"Black Sabbath was launched in the U.S. with a party in San Francisco with the head of the church of Satan, Anton LaVey, presiding over proceedings... all of a sudden Sabbath were Satan's Right Hand Men." (Black Sabbath, Reunion album, liner notes).

Black Sabbath, a band who has made altar calls to Lucifer at some of their concerts,was named after a Satanic being that appeared to bass player Geezer Butler after he had already painted his house black and adorned it with upside down crosses and pictures of Satan.

Geezer Butler of Black Sabbath: "I... was putting upside down crosses on my wall and pictures of Satan all over. I painted my apartment black. I was getting really involved in it and all these horrible things started happening to me." (Seconds Magazine, Issue 39, 1996, p. 64)

"There was a weekly magazine called 'Man, Myth and Magic' that I started reading which was all about Satan. That and books by Aleister Crowley..." (Lucifer Rising, p. 92)

The Satanic being that appeared at the foot of Butler's bed is considered the fifth member of Black Sabbath and who gave them their material for the first three albums.

Bill Ward of Black Sabbath cites on page 7 of Black Sabbath An Oral History:
"I've always considered that there was some way where we were able to channel energy, and that energy was able to be, from another source, if you like, like a higher power or something, that was actually doing the work. I've often thought of us just being actually just the earthly beings that played the music because it was uncanny. Some of this music came out extremely uncanny." Geezer Butler, Black Sabbath:

Geezer Butler, Black Sabbath: "We've always within the band said there is a fifth member, a mystical member. Yeah, We've always said there's somebody looking over us."

Another Black Sabbath member adds: "When we were playing our first songs together and especially the first three albums, for instance, we would literally show up in a room and it was almost as if the songs were already written. That's why I like to call Black Sabbath a phenomenon rather than a band. Although it is a rock and roll band, there's a phenomenon involved there where that stuff just comes from somewhere and it just so happened that we happened to be the ones that it came to."

Geezer Butler, Black Sabbath said somebody gave Ozzy an old book on Black Magic and he put it in his cupboard. Ozzy Osbourne expressed doubt over who the source of his inspiration is when he told Hit Parader Magazine,

"I don't know if I'm a medium for some outside source. Whatever it is, frankly, I hope it is not what I think.... Satan."

A quick look at a couple of Sabbath's lyrics should remove any doubts of the source.

"Follow me now and you will not regret, leaving the life you led before we met, you are the first to have this love of mine, forever with me til the end of time, now I have you with me under my power, our love grows stronger now with every hour, look into my eyes and you'll see who I am, my name is Lucifer, please take my hand."

"... big black shape with eyes of fire, telling people their desire, Satan sitting there he's smiling, watches those flames getting higher and higher, oh no , god please help me!"

These lyrics are from the song Demon Alcohol by Ozzy Osbourne which describes one of the tools Satan uses to possess musicians:

“I'll wash away your lies,
And have you hypnotized,
They'll be no compromise today,
I'll share your life of shame,
I think you know my name,
I'll introduce myself today,
I'm the demon alcohol,
Demon alcohol, I'll get you”

In The Zombie Stomp by Ozzy Osbourne, he describes how the demons control him like a zombie.

“Searching for a different role
Had a funny feeling I can't hide
Hey, hey, do the Zombie Stomp
Why can't they just let me be
Alone without the misery?
Hey, hey, do the Zombie, Zombie Stomp
Hey, hey, do the Zombie Stomp
Hey, hey, do the Zombie Stomp

Flirting with disaster
Morning after killing me again
Hiding from the laughter
And the demons dancing round my brain”