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NEW -- 7/08/2015 -- VERY IMPORTANT!! MUST LISTEN!! I highly encourage everyone to listen to my interview with a
His NDE experience is the most extensive, detailed near death experience I have ever heard. He met what most people would describe as God
and also agreed to an extensive contract with the Demiurge. The Demiurge is the Gnostic term for "a supernatural being imagined as creating
or fashioning the world in subordination to the Supreme Being, and sometimes regarded as the originator of evil.".
My guest explains the meaning behind "666" and he was shown the future of Earth and mankind and also how this game of life ends. The interview lasted almost 3 hours.
[NOTE: Only one microphone level was working well so I let him use that one so I apologize in advance for the inferior quality of my voice.]
I give a brief 5 minute intro. His description of his NDE starts about 35 minutes into the interview.
You can Right-click on one of the two following links and save either a HI-FI MP3 (166 MB) of the interview or a LO-FI MP3 (83 MB) version.

This page is by far the most viewed web page on my site accouting for almost twice as many views as any other page. It contains '666' mark of the beast logos for Walt Disney, Lucius, Google Chrome, vodafone and Monster Energy as well as '666' hand signs of Lady Gaga and The Beatles. The vast majority of visitors to my site come here looking for Disney's 666 logo or other logos./ No doubt many are Christians. As a former devout christian myself for about a decade I implore you to at least check out my theory and some of the evidence I have amassed. After many years of research I have come to the conclusion that the royal families wrote all the holy books and created all the major religions. Krishna, Buddha, and Moses were all princes. Remember the story of the Pharoah's daughter finding Moses on the river as a baby? Moses was raised in the court of Pharoah for all intents and purposes as an egyptian prince and he is credited with writing the first five books of the Old Testament. The New Testament and Christianity might as well be called Paulianity for most of the new testament is the writings of Paul, or the ROMAN Saul. Paul and Saul are both aspects of sin gods (Paul = Apollo and Saul = SOL) as well as Jesus, the SUN of god. Jesus' birthday, Christmas, is celebrated on December the 25th, the winter solstice, the point where the sun has reached its lowest point in the southern hemisphere and the days are the shortest. The sun appears to stop for three days (solstice means 'sun stand still' or 'sun stops') so the sun of God has died for three days on the southern Crux constellation (the southern cross) and then it starts its rise again to longer days (the sun has risen or has been born again). Ask yourself why Easter is always calculated based on the first Sunday after the full moon. Also Jesus was of the line of King David and was mocked as being King of the Jews so he was in line to be a prince too. I believe the Bible was written by the royal family as well and they inserted their family members' names and exploits into the narrative -- see the groundbreaking book "Caesar's Messiah" for more information. Don't think the royal family was involved? Ask yourself why there are books named Kings I and Kings II and why the KING James Version is the best selling version of the Bible all-time or why Emperor Constanstine made Christianity the official religion when he was a sun worshipper and a ruthless murderer.

So is there something to 666 and the mark of beast? Absolutely, however I now believe Revelations was written as predictive porgramming. When people take the chip or "armageddon" starts taking place, christians will allow it all to happen and not resist, in effect wating for the rapture of for the conquering Jesus to come establish his 1000 year reign. It is akin to how the Nostradamus prophecies were used as propaganda. They want people to turn the other cheek or believe that the meek will inherit the earth. When you are the few and you have to rule over the masses you manipulate using tools like fear. If you behave you will be rewarded by going to heaven or reincarnate into a better life and if you don't baehave you will burn forever and ever in the eternal fires of Hell/ The last thing you'd want is the people to revolt and take away their gold and power. Napolean said "Religion is what keeps the poor man from murdering the rich." and as Emperor of France he should know. Check out my new page on Satan and other TRICKSTERS.


Walt Disney 6 6 6 (666) Logos

Walt Disney logo 666Lucius 666 logoGoogle Chrome 666 logoTriple Sec 666 logos666 logos Deicide666 logos Destroyer Pavillon 666 logosMonster Energy Drink 666 logo logosMonster Energy Drink claw marks Hebrew 666 logosMonster Energy Drink 666 logos666 logos VodkaThe Buzz Restaurant 666 logos666 logos OttawaFightwear fight wear trident 666 logosFightwear 666 logos666 logos Cern logo CernunnuSuave conditionar 666 logosVodafone KKK blood drop 666 logosVodafone phone 666 logosVodofone phone 666 logos666 logosPoint Pleasant 666 logosHeineken beer 666 logosWalt Disney 666 logosPark Avenue 666 logosIntel Center 666 logosTrilateral Commission Illuminati 666 logosGE General Electric 666 logosbar code produt scan RFID 666 logosGoogle 666 logos

lady gaga right eye evil eye of horus illuminati 666 eye sign666 eye sign The Beatles Yellow Submarine 666 OK okay sign eye photo

BRAND NEW!! Check out my analysis of the 2014 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi Opening Ceremony

NEW: Check out my analysis of the Paralympics Opening Ceremony and Paralympics Closing Ceremony which were a tribute to pagan deities and used witchcraft.

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Also check out my new pages on the occult and Satanic CLOSING CEREMONY of the 2012 Olympic Games in London and also the analysis of the witchcraft used in the OPENING CEREMONY.


Check out my brand new page on the occult and Satanic CLOSING CEREMONY of the 2012 Olympic Games in London and also the analysis of the witchcraft used in the OPENING CEREMONY.


A Different Theory On Life and Death by Wayne Bush

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Check out my brand new page analyzing Lady Gaga's MONSTER BALL TOUR which details more illuminati symbolism.

Check out my new pages on the occult and Satanic CLOSING CEREMONY of the 2012 Olympic Games in London and also the analysis of the witchcraft used in the OPENING CEREMONY.

Also reference my related page for the part of speech we unknowingly use to create what I call the beast or creature of the subconscious ID, or "IT" as Stephen King called it.

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