TRICKED BY THE LIGHT: 'G' -- G Shock Logo & Freemasonry G logos & symbol

G is SOL, the fifth tone of the musical scale of C: do, re, mi, fa, SOL, la, ti. the syllable used for the fifth tone of a diatonic scale; in the fixed system of solmization, the tone G...of course, SOL is also the name of our sun.

"G (Maya) The sun god is recognized by his filed front teeth, and the sun sign Kin." -- Dictionary of Ancient Deities, Patricia Turner & Charles Russell Coulter

Yo, G, what's up? Ever notice all the slang terms associated with the letter 'G'? Gee whiz. Why is that? There's G-man, G-string, G-spot, G-force, G-class stars, G-20 nations, G-Unit (the rap star), G'day, Ali , Warren G, Kenny G, and G-Shock. It seems to be ever pervasive in the rap culture, but is it really because it stands for 'gangster'? I think it has to do with the secret society of freemasony which uses the 'G' in its logo. The dictionary defines 'sol' as the G note in the musical scale of do-re-mi-fa-SOL-la-ti. The sun, named, Sol, is a G class star. According to "Dictionary of Ancient Deities", G is also the Mayan sun god. Je is an alternate spelling for Ge. A jester is a Je-ster or a G-star. A jester is someone known for playing tricks on people. Loki, or Lucifer, was the trickster god. And Lucifer, which is Latin and means 'light bearer'and according to the Bible is said to masquerade as an angel of light. Jesus is G-Zeus or the sun god. Jeez Louise is a pun on Lucifer. Even the group the Bee Gees (said to be an acronym for the brothers Gibb) could be a pun for being g's or stars.

Freemasonry G logoA New Encyclopedia of Freemasonry book coverfreemasonry symbol of square and compass, OhioFreemasonry and the Birth of Modern Science book by Robert LomasTurning the Hiram Key book by Robert Lomas

"The emblem of the blazing star alludes to the Sun as a symbol of Deity. He also writes, "The word 'Masonry' is said to be derived from a Greek word which signifies 'I am in the midst of heaven,' alluding to the sun. Others derive it from the ancient Egyptian, 'Phre', the sun and 'Mas', a child, Phre-Mas, i.e. children of the sun, or sons of the light. From this we get our word 'Freemason' " -- Sun Lore Of All Ages, William Tyler Olcott

"Masons are instructed to travel eastward in search of the light, as the sun rises in the east.The initiation into all the ancient mysteries was a drama founded on the astronomical allegory of the death and resurrection of the Sun, and impressed on th emind of the candidate the unity of God and the immortality of man. These facts are taught in the ritual of the Third Degree." -- Sun Lore Of All Ages, William Tyler Olcott

"The lodge should be situated East and West, because the Sun, the glory of the Lord, rises in the East and sets in the West." -- Stellar Theology by Robert Brown, Jr.

This page contains G logos for G-Shock, G-Star Raw, G-Power, Gatorade G-Series, G-Unit, Baby-G, Ener-G, Next-G, G-Mail,Gateway, the Greenbay Packers G helmet logo and many others.

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