A group which virtually worships the Sun through their music is the band Yes. Lead singer Jon Anderson even collaborated on a song entitled Loved by the Sun with Tangerine Dream for the movie The Legend.

The first song on the latest Yes album is entitled In the Presence and boldly proclaims, "If we were flowers we would worship the Sun, so why not now?" Yes is known for their smash hit Roundabout from their Fragile album, a concept album which included the songs South Side of the Sky and Heart of the Sunrise. Look at these lyrics from the album. "The sunshine in mountains sometimes lost, the river can disregard the cost and melt in the sky to warmth when you die. Were we ever warmer on that day a million miles away? We seemed for all of eternity... did we really tell lies letting in the sunshine? Did we really count to one hundred letting in the sunshine?"

" Love comes to you and you follow. Lose one on to the heart of the sunrise... dream on, on to the heart of the sunrise. SHARP -- DISTANCE. How can the sun with its arms all around me?" What are they talking about here? "Lose one on to the heart of the sunrise?" Excuse me? "Tell lies letting in the sunshine?"

Or how about these lyrics from the album Going For the One, an obvious allusion to losing one's identity or soul and being assimilated into a single source. "The truth of sport plays rings around you, Going for the one, going for to listen in time... travel twilight... taken so high... Roan shaped his heart through his working hands, work to mold his passion into clay, like the Sun, in his room, his lady, she would dance and sing so completely... in the still light of dawn she dies, helpless hands soul revealing... hearing, awaken, high vibration, go on, on to the Sun, oh let my heart dreaming, past a mortal as me where can I be, wish the Sun to stand still, reaching out to touch our own being....Master of Images, songs cast a light on you, hark through dark ties, that tunnel us out of sane existence, in challenge as direct as eyes see young stars assemble... and as we look forever closer, shall we now bid farewell, high vibration to go on to the Sun..." They urge us "to go on to the sun"! What could be more blatant than that?

Close to the Edge: "... a dewdrop can exalt us like the music of the sun and take away the plane in which we move and choose the course you're running... sad courage claimed the victims standing still for all to see.... close to the edge, down by the river, down at the end, round by the corner, seasons will pass you by now that it's all over and done, called to the seed right to the Sun.. and you and I climb, crossing the shapes of the morning, and you and I reach over the Sun for the river... outboard, river, bluetail, tailfly, Luther, in time, Suntower asking..." Here the lyrics refer to victims and beings "called to the seed right to the Sun" and "you and I reach over the Sun"

Drama - Run down a street where the glass shows that summer has gone, Age in the doorways resenting the pace of the dawn. All of them standing in line, all of them waiting for time, from time, the great healer, the machine-Messiah is born. Cables that carry the life to the cities we build, threads that link diamonds of light to the satanic mills. Ah, to see in every way that we feel it every day and know that maybe we'll change... Machine Messiah, The mindless search for a higher Controller, Take me to the fire And hold me... Run to the light, everything is alright, run thro' the light of day, You run to the light of night and every movement made together 'til every thought was just the same and all the pieces fit together in the game. Welcome to the light. Now everything is okay..." These lyrics aren't any more assuring. "Machine messiah, the mindless search for a higher Controller. Take me to the fire and hold me." Then later "run to the light" and "welcome to the light".

Relayer -- "...Slay them, burn their childrens' laughter, On to hell, The fist will run, grasp metal to gun. The spirit sings in crashing tones, We gain the battle drum, Our cries will shrill, the air will moan and crash into the dawn, The pen won't stay the demon's wings, the hour approaches pounding out the Devil's sermon, Soon, oh soon the light, Pass within and soothe this endless night...Soon, oh soon the light, Ours to shape for all time, ours the right, The sun will lead us, Our reason to be here"

Tales of Topographic Oceans -- "Dawn of light lying between a silence and sold sources... Dawn of thought transfered through moments of days undersearching earth... Dawn of our power we amuse redescending as fast as misused... Dawn of love sent within us colours of awakening among the many...Talk to the sunlight caller, Soft summer mover distance mine, Called out a tune but I never saw the face, Heard but not replaced, I ventured to talk, but I never lost my place, Cast out a spell rendered for the light of day, Lost in lights array, I ventured to see, as the sound began to play...The future poised with the splendour just begun, The light we were as one And crowded through the curtains of liquid into sun...Starlight, movement, reasons Release forward, Tallest rainbow, Sun shower seasons, Life flower reasons...Force the bit between the mouth of freedom didn't we learn to fly, Remember to sail the skies, Distant suns Will we reach...Our entrance we surely carry on And change the passing of the sun, We don't even need to try we are one ...Sol, Dhoop, Sun, Ilios, Naytheet, Ah Kin, Saule, Tonatiuh, Qurax, Gunes, Grian, Surje, Ir, Samse...

Ritual Nous Sommes Du Soleil - "We hear a sound and alter our returning
We drift the shadows and course our way back home
Flying home, going home

Look me my love, sentences move dancing away
We join, we receive
As our song memories long hope in away
Nous sommes du soleil (We are the sun)"

Union - "Shock to the system,
But you're going back inside of the light.
Shock to the freedom,
Only one more body of love, and they're rolling
They're rolling back to you!... Shock to the future; Shock to the rights of Mankind.
And they won't even go blind, When they can't see what's going on. So, in answer to the prayer,
The one you feel is there, The one you feel so close to, The order of the Sun, And everyone is one,
And all the pieces fit together. Did it all begin with someone? Did it all begin with someone? I couldn't have pictured being alive!"

Dangerous - "Come into the light, passing through wisdom... Lose your heart, all in a mess.
In the middle of the night, looking for a little
Hands to the sun; don't show your body, Death defying - Hurt by love
Passing through shadows - Don't lose your body...So dangerous - To let it go

I don't imagine, I don't imagine as it is;
Don't get confused.
In the light, through the night...
Look in the light, through the night
Look in the light of what you're searching for."

Angkor Wat - "Out of the brightest tree the moon became the morning sun,
And there again reflected on the dreams of everyone.
Out of the starlight night the telling of all our lives,
And racing faster than the Northwestern World.

Starpoint to signal our endlessness
Starpoint to signal this evermore
Starpoint to compass: We look to the North
To return to the centre: Angkor Wat."

Where Will You be? - "No need to fear this life at all
We are the sun and everlasting life"

Universal Garden - "Beyond the sun
Beyond the sky
Are where the real questions lie
Wanting to know where it begins
The puzzle piece we are missing,

Endlessly through the universal garden
Garden above
Investigate the science of illusion
We benefit without knowing"

Homeworld -
Home is our world, our life
Send, ascending to the secrets
All is pure and clear to resolve
Nothing can change us now
Send, ascending to the future
Nothing can ever change us now
We follow the sun
We follow the sun
We follow the sun