2012 World Olympic Games XXX in London Opening Ceremony: Occult Meaning and Symbolism

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2012 World Olympic Games Opening Ceremony in London: Occult Meaning and Analysis

"Everyone in the stadium will be part of the magic." -- Danny Boyle, Artistic Director, London 2012 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony Media Guide, pg. 11

"We can build Jerusalem and it will be for everyone." -- Danny Boyle, Artistic Director, London 2012 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony Media Guide, pg. 11

"The first torchbearer was Prometheus, who stole fire from Mount Olympus and gave it as a gift to mankind." -- London 2012 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony Media Guide, pg. 36

"Ladies and gentlemen, after traveling 12,800 miles the Olympic torch is about to enter the stadium witnessed by an Honour Guard of the 500 men and women who built the Olympic Park." -- Stadium Announcer

"Viewed from a location in the Northern Hemisphere, the effect is such that for 12,800 years the Galactic Center rises, then for another 12,800 years it falls. For example, if we go back to the time of the fabled Golden Age of the Vedas -- one half a precessional cycle ago -- we find that the latitude that 'balances' the skies in that era is 53 degrees north. This is the latitude running through Glastonbury in England." -- John Major Jenkins, Galactic Alignment (published in 2002)


That the 2012 World Olympics Games would be held in London, England was no surprise to conspiracy theorists. London has long been thought to be an Illuminati control center with the Rothschilds and the royal family having so much money and property. The community was all abuzz long before the Opening Ceremony. On the Red Ice Creations radio show Rik Clay had revealed much of the symbolism behind the official 2012 logo which can be rearranged to spelll 'Zion' and the religious street names associated with the stadium and its immediate area. When he was murdered shortly thereafter it only validated his research for many. During the opening ceremony when they showed past Olympic program covers I noticed the 2008 Beijing logo also contained 2012 and the word 'Zion'. The legs are both a '2' and the 'Z' and 'N', respectively. The arms together from the '1' or 'I'. The torso is the '0' or 'O' and the head is the dot for the 'i'.

I have noticed that so much of the opening ceremony incorporated topics I have written about on this site. It was announced that the official song of the Olympics would be Survival, a song that the alternative rock group Muse was instructed to write which included lyrics about life being a race that the singer was going to win. It is fitting that a song by that name would be chosen, as if to commemorate all the theories surrounding the end of the Mayan calendar. It was only a month or so ago that I had added my page on the Trickster figure which included many of the characters in this opening ceremony, like Peter Pan who is based on the greek god of chaos, Pan.

The opening ceremony was an eclectic mix of the pagan traditions covering the history of Britain combined with the theory of chaos and ultimately incorporating the occult beliefs and zionist new world order agenda of the royal family which includes keeping the masses comatose with many references to dreams, illusion and sleep.

As Danny Boyle, who was the Artist Director for the Opening Ceremony says in the ceremony's guide program, "Woven through it all, there runs a golden thread of purpose -- the idea of Jerusalem -- of a better world that can be built through the prosperity of industry, through the caring nation that built the welfare state, through the joyous energy of popular culture, through the dream of universal communication. We can build Jerusalem. And it will be for everyone."


The ceremony created by Danny Boyles (with musical direction by the electronic group, Underworld) was entitled "Isles of Wonder" which was taken from William Shakespeare's play The Tempest. The largest harmonically tuned bell in the world was inscribed with a quote from the play by the character Caliban, a half-man half-beast who was the villainous son of a witch: " Be not afeard, the isle is full of noises." Throughout the ceremony a piece named Caliban's Dream was whistled to bridge various segments together. A key resource for the ceremony was the book Pandaemonium, the title of the capitol of Hell in Milton's book Paradise Lost. The first song in the Countdown to the show was Surf Solar by F Buttons. The ceremony itself opened off with the London Symphony Orchestra playing the classical piece named Nimrod. This was very telling to me in a show which was almost entirely devoted to British history and achievements. Of all the songs to choose from in history to open the Games they chose a relatively obscure one named Nimrod. Nimrod in the Old Testament was the evil king who directed the building of the Tower of Babel. Some researchers and royal insiders have revealed Nimrod was a descendant in the Merovingian line of kings which many believe the royal family comes from. Still others say he was the king of Atlantis during the great flood which would explain the beginning of the ceremony. The first shot of the ceremony was underwater which is approprate because Nimrod is believed to be associated with Neptune /Poseidon and Dagon. Next the religious themes of zionism were referenced as the poem "Jerusalem" was quoted which referred to the belief that Jesus walked on their land (and later married and had children with Mary Magdalene).

Are the royal family delaring their ancestry is through King Nimrod and runs through Jesus?

2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremony Isles of Wonder stone2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremony Thames river The Wind in the Willows2012 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony London Opening Ceremony Subway tunnel and light2012 Olympic World Games London Opening Ceremony Pink Floyd Animals Flying Pig2012 olympic world games london openng ceremony olympic rings logo crop circle


"Green and Pleasant Land"

2012 Olympics world Games London Opening Ceremony Farm2012 World Olympic Games London opening cermony Farm land2012 World Olympic Games London opening cermony bell ringing witchcraft magic spell

The first frame of the ceremony was underwater and emerged out of the waters to show a stone of the Isles of Wonder which read, "This stone was placed here to mark the source of the river Thames". The camera then followed the river past several landmarks all the way to the stadium. The first I recognized were the characters Rat, Mole and Toad from the book The Wind in the Willows who in the seventh chapter Piper at the Gates of Dawn worshipped the greek god of Chaos, Pan. The tour continued on through the London underground, the Limehouse road tunnel, the Rotherhithe Tunnel, the London Eye, the Power Station with Pink Floyd's flying pig, a field with Olympic rings crop circle, and into the stadium which contained a farm with over 100 animals, a game like atmosphere with a ferris wheel, a maypole, pyramid lights with the lights as a capstone, a replica of the spiral labyrinth at the hill of Glastonbury Tor which they noted and often showed, and a huge Olympic bell, the largest harmonically tuned bell in the world. Once inside the stadium they rang or tolled the bell which released five white balloons carrying rings that the commentator said would "float up to the stratosphere".


Jerusalem by William Blake

And did those feet in ancient time.
Walk upon Englands mountains green:
And was the holy Lamb of God,
On Englands pleasant pastures seen!

And did the Countenance Divine,
Shine forth upon our clouded hills?
And was Jerusalem builded here,
Among these dark Satanic Mills?

Bring me my Bow of burning gold;
Bring me my Arrows of desire:
Bring me my Spear: O clouds unfold!
Bring me my Chariot of fire!

I will not cease from Mental Fight,
Nor shall my Sword sleep in my hand:
Till we have built Jerusalem,
In Englands green & pleasant Land

The religious nature and Zionist spin of the ceremony began. As they portrayed the industrial revolution they quoted the William Blake poem Jerusalem and his reference to the "dark satanic mills" of the industrial revolution's factories. This poem would inspire several of the ceremony's scenes to follow. The performers paused in remembrance for the dead.


Also quoted was Shakespeare's play The Tempest which featured the exiled Duke, Prospero, and his daughter. This is interesting since the tempest was a storm at sea and the god Nimrod previously mentioned has been identified as Neptune.

"Be not afeard. The isle is full of noises,
Sounds and sweet airs that give delight and hurt not.
Sometimes a thousand twangling instruments
Will hum about mine ears, and sometime voices
That, if I then had waked after long sleep,
Will make me sleep again; and then, in dreaming,
The clouds methought would open, and show riches
Ready to drop upon me, that when I waked,
I cried to dream again."

A poem about sleep and dreaming again conjured up images reinacarnation to me. In the show there was even a large wheel like the wheel of death that circus performers use. A tree rose from underground to the top of the hill.


2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony walking the labyrinth2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony2012 Olympics ring sparks

This next sequence of the show was called "PANDEMONIUM" which was a term coined by Milton in Paradise Lost and referred to the capitol of Hell and can be reduced to "Pan Demon-ium". The section was said to represent the Industrial Revolution which the British provided the world, but it was plain to me that it was also a pagan reference to the woodlands god, Pan. There was a tiered hill which was a replica of Glastonbury Tor, the famed hill which is rumored to be the home of Avalon and where the holy grail was found. The workers come from out of the tree under/inside the labyrinthed hill just like where Peter Pan lives. The movie Pan's Labyrinth also contained a wooded labyrinth underground. Pan was later demonized as the Devil by the church and is responsible for terms like pantheism, panic and pandemonium.

Then hundreds of workers walked down the labyrinth of the hill. To illustrate the industrial age the workers helped to pull up seven enormous pipes or smoke stacks with smoking chimneys, men rising up with them in addition to five beam engines, a water wheel and a crucible. The energy of their sweat and toil. Announcers of one broadcast I watched mentioned the phrase "order out of chaos". A sperm-like looking fuse ignited a large ring of fire. The sweat and turmoil, energy of the men forged five glowing golden rings which came together overhead to form the Olympic rings.

"Second to the Right, and Straight on Till Morning" --
More References to PAN, the trickster god of Chaos

2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony Peter Pan book second to the right straight on till morning

James Bond went with his helicopter to get the Queen and bring her to the stadium. They had someone that looked like the queen parachute into the stadium. The queen was introduced and the national anthem by the Kaos Signing Choir (no kidding) God Save The Queen was performed for her. And although the sentiment was rather touching it might have been funny to see them perform the Sex Pistols' version of the song for her: "God save the queen, the fascist regime, they made you a moron, potential H-bomb. God save the queen, she ain't no human being. There is no future in England's dreaming."

2012 Olympics opening ceremony child sleeping on bed2012 Olympics opening ceremony Peter Pan book captain Hook2012 Olympics opening ceremony child nightmare Child Cather villain from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang2012 Olympics opening ceremony nightmare villain Voldemort from Harry Potter2012 Olympics opening ceremony nultiple Mary Poppins save the day2012 Olympics opening ceremony ferris wheel tunnel lit with concentric circles2012 Olympics opening ceremony crescent moon and frankenbaby


The Pan references and pipes continued with the opening of a storybook which contained the phrase from the J.M. Barrie book Peter Pan, "Second to the right and straight on till morning" which was the directions Peter Pan gave to Wendy on how to get to Neverland and could be a veiled reference to the star Sirius in the Pleiades. Mike Oldfiield was playing his song Tubular Bells (also known as the theme to the Exorcist) with pipes behind him. This section was a "tribute to all the stars -- both jovial and sinister -- of childrens' literature."

2012 Olympics opening ceremony NHS hospital beds with children><img src=

Children in hospial beds were scared by villains from childrens' literature. Pan's archrival Captain Hook, Cruella de Vil (cruel devil?) from 101 Dalmations, The Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland, Voldemort from Harry Potter, and the Child Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. The white hospital beds morphed into what is claimed to be a smile, but to me looked more like the shape of a crescent moon while the children dreamed of these horrible characters with Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling making a rare appearance to read a quote from Peter Pan:

"Of all delectable islands Neverland is the snuggest.
Itís not large and sprawly, you know, with boring distances between one adventure and the next, itís nicely crammed.
When you play at it by day with the table and chairs, itís not a bit frightening,
But in the two minutes before you go to sleep it is real."

So you have all these villains that want to capture you and scare you to death running around in the midst of the humongous gold bell with a white light hanging beneath it, a luminous white crescent moon and a lighted ferris wheel which had concentric circles lit inside of it so that it resembled a tunnel and the song Tubular Bells is playing. One child in its bed is raised high up into the air while the menacing character Voldemart from Harry Potter towers over it from above waving a magic wand with sparks flying from it. One commentator even commented, "So there's quite a dark side to the ceremony but the light around the hospital beds is like a big contradiction, you know." Then came a horde of Mary Poppins clones. To quote, "Here comes Mary Poppins to save the day. As Dick Van Dyke once sang, 'No wonder that it's Mary that we love' ". "But it's not all bad, there is of course Mary Poppins who banishes the baddies". With a flute playing, children joined hands forming a rotating circle around a couple of the Mary Poppins clones and did a spiral dance in and out. "The audience are definitely part of this ceremony. The audience's pixels are brilliant. If you look at their light movement behind the performers, the audience is having a whale of a time waving their pixels and their hands, taking part throughout the whole ceremony so far. It's been great vision and lighting around the audience. I wish I had one in my hand actually... As we go on they're going to produce some more and more magic with it."


2012 Olympics opening ceremony human bein Mr. Bean fantasy wins Chariots of Fire race by cheating

Chariots of Fire was mentioned earlier in the Blake poem Jerusalem and is a reference to the Old Testament's chariots of fire (likely UFOs) that Elijah was taken up in the sky in. The next section was a tribute to the British film industry. The bell was tolled and music from Vangelis' Chariots of Fire (mentioned in the poem, Jerusalem) was performed by the London Symphonic Orchestra with the added comedic relief of Mr. Bean, Rowan Atkinson. So here was a human bean who fantasizes racing along the beach in the famous scene from the movie and cheating to win the race.

"THE DIGITAL AGE" , NEW ORDER, 1984 and Transhumanism

2012 Olympics opening ceremony peace sign as wiccan crows feet symbol2012 Olympics opening ceremony david bowie starman starchild alien ETOlympics 2012 London Opening Ceremony Prodigy Firestarter video photo with tunnel and light2012 Olympics opening ceremony the digital age segment fire explosions

The next segment of the show was the story of the digital age which showed a typical British family immersed in technology and praised the invention of the Internet and Social Networking [which will lead us into the age the Transhumanists are pushing. Their goal is to ultimately merge mankind with machine. It could become a dangerous age depicted in movies like The Matrix, The Terminator or Cyborg where humanity is thrust deeper yet into another layer of Pan's labyrinth.] The stadium announcer mentioned a hurricane coming (another reference to a sea storm) and a dark cloud formed overhead the typical British family's house and actually rained. The daughter was depicted using social networking sites on her telephone, instant messaging such as Yahoo, Facebook and Twitter and "the son on his gameboy". The dancers formed a peace sign with crow's feet. The Jam's song Going Underground was played ("Some people might say I'm livin' in a rut but I'm quite happy living with what I got").

Starman by David Bowie:

There's a starman waiting in the sky
He'd like to come and meet us
But he thinks he'd blow our minds

There's a starman waiting in the sky
He's told us not to blow it'
Cause he knows it's all worthwhile

He told me "Let the children use it
Let the children lose it

Let all the children boogie"

I had to phone someone so I picked on you
Hey, that's far out so you heard him too
Switch on the TV, we may pick him up on channel two

Look out your window I can see his light
If we can sparkle he may land tonight
Don't tell your poppa or he'll get us locked up in fright

Next to be sung was "Is this the real life or is it just fantasy caught in a landslide, no escape from reality" from Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody as well as boys from the Underworld show. Other songs in the medley were the group NEW ORDER's Blue Monday ("How does it feel to treat me like you do?") with the dancers forming a happy face. Other songs: Soul II Soul's Back to Life: "back to life, back to reality, back to the here and now and then" and Sweet Dreams by the Eurythmics: "Sweet dreams are made of this. Who am I to disagree? I travel the world. And the seven seas. Everybody's looking for something". During the song Firestarter ("I'm the Firestarter, I'm the trouble starter") by Prodigy all kinds of fires were being set with explosions going off very near some of the dancers and exceprts from the video were shown of the scary looking lead singer jumping around in a dark tunnel with a light at the end of it.

Next a rapper Dizzee Rascal sang Bonkers:


I wake up everyday it's a daydream
Everythin' in my life ain't what it seems
I wake up just to go back to sleep
I act real shallow but I'm in too deep

And all I care about is sex and violence
A heavy bass line is my kind of silence
Everybody says that I gotta get a grip
But I let sanity give me the slip

Some people think I'm bonkers
But I just think I'm free
Man, I'm just livin' my life
There's nothin' crazy about me

I wake up everyday it's a daydream
Everythin' in my life ain't what it seems
I wake up just to go back to sleep
I act real shallow but I'm in too deep

Muse's song about revolution Uprising helped to finish off the music mix. Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the world wide web, was recognized. The house was raised to reveal him sitting at a computer with the message "This is for everyone".


2012 Olympics opening ceremony David Beckhman in speedboat racing relay torch to stadium on thames river2012 Olympics opening ceremony illuminati witchcraft ritual spell of sun2012 Olympics opening ceremony illuminati witchraft ritual sphere of energy spell

After a montage of scenes displaying relay torches and cauldrons from previous Olympic ceremonies, David Beckham and a female footballer were shown racing the flame of the torch relay on a speedboat under the Tower Bridge toward the stadium to conclude the torch relay which traveled 12,800 miles.

In his book on mayan cosmology, Galactic Alignment, author John Major Jenkins writes about an "alignment of the December solstice sun with the dark rift that lies along the Milky Way near the Galactic Center, an event determined by precession that culminates in the years around 2012. This type of alignment occurs once every 26,000 years... the solstice axis aligns with the evolutionary axis once every 13,000 years. We can imagine this to activate a kind of galactic awakening as we resonate with our deep galactic core (the muladhara or root chakra) and our extragalactic potentiality (Galactic Anticenter; saharara, or crown, chakra), which many esotericists equate with the Pleiades." Later in the book he gets more specific: "As the earth wobbles on its axis, the North Celestial Pole shifts and traces out a large circle through the northern constellations. While this occurs, the Galactic Center, which is farther south and close to the ecliptic, moves higher and lower. Viewed from a location in the Northern Hemisphere, the effect is such that for 12,800 years the Galactic Center rises, then for another 12,800 years it falls. For example, if we go back to the time of the fabled Golden Age of the Vedas -- one half a precessional cycle ago -- we find that the latitude that 'balances' the skies in that era is 53 degrees north. This is the latitude running through Glastonbury in England. There, 12,800 years ago, the Galactic Center could be viewed very high above the southern horizon, in fact, 53 degrees high -- the highest point it ever reaches. This would have been quite dramatic and, most significantly, this era of the Galactic Center's highest meridian transit was also the era of the previous solstice-galaxy alignment."

The next segment is claimed to be a tribute honoring the loved ones, terrorist victims of the 7/7 bombings who could not be there, and was described in the ceremony program as an "honest expression of the fear of approaching death". NBC producers in America declined to air it, however. Akram Khan, who choreographed and danced in the routine commented, "I feel disheartened and disappointed. I was really shocked and horrified and would like to know on what grounds the American media can make that decision. I am really sad that I couldn't show the work in America, and that really upsets me, because I don't think it's any more or less than the other pieces. It brings to mind the question... that maybe it's too truthful." The media guide says the piece symbolized "the struggle between life and death, using such powerful images of mortality as dust and the setting sun."

The segment opened with the tolling of the bell, a giant bright orange sun with a clump of dancers dressed in dark red clothing humped over. They jumped up in a cloud of dust and started moving to the sound of a heartbeat and the sun slowly rised above them. Scotland's Emilie Sande sang the hymn Abide With Me as if it were a hymn to the sun deity. The words to the hymn:

Abide With Me

  1. Abide with me; fast falls the eventide;
    The darkness deepens; Lord, with me abide;
    When other helpers fail and comforts flee,
    Help of the helpless, oh, abide with me.
  2. Swift to its close ebbs out life’s little day;
    Earth’s joys grow dim, its glories pass away;
    Change and decay in all around I see—
    O Thou who changest not, abide with me.
  3. I need Thy presence every passing hour;
    What but Thy grace can foil the tempter’s pow’r?
    Who, like Thyself, my guide and stay can be?
    Through cloud and sunshine, Lord, abide with me.
  4. I fear no foe, with Thee at hand to bless;
    Ills have no weight, and tears no bitterness;
    Where is death’s sting? Where, grave, thy victory?
    I triumph still, if Thou abide with me.
  5. Hold Thou Thy cross before my closing eyes;
    Shine through the gloom and point me to the skies;
    Heav’n’s morning breaks, and earth’s vain shadows flee;
    In life, in death, O Lord, abide with me.

The large bell was prominently displayed behind them which featured a light inside the horn of the bell. An older black gentleman who at one point was touching the ground with his right hand perhaps to pull energy from the root chakra of the earth approached a 10 year old boy who had emerged from the dark cloud of dust earlier and represented "hope". Together the man and the boy took what looked like an invisible ball of energy in their left hands and worked it vigorously to invigorate and intensify its power. The man took the energy ball and kept it away from the small boy, but led him to the dark rift and held the sphere above the boy's head as if a halo while the boy hugged him. He led him into the center of the dark rift and to conclude the segment the boy lifted up the sphere of energy to the sun with a ring of stars of David as a backdrop. I couldn't help but wonder if the dark dancers were supposed represent the dark rift of the galaxy.

The Encyclopedia of Wicca and Witchcraft shows a picture of a sphere of energy between hands in the exact proportion done in this ceremony and reads, "The sphere of energy is a visualization tool that will release the energy of a spell once it is completed.... Once the work of a spell is completed a symbolic act of release must be performed. An example would be to visualize a sphere of energy forming between one's palms like a balloon of light.Then using the imagination, the balloon is projected off into the ether or in the direction of the spell's target."


2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony Parade of Nations2012Olympics Opening Ceremony Parade of Nations Flags Walking the Labyrinth

Next was the procession of countries which started out with Greece and the song Galvanize which features the chant "world, the time has come to (push the button)..." A few of the next songs were Rolling in the Deep and Stayin' Alive. As the countries would take center stage representatives would also climb the spiral labyrinth on the hill of Glastonbury Tor.

"BIKE a.m." featuring ARC-TIC MONKEYS & 1984

2012 Olympics Opening ceremony Arctic Monkeys2012 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony Flying Dove Bikes

After the procession the group Arctic Monkeys (arc tic mon-keys) performed I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor::

You're an explosion, you're dynamite,
Your name isn't Rio but I don't care for sand,
And lighting the fuse might result in a bang b-b-bang, Go!

I bet you look good on the dancefloor
dancing to electro-pop like a robot from 1984."

A disturbing lyric mentioning Orwell's 1984 and a person being lit with a fuse to pop and bang. They also performed a cover of The Beatles' Come Together which has weird lyrics about a grotesque looking joker offering freedom if people come together:

"He's gotta to be a joker, he just do as he please...

One thing I can tell you is you got to be free.
Come together right now over me".

This song also featured performers on bicycles dressed as doves of peace, one of which flew up into the sky. So you have a song from the group New Order and then a song with a reference to Orwell's 1984 and now an encouragement for the world to all come together, obviously a plug for the United Nations. The next segment would involve the lighting of the Olympic cauldron -- and, yes, cauldron is the Olympic official name for it.


2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony Queen Let The Hunger Games Begin

From the programme guide: "This segment marked the official opening of the Games and includes traditional elements common to all Opening Ceremonies: speeches by the Chair of the Organizing Committee and President of the IOC; raising the Olympic Flag; singing the Olympic Anthem, and Oath taking. It culminates with Her Majesty The Queen officially declaring the Games open."


2012 Olympics opening ceremony illuminati spell ritual lighting the cauldron with seven torches

In the media program guide it reads, "During the ancient Olympic Games in Greece, a fire was kept burning to symbolize and remind people of the Olympic Truce. The Torch is therefore a living, vulnerable reminder that the true ambition of the Olympics is not victory but peace. The first torchbearer was Prometheus, who stole fire from Mount Olympus and gave it as a gift to mankind."

David Beckham's speedboat is shown at the Tower Bridge on its way to the stadium. The commentator injects, "The big question, of course, is who will take possession of this torch when it gets to the Olympic Park itself, that's the next great mystery." "This torch and we'll bring it into the stadium ready for the lighting of the cauldron, but the location of the cauldron is also a mystery... he crosses the canal and approaches the stadium where there are 80,000 people waiting for his arrival, massive athletes gathered in the center."

Then the stadium announcer exclaimed, "Ladies and gentlemen, after traveling 12,800 miles the Olympic torch is about to enter the stadium witnessed by an Honour Guard of the 500 men and women who built the Olympic Park. Ladies and gemtlemen, the Olympic Flame!" 12,800 is an extremely interesting number because the precession of the equinox takes 25,600 years or twice that. Many round the number off to 26,000. It is said the earth and solar system spend 12,800 years traveling into the light and another 12,800 in the dark.

David helped light the torch of a gold medal winner who jogged up the ramp to the cauldron. Over 200 copper leaves, one for each country, were ignited folding up like a Venus Flytrap and coalesced at first in a giant sun like an eye with a hole in the center. Then after a minute the hole was filled and the sun was complete. The individual flames coming together (like the United Nations) was suppose to symbolize all the countries of the world uniting into one.


2012 Olympics opening ceremony lighting the cauldron ring of fire2012 Olympics opening ceremony flaming 200 copper petals enfolding like Venus flytrap into the sun2012 Olympics opening ceremony cauldron lit to become flaming eye ball of the sun2012 Olympics opening ceremony lighting the cauldron ritual of the sun fire ball2012 Olympics opening ceremony illuminati ritual torch finale with fireworks to pink floyd dark side of the moon song Eclipse

Next was what the commentator described as surely the highlight of the entire ceremony. The cylindrical cones of the torches were used to light the cauldron filled with flaming copper petals. Once the fireball was lit the song of choice was Eclipse by Pink Floyd. It's not surprising that a reference to the eclipse of the sun by the moon would be featured so the song Eclipse from Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon was chosen as flames of 200 copper petals were ignited to "form one great flame of unity -- a symbol of the peaceful coming together of nations that is the Olympic Games."

At first it just looked like a flaming eye and then many explosions of pyrotechnics blasted upwards like fireworks ultimately forming what looked like a blazing sun. The visualized sphere of energy had been transferred into cones of power and raised and released as fireworks exploded throughout the entire song Eclipse. And what was the target the spell symbolically or for real had been released upon as explosions of fireworks erupted to the music? Just look at the details of the message:

Eclipse by Pink Floyd from the album Dark Side of the Moon

All that you touch, All that you see, All that you taste, All you feel
All that you love, All that you hate, All you distrust, All you save,
All that you give, All that you deal, All that you buy, beg, borrow or steal

All you create, All you destroy, All that you do, All that you say,
All that you eat, everyone you meet, All that you slight, everyone you fight,
All that is now, All that is gone, All that's to come

And everything under the sun is in tune
But the sun is eclipsed by the moon."

Those are lyrics to the song Eclipse. There is aother song on the album which actually mentions the tolling of a bell and that is the song Time which whose ticking clock beat was actually played for a few seconds in the opening short movie clip of the journey along the Thames River to the stadium. The ending to the song is: "Far away across the field tolling on the iron bell calls the faithful to their knees to hear the softly spoken magic spell..."

"AND IN THE END..." & The Tolling of the Bell

2012 Olympics opening ceremony Paul McCartney sings In the End2012 Olympics opening ceremony Paul McCartney sings In the End2012 Olympics opening ceremony Sir Paul McCartney sings Hey Jude refrain about sumerian moon god Nanna2012 Olympics opening ceremony Sir Paul McCartney sings Hey Jude anthem with the crowd to close the ceremony2012 Olympics opening ceremony Sir Paul McCartney chants illuminati witchcraft Nanna spell with crowd

Immediately after Eclipse five golden rings were shown hovering high above the Earth presumably where they had been released to at the beginning of the ritual, The ceremony neared its end as Sir Paul McCartney sang the refrain to The End: "And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make".


Ok, most of you will probably think this is a stretch, but that's ok, it's a conspiracy article so let's speculate just a little bit. They tolled the giant bell one more time and with Paul seated at the piano almost directly under the giant bell he played and sang the song Hey Jude while the whole world watched the cauldron burn. Jude is said to be John Lennon's child Julian, for whom Paul claims he wrote the song for to help him through John and Cynthia's divorce. Yet some of the lyrics are more appropriate for an adult and Julian didn't even find out the song was supposedly written for him until twenty years later. Some say the song was about heroin which is possible given some of the lines about letting her in (heroin) and under the skin. Like the denial that Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds was about LSD despite all the hallucinogenic imagery in the song and the initials of the title matching the acronym, they once again claimed it was about a drawing Julian brought home from school. I have always felt Lucy in the sky with diamonds was about Lucifer in the sky with diamonds (star) and Lucifer (Venus) was "the girl with the sun in her eyes". Others have postulated Jude is "Jew' since Jude is german for Jew and obviously has etymological connections to Judea and Judah. So given all the zionist rumours circulating it would not surprise me.

I am also not convinced Jude is Julian or even Jules. It's Jude. Maybe Jude sounded better to the ear than Jude, but just maybe it was a song to Saint Jude, the patron saint of lost causes. He is the patron saint of laust causes because when people were told to pray to Saint Jude they said it was a lost cause because of Judas' betrayal. Jude is a nickname for Judas. Some have claimed St. Jude is also known as Judas, Jesus' brother and disciple who betrayed him, might be a hero for ones who declared themselves "bigger than Jesus" The song actually reminds me a lot of the song McCartney wrote, Let It Be, which is practically a hymn to Mother Mary, the mother of Jesus, so it's not like this has no precedence for McCartney. If he has written a song for the mother of Jesus, then why not his brother? If they wrote a song for Lucifer, then why not Judas? He would certainly need a song to cheer him up for having the weight of the world upon his shouldres. The so-called elite believe that Lucifer was undeservedly demonized and some occultists seemingly have a soft spot in their heart for Judas as well. Mary is the moon goddess identified with Isis and is why she is sometimes depicted standing on the moon. Judas is a hero for many occultists and was featured in the movie and play Jesus Christ, Superstar and also inspired the name for the heavy metal band, Judas Priest. Admittedly, the lyrics don't seem to fit a message to Judas either even if "her" is meant to be the Goddess .

Whether or not Jude is Judas, St. Paul engaged the crowd in the several minute long ending with all the crowd chanting like a mantra over and over again "na na na nanna na na, nanna na na". As the media program explains, "Nearly four minutes of 'Hey Jude's' seven minutes are composed of the famous, ecstatic 'na na na na' sing-along chorus." The final chorus was sang 16 times so the syllable "na" was chanted 176 times in the song's final chorus. First of all "na" or "nah" is negative and is synonymous with "no". There is another meaning to all the nanna's. Nanna, the father of Inanna, was the sumerian MOON GOD (also known as Sin to the Akkadians) and the father of Inanna/Ishtar/Venus/Lucifer. Nanna also was a Norse goddess and why we sometimes call our grandmothers 'nanna' orn mothers "mamma". Any disctionary or encylcopedia will tell you that Lucifer is Venus so McCartney could be singing about Inanna/Venus/Lucifer. As an aside, it is interesting to note that when a moon is visible during the daytime it is called a "Judas moon" perhaps because Jesus is associated with the sun so his betrayer would be the moon.

Hey Jude by Sir Paul McCartney

Hey Jude, don't make it bad
Take a sad song and make it better
Remember to let her into your heart
Then you can start to make it better

Hey Jude, don't be afraid
You were made to go out and get her
The minute you let her under your skin
Then you begin to make it better

And anytime you feel the pain, hey Jude, refrain
Don't carry the world upon your shoulders
For well you know that it's a fool who plays it cool
By making his world a little colder
Na na na, na na, na na na na

Hey Jude, don't let me down
You have found her, now go and get her
Remember to let her into your heart
Then you can start to make it better

So let it out and let it in, hey Jude, begin
You're waiting for someone to perform with
And don't you know that it's just you? Hey Jude, you'll do
The movement you need is on your shoulder

Na na na, na-na na na, Na-na na na, hey Jude
Na na na, na-na na na, Na-na na na, hey Jude
Na na na, na-na na na, Na-na na na, hey Jude
Na na na, na-na na na, Na-na na na, hey Jude
Na na na, na-na na na, Na-na na na, hey Jude
Na na na, na-na na na, Na-na na na, hey Jude
Na na na, na-na na na, Na-na na na, hey Jude
Na na na, na-na na na, Na-na na na, hey Jude
Na na na, na-na na na, Na-na na na, hey Jude
Na na na, na-na na na, Na-na na na, hey Jude
Na na na, na-na na na, Na-na na na, hey Jude
Na na na, na-na na na, Na-na na na, hey Jude
Na na na, na-na na na, Na-na na na, hey Jude
Na na na, na-na na na, Na-na na na, hey Jude
Na na na, na-na na na, Na-na na na, hey Jude
Na na na, na-na na na, Na-na na na, hey Jude

The last frame of the show:

2012 Olympics opening ceremony final frame showing olympic caudron fire ablaze

Was the Olympics Opening Ceremony a magickal ritual of witchcraft?


Bell - The world's largest harmonic bell at 27 tons. From the Encylopedia of Wicca & Witchcraft by Raven Grimassi:
BELL is a symbol of the creative force. In the mystery tradition bells are the symbols of both invocation and banishment. They are therefore often sounded at the four quarters to call forth spirits such as the Watchers and elementals. Hung from a cord, they symbolize the human soul suspended between heaven and earth. See ELEMENTALS and WATCHERS.

CAULDRON is a symbol of transmutation, germination and transformation. It is also a womb symbol and therefore a goddess symbol as well. In Celtic lore the cauldron was often located in the Underworld or beneath a body of water... The cauldron symbolizes the womb of the Great Goddess. Everything is born from the cauldron of the goddess and everything returns therein."

CONE OF POWER is an energy form raised within a ritual or a magickal circle. Typically the energy collects into an etheric shape resembling a rounded pyramid, a somewhat cone-like image. It is often used to transmit energy that is designed to aid in healing or to manifest a desire. There are many methods of raising a cone of power. Some Wiccans/Witches employ ecstatic dance, chanting, drumming, guided imagery, meditation, trance, or other techniques that serve to alter states of consciousness... Once a cone of power is raised it is then released so that its magick can be transmitted. Depending upon the type of magick used, the cone can be sent to a person, place, or thing through guided imagery, or the cone can be implanted directly within the astral plane for manifestation.

LABYRINTH: associated with the Great Goddess symbolizing the wombpath of initiation or enlightenment

PENTACLE is a round solid disk, often made of stone or wood, with a fove-pointed star engraved upon it... In most Wiccan/Witchraft traditions the pentacle symbolizes the element of Earth... a pentacle may be used in magical charging.

SPELL is a simple and basic act of magick that incorporates the use of raised power or drawn power... the casting of spells involve employment of the four elements: candle wax, symbolic of Earth; oils, representing Water; insense smoke, symbolic of Air; and candle flames/ritual flames, representing elemental Fire... Once the work of a spell is completed a symbolic act of release must be performed. An example would be to visualize a sphere of energy forming between one's palms like a balloon of light. Then using the imagination, the balloon is projected off into the ether or in the direction of the spell's target.

MOON -- In ancient times the light of the moon itself was the power of the moon. It was the actual substance of magick itself, and not a mere symbol of the moon's power. We find this belief reflected in ancient deity statues where torches appear in the hands of Hecate and Diana Lucifera, displaying the power they wield in their hands. From this concept arose the ritual practice of using candles, torches and bonfires in lunar ceremonies. This was designed to encourage the light of the moon, as seen in the ancient rite of carrying torches around a newly planted field at night. In ancient Celtic times, torches were lighted for the moon goddess Bridget or Brigentis just as they had been earlier in Greece for Hecate and Artemis.

MOON TREE In Assyrian art the moon tree sometimes appears with ribbons attached to it, very similar to the European Maypole.

Elements present in cemerony:

Earth -- green farmlands, hill, tree

Water -- it was raining, but they didn't take a chance as they had especially made clouds that rained on performers on command

Air -- smoke -- from smokestacks, from fireworks, also at the beginning of the hymn to the sun

Fire -- torches, cauldron, fireworks


In summary, I would like to quote John Major Jenkins from his book Galactic Alignment: "If we can truly embrace this responsibility -- which is really the gift of free will -- then we might be able to transcend the collective unconscious death wish and appreciate the importance of larger cosmic cycles in which we are embedded -- for the era-2012 alignment initiates the ascension phase of the precessional day. We -- that is, humanity -- have been falling deeper into unconsciousness for 13,000 years. But the alignment of the solstice meridian with the galactic plane (1975-2021) is the shift zone, after which consciousness begins a reversal, a disembodiment of spirit as we en-lighten through each successive year and each successive incarnation, the universe now fully supporting our spiritual endeavors and our yearning for highest potential, buried though it may be under millennia of ignorance and materialism."

The ceremony did not disappoint me at all as far as delivering the occult symbolism I expected. One weird thing I noticed were all these rune like markings and sigils all over the stage, maybe representing chaos or some kind of language I didn't recognize.


Well. that's it. Please visit my other pages for more detailed info on some of the topics, especially the Trickster page which contains alot of the pagan symbolism because of Pan being the god of chaos and a trickster figure.

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