Olympics: 2012 World Olympic Games Paralympics Opening Ceremony --Occult Meaning and Symbolism

2012 Paralympics London CERN enlightenment xecerpt from Media Guide2012 Paralympics London Logo red horns torch Baphomet

2012 Paralympics London Venus Lucifer and pyramid fireworks

"Lucifer -- the morning star; the planet Venus when in the sky before sunrise; Satan, the Devil" -- The New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary

"As the name of a friction match to produce instantaneous light Lucifer succeeded to Prometheus (both recorded 1831)." -- Oxford Dictionary of English Etymology

"The first torchbearer was Prometheus, who stole fire from Mount Olympus and gave it as a gift to mankind." -- London 2012 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony Media Guide


The above image on the right is the logo for the 2012 Paralympics in Great Britain. It is obviously a lion, but what is interesting to me are the two red horns and the flame which is coming from out of the top of the head similar to the Baphomet goat image so often associated with the illuminati.

As I present the events of the Games I am going to include the exoteric meaning or "their" side of the story as told from the official media guide or by the television commentator along with what I see as the esoteric or hidden meanings.

The theme of the 2012 Paralympics was "Enlightenment" as evidenced by this CERN drawing from the media guide (shown above on the left) with the text: "The Age of Enlightenment -- During the 18th century, an intellectual, philosophical, cultural and social movement took hold and the amount of new knowledge that emerged was phenomenal. The Age of Enlightenment saw a period of unprecedented independent thought, when the fields of mathematics, astronomy, physics, political theory, economics, philosophy and medicine all saw accepted orthodoxies challenged and overturned." The esoteric meaning never overtly mentioned obviously refers to becoming enlightened by the opening the third eye.

2012 Paralympics London Inspire a generation banner

One of the mottos of the 2012 Olympics was 'Inspire a generation'. This was culminated with the Closing Ceremony performance of My Generation by the rock band The Who.


2012 Paralympics London the moon closeup zoom

The first segment of The Opening Ceremony for the Paralympics was named "Miranda" and began with a close-up shot of a replica of the moon, a prop which was present throughout the entire ceremony and hovered over its proceedings. That the moon would be such a central part of the ceremony was no surprise to me as this website has been warning that there is a base there and that souls are collected at death in the white light tunnel machine. It is interesting that they chose to present the moon as a tower or being on top of a tower as opposed to suspending it in mid air from above. Once again Shakespeare's The Tempest is referenced as Miranda is the daughter of the main character, Prospero, a sorceror who has been cast into prison on an island. The story also featured an airy spirit siren named Ariel who lured sailors with her sweet singing voice. From the Media Guide itself: "Ian McKellen plays a Prospero-like character from Shakespeare's The Tempest, who sends Miranda on her journey of discovery and then brings her back to the here and now, London 2012."

2012 Paralympics London moon tower and Stephen Hawking

"The Ceremony’s opening section introduces us to our central character, Miranda
who encourages us to look at the world with a sense of wonder and curiosity.
Professor Stephen Hawking – perhaps the world’s most brilliant physicist –
appears on the ‘moon stage’ and speaks of the quest for understanding the
origins of the universe."

Esoteric meaning: the moon is staged, or fake and the symbolism of the moon tower is that there is a tower on the moon which tows souls after death using the tunnel and white light as a lure.

2012 Paralympics London Stephen Hawking at base of moon tower

From the Media Guide:

"Tonight we’ll take you on a journey of discovery inspired by the wonder
of science and its power to transform perceptions. Our guide will be
the world’s most celebrated scientist, Professor Stephen Hawking, with
whom we’ll be looking out into deepest space before encountering a
Stadium-sized library, voyaging across a sea of ideas and pausing to
reflect under the apple tree in Isaac Newton’s garden, before finally
ending up in the dynamic world of contemporary London.
The Ceremony explores the twin themes of reason and rights."

Esoteric: Reason is another way of describing enlightenment and rights are another way of describing freedom or liberty both concepts are central to the character of Lucifer, the light-bearer.

2012 Paralympics London orrery big bang explosion

"An orrery is a mechanical device that illustrates the relative positions and
motions of the planets and moons in the solar system."

"A glowing, celestial sphere descends into the middle of a giant central umbrella
structure, igniting the ‘big bang’, of which Hawking has written extensively. Some 600
volunteer performers surround the main umbrella, each one carrying an umbrella that
lights up as they radiate out from the centre. Fireworks explode in a starry burst which,
in turn, expands onto the pixel screen transporting us into deepest space."

2012 Paralympics London orrery ignites big bang umbrella

The symbol of the umbrella was very prominent theme throughout the whole event. I'm not quite sure why as Rihanna who sang the hit "Umbrella" which was performed is not British and the group who wrote the song is not British either. The Media Guide only says, "Umbrellas are a motif running throughout the Ceremony. Designer Jon Bausor says, ‘The umbrella, or brolly, is a quintessentially British object that protects us from the rain. The steel-framed version was invented in 1852 by the British industrialist, Samuel Fox. It’s a triumph of design and transformation and full of comic potential!’

Esoteric meaning: Esoteric meaning: To me the umbrella is a symbol for the illuminati as one of the definitions for umbrella is "something, as an organization or policy, that covers orencompasses a number of groups or elements. " The root "umbro" means shade or shady and another form means "a spirit or spectre". I have noticed that words for god have been incorporated as articles in languages. In English 'the' is the root for the-ology, the study of god. El which means god is spanish for he or an article for a masculine noun and is 'il' in Latin and 'al' in arabic. I believe Ille, illa, allah, and ella are also forms of god. As far as I'm concerned al, ala, and allah are all names for the moon god. So when Rihanna sings "umbrella, ella, ella" etc she is singing about a god or goddess.

The ceremony was full of illuminati symbols such as pyramids and the all-seeing eye.

2012 Paralympics London umbrellas form all seeing eye illuminati2012 Paralympics London umbrella rihanna

Hundreds of umbrellas were used during the uptempo dance version of the smash hit Umbrella by the mind-controlled illuminati puppet Rihanna whose name is a variant of the witch's name Rhiannon, popularized by Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac. Rihanna also uses the magical rune symbol, R, for her logo.

2012 Paralympics London moon tower fireworks2012 Paralympics London Ian McKellen as Sorceror Prospero

"Miranda! Miranda! Go out into the world. Will you be for all of us gathering here our eyes, our ears, and our hearts? Shine your light on the beautiful diversity of humanity. Understand those rights that protect us. Look up, stretch your wings and fly. Will you take this journey for all of us and will you set us free?" The television commentator remarked, "That's Ian McKellen's Prospero to Nicola Miles-Wildin's Miranda." Miranda is the daughter of the magician, Prospero in William Shakespeare's play The Tempest which has been heavily quoted throughout the 2012 Games.

Esoteric meaning: Ian McKellen, who plays the wizard Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, is acting as another magician here and directs Miranda to shine her light and set us free, a programming tactic to convince us the white light at death will set us free. Although he doesn't have a wizard's hat or a wand his robe looks like a wizard's robe to me. Also The Tempest by William Shakespeare is a rather curious play to continually be referencing throughout the games. The main character, Prospero, is a sorceror, a duke who has been exiled to prison. Other main characters are a monster and Ariel, a singing siren. There is also a trickster character and references to the man in the moon.

2012 Paralympics London The Tempest Miranda

"Miranda, will you set us free!"

"Through our central character, Miranda, our point of consciousness is created and
we follow her journey of discovery. She is guided by the world’s most celebrated
scientist, Professor Stephen Hawking, who reminds her to be curious and to look
at the world as it really is if she is to understand it. Through Miranda’s eyes we
experience one of the world’s most remarkable discoveries, gravity, as well as the
Hadron Collider at CERN and its importance in transforming our perception of
our place in the universe. We also look out into deepest space and pay homage
to The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. "

esoteric meaning: CERN must have been named after the pagan horned god, Cerne.Heck, CERN is not even a valid acronym for the European Organization for Nuclear Research for which it is named after.

2012 Paralympics London Hawking and wonder what makes the universe exist

Stephen Hawking advises, "‘We live in a universe governed by rational laws that we can discover and understand. Look up at the stars, and not
down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see, and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious."

2012 Paralympics London umbrellas form illuminati all-seeing eye of Miranda

Television commentator: "As the umbrellas form, it's an eye, Miranda's eye -- the eye through which we will see tonight." .

Esoteric meaning: more all-seeing eye illumnati symbolism

2012 Paralympics London book the universal declaration of human rights united nations new world order

"– The main stage exactly represents the text of The Universal Declaration of
Human Rights, used here with kind permission of the United Nations.
– The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a milestone document in the
history of human rights. It was proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in
1948 as a common standard of achievements for all people and all nations."

Esoteric: Of course, the new world order of the United Nations is being sold here.

2012 Paralympics London umbrellas higgs boson particle CERN

Television announcer: "This is to signify the Higgs particle, the latest great scientific discovery."

Esoteric: This is the Higgs-Boson god particle discovered by CERN.

2012 Paralympics London stadium as Large Hadron Collider

TV: "The stadium looks a bit like a collider." The stadium is transformed into the Hadron supercollider.

2012 Paralympics London North Hemisphere grid

Miranda sits on top of the Northern Hemisphere which is partially a grid.

2012 Paralympics London Principia Isaac Newton Light

Principia --"The title of Errollyn Wallen’s ‘Principia’ is taken from Sir Isaac Newton’s
mathematical treatise Principia Mathematica. The lyrics celebrate science and human endeavour referencing Newton, Hawking, Einstein, the recently
discovered Higgs particle and the Paralympic Games."

This is a very satanic sounding piece, reminiscent of the sound of Oh Fortuna and much mentioning of the term 'light', even on the stadium screen.

Ah... Principia
Ah... Principia
Newton said
Newton said
Hypotheses non fingo
Einstein said
Higgs Boson is declared
How we search... beyond the boundaries
of time
We see ourselves
We are so afraid but so curious
Hawking said:
Look up at the stars, look up at the stars
In our light
We shine the torch beyond this world
We shine across the boundaries of time
We are the citizens of hope
And every human has a right to life and
And light
No-one shall be arbitrarily deprived of
life of light
We hope that ignorance and fear has left
us in the stratosphere of light
We’re here
We shine the torch beyond this world
We shine
Beyond the boundaries of time
But will we leave behind which laws,
discoveries, athletic feats
We’ll leave behind our knowledge, our
courage, our dignity

2012 Paralympics London CERN Large Hadron supercollider2012 Paralympics London CERN Large Hadron Collider2012 Paralympics London fairy wheels on right arm


2012 Paralympics London subliminal frame the queen evolution final fill

Subliminal screen shot during the Queen's entrance? "Evolution Final Fill Matte". Even if it was just a mistake by the television crew, does someone believe this ceremony is about evolution? It is never mentioned in the official media guide or by the press as such.

2012 Paralympics London the queen entrance

The queen is welcomed, the union flag is carried in by the army, navy and air force, and the national anthem is sung.


2012 Paralympics London Parade of Athletes procession of countries umbrella

Precession of the countries with the parade of athletes. Each country carried an umbrella. The procession concluded with the song Heroes by David Bowie (not performed live, unfortunately.) "Once again, umbrellas feature – providing the placards and the deconstructed skirts echoing umbrella ribs."

Esoteric: more umbrella symbolism

2012 Paralympics London spirit in motion denise leigh under moon

The last half of the ceremony begins with the song Spirit in Motion sung by Denise Leigh

Take my hand
I will tell you
How the spirit flies across the centuries
Like a fireball in the sky...

2012 Paralympics London spirit in motion denise leigh at the base of the moon tower2012 Paralympics London spirit in motion denise leigh2012 Paralympics London Denise Leigh Spirit in Motion olympics


2012 Paralympics London umbrella orrery book2012 Paralympics London ian mckellen miranda book reading

"Miranda, books are the engines of change, windows on the world, ‘Lighthouses erected in the sea of time’.
They are companions, teachers, magicians, guardians of the treasures of the mind. Books are humanity in print."

2012 Paralympics London brave new world book The Tempest

reading of BRAVE NEW WORLD

2012 Paralympics London orrery flying performers

"Soprano Elin Manahan Thomas performs Handel’s ‘Eternal Source of Light Divine’.
As she sings, a Stadium-wide sunrise is created by the overhead hemisphere splitting
into seven fragments, reflecting light across the seated athletes and audience.
Encapsulating the Enlightenment theme, six Paralympians fly towards the celestial
sphere. They each represent their individual sports. Meanwhile, the pixel screen
shows an expanding vision of sunlight. Seeing the Paralympians both above her
and surrounding the field of play, Miranda recites the ‘brave new world’ speech
from Shakespeare’s The Tempest, marvelling at ‘how beauteous mankind is’."


2012 Paralympics London ian mckellen miranda look to the light

"Miranda, look to the light, look!"

2012 Paralympics London upturned umbrella boat upside down

Miranda walks towards an upside down umbrella which comes to take her away. Ian McKellen adds, "And discover new worlds."

Planet X?

2012 Paralympics London whirling dervish and solar system orrery flames

TV: "The tempest arrives. The whirling dervish is Ziya Azazi on top of the orrery which is a model of the solar system."

Esoteric: The model had 12 objects not counting the whirling dervish. Even considering one might have been the sun and the flat looking silver mirror looking one as the moon that still leaves ten more. Planet X, anyone?

"A storm of ideas develops with the pixel screen showing text from The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Contemporary whirling dervish, Ziya Azazi, becomes the eye of the storm as the cast and pyro effects accompany
Ziya’s performance to create a whirling storm."

2012 Paralympics London whirling dervish orrery flames2012 Paralympics London freedom2012 Paralympics London umbrella boat fireworks book

Bird Gerhl

2012 Paralympics London bird gerhl moon stage dance2012 Paralympics London bird gerhl david toole birdy moon stage dance

"Birdy begins to sing
‘Bird Gerhl’, accompanied by a solo
dance performance from David Toole,
on the ‘moon stage’, and an aerial ballet
presented on four bird cage structures
with Deaf and disabled aerial performers
appearing to activate the movement."

Esoteric meaning: I have to think this half of the ceremony is describing in detail what happens to a soul after death. It began with Spirit in Motion and Brave New World. Flying paralympians drifted toward the orrery in Eternal Source of Light Divine. Then ian told her to "look to the light" whereby she started navigating on her journey in an upside down umbrella only to encounter a tempest or storm from a whirling dervish on the orrery which represents the solar system. Now Birdy is singing her 'sweet' song like a siren from the base of the moon tower on the "moon stage". The dancer is lifted up to the moon just as she sings "I'm gonna be born." and then is carried beyond up to meet Miranda who has also taken wing. Is the "bird girl" Lilith?

2012 Paralympics London david toole flying up to moon2012 Paralympics London miranda flying birdy2012 Paralympics London david toole and miranda flying birdy


2012 Paralympics London gravity labyrinth maze golden apples newton

"Miranda lands in the middle of a maze of books in a formal 17th-century
garden and learns about British scientist and mathematician Sir Isaac Newton’s
discoveries concerning gravity and his three laws of motion. Performers enter
dressed in stylised grassy costumes to create the garden and maze.
Miranda finds an apple in the maze and, when she bites into it, all 62,000."

Esoteric: So after the song about being born is sung green jugglers or jokers are shown juggling apples. This is said to be a tribute to Newton and his discovery of gravity by watching the apple fall from a tree in a garden, However, there is another story of a tree in a garden with an apple. If it is about Newton, then why does Miranda and everyone in the stadium who were given apples take a bite? Miranda cannot resist temptation and finds herself inside a maze or labyrinth. As the television commentator explains, "And now Miranda finds herself in a maze in a garden and it's perhaps the garden of Sir Isaac Newton." Then Stephen Hawking speaks and says, "‘When Isaac Newton saw an apple fall to the ground, he suddenly realised that it must be the same force that holds together the beautiful system of the sun, the planets and the comets. This gravity is the same force that can draw us into a black hole, never to return!’

2012 Paralympics London miranda with apple in maze with green men

"The performers, in their stylised grassy costumes, create a maze which Miranda explores."

Ian, the wizard, tells her, "Miranda, immerse yourself in the wonders of science amd the universe."

TV: "A human Newton's Cradle in this sequence that is for Shakespearean laughs and renaissance masques."

Esoteric: I believe the song playing was Masque by Orbit. Soooo. jugglers, a labyrinth and masques -- tell me that's not dark.

2012 Paralympics London jugglers jester joker

"Gandini Juggling combine virtuoso juggling and breathtaking choreography."

2012 Paralympics London miranda takes a bite from apple

"Apple crunch -- At the centre of the maze Miranda finds an apple. As she takes a bite, all 62,000
spectators do so with her, creating one enormous, simultaneous apple crunch."


2012 Paralympics London ian mckellen telescope i find my zenith doth depend upon an auspicious star the tempest

"Ian McKellen looks up at the Celestial Sphere and speaks Prospero’s words from The Tempest, ‘I find my zenith doth depend on a most auspicious star.’ " then adds, "Miranda, Miranda, your greatest adventures still lies ahead... and now your next step: be yourself. Be who you truly are and help to change the world for all of us here." Miranda replies, "I've beaten the maze. I've come through the storm. Come on one final step. Our greatest adventure still lies ahead." they walk hand in hand as Stephen Hawking explains, "The Large Hadron Collider at CERN is the largest most complex machine in the world, possibly the universe. By smashing particles together at enormous energies, it recreates the conditions of the Big Bang. The recent discovery of what looks like the “Higgs particle” is a triumph of human endeavour and international collaboration. It will change our perception of the world and has the potential to offer insights into a complete theory of everything.’ TV: "And the stadium transforms into the Large Hadron Collider itself."

2012 Paralympics London ian mckellen miranda the greatest adventure lies ahead

"Ian McKellen sees Miranda and they walk together towards the protesters. He tells her, ‘The greatest adventure
lies ahead.’ "

2012 Paralympics London orbital2012 Paralympics London human rights protest eye

"British scientists and engineers have made a leading contribution to the Large Hadron Collider, the world’s largest particle accelerator. It was built
by the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN), with the aim of allowing physicists to test different high-energy theories, in particular the
existence of the Higgs particle, named after the British physicist Peter Higgs. "


2012 Paralympics London rights protest signs 2012 Paralympics London alison lapper pregnant marc quinn sculpture

TV: "And the ultimate defiant image intended to inspire Miranda -- Alison Lapper Pregnant, the iconic Marc Quinn sculpture."

2012 Paralympics London ian mckellen with protest sign equality2012 Paralympics London venus de milo lucifer sculpture

This energy drives the emergence of a large-scale reproduction of Marc Quinn’s
celebrated sculpture, ‘Alison Lapper Pregnant’. Then Ian encourages her, "Miranda, the time has come. Look up, break the glass ceiling and set us all free."

2012 Paralympics London miranda break the glass ceiling

A large-scale reproduction of Marc Quinn’s celebrated sculpture, ‘Alison Lapper Pregnant’, emerges from the
book stage.

2012 Paralympics London miranda sets us free by breaking the glass ceiling

"Miranda rises up towards the celestial sphere with it in order to ‘break her glass ceiling’. As she raises her walking stick, images of shattering glass appear on the
pixel screen. She has reached her destination... Miranda ‘breaks the glass ceiling’ with her walking stick and we see shattering glass on the pixel screen around the Stadium."

2012 Paralympics London defaint pose of lucifer

"A large-scale reproduction of Marc Quinn’s celebrated sculpture, ‘Alison Lapper Pregnant’, emerges from the book stage."

Esoteric meaning: The minute I saw the statue it reminded me of the one-armed sculpture of Venus de Milo. When I looked up this statue on Wikipedia it told me that the Venus de Milo statue was an inspiration for this one. Look up Lucifer in any dictionary it will give the planet Venus as one of the definitions. In case you think it is a stretch to think the Olympic Ceremony is referring to Lucifer in the Media Guide for the Opening Games it states the first torch bearer was Prometheus (whom the eltite Rockefeller family paid tribute to in Rockefeller Center with a statue portraying his stealing of fire from the gods). Not only that but my Oxford Dictionary of English Etymology states "As the name of a friction match to produce instantaneious light Lucifer succeeded to Prometheus (both recorded 1831)." Clearly Lucifer who offers freedom and enlightenment is being paid a tribute.


2012 Paralympics London enlightenment orbit sculpture cauldron lighting dna

The Ceremony concludes with a message from Stephen Hawking, the lighting of the cauldron and a final song.

" ‘The Paralympic Games is about transforming our perception of the world. We are all different, there is no
such thing as a standard or run-of-the-mill human being, but we share the same human spirit. What is important is that
we have the ability to create. This creativity can take many forms, from physical achievement to theoretical physics.
However difficult life may seem there is always something you can do, and succeed at. ‘The Games provide an
opportunity for athletes to excel, to stretch themselves and become outstanding in their field.
So let us together celebrate excellence, friendship, and respect. Good luck to you all.’" -- Stephen Hawking

"The ArcelorMittal Orbit is a 115m-high sculpture and observation tower in the Olympic Park."... "Royal Marine Commando Joe Townsend – an aspiring
Paralympic triathlete – is revealed with the Torch at the top of the ArcelorMittal Orbit, just outside the Stadium, and descends on a zip wire onto the field of play. "

2012 Paralympics London spiral fireworks2012 Paralympics London torch flaming illuminati all-seeing eye2012 Paralympics London cauldron torch enlightenment

"Joe Townsend hands the Torch to David Clarke – a visually impaired athlete
competing in the ParalympicsGB 5-a-side Football team – who takes the Flame
towards the Cauldron. He passes it to the final Torchbearer, Margaret Maughan –
Britain’s first gold medallist at the first Paralympic Games at Rome 1960 – who lights
a single tiny flame within one of the copper petals, triggering the ignition of all the
other petals... The elegant stems gently rise towards each other and converge to create one great
Flame of unity. Meanwhile, golden dandelion seeds spread around the audience
pixel screen, echoing the imagery from the natural world that inspired Thomas
Heatherwick’s Cauldron design."


2012 Paralympics London quetzalcoatl plumed head dress i am what i am 2012 Paralympics London quetzalcoatl lucifer moon tower2012 Paralympics London Venus Lucifer and pyramid fireworks

I don't really have anything negative to say about "I Am What I Am". It had a positive message and the performance was very strong. But it seems the elite don't really believe that since they are pushing the transhumanism movement which will make us all into cyborgs where they can claim I am THAT I am (the declaration of an eternal being) and not I am WHAT I am, the acceptance of one's flaws and mortality..

2012 Paralympics London CERN lasers channel 4

Channel 4 seemed to be on board with the Hadron collider theme as their set had all kinds of laser beams on it criss crossing back and forth.

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