Tour just eat me already

Gaga: Just eat me already. ...

She tells the monster (or moon star) which has captured her to eat her.

Lady Gaga The Monster Ball Tour sparks fly costume

She goes backstage, dons a costume that generate sparks from her private areas and kills the monster.

Gaga: We did it. We killed him. Now let's get out of here. Let's go to the monster ball.

Lady Gaga The Monster Ball Tour rotating rings orbits

"Caught in a bad romance."

Gaga emerges inside a sphere of rotating rings representing orbits.

Lady Gaga The Monster Ball Tour metropolis outfit

Gaga:  We did it, monsters. We made it to the Monster Ball. We made it to Madison Square Garden in New York City. Did you have the time of your life? Do you feel free, monsters?

The irony of this statement is that I think the rotating rings around her represent her being reborn into the matrix and her outfit is symbolic of the slave robots in the movie Metropolis and even incorporated some robot moves into her dance steps.

Lady Gaga The Monster Ball Tour metropolis lightsLady Gaga The Monster Ball Tour blinding lights

Lots of bright lights accompany this part of the show. The show comes to a close. The last frame on stage is Gaga, her dancers, and the entire crowd showing their paw. Now I've heard for years that the lion's paw or raised paw is a symbol of secret societies so take it for what it's worth. Perhaps she is just using it as a symbol of courage and bravery, attributes of lions.

Lady Gaga The Monster Ball Tour the raised lion's paw

Whether the monster ball represents the moon or not is a mystery, but Gaga is fascinated by reflective clothing such as mirror dresses and bras and she has even posed with mirror balls. The moon acts as a mirror because it reflects the sun's light at night. And she also used a moon as a stage prop for her song Marry the Night.

Lady Gaga mirror ball moonLady Gaga The Monster Ball Tour mirror disco ballLady Gaga mirrored disco ball

Lady Gaga Marry the Night moon

Marry The Night - Lady Gaga (Live on MTV 2011 European Music Awards) -- Analysis of Occult Symbolism & Meaning

Lagy Gaga Marry The Moon MTV 2011 EMALagy Gaga Marry The Moon MTV 2011 EMALagy Gaga Marry The Moon MTV 2011 EMA

Lady Gaga performed her hit "Marry The Night" on MTV's 2011 European Music Awards. She was chained to a half moon wearing a hat and dress both portraying a satellite dish. The hat seemed to have stars twinkling with a hole, well or depression at its center. The stage lights were out to imitate the look and feel of the night. Flames were leaping high around on the set behind her with what appeared to be the image of a total solar eclipse on a screen. Toward the end of the video what looked like a huge steel rail track could be seen arching overhead. This calls to memory the Death Star in Star Wars which was a spaceship disguised as a half moon. Her being chained to the moon or a rock could be symbolic of Prometheus (Enki / Ea) being chained to a giant rock in Greek mythology for stealing fire from the gods to give to man, similar to Lucifer who is the light bearer. The flames leaping behind the moon could be the solar flares and coronal mass ejections that the sun is known for and they seem to be associated with the solar eclipse which is depicted behind her. The steel rail that arches overhead may be the royal arch of freemasonry that arches between their two revered pillars, possibly the moon and sun. The steel rail or grate may also be a reference to the many hell rides that are mentioned in rock songs such as the "high way to hell", "the stairway to heaven", "going off the rails on a crazy train" etc and is most likely depicting the tunnel that appears at death to take you to the light. Some near death experiencers have mentioned it looking like a vent.

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